Midnight Mass (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Book VII: Revelation

1 Did it hurt you? Yes.
No! No! They're pulling people out of their houses.
-We've got to get out of here.
-Where are we gonna go? To the church to get my son.
He's still in the church.
-What did they do to him? -Eddie-- -What happened to Dad? -What did they do? -I don't know.
-You said you studied this thing.
You said you had samples.
- I didn't.
I don't know.
- Be quiet.
Does anyone have service? No.
They must've knocked the cell tower out.
And they sent the ferries away.
Sturge was messing with the boats.
We saw him today.
Boats, phones, power.
They're cutting us off.
-I have a canoe by the Uppards.
I mean, I don't think it gets anybody to the mainland, but off the island, at least.
My parents… They're out there.
They'd have to come with us, right? Get them to a doctor.
There's room.
-On the fishing boats, there's room.
-That's not what I'm talking about.
She's not talking about leaving.
'Cause they'd come after us, like Bev said.
That's why they didn't sink 'em.
That's why they just pulled some plugs.
Because they need the boats.
So they can leave… after.
Sarah, you said it was a contagion.
If just one of them, just one of them makes it to the mainland… What's this gonna do? What's any of this gonna do? The guns and knives? They get back up.
You saw, they… This isn't the way.
This is never the way.
Maybe not.
Maybe it buys us a few more minutes.
A few more minutes alive.
And it might come down to just minutes.
Maybe seconds.
Never made much sense to me.
We all say there's a heaven.
And it's waiting for us.
Then we claw, fight, beg for a few more minutes at the end.
It isn't about us anymore.
It's about everyone else in the world.
Dying for people we haven't even met.
No greater love than that.
What the Good Book says, isn't it? First things, we have to get you kids to safety.
-No, we can help.
-Please, no.
What if we head to the beach and hug the shoreline to the Uppards, and you take the canoe and you paddle out-- Again.
Erin Greene! I'd like to finish our discussion! -Maybe she's not-- -She's in there.
You go.
You get those children to safety.
I'd like a word with Bev.
Mom! -I love you.
-Mom! -So much.
-Mom! Go.
No quarrel with you, Annie Flynn.
I just want to have a little chat with Erin Greene.
And Sarah Gunning.
Maybe that terror-loving sheriff, if he's still with them.
They're all in there.
- Two children too.
- The children will be fine.
They're already saved.
You don't think I would put those children in any real danger, do you? What's that for, Annie? Please don't tell me that's for us.
- We're past all of that now.
- It's not.
Bev, I want you to listen to me.
Because your whole life, I think you've needed to hear this.
You aren't a good person.
Well… That was uncalled for.
God doesn't love you more than anyone else.
You aren't a hero.
And you certainly, certainly aren't a victim.
I wouldn't lecture, Annie Flynn.
Not until you pull the plank from your own eye, as it were.
I hate to speak ill of the dead, but if Riley Flynn, a drunk and a murderer, was evidence of the quality of his parenting-- He was.
Every part of him.
God loves him.
Just as much as he loves you, Bev.
Why does that upset you so much? Just the idea that God loves everyone just as much as you.
She's stalling.
Check around back.
Jesus! It's okay.
You're gonna be all right, Annie.
Look at me.
You'll be up and about in no time.
You'll be… Sparrows.
In the Bible it says, "The sparrow will not fall to the ground, not even a sparrow, without God knowing.
" He feels every death.
I was in South America, in my youth, on a mission, and I stood beneath this great waterfall.
The scale of it.
The weight of it… The roar of it, it drowned out every noise in the jungle.
Every bird and every voice.
And then when I was older, I thought about death, how many deaths occur every second… There's people, animals, sparrows.
If every drop of water in that waterfall were a death, I thought, "That must be what it's like for God.
" Every moment of every hour of every day, a deluge of death, so loud, how could he hear my whispered prayers over that thundering roar of deaths? When I saw what I'd been given, I thought, "Well, this is the end of that.
It's the end of the roar.
