Midsomer Murders (1997) s21e01 Episode Script

Point of Balance

1 Does it take you back? Stop me before I join them.
What do you think, son? You reckon I've still got the moves? Perfect! Well done! Bravo! Sorry.
My bombershay was all over the place.
- Don't worry.
- I'm sorry.
I don't think anyone noticed.
You were great out there.
Lying cow.
Always a pleasure.
I, uh, just wanted to say break a leg.
In a good way.
In a good way.
Thank you.
That's kind.
Water under the bridge.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this wonderful competition, which the Wilder Biorobotics Institute is immensely proud to sponsor.
The institute is very dear to us, the promise of mended lives.
The promise of mended lives.
Surely, that is something truly worth celebrating.
For the next four evenings, the best dancers will go toe-to-toe.
And I am delighted to say that at the end, the trophy for the winning couple will be presented by Andrew's daughter Heather.
Now please join me in welcoming back our dedicated, our deft, our delightful dancers.
Well, someone has been reading her thesaurus.
Oh, I thought she did okay.
Well, you're much nicer than me.
Well, don't know about that.
May I? Charmer.
It's just as well one of us is.
It's just as well one of us is.
I'm done.
Already? I've shown my face, proved I'm a good sport.
Isn't that enough? There'll be other competitions, Rosie.
What did you think, Dad? I think you worked very hard.
But did you enjoy it? I'm tired.
I'd like to go home.
Patience, okay? You were wonderful.
Come here.
Rosa Corrigan 37, lived alone, Rosa Corrigan 37, lived alone, freelance journalist.
- Who found her? - A neighbor.
When she didn't answer the door, he went 'round the side.
- Glass was smashed.
- So burglary gone wrong? Yeah.
She's still got all her jewelry, and the laptop and the TV are still here And all her awards.
For what, journalism? Pasodoble.
I saw her last night.
She was at the opening gala for some ballroom dance contest.
She wasn't competing.
I wonder why.
Didn't think glitz and glamour were your thing, sir.
Didn't think glitz and glamour were your thing, sir.
They're not.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Lace? Tulle.
Good for ball gowns.
You're the expert.
Of course.
I've got several hanging in my wardrobe.
Really? I ran them up myself.
Nothing I like better You know, in between cooking, cleaning, and conforming to gender stereotypes.
And that's what killed her? And that's what killed her? Looks like it.
I'll know more when I get back to the lab.
She put up quite a fight.
Anything under her fingernails? You mean some nice DNA traces? A man can hope.
When I get back to the lab.
- Thanks.
- Sir.
How about a time of death? I'd say not earlier than 11:00 last night I'd say not earlier than 11:00 last night and not later than 3:00 this morning.
- I'll know more when I get b - When you get back to the lab.
- I know.
- Which do you want? You can have it quick or you can have it right.
How about both? It wasn't a break-in.
See where the cat came in? It rained last night, It rained last night, and the lawn's been freshly mowed.
No footprints? And the other doors and windows? No sign of forced entry.
I'd say whoever it was came in through the front door.
So they either had keys or they were let in.
Afterwards, they broke the glass and tried to fake a burglary.
Afterwards, they broke the glass and tried to fake a burglary.
Whichever way, Rosa Corrigan almost certainly knew her killer.
Where are we on next of kin? Her brother, Corporal Duncan Corrigan.
- He's been informed? - Yeah.
Let's talk to him.
And take a look at her laptop.
Find out what stories she was working on.
See if she'd opened any cans of worms.
Or just quick-stepped on someone's toes.
- Very droll, Winter.
- Thank you, sir.
Try not to make it a habit.
It was Rosa that saved my life.
I was in Afghanistan.
Op Herrick.
Three tours.
Well, nearly.
Five more days and I'd have done it.
So close.
What happened? An IED.
Tore the transport vehicle apart.
Killed two guys.
They were gone They were gone like that.
And they don't come home.
But I did.
Well, most of me.
I guess that makes me the lucky one, right? Whoo.
I'm sorry.
It was Rosa that said I should come and live here.
It's the first house we lived in when we moved over from Canada.
I mean, I grew up in this house.
Rosa said it was empty, and, well, Mom and Dad died.
It's like a little piece of them.
It's like a little piece of them.
I had a little money set aside, so I want to rescue it.
A project.
That's what Rosa said I needed.
My baby sister, hey? Always looking out for me.
Why couldn't I do the same for her? Ooh.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
A bit rubbish today.
You're gonna be great.
- Shall we try again? - Yeah.
She left the gala early.
She didn't like being a spectator.
You didn't leave with her? No.
Do you know what your sister was working on at the moment? No.
Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt her? Why do you ask? Any arguments, disputes, feuds? Anything recent? No.
They said it was a burglary.
Wrong time, wrong place.
They said it was a burglary.
Wrong time, wrong place.
That's what they I mean - She didn't mention anything? - No.
She No.
There was something.
A week ago, she was cycling home.
Someone tried to run her off the road.
Did she see who it was? No.
It was night.
The car was black or dark blue.
She didn't get a good look, so she didn't report it.
But there's this other dancer.
Like, hates the fact that Rosa always beats her.
I mean, Rosa was convinced it was her.
Does she have a name? Yeah.
Tanya Brzezinski.
- Your dad was a dancer? - Yeah.
Competed too.
We took him with us last night.
It was all I could do to stop him joining in.
- Your dad's here? - He's staying with us.
He's down for a friend's diamond wedding.
Sarah's idea that he stayed with us.
Turn it into a little holiday.
