Midnight, Texas (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Patience Is A Virtue

1 Previously, on "Midnight, Texas" I failed you, but I'll make it right.
I have something for you.
It's supposed to protect you.
I saw you with Manfred.
What could you possibly have to say to him? You stay the hell away from my wife! - I'll kill you! - This isn't over.
Olivia, I feel your every emotion - as if it were my own.
- There has to be a way - to sever this connection.
- Well, there is.
- If I turn you into a vampire.
- You really want - to have that fight again? - Can't do it! - 'Cause I love you.
- [ALL HOLLERING] - [GROANS] - No, no, no.
[HEAVY BREATHING] [DARK MUSIC] - "Hexennacht"? - It's German - for "witch hell.
" - Whatever you do, - don't let them touch you.
- I'm not so sure about this, Feej.
Dark magic always has a price.
[LAUGHING, GROWLING] Guys, Fiji's a dark witch.
She pulled a butterfly out of her chest and swore herself to the dark side - to save my hide.
- Come again? Fiji discovered that you're either a child of Delilah, a good witch, or a child of Theophilus, a bad one.
Did you just say "Theophilus"? You should know, he has a twin.
Should the curse be broken, they will regain - their full power.
- And then what? - Darkness falls.
- Theophilus It's Patience's twin.
She and her brother, they were cursed by a dark witch Delilah.
You don't get it.
Your wife lied to you.
Theophilus is the father of black magic! Together they'll be the most powerful being to ever walk this Earth, and it'll be your fault.
It belonged to Theophilus.
It's like a a binder to fuse Theo's head to a host body.
[WHOOSHING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] - That witch! - Let go, let go.
The more you pull on it, the more it'll constrict.
Just let go.
[TENSE MUSIC] Then how the hell do I get it off? I don't know.
So from day one everything Patience did was just a long con.
How do you think I feel? I loved her.
I married her.
Last 12 years of my life have been a lie.
At least you get to keep your head.
Not for long.
Once she has what she wants she'll kill us all.
Like she killed Creek.
She didn't want me to go to Austin with her.
Because she needed your body.
I won't let her get away with it.
- I'll kill her.
- [LAUGHS] You can't.
She's immortal.
Well, then at least I'll stop her from bringing her brother back.
You said she needs me, the vials, and the head.
[TENSE MUSIC] Damn it.
Head's gone.
- The vials are gone, too.
- We gotta warn everyone.
Olivia! Lem! Bobo! I I'll keep searching the hotel.
I'll look in the pawn shop.
Manfred? Are you okay, darling? - You look a little spooked.
- Yeah.
I, uh [SCOFFS] I I got in a fight with Kai.
He knocked me out.
When I came to he was gone.
He took the head and vials.
Unless unless you took them.
Just please Please just tell me you hid them.
We can take them and And get as far away from Kai as possible.
Oh, God, I I was so worried about you.
After Kai killed Creek I I just need to know you're okay.
I love you.
[SHAKY BREATHING] You know, don't you? [FOREBODING MUSIC] Know what? [FOREIGN ACCENT] Drop it, Manfred.
It's over.
[STAMMERS, LAUGHS] So the whole the whole "Southern charm" thing, - that was that was an act too? - It seems we're both quite the thespians.
And bravo.
You almost had me Until the "L-word.
" You don't love me any more than I love you.
- You want to chop my head off! - It's nothing personal.
Do you know how long I've been trying to break this God-forsaken curse? That wretch Delilah made it nearly impossible when she took away my powers.
I mean, how am I supposed to amass an army of beasts? But then it hit me: I didn't need an army.
Just Kai.
A true healer who could stockpile all their strength.
You came to Midnight and conned all the supernaturals drawn here.
It was like shooting fish in a barrel.
And I was your biggest catch.
Oh, you, my love, are icing on the cake.
When Kai healed your demon cancer and I saw the sheer amount of garbage - that came out of you - [RASPING EXHALE] [EERIE VOICES] I knew that your body could take in all 490 vials and live.
You're the perfect vessel.
And tomorrow night, Theophilus's head - will go on your body.
- [SCOFFS] I had Fiji perform an intention spell.
- It said you were trustworthy.
- I created that spell.
It can't work on me, lovie.
- [LAUGHING] - Manfred! Behind you! What what have you done to them, Fiji? Ah! Are you two besties now? I guess a threesome's out of the question.
That's it! - Damn it, Patience, you've - Ahah-ah-ah.
Fiji, don't.
You've been conned just like the rest of us.
We're your friends, not Patience.
Well, what Patience is offering me is worth far more than friendship.
I just buried my husband.
I'm warning you.
Where where the hell did they go? They teleported.
It's dangerous, but witches will do it when they're desperate.
They'll be back.
[SOMBER MUSIC] He died in my arms.
- You had no choice, Joe.
- No.