" No more death.
But if I'm honest, and there's no point in being anything else anymore, it was you.
It was you.
And Sarah.
That's why I did it.
That's why I put that thing in that trunk.
That's why I bribed and lied and smuggled it back here.
That was the reason.
I didn't want you to die.
The rest of them too, of course, but, no… I didn't want you and Sarah… I mean, our whole lives have been wasted.
You know, just staring across the church.
Too scared to come down and be with you.
I mean, too scared to tell our own daughter the truth.
And it never felt like a sin, that was the thing.
You never felt like a sin, and our daughter, she was never a sin.
She was never a mistake.
What could we have done? John.
-It was a different world.
-Well… I used to tell myself… I'd tell myself, um… on those hard nights when you were so close, sleeping beside the man you were supposed to be with, that you… that you… If you would just show up and ask me, I would have taken this collar off and I would have gone with you.
I would go with you anywhere in the world.
I was never going to do that, John.
Not to you.
Or to her.
And not to him.
Not after the war.
I wasn't gonna ruin four lives.
But that's over now, John.
We made our choices.
We lived our lives.
She grew up and we faded away, and that's how it's supposed to work.
It's supposed to be over.
Yeah, but another chance? Now that we can be a family this time.
Can you think of a miracle more amazing than that? I mean, curing… Cure blindness, sure.
Or part the seas, all right.
But a second chance? That's a real miracle.
Help! Someone help! My husband! Help me! - Quiet.
- Help! Help me! - We have to go.
- Someone help me! - Hey, Flynn.
- Help me, please! You guys smell good.
Like… you smell amazing.
Back up.
Help! Help me! Help! Help! - Leeza.
- Daddy? Daddy.
Run! Go, run! Run! Why did she do that? It doesn't matter.
We gotta put out this fire.
I don't know.
If it gets goin' too big, it could… I mean, the whole island.
With this wind it's like a tinderbox.
The whole thing could burn to nothin' like in '84.
Not the whole island.
It'd take more than the west bank to do the whole thing, and even then… I mean, the church didn't burn in '84.
"The first Angel blew his trumpet and there came hail and fire mixed with the blood, and they were hurled to the Earth.
" "And a third of the Earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all of the green grass was burned up.
" "As for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, the murderers, the fornicators, the sorcerers, idolaters and all of the liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.
" Let it burn.
Let all of it burn.
A new flood.
A flood of fire, and St.
Patrick's will be the ark.
The citizens of Crockett, the good citizens, they know where to go in a storm.
Pick that up.
Come with me.
What's the point? Minutes.
In case there's a boat, maybe with an engine.
A speedboat or something.
We're gonna be okay.
You think we're gonna make it? That's not what I said.
I'm saying, either way, we're gonna be okay.
It's all mine.
It's all mine too.
They're… What they're doin' to people… But not you.
-No, not me.
-Of course not.
I can feel it already though, Ed.
-My stomach hurts.
-I know.
I feel it.
Is that what I'll become, just an animal who can't resist? When I saw them at the church, I thought it was something they really couldn't help.
Like… something impossible not to do.
But it isn't, Annie.
I feel it too.
I'm starving too, but I didn't.
I didn't.
Whatever this is, it don't change who you are.
They're burning it down.
Why would they do that? That doesn't make any sense.
I hope the kids made it to the boat.
I hope so too.
We're never gonna know, are we? Probably not.
They did.
I'm deciding they did.
Leeza! Leeza, honey, it's Daddy! If you can hear me, follow my voice! Leeza, please! Leeza! Leeza, honey! - Leeza, honey! - Leeza, honey, please! It's okay.
You can come out.
Stop it.
Leeza Scarborough! Your father's worried sick.
Leeza! Spread the word.
Anyone not in the rec center by sunrise won't see another.
Hit the empties, the trailers, everything.
All of it.
Dawn's a-comin'.
You're up.
Praise be.
And you too.
Monsignor, you are a stronger soul than I, but if you forgive men their trespass, the Heavenly Father will also forgive you.