Oh, that's nice.
Or not.
And a-one, two, three.
And a-one, two, three.
Two, two, three.
Three, two, three.
Four Excellent, Maurice! Back straight.
Posture, posture, posture! Of course I didn't hate her.
I'd have to give a damn first.
You didn't resent her beating you? You make it sound like a regular occurrence.
The last three times, it was.
One of those, the judges were clearly swayed by the amount of mascara Rosa had on.
It's obviously a novelty in Kettering.
It's obviously a novelty in Kettering.
Could you tell us what time you left the ballroom? Stay with it.
Why? You don't think I had anything to do with her death, do you? Backs straight.
I We left some time after 11:00, I suppose.
Both of you? I dropped Anton at his place and went home to bed.
Alone? That's right.
Just me, a mug of cocoa, and my winceyette jimjams.
Just me, a mug of cocoa, and my winceyette jimjams.
Oh, the glamour.
And Mr.
Walsh? You'd have to ask him.
We're dance partners.
That's all.
Did you run Rosa Corrigan off the road a week ago? Oh, now you're being ridiculous.
Of course I didn't! Tanya, darling, we're having a bit of trouble with our reverse chassé to the right.
Can we demo? Are we done here? Are we done here? For now.
Oh, uh, one thing.
Do you know why Rosa Corrigan wasn't competing last night? She couldn't.
No partner, no rhumba.
Them's the rules.
I reckon it was just Alex's way to get shot of Rosa.
And who amongst us can blame him? He left her? He was deported.
Five minutes.
He's tired.
Some other time.
He's tired.
Some other time.
We can come back.
It's okay.
Five minutes, you say? Tops.
I've just got some papers for you to sign.
- Andrew - It's okay.
I'm not an invalid yet.
I can still - Uh, manage.
- Manage.
Thank you.
- Will you wait for me? - Mm-hmm.
How are the Chinese light bulbs? In the bag.
Ray's hoping to sign contracts within 10 days.
You're my son's business partner, my daughter's fiancé.
You've got your feet firmly under the table, haven't you? You've got your feet firmly under the table, haven't you? I don't think about it like that, sir.
Get some rest, okay? Yes, miss.
One hurdle down.
Three more to go.
Um Uh, Rach? What? Uh, I'll, uh, I'll see you tomorrow.
Where's Dad? He's reading to Betty.
He's reading to Betty.
You could try a bit harder, you know.
He is your dad.
I'm being nice, aren't I? Nice.
Just don't expect miracles.
They're good, aren't they? Rosa Corrigan and Alexei Kovolenko In any competition, the ones to beat.
I can believe it.
We'd have seen them last night.
We'd have seen them last night if he hadn't been arrested at Heathrow.
What happened? Kovolenko stepped off a plane from New York, was detained and sent home to Russia.
One way of stopping them dancing.
Killing her being another.
So the authorities knew when he was flying in? Immigration were waiting for him.
I wonder who told them.
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
It's when gene abnormalities cause the heart muscle to become thick.
As a result, it's vulnerable to potentially fatal rhythms.
As a result, it's vulnerable to potentially fatal rhythms.
A heart attack? That's how she died? Not asphyxiation? Not directly.
I found traces of aspirated vomit in her trachea.
I'd say the tulle made her gag, which triggered a panic attack, which in turn caused an SCD.
Which is? Sudden cardiac death.
So literal.
Could anyone have known that she was likely to have a heart attack? I doubt she knew herself.
In the vast majority of SCDs, In the vast majority of SCDs, the first symptom is death itself.
So murder or manslaughter? I know you like a good murder.
I'm just not sure this is one.
Any traces under her fingernails? None.
So apart from one half-hearted blow to her head, there's no bruising, no defensive wounds.
No evidence of any sort of struggle.
But the room was trashed, like she'd gone 15 rounds with someone.
Like she'd gone 15 rounds with someone.
So I'm guessing that was done after she died to make it look like there'd been a fight.
No burglar.
No fight.
And probably not even the intention to kill.
And yet here she is, all the same.
Someone made a bad mistake.
See what we can find out about Rosa Corrigan being run off the road.
Pity she didn't report it.
There'd be a record somewhere.
Even so, check CCTV for that night.
Even so, check CCTV for that night.
And see if any speeding tickets were issued, that sort of thing.
- You never know.
- Yes, sir.
And while you're at it, get hold of immigration.
Someone tipped them off about Alexei Kovolenko.
There must be a record of that somewhere.
Meanwhile, tech got into Rosa Corrigan's computer.
This is what she was working on recently.
Chili-eating competition.
Amateur speed camera success.
Car-park appeal going ahead.
Not exactly Woodward and Bernstein.
Not exactly Woodward and Bernstein.
Never mind.
She was also doing a piece on Heather Wilder.
Andrew Wilder's daughter? Yeah.
The High Street King.
Heather Wilder was at the dance contest last night.
The whole clan were.
I had a look at what Andrew Wilder's Paradisum Group was worth last year.
You don't make that sort of money without doing a few things best kept secret.
I wonder what Rosa Corrigan dug up.
That's the goal.
We help stroke victims, those who have lost limbs or are paralyzed, from birth or from an accident.
At the moment, it's prohibitively expensive to offer this sort of care.
But we think 3-D printing will change all that.
And that? We also have another branch that focuses primarily on the industrial uses of robotics Making workers more efficient, maximizing productivity.
Why is it behind glass? Why is it behind glass? It's not always a good idea to mix man and machine.
Machine usually wins.
It's very impressive.