I had a choice.
If I hadn't been unfaithful to Chuy none of this would have happened.
Oh, Joe.
[SIGHS] I'm so sorry.
We know how much you loved him.
We all did.
We've all got a lot to be sorry for.
Fiji went dark trying to save me.
I mean, if I hadn't brought Patience to Midnight [SIGHS] Guys, feeling sorry for ourselves is not gonna bring Creek back.
[SIGHS] Or Chuy.
But maybe there's still hope for Fiji.
Look, what if we can get - her butterfly back? - We do that, then we have - a powerful witch on our side.
- It's worth a shot.
All right.
In the mean time, we need to prepare for their return.
Well, sun's coming up, big guy.
You've gotta sit this rodeo out.
I'll be in the pawn shop, in the dark.
But we need to look for more iron weapons.
- Witch Kryptonite.
- And you need to get the hell out of Midnight.
I'm not going anywhere.
If Patience gets her hands on you, it's over for everyone.
- You need to leave.
- And go where? They're resourceful and desperate.
They'll find me eventually.
It's safer here with them.
We'll make our last stand here.
At midnight.
When my brother returns and I get my powers back, all my descendants will be rewarded.
Especially you, my sweet.
But I need Manfred first.
He's the key to resurrecting Theophilus and your town of freaks is in my way.
I know, they're so annoying.
And when they're together there's no stopping them.
They will protect Manfred at all costs.
What if he tries to run? He'll never abandon his friends.
No, the only way to get to Manfred is to take down the Midnighters one by one.
Well, then we need to start by getting rid of our biggest threat: That bloody angel.
We need a demon, Fiji.
Already on it.
I call upon the power of the East.
Illuminate me to find what I seek.
Well, the dagger you gave me is made of iron.
Let's see what else we can find.
Joe! - Your back! - [SIGHS] Yeah, I, uh - cut off my wings.
- What? - Your powers are you now? - No, I'm still an angel, Lem.
- Can't change who I am.
- Why? 'Cause I don't deserve them.
I cut 'em off for the sins I've committed.
Penance for what I did to Chuy.
Joe [SOMBER MUSIC] We're all sinners, and we've all fallen.
But we get back up.
How long have you had a camera in here? Since the third time you broke in.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
For everything.
[STAMMERS] I was wrong about you.
I'm sure my wife helped paint me as a villain.
Still, it was wrong.
And so was my relationship with Patience.
I just I thought your relationship was on the rocks.
Patience hinted that you were having an affair.
[BOTH LAUGH] I have the opportunity A lot But I was faithful to my wife.
Patience, she was my everything.
Speak of the she-devil Hey, what was that? Play that again.
Look, there.
At the woman.
She moved.
Zoom in on that.
[SINISTER MUSIC] I've seen that bracelet before.
[ENERGY RUSHING] [GRUNTS] She she beheaded Theophilus.
Well, then maybe she can help.
- Can can you make contact? - [SIGHS] Well, if she's haunting this painting Yeah, I don't think it's haunted.
- I'm not sensing any spirit.
- Uh, Manfred.
Wait, wait, wait.
- You think that's a good idea? - Let me.
[WIND WHISTLING] [EERIE ECHOING WHISPER] What the? [DISTANT ROARING] [GASPS] [APPROACHING EERIE RUSHING] [PANTING] [EERIE WHISPERING] [ROARING] [GASPS] What the hell was that? A horrid thing put here to torture me for all eternity.
[BOTH PANTING] Who are you? My name's Manfred Bernardo.
I need your help.
You reached out to me from the other side.
No one's ever done that before.
Are you a wizard? A medium.
I-I thought you were a ghost.
I can [SIGHS] I can make contact with the spirit world.
Other realms.
[PANTING] That's how I was able to bring you here.
Then you're the wizard.
A witch.
One of the originals.
Name's Delilah.
If we want to get Fiji's butterfly back, we'll need help from the Delilahs.
But we have to be careful, all right? Ask the wrong thing, they'll block us.
Well, then we don't ask.
[SOFT LAUGH] I'm in.
[STATIC] I'll take that.
- Who the hell are you? - Addie Wigget.
I run IT for Witches Helping Witches and hacking into our system is a big no-no.
Hand over the laptop, please.
It is now the property of the Delilahs.
- That's cute.
- Whoa.
[STAMMERING] We only hacked your site because we need your help.
The love of my life, she's in a heap of trouble.
She's a witch Her name is Fiji and she made a terrible sacrifice trying to save me.
She sent her butterfly packing.
- She removed her butterfly? - And we need to get it back so she can help us stop Theophilus.
Oh did you just say "Theophilus"? [INHALER HISSING] His twin is trying to bring him back.
But Delilah put an iron-clad curse on the father of darkness 800 years ago.
What you're saying is impossible.
The cage? The head? His twin? All here in Midnight.
