Midsomer Murders (1997) s07e07 Episode Script

Ghosts of Christmas Past

1 Let's see if it'll stay up this time.
Unlike last year Check the mince pies, then I want to get the brandy butter down in plenty of time.
Bendy wire please? Lydia.
Bendy wire.
Oh, yes.
Keep yourself together.
You've got a home here for as long as you want.
Stop being silly.
Oh, my God.
Nine years later That's Mrs.
Seymour, my schoolteacher.
Welcome to Draycott.
Merry Christmas.
Hello, Alfie.
You're a lovely dog, aren't you? You ready? Yeah Common Alfie If If there are any problems Tom, a Merry Christmas to you too, Ted.
Aye, If there are any problems, any problems at all, don't feel you can't call me.
Right? I want to make a Tom! Pam? Do not feel just because it's Christmas, you can't give us a call.
Okay? Anything serious happens I want to know about it.
Understood? Yeah, I got the message sir.
What are you looking for? An escape from the in laws? And don't you overdo things this evening alright? Things have a habit of happening at Christmas time.
You may have to be razor sharp in the morning.
Yes sir.
Oh, sir Oh come on mummy, please! When any of my friends go home with their girlfriends their parents always put them in the same room.
I mean you know what the score is.
You can do what you like in your grubby little flats in university.
But when you're in my house, there is no bonking till you've tied the knot.
I'm sure Emily could survive without your attention for a couple of days.
Aunt Lydia! Will you stop this silliness now.
I will not have you ruining Christmas.
Do you understand? I don't believe it.
Wait till you meet the rest of the family.
Sorry about the sleeping arrangement.
- It doesn't matter, really.
Still it would have been nice.
You'll just have to grab the opportunities as they arrive.
Come on, Alfie.
Time for a bit of fresh country air.
Five minutes.
Be careful.
You quite sure we haven't met before? Not as far as I know.
What was your surname again? - Hide.
Is that with an I or a Y? Umm.
an I.
Hide, with an I.
We should have left earlier.
Like we're in a hurry to get there.
Phoebe, do you think you can try to be a little positive this time? Christmas, you know the season of goodwill.
That sort of thing.
Come on where's the fire, Vicar? My god! I think it's my brother.
Dominic, they are lovely.
Absolutely lovely.
So who is here? Just Aiden with his latest.
Why don't you go and introduce yourself? Her name is Emily.
Apparently can't go a night without sex.
Apart from that she seems quite ordinary.
I'm Dominic.
You must be Emily? The first time in Draycott Hall is always a bit of an ordeal.
They are all barmy.
Aren't you Lydia? Anymore bad vibes lately? Mock.
I am very sensitive to these things So how is the crossword going? Thirteen down.
Bit of a sticker.
No sign of them yet.
Enjoy it while you may.
- I heard that.
You will try a little patience with him? He does not always know what he says.
Not much, he doesn't.
What do you think of the tree? They're very realistic these days.
It's lovely, Mum.
And no needles on the carpet.
He's brought the monopoly.
A beard? And your hair.
Its amazing.
Is everything alright? Everything is absolutely fine.
Been too long.
Far too long.
Cmon everybody, you'll get soaked.
Lets get you inside.
Howard, no dilly dallying.
Kate Digby, get yourself sorted out and we'll all meet in the hall for drinks.
Oh Dominic, come and meet Ross.
Our long lost brother.
A good friend.
And a very useful bridge partner.
The whole thing could do with rewiring, but it all costs so much these days.
The switches at the other end are fine, its just that these ones don't function.
And careful of the sockets in your room It can be slightly, you know.
Dangerous? Temperamental It's so god to have you here.
Everybody together again after so long.
Cmon I'll help you unpack.
Please, there's really no need.
I'd like to.
How does it fit? What do you think? Perfect.
It's out of bounds.
I remember.
I hope you are going to behave yourself this year? Yes Aunt Jennifer, I will do my very best.
Pick a card.
Any card.
Now close your eyes.
And visualise the card in your mind's eye.
Visualise it.
Think it.
Project what you see.
Yes, I'm definitely feeling something.
Any luck at all? Yes, the six of hearts, I believe.
I think you've got a mischievous streak in you, Howard.
I like that in a man.
Jennifer just said something to you about 'being out of bounds'.
O, Uncle Ferdy Studio.
The late Uncle Ferdy.
That's you uncle is it? Mine, Aiden's, Phoebe's.
He was a magician.
Well known in magic circles.
And indeed the magic circle itself.
Aiden never mentioned him.
No one does.
He is persona non grata since his suicide.
great disgrace for the family.