One day, Inspector, robots will be doing your job, too.
Is that a promise or a threat? Perhaps a bit of both.
Rosa was plugging the competition, mostly.
But it's an opportunity to advertise what we do here.
But it's an opportunity to advertise what we do here.
You were happy she was writing it? Why wouldn't I be? Oh, sorry.
I didn't know you were busy.
It's fine.
This is D.
The police? Uh, the journalist who interviewed me, she was killed.
My God.
And you are? Where's my manners? Jake Hannity.
Jake's here helping me for when we float the business later this year, but mostly he's my fiancé.
Later this year, but mostly he's my fiancé.
What were your movements on the night Rosa died? I was at the dance gala, and then I went home with Jake.
And you were both at home all night? - Yes.
- Yeah.
Was Rosa just writing about you? Uh, all of us, really.
I know she spoke to my father, my brother, Ray, um, Lilly, obviously.
My stepmother.
In fact, I saw her and Rosa butting heads at the gala.
In fact, I saw her and Rosa butting heads at the gala.
They argued? Proper little ding-dong.
What about? Lilly probably wanted to make it all about her.
She usually does.
You don't think much of her? I try not to think of her at all.
Thank you, Ms.
Thanks, man.
What are you doing here? Guinea-pigging.
I let them try out their prototypes on me, I let them try out their prototypes on me, and, uh, I tell them where they're getting it wrong.
Pretty soon you'll be able to strap on one of these exoskeleton gizmos and you won't be able to tell the difference.
Inspector Barnaby.
Rosa's stuff.
That comes to me, right, as next of kin? When we've finished with it.
I wrote her some letters You know, from Afghanistan.
Photos of guys who Well, you know.
It'd be nice to have that stuff back.
It'd be nice to have that stuff back.
Just the paper stuff.
No hard drives or memory sticks.
No computer.
I'll see you get everything.
Thank you.
Sir, I spoke to immigration.
The tip-off about Alexei Kovolenko was logged at 6:47 the morning he was due in at Heathrow.
It was sent through to them from the 999 switchboard.
I've requested a recording of the call.
- Did they get a name? - No.
But it was made from a phone box in Midsomer Mallen.
But it was made from a phone box in Midsomer Mallen.
I thought I'd ask around, see if anyone saw anything.
They might that early in the morning.
You never know.
Did you manage to correct the problem with the sagittal joints? I think so.
- And how's the interface? - I'm working on it.
In time? It's important, Warren.
I'll have it done.
Don't worry.
You're a lifesaver.
Forgive me.
Between meetings, I'm learning to walk again.
Apparently I have to concentrate on large steps and, um The correct heel strike.
And that.
Corticobasal degeneration, Inspector.
My brain's packing in a-a few cells at a time, and it doesn't end well.
Um, six to eight years, they reckon.
And I've already done three, so And I've already done three, so I'm sorry.
That's why I started the institute.
They can't do anything for me, but maybe someone else.
And that's got to be worthwhile.
Better than selling and buying schmutter.
A retail empire is a bit more than that.
It's all about buying and selling, Inspector.
My daughter's got to learn that when I step down.
Heather's taking over Paradisum? In a year or so, maybe sooner.
It all depends on, um It all depends on, um Did Rosa Corrigan know about this? If she did, I didn't tell her.
None of her business.
And how does your son, Ray, feel about his sister taking over? Uh, I'm sorry, Inspector.
My husband has an appointment.
Probably relieved.
Ray is not really cut out for business.
And Heather is? She understands.
Survival of the, um Darwin's natural what's-it Um, fittest.
We might have the, uh, the cars, the helicopters, the yachts, but it's still a street fight, Inspector.
Always will be.
Thank you.
Heather has always been able to get what she wants.
Daddy's little girl.
You don't approve? Naked ambition is never attractive.
You don't want to take over? I don't have the stomach.
I'm not sure I believe that.
I'm not sure I believe that.
How well did you know Rosa Corrigan? I didn't.
So what did you row about at the gala? It wasn't a row.
Your stepdaughter, Heather, says different.
Oh, I'm sure she does.
Gliding the knife in, was she? I don't think she's your biggest fan.
Imagine my surprise.
Rosa wanted to talk to Andrew again about him stepping down.
Rosa wanted to talk to Andrew again about him stepping down.
It was fairly clear she wanted to write a piece about the family Tensions, rivalries.
Cheap and obvious.
I told her it wasn't going to happen.
And she disagreed? She wasn't happy about it, but I have watched this disease eat away the man I love.
And it won't stop until it destroys him completely.
I want what is left of his life to be as easy as possible.
I want what is left of his life to be as easy as possible.
And I will do what it takes to see that it is.
What did you do after the opening gala? Andrew and I came home.
He was tired, so I put him to bed.
And after that? Curled up with a bottle of wine.
Can anyone vouch for you? Inspector.
Had I wanted to, I could simply have picked up the phone.
Paradisum has hot and cold running lawyers.
Paradisum has hot and cold running lawyers whose job it is to deal with much bigger fish than Rosa Corrigan.
I could have shut her down in a heartbeat.
Why would I kill her? It's inelegant.
You didn't see anyone making a call? No.
- No.
- No.
- Sorry.
- Okay.
Rosa asked me a few questions about Heather.
That's all.
Memories as kids, that sort of stuff.
Memories as kids, that sort of stuff.
Did you know Rosa had a row with your stepmother? No.
She wanted to write about rifts in the family.
I wouldn't know about that.
The rifts or the fact that she wanted to write about them? Both.
