Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (2016) s01e08 Episode Script

Sautéed Yam

When people finish their day
and hurry home,
my day starts.
My diner is open from midnight
to seven in the morning.
They call it "Midnight Diner."
Do I even have customers?
More than you would expect.
I think it's Ami.
I don't know
It looks exactly like her.
- Look at her lips.
- But
I don't believe Ami would do that.
Hey, Master.
What do you think?
He thinks it's Ami.
Remember Ami?
She used to be our band's vocalist.
We brought her here a few times.
I see some resemblance.
But I'm not certain.
- Why don't you download it?
- Good idea.
We should examine it.
Are we all agreed?
Let's go to my place.
Thanks for the meal.
Let's get a taxi.
What was that?
A girl named Ami was an idol
when they were in college.
I see. Now she's in an adult movie?
Hence, the excitement.
Speaking of adult movies,
Oki is in the paper.
Wow. I'm impressed.
Come in.
This is Mr. Hisamatsu,
President of Hisamatsu Printing.
And his wife, Fujiko.
He is my best client.
I'm Hisamatsu.
Rumi told me
that there was a unique diner.
So, I asked her to take me there.
Hot sake? Is that okay?
- Sure.
- Then I'll have one, too.
- Hot sake. Got it.
- You make
whatever the customers request,
is that right?
- As long as I have the ingredients.
- Any requests, Fujiko?
Well, let's see
I heard that you love sautéed yam.
That's true, but
That's okay. Let's have it.
Master, sautéed yam, please.
Here you are.
So, what do you think?
I'm sorry to say,
but my wife's yam is better.
I see.
Mine is no match, huh?
No match.
He's lying.
This is much better than mine.
I just use butter to sauté the yam,
and that's it.
And that's what makes it good.
He spoils me.
Ma'am, he treats you very well, huh?
I envy you.
I must treat her well.
It'd be a sin not to.
I fell in love with her
when she was still a student.
I begged her to marry me.
She didn't even know
how to cook then.
I didn't give her any time
to learn homemaking skills.
See? He's still spoiling me.
That's great.
It would be normal
for newlyweds, but
how long have you?
Twenty-three years and four months.
Mr. Oki, I saw your article.
Thanks. Hi, Master,
- beer and potato salad, please.
- Sure.
As many may know,
Mr. Erect Oki is
a famous adult movie star
with many legends to tell.
Mr. Oki, Ms. Miku Yukino chose you
as a co-star in her final movie, huh?
I envy you, Mr. Oki.
You're popular
among young actresses like her.
- It's a job.
- I know.
But still, you get to do stuff
with pretty young women.
How many women
have you worked with so far?
Well, I'm not sure.
Here you go.
When it reached a thousand,
I kind of stopped counting.
Do you remember each one of them?
No way.
- But
- But what?
I can't remember every face and name
but their scents,
their moans of ecstasy,
the shapes of their bodies
I remember those details.
Sometimes I won't even remember
my co-stars
until I sense these details.
- I'm sorry.
- Did you spill it on your kimono?
My kimono's fine. I'm sorry.
Shall we go, then?
Please pay the check with this.
- I'll walk you out.
- Don't worry.
- Master, thank you for the meal.
- Thanks for coming.
Come on, guys.
You drove them away
with that dirty talk.
Dirty? I was just talking
about Mr. Oki's career.
You disrespect Mr. Oki.
I'm sorry. I don't mean to.
It's all right.
A polite sex isn't fun at all.
Miku gave you the bouquet?
You're so lucky.
You can have it.
Are you sure?
I'm a big fan of Miku Yukino.
Here you go. Enjoy it.
What will she do now?
She's studying design in Paris.
Wow. That's impressive.
Many don't have a successful career
after quitting the adult movie industry.
So, I hope she makes it.
- What?
- Delicious.
Mr. Oki, this is for you.
What's wrong?
Are you okay, Mr. Oki?
What? Why?
- Why the two of them?
- Let me explain.