State of the place.
Even the decorations.
Are the same from the time Mom and Dad were alive.
What's she clinging on to? Happier times maybe? Seems our sister has something of a problem with moving on.
It's crazy.
It should be sold.
Move into somewhere more manageable We have been saying the same thing for years.
Frankly Kate could do with her share of the proceeds.
What about me? She can not go on like this.
A quickie before supper? I always fancy one of those.
Who's Uncle Ferdy? It sounds so awful and you've never mentioned his suicide and everything.
He was just a very weak and selfish man And I don't like to talk about him.
Okay? Feelings run a bit high this time of year.
It all happened just before Christmas, nine years ago.
You didn't know about it.
Hit the red wine is my advice.
Its the only way I get through it.
That and thermal underwear.
Let's see what you've got.
Proceed directly to jail.
Oh Dad! Only kidding.
You won second prize in a beauty contest.
Collect £10.
Anyway, I know Mom and Dad would dearly love to see us all gathered here tonight.
In the home they loved so much.
That we love so much.
So here is to a very, very happy and special Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
O, the crackers.
Anyone's got a light? Aiden? What am I thinking, silly me.
How can you tell - No riddles, please.
How can you tell A heartless liar with blood on their hands.
Yes Howard, that's not clever or funny.
That's whats on the paper.
They'll each be dead by midnight Boxing Day.
Let me see that.
Just leave it.
I'll go.
It was just one of stupid Howard's practical jokes.
It wasn't me.
You know how sensitive Lydia is.
I don't know what you thought you were doing.
You're not listening to me.
Were supposed to believe you? How is she? I want that boy to apologize.
- Right now.
I told you, I didn't do anything.
Howard! Fine.
I apologise.
No more.
It stops here.
Just come for a walk.
I can't, I'm on duty.
It'll be a great party.
I'm really really on call.
Oh leave him.
Boring sod.
Yeah, thank you.
Happy Christmas.
Howard, this is not the time.
We'll freeze to death.
Come along.
Careful Muriel, it is very slippery.
Oh please, God! Not a power cut.
Come on Howard.
Inside now.
Leave it C'mere its your bedtime.
Aunt Lydia alright? Yes, she's just putting the car away.
I think I'll go and see about that coffee.
When did we get this one of the carol service? There might be a bit of a run of the kettle this evening.
Hot water bottles.
Is something wrong? I thought I heard something banging.
Probably the heating trying to work.
It's in the garage! Okay! I'm opening the door.
Be careful! Lydia, where is the remote for the garage door? That does not work.
But where is it? On'the little table by driver's side.
I just need a minute.
- I'll do it.
I switched off the ignition.
And I did not knock the wardrobe over.
Cars not start on their own and wardrobes do not fall over by themselves.
That's what I'm saying.
I'm not mad.
- We're not saying you are.
Its just when Dominic tried the inside door, it wasn't locked as you said it was.
And when Emily tried the remote control the garage door opened without a problem.
And you said it wasn't working.
But I'm sure It was an accident.
You must have stumbled and pulled the wardrobe over and then it hit your head.
You were confused and your imagination ran wild.
Probably because of Howards little practical joke earlier.
I thought it'd be my fault.
Let's have no more of this silliness.
You have just had one of your little flutters.
You really think so? Of course I do.
We don't want it spoiling Christmas Do we? Now we'll all go to bed and then tomorrow we'll have a lovely Christmas day.
Wont we? Aiden? Is that you? Emily? Are you alright? Whats happening? That's a very good question.
Put the ladder back and go to your room.
Sex mad.
Okay I cant do it.
No I cant.
Do it for Ferdy's sake.
Alfie, is that you? Alright.
You're not sleeping on my bed.
Yes, I can hear you.
You're going downstairs.
Be quiet, naughty boy.
Where have you got to? Alfie? Alfi Alfi? Alfi.
Did you hear that? No I.
- Lydia, is that you? Are you alright? Lydia? Nice wrapping paper.
Oh, lovely smellies.
Thank you, Father Christmas.
Don't mention it.
An electric carving knife.
- Its from Mum.
Dad discovered them recently and thought you should have one.
Its no reflection on your carving abilities.
Hallo Sorry to disturb you sir.
Hope you finished opening your stockings.
Whats happened? They'll each be dead by midnight on Boxing Day.
This boy Howard may have been responsible.
But now he's denying it.
His aunt, Mrs.
Jennifer Carter who seems to own this place.
She doesn't believe him.
She claims the boy is responsible and that Miss Villiers fall was just an accident.