And there there are no rifts.
Do you mind? I have to compete later.
You make it look easy.
You make it look easy.
Thank you.
I'm guessing that's the hard part.
Well, you should give it a try.
Really? - Never too old to start.
- Oh? Just, uh, begin with a few gentle stretches.
That's it.
Then swap over.
It helps if you know your point of balance.
It's vital.
Really? Well, unlike our center of gravity, which moves depending on the shape we make, which moves depending on the shape we make, our point of balance stays pretty much in the same place.
But move a few inches away, you get the urge to step in that direction, to topple.
You can't help yourself.
- Ooh! - There it is.
Null points, I'm afraid.
I'll recover.
You take dancing very seriously.
More than your father does, I suspect.
I try not to worry too much about what my father thinks.
The call was made 100 yards from where you live.
Do you honestly think I'm that petty? I think it was an easy solution to an increasingly frustrating problem.
And I'm wondering if Rosa Corrigan maybe found out.
When was the call made? Wednesday the 27th.
I was at a dance teachers' conference in Newcastle.
You can check.
Whoever made that call, it wasn't me.
Come on.
Come on.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to polish my cha-cha-cha.
I think I've got something, sir.
There were two separate complaints of dangerous driving the night that Rosa Corrigan was run off the road.
They were logged but never followed up.
Any details? Yeah.
A black hatchback, possibly a VW.
And a partial plate An S or a 5 and an A.
Get on to DVLA.
See what you can dig up.
Get on to DVLA.
See what you can dig up.
Rach? What's happened? Someone put this through my letter box.
They've hacked my accounts.
These get a bit more personal.
It came with this.
What am I gonna do? Haven't you a home to go to? DVLA have come back.
Three vehicles in the Midsomer area match the details Three vehicles in the Midsomer area match the details One belonging to this guy, Warren Cunningham.
I saw him.
He works at the Wilder Biorobotics Institute.
Is there anything that links him to Rosa Corrigan? His Facebook page On his mum's birthday.
He's Tanya Brzezinski's son.
Don't work too late.
As if.
He took out his mum's rival? It's certainly a possibility.
Quite the devoted son.
Quite the devoted son.
Who is? Pretty sure it's not this one, eh? - Morning, sweetheart.
- Morning.
- Thanks, Dad.
- It's a joke! He's so serious.
He always was.
You want to lighten up, son.
Baby steps.
It was an accident.
I'd been working 23 hours nonstop.
It all happened so quickly.
I She hadn't got any lights, She hadn't got any lights, and I didn't see anything until the last moment.
I swerved, and because I didn't feel a bump or anything You just assumed everything was fine.
I didn't know there was anything wrong until Rosa started shouting at me.
Twenty-three hours nonstop? A bit above and beyond, isn't it? I like to get things right.
I'm sure you can appreciate that.
Your mother and Rosa Corrigan were rivals, weren't they? You didn't share your mother's resentment? I can't remember a time when Mum wasn't obsessed with dancing Competing, rehearsing, always traveling, competing, rehearsing, always traveling, always somewhere else, barely seeing me.
My whole life.
I hate it.
If she never danced another step, I'd be happy.
So no, I didn't share her resentment, I didn't care about her rival, and I sure as hell didn't deliberately run Rosa off the road.
Heather! Jakey boy! How's that prototype leg coming on? Yeah.
It's great.
I've got a fitting this evening.
Pretty soon I'll be looking like ze Terminator.
Except, you know, without the explosions and the the acc Never mind.
I'm seeing Ray this afternoon.
He wants to talk to your father.
The Chinese deal going ahead? With luck and a following wind.
Ray is so lucky to have you.
Well, he doesn't have me.
You do.
Dad's back.
Jake? Hey.
Look at me.
Hey, hey! Look at me.
Look at me.
It's okay.
Look at me.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Look at me.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'd say Warren Cunningham's pretty close to the edge.
Question is what put him there.
Come on.
Okay? Okay? I'm getting there.
It's the helicopter.
I'm s-sorry.
- I'm sorry.
I just - Hey.
I was there too, remember? Think I'm not right back in Musa whenever a helicopter goes over? The sound of the Apaches approaching, relief as those wokkas hit the terries where it hurt? Forget it, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
I'm impressed.
Well, I've seen a lot of cases.
What it can do to you Here and out there.
You served too? Afghanistan.
No one understands.
Not really.
You had to be there.
The margin on these things is is off the chart.
And we have the exclusive import rights.
And we have the exclusive import rights.
It's a license to print money, Dad.
So you're gonna make a deal.
Then what? Oh, I don't One deal.
So what? Come back to me when you've made 20 deals.
- But, Dad, this is - You can't play at this, Ray.
You've got to choose The real world or sequins.
You underestimate him.
You don't have to choose.
Why is it never enough? Why is it never enough? I just want to show him, just once, that I can do something well, that I'm as as good as anyone.
You already are.
Right now, it should be me looking out for you.
We'll look out for each other.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
A bit, you know Like a horse.
Um knackered.
I heard what happened earlier to Duncan.
Jake said it was the helicopter that set him off.
Jake said it was the helicopter that set him off.
Well, I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
Maybe you should go and check on him.
I don't need to do that.
Even so.
I love you.
I know.
- Morning.
- Hi.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
The full report on Rosa Corrigan.
Impressively hefty.
No stone.
That's me.
Medical history, external, internal, histology.
No traces of cocaine or marijuana? No traces of cocaine or marijuana? Were you expecting them? Not really, but you get the odd surprise sometimes.