"Do you remember me now?"
"I just didn't recognize you."
That's what they said.
What's that?
Did they know each other?
- Fujiko and Mr. Oki?
- I guess so.
Why didn't you ask them?
Of course we did. Right?
Well, everyone has something
they don't want to talk about.
Are you saying?
Am I right?
I got it. Adult movies.
When was that?
Twenty-three years ago.
It was a long time ago, huh?
I was actually quite surprised
that a first-time actress
would choose me as a co-star.
When did you marry?
Twenty-three years ago.
Does it mean
that you were engaged then?
Yes, I went to the shoot
right after having had a fitting
for my wedding dress.
Does your husband know about that?
He wouldn't have married me
if he had known
that I appeared in an adult movie,
no matter how much
he was in love with me.
Some see it as a marriage
for business reasons.
In return for marrying Fujiko,
Mr. Hisamatsu helped
Fujiko's father get out of bankruptcy,
That's it.
She was forced
to marry someone she didn't love.
In desperation,
she became a porn star.
- That sounds about right.
- No, it doesn't.
They really care for each other.
They may now, but
I'm sure she has other reasons.
I think Hisamatsu still suspects
that I married him
to gain financial assistance
for my father's business.
Is he right?
I can't deny the fact completely.
But that wasn't the only reason.
I was genuinely attracted to him.
Then why do it?
I was
a virgin.
Did you know that?
Yes. You were shy.
Being with a virgin
is a bit too much, right?
A virgin is a rare commodity
in the industry.
Not only in the industry.
Many men regard a woman's virginity
with importance.
I thought that Hisamatsu was one of them.
I felt that it wasn't fair.
It's hard to explain.
I didn't like it.
A virgin marries an older man
with experience.
He has women from the past
to remember.
But I didn't have anyone.
So, this is his second marriage?
He lost his first wife to cancer
a long time ago.
But still, why did you choose
to be in an adult movie?
Wasn't there anyone special then?
fell in love at first sight
when I saw you in a magazine.
With a single meeting,
I believed I could have the most
memorable experience of my life.
You were that special to me.
I still have
your letter.
Do you want to answer it?
You should answer it.
My husband?
Which hospital?
I'll be right there.
Is it a love letter?
It's a thank-you letter.
A long time ago, I got it
after we finished shooting a movie.
Really? A thank-you letter, huh?
What a polite girl.
It was her only movie.
She appeared once
then disappeared.
Master, give me sake.
What, did someone die?
Mr. Hisamatsu.
He suffered a ruptured aortic aneurysm.
People finish their day
and hurry home.
But sometimes they don't want
to go straight back home.
So, they drop in somewhere else
on the way home.
Do you remember
what I said when we got married?
"From now on,
I want to live to make you happy."
I still have the same feeling.
You are still beautiful.
So very beautiful.
I'm so glad to see you.
I haven't heard from you.
I was starting to get worried.
- What a tragedy.
- Mr. Oki.
Would you spare some time for me?
Not now.
I found these while I was going
through his belongings.
Go ahead, see for yourself.
All of them?
"I cannot see you again.
I feel like he is always
watching over me."
That's what Fujiko told him.
Another order of hot sake.
You've already had three orders.
Here you go. Enjoy.
I'm sorry to say,
but my wife's yam is better.
"He spoils me."
Fujiko once said so
about her husband.
There he is.
You're Erect Oki, right?
You co-starred with this girl.
This is her, right?
- She was our classmate.
- Do you know her real name?
Ami. Her name is Ami.
It's the same person, right?
So, what?
What would you do
if it is your friend?
How petty.
You are
so petty.
Add a pinch of salt to the olive oil.
Then sauté sliced yam in a pan
and sprinkle on soy sauce at the end.
The char is part of the flavor.
Cook it until lightly browned.
Here you go.
Enjoy it.
It's an energy booster.
- After you.
- No. Please, you go first.
- No, no. After you.
- Please, go ahead.
Good night.
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