This where they found her? Head that end and feet well that end obviously.
Around five past two, out cold.
She's in the Causton General.
Do we know if the landing lights were turned on? They were not, sir.
The switch nearest Miss Villiers room is not working.
Looks like the whole place could do with rewiring or knocking down.
You wanted to see me? You must be Howard.
This is Inspector Barnaby.
How do you do? I'd like to make it clear Howard, I'm not accusing you of anything.
But before we get into any kind of investigation.
I want you to realise that wasting police time is an offense, and the courts takes that very seriously, very seriously indeed.
So, if you have anything to do with this.
Anything at all, now is the time to tell us.
You won't get into any kind of trouble if you tell us the truth.
It had nothing whatsoever to do with me.
And And can you tell me why initially you admitted to it? I suppose it was a bit like when the police use undue pressure on a suspect and he confesses just to get the coppers off his back.
None of them would believe I hadn't done it, so I admitted to it, to keep them happy.
Any idea how this riddle got into the cracker? A disgruntled employee at the cracker factory perhaps? Some kind of industrial terrorism? But then again it might be a result of a much more sinister motive.
When your aunt fell.
Great aunt.
I don't believe it was a fall.
Is more like it.
A push? There is a great deal of anger in this house.
And pain.
Don't ask me what its about.
I know nothing of the details beying consdered far too young and sensitive Thank you.
With blood on their hands.
Anyone here have any idea, who or what this refers to? Its just one of Howard's practical jokes.
But just for now let's just assume that it's not.
Please I'll ask again: Does anyone one know what this refers to? Is there any recent deaths in the family? A friend? - Uncle Ferdy.
Shut up Howard, you've caused enough trouble.
Why not mention Ferdy? Ferdy was our brother.
That's Kate's, Jennifer's and my elder brother.
He committed suicide nine years ago.
He fell in love with a manipulative drug addicted woman.
They're engaged to be married, and then he found out just what a deceitful, thieving little gold digger she was.
And it broke his heart.
He simply couldn't cope with it.
- Gold Digger? Ferdy was due to inherit a large fortune from our Uncle Bart.
When he died it went to Ross, the next in the male line.
Uncle Bart was a stickler for tradition.
Anything more recent? And there's nothing apart from this riddle to suggest it wasn't an accident? Nothing at all.
She just went down for a glass of water and missed her footing.
It was dark.
Sir? Happy Christmas.
I'm sorry to drag you out sir.
The canteen is closed.
Do you fancy lunch? You've got something with the old lady, in case she regains consciousness? Follow us home.
Actually you're doing us a bit of a favor.
One less turkey curry over the next fortnight.
Well, there is one thing we can all be sure of.
Lydia would have not wanted Christmas to be ruined because she tumbled down the stairs.
Question: What does the word minimum mean? Answer: A very small mother.
You know I'm sure I put a £1 coin in Grandpa's pudding.
But he didn't find it.
You don't think? It's not funny, Cully.
Mom thinks Grandpa swallowed the £1 coin in his Christmas pudding.
So this is the sensitivity control.
This must be the He's wanted one for years.
Cheese? The coffee is coming.
I'm not sure I've got room.
Overdid the pudding.
So delicious.
A bit lumpier than usual, I think.
She just regained consciousness.
Apparently she is very anxious and frightened.
Miss Villiers these men are from the police.
They need to ask some questions.
Miss Villiers I'm sorry to trouble you.
Someone Somebody pushed me.
Did you see who that someone was? It was dark, she didn't see them.
She imagined it.
You have to understand she has been very confused lately.
Well that's right isn't it, Dominic? She has been behaving a little strangely, yes.
And this was before the riddle going on about bad vibes and god knows what.
Id like to look over her room now if I may.
I want you to be present while we do that.
Shes saying, someone in the house tried to kill her? She was pushed down the stairs Aunt Jennifer.
Im not sure what you'd call it.
I'll she if she is alright.
Especially after the garage incident.
Someone tried to gas her.
We should have mentioned it earlier.
Well would you mention it now please? It was about here.
This is where you heard the shot? And the door to the garage is here? Yes sir.
Down the corridor.
May I ask you sir whats your connection with the family? I'm just a friend.
And a bridge partner.
A sad ole waif from Australia they took pity on for Christmas.
How long have you known them? About six or seven years.
You alright? It is this family.
I didn't think it could get any worse.
They all know they should have done more to help Uncle Ferdy.
They never really took it seriously.
You think that's what the "blood on their hands" was referring to? Maybe.
She was the only one who was sympathetic.
She cant be blamed.