Allergies pollen, dust lidocaine? Used as a local anesthetic.
Pops up in all sorts of ointments and gels.
And before you ask, no, she didn't die from a crafty shot of lidocaine.
One day.
Thanks, Fleur.
Any time.
Sir, that 999 call that I requested from immigration about Alexei Kovolenko They've just sent it through.
About Alexei Kovolenko They've just sent it through.
I need to talk to someone about an illegal immigrant.
They've been working here without a visa.
Who do I speak to? Hey.
Andrew wanted me to check that you were okay.
All right.
System malfunction.
System malfunction.
Analyzing now.
- Warning.
- I'm trying.
I'm trying.
System malfunction.
Watch out! Heather.
Call an ambulance.
Call an ambulance.
Yes? Would you mind telling me why you tipped off immigration to deport your sister's dance partner? You think we were hacked? Something got into the system, corrupted the code.
Thank you.
- So sabotage? - Looks like it.
Can you find out who? You really need to rest.
I really don't.
You worry too much.
Well, I'm allowed to, but you sure? Well, I'm allowed to, but you sure? I'm sure.
You'll be late.
Your meeting.
Just keep this between us, okay? I tried to warn Rosa.
About Alexei Kovolenko? Yeah.
She wouldn't listen.
She was in love.
I tried to say he was bad news, that he'd been sleeping with other women behind her back.
That he'd been sleeping with other women behind her back.
I didn't want her to be hurt any more than necessary.
He'd lied to her, he'd lied to immigration, so You dropped him in it.
I did what I had to do to protect her.
Did she find out what you'd done? No.
A betrayal like that, she confronts you, you argue, - it gets out of hand - No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
- A tragic accident - No, no.
Come on.
Where were you the night she died? I told you.
I was at the gala.
And then I went home.
Alone? I think you should leave.
Who were you with the night your sister died? Get out.
When you've told me who you were with.
He was with me.
- Hey, Rach.
- It's worse than I thought.
It started a few months ago.
I think we were both feeling alone.
And you were with each other the night Rosa died? - Yeah.
- All night? Yeah.
Did your sister know about this relationship? Well, I certainly didn't tell her.
Could she have found out? It's possible.
She wasn't blackmailing me, if that's what you're suggesting.
- She couldn't.
- Why not? Because my husband knows.
Duncan makes me happy.
And right now, there's not a lot in my life to be happy about.
Andrew understands.
Andrew understands.
In fact, it was his idea that I come over this afternoon.
He encourages it? My husband doesn't have the time to be jealous.
Then why keep it a secret? You know how people think.
They wouldn't understand how Andrew would be okay with it.
I can't spare him much, Inspector, but I can spare him that.
I don't understand.
I found it hidden in my bedroom.
It's been recording me.
It's been recording me.
Watching me do whatever.
H-How were they able to I mean, did someone break in? We have to go to the police.
They can find out who it is.
I know who it is.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Much better now.
Much better now.
I had to tell him about us.
You see that, don't you? It'll be okay.
I want it to be better than okay.
- I want to treat you right.
- You do.
- I want to buy you nice things.
- You don't need to.
And I want to take care of you.
And I want to take care of you.
Like, always.
I'll take care of everything, okay? I knew you were dance partners.
I didn't realize I was young.
I thought it was fun.
It's no secret that the whole camp-as-Christmas thing is an act, and I knew he had a reputation.
But I guess I was flattered.
I know I should've known better.
I thought he'd be exciting to be with, but he'd get jealous as soon as I even spoke to anyone else.
Same rules didn't apply to him, though.
He was unfaithful? Like other people breathe.
I ended it, and he was pathetic about it at first, I ended it, and he was pathetic about it at first, begging me to stay.
Then he got nasty.
When he started dancing with Tanya, I thought it'd put a stop to it all.
Are you sure it's him? He knows my passwords.
He still has the keys to here.
Well, why wouldn't you change the locks? I didn't think I needed to.
But the police I don't want him to go to prison.
I just I just want him to stop.
Leave her alone, yeah? Sorry? I'm not with you.
I know what it's like.
We've all been there.
But you have to stop, okay? Because it's not, you know, it's not cool, what you're doing to Rachel.
I'm not doing anything.
D-Don't Don't do that.
Don't play innocent.
Are you feeling okay? Competition getting to you? Bunions, maybe? - I mean it.
- I've heard some people The messages.
The texts.
The The camera.
The messages.
The texts.
The The camera.
What? You'd better cut it out.
I'm telling you.
Are you threatening me? - Quit, okay? - Or what? Just cut it out.
Tell me you haven't done anything stupid.
Of course not.
It wouldn't be the first time.
I don't do rubber gloves, Anton.
You make a mess, darling you clean it up.
I think you and me need to have a little chat.
Ta-da! Oh, nice threads.
Son? Oh, very dapper.
Well, it's not every day you see your best mate celebrate his diamond wedding.
Out of interest, when was the last time you saw Harry? Golly.
Been a while.
Been a while.
That's what I thought.
Well, your mother was ill and She died 12 years ago, Dad.
You could've seen him anytime.
All you had to do was pick up the phone.
Ah! It's my taxi.
I won't be late.
You can't help yourself, can you? Baby steps? Seriously? Piece of advice Don't ever have parents.
Piece of advice Don't ever have parents.
A single blow? In the sense of being hit by a freight train is a single blow.
Straight down on the top of the head.
Any idea when? Any idea when? Actually, yes.
He lifted his arm to protect himself.
Might as well have used a bread stick.
