Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

New Year's Eve Noodles, Again

When people finish their day
and hurry home,
my day starts.
My diner is open from midnight
to seven in the morning.
They call it "Midnight Diner."
That's all I have on my menu.
But I'll make whatever customers request
as long as I have the ingredients for it.
That's my policy.
Do I even have customers?
More than you would expect.
Before I know it, a year has passed.
Another New Year's Eve is here.
If you have six wins and four losses,
I call it a good life.
Some great mind said so.
Cheer up.
Stop looking so miserable.
It makes me feel cold.
My empty wallet makes me feel frozen.
There are hot days and cold days.
Feels like the middle of the desert.
A good day is followed by a bad day.
It's a rule of the universe.
In the spring, the god of horse racing
brought me a stroke of good fortune
with cherry blossoms.
Then winter came.
My good fortune melted as it snowed.
You're not a good gambler anyway.
Here you go.
at least you had a good dream.
But that caused Master trouble.
Okay. Good. Keep moving.
Hey, careful.
That was like a sweet dream
on a warm spring day.
This is fine here.
- Clear.
- Come in.
Master, I did it.
A million A million
You disappoint me, Komichi.
- You stole money? A million?
- A million.
He bet on a dark horse
at the Emperor Cup.
I was going to bet
on the odds-on favorite,
but I bet on the dark horse by mistake.
At the beginning of the race,
the top horse fell down
and caused a big mess.
The dark horse survived and won.
- I'm so scared of my great fortune.
- Congratulations.
Do anything you want with that.
I've never seen or earned
such a large amount of money.
I don't know what to do.
At the very least,
let me treat you all tonight.
- Thanks, but we have to go now.
- Why?
We escorted him here.
Let's eat with his money.
- She's right.
- That's inappropriate.
We're detectives.
We're public servants.
- It's a sign of our friendship, right?
- Of course, it's about friendship.
It's unconditional.
It's based on an intimate relationship,
one in which we care for each other.
- It's a beautiful
- Friendship.
If so, what would you do?
If so, we should accept it.
As a matter of courtesy.
Master, serve them anything they want.
- I want sushi.
- Wait.
If you want sushi,
you should go elsewhere.
I wish to share the joy
with everyone at your diner.
Tonight's mixer was as pathetic as usual.
All the men talk like feminists,
but at the bottoms of their hearts
they think a woman is an ornament.
Even in the 21st century,
nothing has changed.
I will never marry.
Here comes Greater amberjack.
What's going on?
Komichi won big on a horse race.
So, he's treating everyone to sushi.
Please join us.
Really? Can we?
You can eat anything you want, yes.
Everyone else, eat some more.
- I'll have fatty tuna.
- Salmon roe for me.
Coming right up.
Mater, I'm sorry
about the big party.
- This is an exception, okay?
- I know.
It was the biggest event
among us this spring.
In the summer,
we had a rare incident.
- The best summer food is watermelon.
- I agree.
It'd be perfect
if we had anti-mosquito incense.
I have the incense.
Thank you for the salt.
Here you go.
This is it. It completes
a perfect Japanese summer.
Are those the power-generating
wind bells?
That's pretty.
Maybe a wire shorted out.
I wonder if our bar is okay.
It's not an earthquake.
I'm sure it won't last long.
We'll make it through a while
with candles.
What can I say?
This is like a horror night.
Don't say that. I love horror stories.
Can anyone tell a scary story?
I don't know if it's scary or not.
But it's about a watermelon.
Want to hear it?
This is what happened to
my grandfather.
On a summer night 60 years ago,
it was around this same time,
my grandfather was having a drink
at his colleague's place
where he lived alone.
It was hot and humid.
They ran out of liquor and food.
They were so thirsty.
So, the colleague said,
"Let's go get a watermelon."
Steal a watermelon?
They were so drunk,
they entered a watermelon field.
They each stole one,
then headed back to the house
along a railway track.
They stumbled upon a graveyard,
which they hadn't seen
when they entered the field.
"I didn't know there was a graveyard."
When they came to a halt,
a bright light appeared out of the blue.
A train was not supposed to run that late,
but there was one coming.