If anyone was unsympathetic to Ferdy It was Jennifer.
I remember at breakfast when we stayed here for a few days You alright? Emily, could I talk to you for a minute please? Not you Phoebe.
Could you stay here a minute? I'd like to speak to you as well.
Wont be a second.
I need you and Dominic to go through what happened in the garage please.
So if you could wait downstairs in the sitting room? I'll be along shortly.
I couldn't help but overhear you talking to Emily just now.
And You were talking about the family's feeling of guilt, about Ferdy's suicide.
And you were about to describe what happened at a breakfast.
Was it? Phoebe? Listen, I need to get the background to all of this.
I was only 12 at the time.
I have a daughter Phoebe, and at that age girls can be as perceptive as any grownup.
Now, this breakfast that you were talking about, when was it? About nine years ago.
A couple months before Uncle Ferdy died.
Mom had brought me and Howard down for the weekend.
Ross was still working in the city then, before he went all peculiar.
Impeccable family.
And for some reason she's mad about you.
Despite you spending months at the end of piers at Blackpool docks or god knows where And she has persuaded her brother in the city to offer you a job.
I mean what more do you want? Here we all are trying to sort out your life, and you just throw it back at us.
I'm a professional magician.
For God sake.
Its what I do Jennifer.
Yes and I think we have all been tolerant.
But there comes a point.
I mean what age are you? Look were not saying you shouldn't carry it on as a hobby, but please Ferdy.
I mean pantomimes and summer seasons.
You don't have the faintest idea what I'm talking about, do you? Not a clue.
I don't think Aunt Jennifer really understood what made Ferdy tick.
D'you think that someone thought that she was responsible for Ferdy death? She was hardly sympathetic.
But if she'd had her way, he'd never had met the loathsome Claire.
What happened? -She recognised she was bad luck the moment she saw her.
It was the next time we were down.
I remember I was watching out for Dad.
Couldn't wait to go home.
Who is that? - I do not know.
A woman.
Hello, I'm here for the interview.
With Ferdinand Villiers.
What interview? For the magician's assistant.
My name is Claire English.
Oh I'm terribly sorry.
He is not looking for an assistant.
He should have phoned you.
I'll have a word with him Anyway I'm very sorry that he's wasted your time, but I must get on.
Excuse me.
Come on in, let's get that hutch cleaned out.
And then it happened.
Alfie! Little scoundrel.
Oh hes gorgeous.
How old is he? About twelve weeks.
I'm sorry.
You must be Claire, You're here for the assistant's job.
It's alright, I enjoyed the drive anyway.
Beg your pardon? I've already been told there is no vacancy.
I'm terribly sorry.
There must be a misunderstanding.
The job is there if you're interested.
Let's go to the studio and we can talk.
Love at first sight.
At least from Ferdy's point of view.
Hook Line and Sinker.
Whirlwind romance, engaged at the wedding date.
And then he discovered that she was just out for what she could get.
It broke him.
I really cant see what the ghastly woman has got anything to do with this? If you could humour me a little Mrs.
How did you establish that she was as you say, a gold digger? The valuable art deco statuette went missing from the drawing room.
Ferdy's assistant Fiancee, was caught red handed trying to sell it.
We then discovered that she'd an extensive criminal record for theft and drugs.
Okay? This is Lydia's bedroom.
I just stand here do I? If you'd be so kind.
Yes please.
Whats the matter? Nothing.
Its just that lamp was on the bookshelf.
She must have moved it for more light or something.
A letter writer, your Auntie? No as far as I know.
Certainly didn't receive much post.
A wedding video.
Peter Bunting to Diana Snape.
Means nothing to me.
I don't know all my aunt's friends.
I'm down at the house now.
Thank you.
Its the hospital, sir.
I'm afraid there were some unforeseen complications.
Miss Villiers died ten minutes ago.
I tried the remote.
It's still here.
And the garage door opened.
Seemed to be working perfectly.
Can I get this right? Miss Villiers went out through that corridor.
Yes? She closed the door behind her And then she heard the car's engine starting up again.
That's what she said.
I think that was it? She'd just gone down the corridor when she heard it.
That's what she said.
So she came back into here.
She saw the wardrobe.
Realised she couldn't get down to turn the ignition off.
And so she tries her remote on the garage door.
But It doesn't open when she tries it.
And she had the adjoining door closed behind her.
When she tried, she said it was locked.
But it wasn't locked when you tried it? Well, no.
And Lydia driven herself back from carol service alone then put the car No, I was with with her.
Well she liked to drive, she was a very independent woman.
That's why she had the automatic door put in so she could come and go when she wanted.
