Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Egg Tofu

When people finish their day
and hurry home,
my day starts.
My diner opens from midnight
to seven in the morning.
They call it "Midnight Diner."
Do I even have customers?
More than you would expect.
Did you play with him?
Just two rounds.
He took all the money I had won
from a pinball game.
If he is that good,
couldn't he make a lot of money?
Would you play Mahjong
against such a good player?
Of course not,
if I already know that I'll lose.
Speak of the devil.
Welcome back.
I feel at home in Shinjuku.
Thanks for last night.
Take it as my gift to you
for your first return in a year.
You are a veteran gambler.
Come in, or I'll abandon you.
Is that your kid?
Master, can I have "it"?
And for him
Here you go.
A Mahjong gambler, Mr. Ogami
loves egg tofu.
Every supermarket sells it
in a package of three.
While I was in Kyushu,
my ex off-loaded him on me.
She left a note
claiming that he is my kid,
but who knows.
So, you took custody of him?
No choice.
There's no one else to look after him.
If you two aren't related,
then someone must have
produced your clone.
You are right.
Can you feed him anything
if he comes here?
Don't hesitate to ask for anything.
If you play conservatively,
you cannot be the top.
Too bad. The dealer won't allow it.
Riichi, tanyao, pinfu. Dora, dora.
It's 12,000.
I should go before I cause more damage.
C'mon. It's still early.
This is from Mr. Kazuma.
Those kids.
We were too loud.
That's all right. Don't worry about it.
It's helping each other
that makes the world go around.
The world peace is great.
Anyone wants to compete with me
for the points?
Give us a break, Mr. Kazuma.
You're so aggressive
for both women and Mahjong.
No kidding.
Why don't you teach him a lesson?
With the skills,
you can destroy him easily.
Pung with that.
What did you say?
You got softer, huh?
If you make him do that,
Marilyn will be mad at you.
There will be no problem.
"While I am away,
help him remain faithful to me."
That's what she asked me.
- Right, Kimitoshi?
- That's right.
It's approved by Marilyn.
I can't believe Ogami.
He came to watch our strip show
with this boy.
He claims that this boy
misses his mom's boobs.
How was Katherine's boobs?
I guess he didn't like them.
This could be an issue.
Welcome, Midori.
- Can I have beer?
- Sure.
- You want me to tell Marilyn?
- No, well
What are you eating?
Egg tofu rice bowl.
Is it good?
You sure?
You like her boobs, huh?
This is good.
What's your name?
Taizo, do you like pudding?
I like it.
Would you like to nap upstairs?
We can go together.
I'll wake you up
when someone comes for you.
I wonder which one of us will
get picked up first.
Did he fall asleep quickly?
Kids are so cute.
Now I want my own, too.
Let me get you a drink as a thanks.
Thank you so much.
Sorry about the trouble.
It was nothing.
I got to nap, too.
What have you been up to?
It must be in the blood.
What do you mean?
I like boobs just like him.
That lady reminds me of the kid's mom.
So, what now?
Next year he will be school-age.
That girl, Midori.
What does she do?
I think she is working in a hostess bar.
What a coincidence!
His mom also
works at a bar.
I've promised Taizo
I'd take him out to eat pudding today.
Then let me take you out.
We can go out to eat something
before pudding.
- Maybe see a movie?
- Old man.
You don't even want to be his dad.
Don't invite yourself.
Am I the unwelcomed third wheel?
That's exactly right.
Call me at this number.
I'll pick him up past noon.
I should have checked their store hours.
I'm sorry.
My parents are getting a divorce.
I knew this was coming,
so I'm not surprised at all.
It makes me laugh.
But it has made me so tough.
At the end of the day,
no one will protect me but myself.
You know what I mean?
Of course.
You've been through a lot, too.
We're kind of the same.
Let's try to get pudding again next week.
Trust me. Theirs is the best.
Are those for me?
It's so warm.
People finish their day
and hurry home.
But sometimes
they don't want to go straight back home,
so they drop in somewhere
on the way home.
Master, sorry for the trouble again.
Don't worry about me.
- But
- I know.
I can't keep up this lifestyle with a kid.
There is a big game next week.
Until that's over,
I don't have time to think for this one.
Mr. Ogami, right?
Midori told me about you.
Then can you ask her
to stop by at the diner,
when she has time?
The kid misses her.
She's downstairs.
I can go get her.
Just do what I asked you to do.
looking forward to our game.
Thank you.
Your hair looks super cute.
What did you do to it?
He is in the same trade as you.
He is an ex-male companion.
He is a good gambler,
but a troublesome gigolo.
I think
she quit the hostess bar.
I guess she is forced to work
somewhere she can earn more.
Mr. Ogami.
It's time.
I'll come get him before you close.
Please look after him.
Where is Midori working now?
She's doing well.
Working hard as usual.
She can't live without me.
Young man,
won't you leave her alone?
Please don't disappoint me.
You and I
are having a serious fight here.
Do whatever you want.
She's all yours.
But only if
you can beat me.
What a long day.
Good job.
Hotel Florida. Room number 906.
Win on self-draw.
2,000-1,000 points.
What a junk hand!
Win worth 8,000 points.
32,000 points.
I beg you.
Just one more game?
Nice job, sir.
Thank you.
Good job.
I feel like being dispossessed
of an evil spirit.
What's your plan now?
I'm going
to visit my parents' grave with him.
While I still have money.
Is that right?
Rest easy now.
That parasite won't be
back in town for a while.
Who do you think you are?
Some kind of superhero?
Where did you send Kazuma?
Give me back my Kazuma!
If only you had never came back.
What have you done?
Where is Kazuma?
Kazuma is
You are an idiot!
This always happens.
You are used to it, huh?
Thank you for your kindness.
Let's go.
Excuse me.
Are you the famous
Mr. Ogami with a kid?
Some people call me that.
What can I do for you?
Can I ask you a few questions?
Just for a few minute.
Sorry about that.
Mr. Ogami got panicked,
thinking that he was accused
of illegal gambling.
But it was about the violation
of the Child Welfare Act.
Taizo was sent to the foster care.
So what happened next?
Mahjong! Three tiles, three colors.
Thirty points.
Your father is here to see you.
Hey, Taizo.
I bought pudding. Let's eat it together.
Daddy, I won.
- Did you?
- A lot.
- A lot, huh?
- I won a lot.
You won a lot. Great.
- I got 50 points so many times.
- Really?
That's great.
- Let's go out to eat sushi tonight.
- Yeah!
On soft egg tofu
Drop dried young sardines
and fluffy perilla.
Here you go. Enjoy it.
It can be made easily.
Soft and fluffy
Hey, stop it.
I'm sorry.
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