And if you don't help us before they break the curse Then guess what? We're all dead.
- [GROANS] - Oh, jeez.
Hey, you all right? You okay? [SIGHS] Been trapped in this hell for centuries.
Well, I'm here to break you out.
My friends and I need your help stopping Patience.
Theophilus's necklace.
Oh, my God.
Hypatia's close to breaking the curse.
- "Hypatia.
" - That was her name when I knew her.
[DISTANT ROARING] We must hide.
Follow me.
[GRUNTS] We're safe.
For now.
If you're hungry, I have possum.
Yeah, well, uh, I'm, uh I'm possum-intolerant.
So, um, how'd you get trapped - in the painting? - It was Hypatia and Theophilus's doing.
Why? 'Cause you're a You're a light witch and they're dark? It wasn't always a light and a dark.
We weren't always enemies.
- Oh, my God, she's doing it.
- Yeah! - [LAUGHING] - Almost.
Oh, my goodness.
[ALL LAUGHING] A brilliant use of your talents.
Oh, well, who else would I share my gifts with but the two of you? [LAUGHS] Ah.
[LAUGHS] Now, there's something we'd like to share with you, sister.
[PEACEFUL MUSIC] [CLEARS THROAT] A gift from Theophilus.
A sign of his intentions.
[GIGGLES] We're to wed.
I'm so happy for you both.
[LAUGHS] I was betrayed by my best friend.
Just like your friends betrayed you.
They're jealous of my new power.
Ah, and Delilah was jealous of the bond Theophilus and I had.
So she came between us and left me all alone.
- [WEEPING] - Hypatia - [SNIFFLING, WAILING] - No one is taking me away.
- [SOBS] - You'll always be my sister - who I love with all my heart.
- [SHAKY BREATHING] You love me with more than your heart.
[BITTER MUSIC] I've seen the way you look at me.
With hunger in your eyes.
Stop it.
It is forbidden.
We cannot act on it.
[MUSIC SOURS] [BOTH GASPING] [DARK MUSIC] [GASPS, MOANS] You felt that, didn't you? Didn't you feel that? I know you did, my love.
Never speak of it again.
That is messed up.
And I was with child.
It should have been the happiest time of my life But I sensed Theophilus pulling away Because because Hypatia crossed a line.
[MELLOW MUSIC] A true vision of beauty.
[MUSIC GROWS DARK] Hypatia, stop.
- No, no.
- Is that really what you want? [DARK MUSIC] [EERIE WHISPERING] Dark magic was born that day.
The magic you now embrace.
Like Osiris and Isis, like Zeus and Hera, we came together as one.
Siblings and lovers.
We gave ourselves over to our desire.
And released a force that was not of this Earth.
It was something powerful and beautiful.
It was an abomination.
They took love something pure and beautiful And corrupted it.
Just as they did with magic.
And vengeance filled my soul.
Patience took away someone I loved too And vengeance is all I can think about.
I was heartbroken that I'd lost Theophilus's love but what came next was so much worse.
Hypatia, too, was with child, and the deeper their perverse love grew, the more powerful they became.
They surrendered to the dark magic.
With their evil sorcery, they let loose a plague to kill those that opposed them.
[ECHOING SCREAMS] So I did the only thing I could.
[SCREAMS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] I bind you both from all magic and curse your descendants from ever experiencing love, as you have perverted it.
No! [WAILING] No! No! I found a way to make her suffer, though.
I couldn't practice magic but our son, Everard, could.
He cursed her, and trapped her in a painting for all time.
My vengeance came at such a cost, and it was all for naught.
Hypatia and Theophilus may soon be unleashed upon the world.
He's not gonna bother you anymore.
For now.
I've bested the Unholy Giant a thousand times.
He always comes back to fight again.
- I'll get you out of here.
- To do that, you need to break the spell, which is very difficult.
You need to find the witch who originally trapped me in this hell.
Patience's son.
You you get me back home, I'll find him.
When I said we needed a demon, I just assumed he'd be alive.
How's Joe dead husband going to help us? Play on Joe's guilt.
Now that this thing's dead, he's an even better weapon.
- [SIGHS] - Can you help us? I don't know.
Your girlfriend used some really dark juju.
When she removed her butterfly, she removed her soul.
Her soul.
- [SIGHS] - How can we get it back? By finding Fiji's butterfly.
But first we have to remove it from where it's been hiding.
It would have magically taken refuge in the person that Fiji loved the most.
That's me.
[INHALER HISSING] That's what I was afraid of.
[SIGHS] We're done here.
I think we've gathered every witch-killing weapon we have in the shop.
This was actually used in the Inquisition.
Won't kill an immortal witch like Patience, but it'll sure stop her in her tracks.
The sun's still up.
I'd better wrap up before heading out.