And you got out of the car before she put it away.
Did you? Yes that's right.
Well, with all that stuff here you cant get out on the passenger side.
And you went to the house through the front door? .
Straight away? Yes.
Everyone was getting out of the Range Rover and I followed them in.
Emily saw me.
You were taking your coat off? - That's right.
I'm so sorry.
Just leave it.
I'm gonna need some more coke.
She gets out of the car Closes the car door Turns towards the garage door.
It still works.
If what Lydia said was true.
Someone was not with the others when she put this car away We were all in the hall.
Or kitchen.
Except for Ross.
I think he was in his bedroom, didn't go to the carol service.
Was Ross the only one who didn't go? Uh.
Digby didn't go either.
He was asleep on the sofa when we got back.
Can you tell us Mrs.
Carter, who'll benefit from Lydia's will? I will.
But I won't benefit much, she only had a few thousand.
It wish it were more.
Have you got financial problems? I couldn't help noticing the house well could do with some attention.
It'll get done.
One way or another.
My son is due to inherit a substantial amount of money and that'll go towards it.
Inherits from who? Uncle Barts estate.
Aiden just continues to not smoke till his 21st birthday and he gets £100,000.
And Aiden doesn't smoke? Of course not.
Frears? How long did your Aunt Lydia been living here? Thirty years or more.
She moved in after our parents died, as our guardian.
Who owns the house now? - All three of us.
But Jennifer's always felt most strongly about the place.
We said she could stay on, with Lydia.
Very generous of you.
Still jointly owned with Ross and me.
Don't need the money? - No.
We can check your bank records.
If we need to Mrs.
I believe the overdraft is currently running at £ 30,000.
Go on.
Open it.
They must have sold it.
She just wiped away all evidence he ever even existed.
It was by birthright.
You? Well I expected this from Howard, but really.
We weren't very sympathetic towards Ferdy.
I felt that we should have helped him more through his depression, his breakdown.
I never thought that he would actually.
One more question, Mr.
You didn't go to the carol service, did you? I'm a Buddhist.
Where were you when the others came back? I was in my room.
- Anyone seen you? Not straight away.
I came down when I heard all that stuff about Lydia.
Emily, what did you make of Lydia? I only met her on Christmas eve, but I liked her.
She was a bit weird, but y'know - Weird, how? Just generally.
Like wanting to know how my name was spelled and then writing it in her book.
Just generally.
Not one single piece of equipment.
Didn't you know you should encourage your children's interest? Howard, why don't you show me one of your card tricks? So who's next, Sir? I want to phone Bullard.
See if he remembers that suicide.
Then we'll talk to the boy Howard next.
For god-sake stop pestering.
Everyone give me the cards.
Give me the cards! - I really don't mind.
We all liked doing card tricks at his age.
Not a problem.
Howard, could you come here please? Go on then.
Show us one of your tricks.
I'll ask you to pick two cards.
Happy Christmas.
I'm sorry about the timing of this.
Listen Ferdy Villiers.
You knew him? - Slightly.
Terrible business.
No chance that the suicide was faked and that in fact it was a murder? There was no sign of a struggle.
I suppose its possible.
It wouldn't be very easy to fake.
Yes that's what I thought.
You know the woman committed suicide? What woman? - The fiancee.
Claire I think it was.
The two cards you pick, the six of hearts and the seven of spades Which you put back in the pack separately are now have come together.
Six of hearts and the seven of spades will now miraculously be side by side.
They're not there.
You did put them back in the pack? - You saw me put them back.
Are you sure you didn't pocket them? Yeah.
Chief Inspector, could I ask you to check the Sergeant's right hand jacket pocket? How did you do that? I don't normally explain, but It's quite simple.
Hardly a trick at all I slipped the cards into your pocket as we came from the drawing room to here.
How did you know I was gonna ask you for a card trick? I sat here looking sad fiddling with the cards, and you felt sorry for me.
You thought it would cheer me up.
- How did you know which cards I was gonna pick? I forced you there as well.
Getting you pick the cards that I wanted.
Which weren't the six of hearts and the seven of spades.
They were the six of spades and the seven of hearts.
I just said they were after you'd put them back in the pack and you accepted it.
It's all to do with the power of suggestion.
Its a big part of magic.
Persuading people they've seen things that they haven't.
A bit sneaky.
- I do my best.
May we start the interview now? Did he ask you about Ferdy? Yes.
What did you say? - What is there to say? You alright, darling? George Bullard tells me that Claire, the fiance Committed suicide shortly after Ferdy.
Well need to find out about that.