Then, my grandfather woke up
on the ground by the track.
He must have jumped
away from the train.
But he couldn't find his colleague.
No streetlights. It was pitch-black.
He called, but got no answer. He thought
that the colleague left without him.
So, my grandfather made his way
back to his colleague's house
with the watermelon,
which was not damaged.
When he tried to wash the watermelon,
he realized that
it was not a watermelon
but the bloody head of his friend.
Are you okay?
- Ryu, are you okay?
- I got this as a gift.
I wanted to share it with you all.
Hey, boss.
Ever since that night,
Ryu has been unable to eat watermelon.
Poor Ryu.
Autumn is the harvest season.
Autumn is also the season of love.
As it gets colder,
you feel the need for company.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
My mouth's watering.
I will eat it.
It's can't be
A crime? It must be a crime.
It could be an accident.
It could be both.
So, I have to go.
That's right. I have to go.
Then another winter came.
A year is about to end.
Are you headed to work?
This is a busy time of year.
You should grab a good fortune.
- Have a happy new year!
- You, too.
Spring will come again after winter.
I can't keep losing forever.
I'll do my best to have
a good fortune next year.
Good attitude. Have a drink.
Forget all the failures.
- Good evening.
- Welcome.
I knew you'd all be here.
How pathetic. It's New Year's Eve.
You don't have anywhere else to go?
That's right. And neither do you.
Buckwheat noodles?
- Of course.
- Extra large, please.
- Hello.
- Welcome.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
It's so delicious.
I'm so glad to eat noodles
before the new year arrives.
After midnight, it's no longer
"New Year's Eve noodles."
In some regions, they say
that it will bring you bad luck
if you eat noodles after midnight.
- Is that so?
- You know a lot, huh?
- I got all from Wiki.
- Wiki?
Is that some kind of monkey?
It's Wikipedia.
Just the sound of it tells me
that it has nothing to do with me.
- Hello.
- Welcome.
What's that?
We're going to Hawaii
on an early morning flight.
New Year's Day in Hawaii?
I thought Saipan
was good enough, but
I wanted to be like a celebrity in Hawaii.
We're here to drink
until the flight leaves.
- But before that
- Master.
Buckwheat noodles!
I wonder why we started eating
buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve.
- A noodle store conspiracy?
- Buckwheat noodles
are easier to cut off
than other noodles.
So, we eat it to cut off
"misfortunes and disasters of the year."
This practice was established
during Edo period.
- You know so much.
- It's all from Wikipedia.
It means that we shouldn't eat
chewy noodles like ramen?
It's not easy to be cut off, huh?
- Ryu!
- We escorted it.
- Good evening.
- Wow, New Year's food.
You are a slow eater as usual.
If I eat quickly, I get heartburn.
I must be getting old, huh?
Seems like the last New Year's Day
was yesterday.
Before I know it, a year has passed.
It gets faster once you turn 30.
- Be prepared.
- I'm already in my 30s.
I knew that.
Nothing special happened this year.
You should know better.
"Nothing special happened."
It means peace.
We should appreciate it
if we have nothing special.
That's right.
Three. Two.
Happy new year.
I wish you all the best
in this new year.
- Then
- Stop it. No alcohol.
Let's have this. Soba stock.
Happy new year.
The mistress will be a little late.
When people finish their day
and hurry home,
my day starts.
My diner is open from midnight
to seven in the morning.
They call it "Midnight Diner."
Bye, Master. I look forward
to your goodwill in the new year.
- Bye.
- Have a great trip.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I hope it goes well.
Michiru, what do you want for a souvenir?
Come talk.
Did you say
that there was a new Hawaiian pub?
Happy new year.
Thank you for helping me clean dishes.
You're welcome.
It was a busy day, so you need help.
Master, you are a lucky man.
You have so many great customers.
You're right.
- You attract them.
- No.
I just open the diner
at the same time every day,
make whatever they want,
and close the diner
at the same time every day.
- That's all.
- Sounds like a great diner.
care to make the first shrine visit
with me?
I was planning to do
a general house cleaning today.
I see.
I understand.
I look forward to your continued
goodwill in the new year.
You, too.
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