[EERIE WHISPERING] [TENSE MUSIC] Joe [METAL SQUEAKING] [WIND BLOWING] Chuy? You're alive? How? Why did you do this to me? [SHAKY BREATHING] I'm so sorry.
- [LAUGHS] - [GROANS] It's over, Joe.
[GROANING] [LAUGHING] Joe? Why are the curtains down? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Joe? [WHISPERED] Joe.
[LAUGHING] How can you be so sure Everard is in witch hell? He's the spawn of black magic.
- Where else would he be? - Look, I've never taken powers - from a spirit before.
- When he crosses over he'll be as real as you and me.
That's why I'm trading places with him on the other side.
- Remember what to do? - Yeah.
All right.
Do it quick.
Hexennacht sucks.
Your mother is calling.
[MAGICAL FIRE ROARING] - [GROANS] - Everard, your mother's in trouble.
She needs your help.
Damn it.
[WHISPERING VOICES] Come on, come on.
[SCREAMING] - [HISSING] - Really? Come on.
[GASPS] You get it? You bastard.
You have to follow my instructions perfectly.
If we want him to survive we can't make any mistakes.
We're gonna need that.
[LIQUID SQUELCHING] [CLEARS THROAT] Um, what are you gonna do with that creepy crawly? Fiji's butterfly is safe and warm inside you.
It's not gonna want to leave.
We're gonna have to send something in - to fish it out.
- Huh.
- That would explain this.
- Okay, put the hook in.
Once the centipede finds the butterfly, reel it out quickly.
You sure about this, Bobo? [LOUD EXHALE] Fiji's pretty far gone.
I'm not giving up on her no matter what.
- You understand? - Okay.
Place it on Bobo's chest.
Come on.
You got this.
- [GROANING] - Now? - Wait.
- [GAGGING] - [GROANING, STRAINING] - Hold on, Bobo.
- It's killing him.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Come on, Bobo.
All right, that's it.
- I'm pulling it out.
[GAGGING, SPITTING] [GAGS, GROANS] [PANTING] Is he okay? Just give me a second.
[SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] If you die on me, big jerk, I'm gonna kill you.
Nice try.
[SIGHS] [GROANS] [TENSE MUSIC] Where the hell's the painting? [DISTANT CHANTING] Ave Hypatia Regina.
Ave Hypatia Regina.
Ave Hypatia Regina.
Ave Hypatia Regina.
Ave Hypatia Regina.
Ave Hypatia Regina.
Ave Hypatia Regina.
What is she planning to do? No, I I can't just stay here.
No, wait, hold on.
Look, I I know you feel responsible, I I do, and we both want to stop Patience, but there's a swarm of dark witches down there with some serious firepower.
- We got firepower too.
- I know, but if they catch you Patience has everything she needs to bring - Theophilus back.
- I'll get to the painting and free Delilah.
She'll stop Patience.
You're not listening; if she catches you it's over.
- She won't catch me.
- Yeah, but if she does Then you get the hell out of dodge, you find the Delilahs, and you fight back.
- Manfred - Creek died because of me.
This is my town.
It's my family and I won't let anyone else die.
You couldn't destroy our love, Delilah.
And you couldn't keep us apart.
Now you're going to watch Theophilus come back to me.
You're killing Lem.
Please take the silver chains off of him! Fiji, please! There's still good in you, I see it! Don't do this.
So many witches were killed during the Inquisition in the name of God.
Seems fitting we return the favor.
[SHAKY BREATHING] [SCREAMS] Now bring me the psychic.
Looking for me? [GASPS] Manfred's a witch! Uh, stop him! - Out of my way, you witch.
- No! [GRUNTING] [MUFFLED GROANING] Children, the time has finally come.
After centuries, my true love Theophilus and I will be reunited.
ALL: Rise, dark father.
Bestow your power upon us all.
Rise, dark father.
Bestow your power upon us all.
Patience, stop.
Have something to say, my little lamb? - [GROANS] - Hmm? [GASPS] [PANTING] You have what you need.
Let the others go.
I promise, I'll give myself to you without a fight.
Oh, aren't you sweet.
[LAUGHS] Always there for those in need.
- Idiot.
- [STAMMERS] I have other plans for your friends.
Please don't hurt them.
- Please.
- I won't.
As long as they pledge their loyalty.
- Go to hell.
- Hell's gonna look real good compared to what we got in store for you.
Fiji Ave Hypatia Regina.
Ave Theophilus Rex.
My true love Theophilus.
Manfred? Manfred, look at me.
Look at me.
We are right here, okay? We're right here.
We're family.
We're family.
You're not alone.
[HOLLERS] [SOBBING] [SCREAMS] Ave Rex et Regina.
Ave Hypatia Regina.
Ave Theophilus Rex.
Ave Hypatia Regina.
[LAUGHING] [WHISTLING] Your lovely head