Carter, we've finished the interviews for today.
You planning to doing some shooting? Tomorrow, why? Don't you think it'd be a good idea to give it a miss? There's a boxing day shoot every year.
Its tradition.
But the threat in the riddle did mention more than one person being dead by midnight boxing day.
All those shotguns going off it's not exactly the safest place in the world for you to be.
Now, I suggest that this year you do not attend.
Thank you.
What exactly are we looking for sir? You know what Emily was saying about Lydia wanting to know how to spell her name right What you think that was all about? - Don't know.
A snob thing? Or maybe she wanted to get the right spelling because she knew she was going to write it down somewhere.
We know Lydia did not write many letters.
- True, but she wrote something.
A diary perhaps? - Wouldn't that be nice.
Maybe She didn't move the lamp to get extra light on the desk.
But so that she could get her something behind the lamp.
Open Sesame.
Keen diaries.
- Give thanks Scott.
Give thanks.
Christmas Eve.
That's the last entry.
They say the riddle was a practical joke.
I wish it was.
I just discovered my diary for the year of Ferdy's death is missing.
She's not wrong.
Someone knows what happened.
I knew such evil would never just fade away.
I told Didn't finish.
How many diaries? - They go back 15 years, Mrs Carter.
We'll have to read through them all.
Lydia has been keeping a secret diary.
I wonder if the say something about Ferdy's death? Unfortunately, the diary for that particular year is missing.
The last thing entry though in the current diary.
That's very interesting.
She says: I knew such evil Would never just fade away.
Got any idea what she meant by that? None whatsoever.
She was a very mixed up person, as you are aware.
May I ask please that you all to stay here for the time being? I wish you a good night.
Such evil.
Shut up, Ross.
Such evil? What did she mean by that? Are you going to explain it to us because we've all been wondering what happened for quite a long time now.
And you think you? You, can can take the moral high ground now? Stop it! Just stop it! - Is that what you think? After drifting around the world for nine years, because you were too weak and too pathetic to face what happened here.
No, lets get this all out.
While you've been contemplating your navel, I have been looking after Lydia.
Bringing up a child, trying to keep the family house together, and without a penny of the millions you inherited Family house? - I know it means nothing to you.
But some of us had to cope with what happened.
I mean we couldn't run away.
Anyway, you know Lydia was nine parts mad by the time she fell down those stairs.
Oh and thank you very much for ruining this Christmas.
I am so glad you came.
If you feel so blameless then why aren't you going on the shoot tomorrow? Well Lydia just died.
I thought it would be good idea to show her a little respect.
Nothing to do with you being scared? - This isn't helping, Ross.
Jennifer, no ones saying that you got anything to fear at the shoot tomorrow.
Its just perhaps not such a good idea.
Of course I have nothing to fear.
Anyway I didn't say, we weren't going on the shoot.
Its still on.
Good for you.
I'm going, and that's final.
Come on Alfie, walkies.
Come on.
- I don't think he likes the sound of guns.
- Its only a nail.
Yes its an old one.
Probably 1920s or so.
Some of the the original laborers cottages I'm sure.
It's not the diaries sir, its the the video.
That's Emily, but that's not whats interesting.
You see the bloke there in the morning suit with his back to the camera? One who's smoking.
That's Aiden.
- Exactly.
Back view But you can tell its him.
If the executor saw this, he's down a 100 grand.
I call that a motive.
What did you find out about Claire's suicide? Looks like she did it after Ferdy topped himself.
She drove up to Pritchards wood.
Put a hosepipe on the exhaust and gassed herself.
Family? - Its a bit patchy.
I've asked George Bullard to get the report see if he can find who identified the body.
And seems she was buried at Malham Cross.
- I'll see you in the car.
Joyce, I'm sorry about this.
There's a couple of things we've got to check out.
I'll be back as quick as I can.
That's hot.
Thank you.
Of course I didn't swallow it.
It was a stupid thing to do.
I could've choked.
A pound coin! Douglas.
Well I shall tell Joyce.
But I think I'll let her stew a bit first.
Oh Douglas, Muriel.
I'm sorry, I gotta get down to police business - Again? Sorry.
Just along here.
Here we are.
Claire English.
- You know Who leaves the flowers? No, I don't know.
They are normally fresher than that.
Being by the path you'll notice.
It always seems to be a fresh bunch.
Really? Yes.
I must get on.
if you'll excuse me - Thank you for your time.
Happy Christmas.
What do you think? - Serious devotion.
That's Peter and Diana's wedding.
That's me.
Could you stop it now please? - And that's you.
And you're smoking.