Anyway, his watch was smashed at 8:43.
Um, I came in early.
Um, I get a start before the phones start ringing.
But the lights were on, and I remember thinking, "Someone will need to be bollocked for that.
" "Someone will need to be bollocked for that.
" And then, um Do you know why Duncan was in the lab at night? Well, he came in for a fitting.
We're trying a new 3-D printed ankle.
But he should've left.
I I don't really understand why he Who would know how to control a robot like that? It's just a joystick.
Anyone can use it.
It's sort of the point.
What about CCTV? You must have some with all this hardware.
Uh Uh Yeah, we do, um, usually.
But, um, we've had some problems, so the cameras weren't working.
What sort of problems? Our system was hacked.
Hacked? Someone wants us out of business.
Industrial espionage? Or a competitor trying to set their research back a few years.
Sabotage, eh? Duncan Corrigan isn't my idea of an industrial spy.
Duncan Corrigan isn't my idea of an industrial spy.
No, but maybe he recognized one.
Whoever did this is long gone.
Do you think they found what they were looking for? He didn't have a computer, so whatever it is, we're talking analog, not digital.
These are from Rosa's files.
If they're significant, why are they still here? When do you doodle like this? When I'm waiting on the phone.
Check his calls.
Let's ask around, try and find out who Walt is.
When Duncan first came here, he was broken.
It was soon after Andrew was diagnosed, so I understood a little bit about so I understood a little bit about loss and grief and just being overwhelmed.
Nothing like he went through, obviously, but enough.
You helped him recover.
A little.
Me and Jake.
Jake Hannity? Mm-hmm.
He, uh, got it.
Duncan says they're Duncan used to say they were brothers in arms.
Did Duncan ever mention someone called Walt? Uh, no.
Not to me.
Is it important? Did he say where he was going last night? Did he say where he was going last night? Uh, he had a fitting for a new prosthesis.
And after that? Uh, I have no idea.
I'm sorry.
I've had enough.
Duncan always said he wanted to take care of me.
Duncan always said he wanted to take care of me.
That was the last thing he said to me.
"I'll take care of everything.
" Still trying to prove something.
Prove? Survivor's guilt.
He could never accept that he came home whilst the others didn't.
I loved him.
And I don't think he ever quite believed me.
Are you all right? All right? I spoke to Duncan yesterday.
He called me.
He wanted to thank me You know, for talking him down.
Three tours, surviving an IED, only to die like that.
Three tours, surviving an IED, only to die like that.
Does the name Walt mean anything to you? No.
Should it? We think it was someone Duncan was keen to speak to.
Someone in his regiment, perhaps.
You were saying you served in Afghanistan as well.
I was at Musa Qala, part of 3 Para.
There were just 88 of us held out against 500 Taliban.
Fifty-six days without relief.
Fifty-six days without relief.
I was lucky.
I got out.
Uh, will you excuse me? I've got an appointment.
Of course.
Did you know Duncan out there? I wish I had.
He was a good, brave man.
Do me a favor.
Catch whoever did this, will you? Police gone? Well, you go and rest.
I'll send some food up later.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
Tan, the CD's on the fritz again.
At this rate I'm gonna have to hum the bleeding bolero.
Who are you? Who are you? Tell me you'll stop.
Stop? Stop what? I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, this is something to do with Ray.
Yes? Then let me tell you you've got the wrong guy.
Tell me you'll stop.
Oh, c come on.
How can I stop something I haven't done? All r All right.
All right.
All r All right.
All right.
I'll admit, the phone calls and the texts, they were me, but Aah! Tell me you'll stop.
Not the foot.
Please, not the foot! Aah! All right.
All right.
All right.
I'll s I'll stop.
Just Just Just leave me alone, okay? Thank you.
Any joy with Duncan Corrigan's phone? Still locked.
They're still working on it.
Why would you have mouth gel you're allergic to? Sorry? It's been bothering me, this tube of mouth gel at the scene, only Rosa Corrigan couldn't use it.
She was allergic.
Perhaps she bought it by accident or bought it for someone else.
Or it wasn't hers.
Inspector Barnaby? Mr.
The desk sergeant at the station said I'd find you here.
The desk sergeant at the station said I'd find you here.
How can I help you? I killed Duncan Corrigan.
There's a shareholders' meeting next week.
Heather needed everything up and running perfectly.
But There was a problem? You could say that.
The mobile interface was a 100%, copper-bottomed, guaranteed disaster.
Guaranteed disaster.
The mobile interface? We've developed an app.
The idea is that you can control the exoskeleton from your phone.
It would revolutionize the day-to-day usage and has huge commercial potential.
Only problem being it didn't work.
So what did you do? There was no way I could rewrite the code from scratch, but I thought I could borrow code written for something else.
But when I ran it, all the hardware went berserk.
One of the robotic arms hurt Heather.
And then And then the same thing happened to Duncan, only this time So you see.
It's my fault he died.
This app What about it? This was for exoskeletons for people with disabilities so they could control it on their phones? That's right.
All the rehab machines were connected to it.
The robot arm that killed Duncan Corrigan.
The robot arm that killed Duncan Corrigan was for industrial use.
It was? I saw you operating it.
But that arm wouldn't have been affected.
It's It's controlled on site.
No computer interface.
That means I It wasn't - I didn't - No.
You don't have anything to worry about.
You don't have anything to worry about.
You spoke to him? More or less.
One thing Did you see Duncan Corrigan when he came in? No.
I heard him, though, talking to someone.
It was at the end of the day.