So who am I to judge? Still, though.
- You let them out.
- Of course I did.
Let me show you.
"He blotted out every living thing on the face of the ground.
" "Human beings, animals, creeping things, birds of the sky.
They were blotted out.
" "Only Noah was left for those who were with him on the ark.
" St.
Patrick's isn't just a church, Monsignor.
It's an ark.
I set up cots in the rec center for those who were chosen.
We will take to our ships, to our vessels, and then, like sheep among wolves, like you said, we will spread the good word.
And… and who will decide who is chosen? We will.
You and me.
-And what happens to the rest? -Well, I don't much know.
That isn't up to me.
It's between them and God, isn't it? No.
I'm sorry? No, we got this wrong.
-Don't be ridiculous.
-No, Beverly, please look at them.
- We are the wolves.
- No.
No, please.
Not you too.
Not you, Monsignor.
I was wrong.
We were wrong.
We are wrong.
And this needs to stop.
They need leadership.
Look at them.
They're lost without a leader, without a shepherd.
That must be you, Monsignor.
It has to be you.
It has always been you.
No! It was never me.
That's the thing about priesthood.
It's never supposed to be about me.
It's supposed to be about God! Well, I suppose it isn't you anymore.
Of course, he told us that, didn't he? Jesus himself.
He warned us against the scribes, against the priests.
In Matthew.
"Do not call anyone on Earth 'father,' you have one father, and he is in heaven.
" "Woe to you, scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites!" Viper's brood.
But you, Monsignor… Monsignor Pruitt, did it have to be true of you? I suppose virtue isn't a virtue if it doesn't cost you anything.
And it was always going this way.
You were always… You were always gonna be the last, the hardest, test of my faith.
"Get thee behind me.
" "You are a stumbling block to me, for you are setting your mind not on divine things, but on human things.
" Babylon the Great.
Mother of whores and all of Earth's abominations.
I truly hope you two enjoy the sunrise.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
We're ready for them.
Hold them outside a few more minutes.
We need an accurate head count so we know how many boats we need tomorrow.
They burned the boats.
They what? They burned 'em.
That's… no matter.
Wade will call back the ferries.
He'll just call them back when it's time.
They who? I love you, Mom.
I love you, Dad.
Lord, keep them safe.
And watch over them.
And touch their hearts, and make it so they won't worry.
Lord, bring my parents peace.
My mom.
And my dad.
And my brother.
They're all gone, aren't they? Yeah.
I would have… If I'd known at that dinner, the last dinner, -I would have been different.
-They know.
They know.
Who's that now? Is that Howard? Howard Hobbs.
Look at the state of you.
Must have had a hell of a time of it, you poor man.
You know, I don't think I ever saw you at mass a day in your life, and yet you were blessed tonight, weren't you? Saved.
Baptized, I take it.
You? I killed my Julie tonight.
You killed your wife? And my boys.
I killed my boys.
You know, I hate to tell you this, but you could have brought them back, just as Sturge apparently brought you back, which was something we discussed only doing in rare and specific… It's fine.
But, yes, you could have saved them.
Easily, in fact, if you had been a man of faith.
I don't know what's happening.
What's happening? It's the end, Mr.
The end of all things.
And all those days you decided not to worship, all those days you turned your back on God.
Well, the tools for your salvation were always there.
The doors were always open, but you didn't… Well, you just didn't.
So, yes, in the critical hour, you didn't know.
They're with God now.
Take heart in that.
I wish you peace and God's mercy.
No room for him inside, I'm afraid.
I saved him, Bev.
He was always nice to me.
I'm sorry, Howie.
I'm sorry.
I was thinkin' maybe, um, just go for a walk? Down by the shore? You like the water.
I know you do.
Maybe… That you can just watch the sunrise.
God'll be with you, Howie, I promise.
This is monstrous.
Bring him in! You follow me, son.
You're welcome in St.
All are welcome! All have to be welcome or this isn't really God's house! Good.