Where did you get it? - I think you know where from Aiden.
We got it from Lydia's bedroom.
She knew the Snapes.
They must have sent here a copy.
That's why she kept saying she recognized me.
You're telling me Lydia never mentioned this tape before? He thinks I killed Lydia to stop her telling the executors.
Hundred thousand pounds, quite a motive.
Just a minute.
If he'd gone through the trouble of killing her so she couldn't show anyone the evidence.
Why not take the evidence? Where's your mum, Aiden? She's at the shoot.
Why? I thought she had agreed not go.
- She changed her mind.
Your uncle Ferdy died from a shotgun wound.
Claire, his fiancee was killed with car fumes.
Someone tried to kill Lydia with car fumes and now Jennifer is out there on a shoot.
Who else from here is out on the shoot? I don't know.
Just Digby, I think.
Just Digby, See if the others are here.
Sir, everyone's here except Oh, you found Mr.
This is more like it.
Where did you get these cartridges? I've just had a dud.
Classic shooting accident.
The shooter puts a 20-bore cartridge in by mistake.
20-bore cartridge being smaller than a 12-bore doesn't lodge in the breach but slides a few inches down the barrel.
Gun doesn't go off when the trigger's pulled The shooter breaks the gun.
The unused cartridge doesn't eject.
Put's a 12-bore on top of the cartridge which fits perfectly.
And the next time he pulls the trigger.
She would have noticed that the cartridge was smaller? In the heat of the shoot looking up all the time, waiting for the next bird.
Someone put that cartridge in her pocket deliberately.
We are sure they were suicides, aren't we? Could Ferdy and Claire's death had been staged to look like suicide? Then someone discovered it was murder and decided to take their revenge.
Makes more sense if there was a motivation for all of this.
What about Digby and Kate? - My dear it was Ross who gained.
And he doesn't seem to be interested in helping them, financially or any other way.
Whatever the motivation, our problem is that anyone could have gone into that coat room and dropped the cartridge into Jennifer's coat pocket.
Anyone anytime.
What about the garage? If we think there was a genuine attempt on Lydia's life by the murderer Then Ross is the only one whose whereabouts we cant be sure of when the others were coming back from the carol service.
Its all to do with the power of suggestion.
Its a big part of magic.
Persuading people they've seen things they haven't.
The key is in the manner of the incidents.
I almost forgot.
You asked for details on who identified the body of Claire English.
Any use? Oh yes, George.
Thank you.
She was provoked.
My mother was provoked into going to the shoot.
Someone pattern put that cartridge in her pocket.
Judging from the various modus operandi I think we can assume the motive's revenge.
Leave it, Howard.
I wonder what your mother did to Shut up Howard! We're all thinking it.
Do you know what happened, Aiden? All those years ago? Where is Mr.
Jones? He was here a short time ago.
I think he went into the kitchen.
Thank you.
Stay where you are.
Any joy? No.
You check the rest of downstairs.
When exactly did you last see him, Mr.
Jones? About the time he went up to the shoot.
And no one has seen him since then? How did he get here? Has he got a car? He came by taxi.
He's done a runner.
- I think so, yes.
Get on to the station, put out a description and check his home address of course.
I'm going out to the garage.
Any news, I'm on the mobile.
He left the second remote for me to find in his bedroom.
There were two remotes.
He was a magician.
An illusionist.
And a very good one too.
My guess is that's how he knew Ferdy.
I got a glimpse of his slight of hands skill a bit earlier.
Just didn't occur to me, that he could kill Jennifer from half a mile away.
He couldn't have done it.
He was their friend for heaven sake.
Dominic helped get Lydia out of the garage.
You think so? You are the one who heard Lydia calling for help.
Weren't you? Did you see Dominic open the door between the corridor and the garage? No I got there just after he'd opened it.
In fact you could say Dominic rushed to get there first.
So you cant be sure whether door wasn't locked as Lydia claimed.
Alright, I'm at the door.
Be careful.
He came in here in front of Emily to swap the two remotes.
So that when a few moments later, Emily tried the one she assumed Lydia tried just before.
She found it was in fact working.
But of course, cast further doubt on Lydia's account.
But he couldn't have done that stuff in the garage.
He came through the front door.
Are you sure? - I saw him.
I'm sure I did.
A false memory created in Emily's mind, by Dominic's considerable powers of suggestion.
You're saying she agreed he went through the front door just because he said so? - A clever bit of manipulation.
He knew she liked him.
She wasn't expecting him to try to trick her.
Was she? She was a guest at someone elses house/.
Wanted to make a good impression.