I was heading out.
But you didn't see who? Sorry.
Did you hear what they said? Don't think it was very important.
Even so.
Something about herring, I think.
That and a rosette.
Herring? It's not really something you get killed over, is it? I thought you were just gonna talk to him.
Oh, I did.
But he just needed a bit more encouragement.
What did you do? Well, leant on him a bit.
Nothing bad.
Just enough? He won't bother you anymore.
He won't bother you anymore.
No, no.
It's Someone set fire to Rosa Corrigan's house.
Neighbors called the fire brigade at 10 to 5:00 this morning.
Someone torches her place the same night her brother's cottage is searched.
The same night her brother's cottage is searched.
What does that sound like to you? That they didn't find what they were looking for at Duncan's.
So they went back to look again at Rosa's.
But why burn the place down? I'm guessing because they couldn't find what they were looking for and wanted to make sure no one else could find it.
Well, they did a good job.
It's gutted.
I know the feeling.
What if they couldn't find what they were looking for at either place because it was never there to begin with? I'm not with you, sir.
What if Duncan had it with him all the time? What if Duncan had it with him all the time? Anything? Pockets, the lining of his jacket.
When I get to him, I'll let you know if he swallowed anything or, you know, secreted it prison-stylee.
What about his leg? Unh-unh.
It's hardly a smoking gun, is it? Come on, Rach.
We've got a competition to win.
Five minutes.
You said that five minutes ago.
If you want perfection, you've got to wait for it.
Damn it.
Well? Was it worth waiting for? We unlocked Duncan Corrigan's phone.
On the day he died, he called Lilly Wilder twice, Jake Hannity, a couple of Army pals, and this number.
Which he called four times within the hour before they finally called him back.
Whoever it was, he was pretty keen to speak to them.
- Do we know who? - It was a pay-as-you-go.
I've left a message.
- I did speak to the Army pals.
- And? Duncan wanted to double-check the nickname of Chinooks.
Duncan wanted to double-check the nickname of Chinooks.
- Chinooks? - Along with Apaches, the two most common helicopters in Afghanistan.
Chinooks are transport helicopters, and Apaches are the ones that attack.
Apaches and Chinooks? Yeah.
Live and learn, eh? After we split up, Anton did send me abusive texts.
They were disgusting.
I begged him to stop, and he said he would.
But I still see him at dance comps, smiling that knowing smile.
He always knew exactly how to get under my skin.
Why didn't you go to the police when he started bothering you? They're a bunch of texts.
It's hardly enough, so But you made up a bunch of stuff he hadn't done.
I'm sorry.
So the camera, the The photos That was you? Why? Why? To scare him.
Just a little bit.
He'd scared me.
Oh, Rach.
I shouldn't have involved you.
Probably not.
What now? I love you.
I love you.
Are you dancing? Are you asking? Yeah.
Come on, then.
Somewhere in this photo is the reason two people died.
I'm looking at it, but I can't see it.
Perhaps it's not the people.
Perhaps it's the place or or their jewelry or the time it was taken.
And then there's someone called Walt, who we can't find.
Got it.
So one of them is Walt? Got it.
So one of them is Walt? We've checked DVLA, passports.
Everyone's who they say they are.
Well, it's quite an unusual name.
- What is? - Walt.
Well, off the top of my head, uh, there's Disney, Raleigh Mitty, Gabriel, Pidgeon.
- Yeah.
Thanks, Dad.
- And then What's that? Harry gave it to me yesterday.
Old movies that he took when we all went on holiday.
And he lent me his projector, so I thought we could watch them.
- Well, that's great.
- Not tonight, Dad.
- Well, that's great.
- Not tonight, Dad.
- It won't take long.
- I'm working.
Well, take a break.
- Dad.
- Oh, come on.
- Why? What's the point? - Don't you want to see them? So we can pretend everything was great? - What do you mean by that? - It doesn't matter.
Pretend? Who's pretending? Come on, son.
- It doesn't matter.
- If you've got something to say, isn't it about time you spat it out, for God's sake? - I'm sorry Well, all right.
- Stop hiding behind your work.
If you really want to know You were never there, Dad.
All my life, growing up, you always had somewhere else that you had to be, something else that you had to do The the practicing, the competing.
The the practicing, the competing.
And you left Mum to cope.
Your mother understood.
She didn't have much choice, did she? - John.
- No.
You weren't that interested.
You still aren't.
If it weren't for Sarah, you wouldn't be here.
I don't live next door, you know.
It's Sheffield, Dad.
It's not the other side of the world.
When was the last time you came to see Betty? When was the last time you came to see me? Well, it takes two to tango.
As you would know, of course.
Well, maybe some other time.
I think I'll just go for a lie-down.
Nicely done.
I think it's something to do with age, you know.
People get kind of stubborn, and they can't or won't see someone else's point of view.
He could at least try.
I wasn't talking about your dad.
Hello, Walt.
- Mitty.
- What? - Mitty.
- What? It's what Dad said Walter Mitty.
In the story, he was the little man who fantasized about being some sort of hero.
And it was Herrick.
Not "herring.
" Herrick.
What was? You know I don't understand a word of this, don't you? Don't wait up.
I'm going to the ballroom.
Meet me there.
Someone has been lying from the start.
Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the Paramount Dance Extravaganza Ray Wilder and Rachel Stevenson.
That was You really know your stuff, don't you? Yeah, Dad.
I really know my stuff.
Look at this.
We'll get changed.
You forgot about the clasp.
Everyone who served in Afghanistan got a campaign medal.