You go out the back, through the vestibule.
Head for the water.
That was the idea.
God, am I proud of you.
I'm sorry that we never told you, your mother and I, but I… I love you so much.
And I've been so proud of you, and I just wish that we had gotten to know each other.
Me too.
Head out the back.
I'll take care of-- She was gonna… John.
John? Baby! Honey! My God! No! No! Sarah! Sarah! Look at me.
Sarah, baby.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
No! No! No! My baby girl.
When she was a little girl… her favorite place on the whole island was that little bridge by the marsh.
That little… That little bridge.
Stop! You disgusting viper! You would burn us in our homes? I knew the day you set foot on this island, of course you would, of course you would.
I just can't let you have that building.
That's all.
I'm pretty sure it's the last one left.
Hungry? Dirty blood.
Surprised you didn't wait till we were all inside, so you could really have your fun.
Surprised you made your move when it was empty, coward.
It's not though, is it? Empty, I mean.
No! Hey.
There's this verse in the Bible, just kind of stuck with me.
"He makes the sun rise on the evil and the good.
" Dad! Dad.
Dad, get up.
There's gotta be somewhere… There's gotta be somewhere else.
No, Bev.
There's nowhere else.
- You burned it.
You burned it all.
- No, no, I… We should be looking for Leeza.
Let's go find Leeza.
Where else can we go? -There's got to be somewhere else.
-There's not.
- The boats! - Boats are gone, Bev.
Hey, kid.
Kid, you okay? I don't think so.
I think I… I don't know, but I think I killed my mom.
I done some stuff tonight that I feel… I done some stuff.
Will you forgive me, kid? I'll forgive you.
Come on.
You too, Howie, come on.
Just hang on.
It's heading west.
It's running.
It's running from the sunrise.
Do you think it can make it? Before the sunrise? Thirty miles? I mean, that thing can barely fly.
No, I… I don't think it can.
What happens? What? When we die.
What happens? Yeah, what the fuck happens? So what do you think happens when we die, Erin? Speaking for myself? Speaking for yourself.
My self.
That's the problem.
That's the whole problem with the whole thing.
That word, "self.
" That's not the word.
That's not right, that isn't… That isn't.
How did I forget that? When did I forget that? The body stops a cell at a time, but the brain keeps firing those neurons.
Little lightning bolts, like fireworks inside, and I thought I'd despair or feel afraid, but I don't feel any of that.
None of it.
Because I'm too busy.
I'm too busy in this moment.
Of course.
I remember that every atom in my body was forged in a star.
This matter, this body is mostly just empty space after all, and solid matter? It's just energy vibrating very slowly and there is no me.
There never was.
The electrons of my body mingle and dance with the electrons of the ground below me and the air I'm no longer breathing.
And I remember there is no point where any of that ends and I begin.
I remember I am energy.
Not memory.
Not self.
My name, my personality, my choices, all came after me.
I was before them and I will be after, and everything else is pictures, picked up along the way.
Fleeting little dreamlets printed on the tissue of my dying brain.
And I am the lightning that jumps between.
I am the energy firing the neurons, and I'm returning.
Just by remembering, I'm returning home.
And it's like a drop of water falling back into the ocean, of which it's always been a part.
All things… a part.
All of us… a part.
You, me and my little girl, and my mother and my father, everyone who's ever been, every plant, every animal, every atom, every star, every galaxy, all of it.
More galaxies in the universe than grains of sand on the beach.
And that's what we're talking about when we say "God.
" The one.
The cosmos and its infinite dreams.
We are the cosmos dreaming of itself.
It's simply a dream that I think is my life, every time.
But I'll forget this.
I always do.
I always forget my dreams.
But now, in this split-second, in the moment I remember, the instant I remember, I comprehend everything at once.
There is no time.
There is no death.
Life is a dream.
It's a wish.
Made again and again and again and again and again and again and on into eternity.
And I am all of it.
I am everything.
I am all.
I am that I am.
Forgive me.
I can't feel my legs.

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