She wouldn't want to contradict him.
Would she? He was easy and confident.
Garnished it with a bit of factual details.
She was taking her coat off at the time.
Everyone was getting out of the Range Rover and I followed them in.
Emily saw me, you were taking your coat off? That was a pretty safe bet in the circumstances.
Wasn't it? But she linked that real detail with the image he just put in her mind.
So it became one whole memory.
- That's right.
Just like the seven of hearts and the six of spades.
But what I think actually happened that night is this.
Dominic was waiting outside the garage door.
As Lydia pointed her remote, he was using his to close the door.
And he nipped in under the door as it was closing and she was leaving.
He turns the engine back on.
And then Just to make it appear like it was maybe just an accident.
A safety net in case someone found Lydia before the carbon monoxide had done its job.
When the carbon monoxide didn't work.
He waited until the middle of the night and somehow Tricked Lydia into leaving her room and pushed her down the stairs.
When it came to Jennifer, well all he had to do was drop the 20-bore cartridge into the pocket of her shooting jacket and hope for the worst.
Pure evil has walked alongside us in this house.
We're talking about a man who cold-bloodedly murdered the two people who invited him into their home.
Into the warmth of their family.
Our family.
How can you possibly just sit there being so English.
So calm.
Its as though somehow you still blame To the Villiers family.
Happy Christmas.
Give me that.
Oi! It's just the ramblings of a senile old woman.
You can't possibly think it was any relevance.
Its time we learned the truth.
Some dates are marked.
November 30th.
A present for the Villiers family.
No please, carry on.
November 30th.
Claire is full of surprises.
The more I see of her, the more I like her.
Its nice to see one that's genuine.
Today we were in the drawing room and she was looking at a statuette on the mantelpiece.
This is a very valuable piece.
She very kindly offered to get it valued.
She is going up to London next week, and said she'd pop in to the auctions.
I explained that the others would not approve.
So it was probably best not to mention it to anyone, not even to Ferdy.
December 2nd.
I had a terrible row with Jennifer today.
I can't believe what she is suggesting.
A criminal record.
Heroin and theft.
But Jennifer, private detectives? I think I was justified don't you? Somebody has got to look after Ferdy's interests, he's obviously not going to.
She'd been very kind to me.
Offering to Offering to what? - No nothing.
Offering to what? I had to tell her, she just wouldn't let it drop.
She is going to make him sell the house and move away.
You know its true.
Then you know what'll happen.
What? Some decaying old peoples home.
Is that how you want to end your days? I don't care.
I can't do it.
- Yes you can.
For Ferdy's sake.
For Ferdy? December 6th.
After Claire had left for London We called the police and said the statuette had gone missing.
I want to report a theft.
Lydia Villiers.
Apparently they put descriptions of stolen valuables on a list, which they faxed to dealers and auction houses.
Claire said there was some mistake and that I had asked her to get it valued.
I'm arresting you under suspicion of theft.
But when she heard that I was the one who had reported the theft She apparently went very quiet.
It was like she'd given up, they said.
But why Dominic? And why wait nine years? Claire's maiden name was Jones.
She was Dominic's sister.
Dominic identified the body, but we think he also knew Ferdy because of their common interest in magic.
And we suspect, that he introduced Claire to Ferdy When he put her up for the assistant's job.
But why wait till now? Nine years.
Its just a thought but if he is doing a runner.
Leaving the area, whatever.
Do you not think there might be a particular place he'd want to visit if hes leaving for good? Clean away.
Dear old Ferdy was so hopeless with women.
My sister was hopeless with men.
Or at least picking them.
Hopeless with life in general, really.
When they met.
They found each other.
And the future looked So bright For both of them.
Why did you wait nine years? I don't know what had happened until a couple of weeks ago.
I suspected, but didn't have any proof.
I got my break last summer.
Lydia let slip that she kept a record of all her bridge games.
Silly thing.
Nothing really.
But it suddenly occurred to me that there might be a diary.
It took me longer to find than it did you.
But when I did It was quite an eye opener.
That should do it.
Dad, are you sure about this? Got your appetite back then, Douglas? Stomach back to normal? - Still a few twinches.
Actually we've got a little confession to make to you.
I thought you might.
It's probably our fault.
But thing is Joyce put two pound coins into your Christmas pudding.
Didn't you? We're worried you might have swallowed them.
Two? I honestly don't think you could've done that, but I think its best we check.
Pull your jumper up.
It looks like surgery there.
Don't tell him quite yet.
Any chance for a minced pie, Joyce? In the oven.
There's brandy butter and cream on the side.
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