When you don't wear the medal, you wear a ribbon instead.
Jake, is something wrong? Uh, just a misunderstanding.
It's fine.
Those who served in Operation Herrick.
Those who served in Operation Herrick got a special clasp on their medal to show they were there.
On the ribbon, it's marked with a rosette.
There's Duncan's.
So where's yours? Whatever this is, Inspector, can't it wait? If it's wrong, then that's a mistake.
A ribbon.
I promise you, Inspector.
Someone somewhere screwed up.
So what if he doesn't have the right ribbon? So what if he doesn't have the right ribbon? The man's a-a veteran, a hero.
- Something as small as that? - Who cares? Ribbons - Come on.
- Apaches, Chinooks.
It's an easy mistake.
It doesn't mean anything.
It's fine.
I'll get hold of the regiment, sort it out.
Sorry, Inspector.
It's a great story, but Before he died, Duncan Corrigan was desperate to contact someone on the phone.
I spoke to him this evening.
Colonel Richard Dawes.
He was also with 3 Para at Musa Qala, but he'd never heard of you.
So? I didn't know the name of every bloke out there.
So? I didn't know the name of every bloke out there.
Then I spoke to Army headquarters in Andover.
There's no record of a Jake Hannity having served at all.
- Anywhere.
- Check again.
Someone's messed up.
That's all.
Soldiers have a name for people like you.
A Walt Someone who makes it all up.
So what? It's not against the law.
So what? It's not against the law.
No, but fraud is.
Colonel Dawes is also part of a group of ex-soldiers who make it their business to hunt down fakes like you.
They've got quite a file on you, including how you conned two women out of their savings.
Jake, tell me.
You were engaged to both of them, too.
This can't be true.
The stakes were higher this time, though, weren't they? You couldn't afford any mistakes.
Like this photograph.
Rosa Corrigan completely missed it.
Rosa Corrigan completely missed it.
She was concentrating on writing about the Wilders.
But all the same, she had taken that photo, and you couldn't have that.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Even if Rosa hadn't seen the significance of that ribbon, someone else might.
So what, I killed her? No.
No, you couldn't have done it.
You have an alibi.
That's right, isn't it? You said you were together that night.
You said you were together that night.
Oh, I would love to say that's a lie, but I can't.
I had to work throughout the night, and Jake was in the house the whole time.
Back to square one, Inspector.
What was that you said about helicopters? Sorry? Chinooks and Apaches "It's an easy mistake," you said just now.
Well, I don't think mixing up helicopter nicknames is that big a deal.
Is that big a deal.
Jake called Apaches "wokkas," which Duncan didn't think was right.
So he called a friend, who confirmed his suspicion.
Wokkas are the nicknames for Chinooks, not Apaches.
Duncan knew that Jake Hannity had made a mistake.
So? So I'm wondering how you did.
Must've heard it from someone.
Who? Duncan? I don't know.
Jake made this mistake while he was talking Duncan down from his PTSD attack.
While he was talking Duncan down from his PTSD attack.
I was there.
Nine hours later, Duncan was dead.
We know that he was at home for the rest of the day.
We know who he was with and who he spoke to on the phone.
So when exactly did he tell you? They're fishing, Ray.
Say nothing.
What does it matter? Because if you knew the truth about Jake Hannity, why would you keep it to yourself? - You knew? - No.
I Of c This is I mean, of course not.
How could you know and not tell me? How could you know and not tell me? Ray.
It's absurd.
Let's go.
You have mouth gel.
Well, lots of dancers use it.
Um, especially during performance week Blisters, bruised toenails All sorts.
It dulls the pain.
Just bought it? Uh, yes.
A tube of aloe gel was found.
A tube of aloe gel was found at the scene of Rosa Corrigan's murder.
Like I said, lots of dancers use it.
She didn't.
She was allergic to lidocaine.
Jake wanted Rosa Corrigan stopped, so he sent you, didn't he? It was your mouth gel at the scene.
But you didn't find the photograph.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Unfortunately for you, the photograph was sent, with the rest of Rosa's belongings, with the rest of Rosa's belongings, to her brother, the one person who might notice the ribbon.
And he did notice, didn't he? On the night he was murdered, Duncan was overheard talking to someone about Operation Herrick and a missing rosette.
Only it wasn't you he confronted.
Just like with Rosa, you sent someone else so you could keep your distance.
First Rosa, then Duncan.
Isn't that what happened? Isn't that what happened? You killed Duncan? That's ridiculous.
It is.
Believe me.
Dad, please.
Well, answer the man.
It was Jake's idea.
Oh, no.
He's lying.
That's a lie.
He's lying.
That's a lie.
You said everything would be ruined if that photo came out The marriage, everything.
I'd have to kiss the Chinese deal goodbye, and I couldn't let that happen.
Tell me.
Tell me what happened.
Jake said there was a way.
All I had to do was get the photo and get Rosa to drop the story.
He said that it made sense if I did it, because he d I didn't have a motive and if anything went wrong, he'd be in the clear.
Ray, for crying out loud.
And something did go wrong.
I didn't I didn't mean to to It It just got It It just got She She went for me, and I I hit her.
I was scared.
She was screaming.
I just wanted her to stop.
So I-I What have you done? Afterwards, I tried to make it look like a robbery.
I hoped that would be it.
I hoped that would be it.
Only it wasn't, was it? Because you panicked and left the photograph behind.
Jake was furious.
He said Duncan had it, now he knew, and said I'd made things worse, not better.
So this time he told He told me to to To kill him.
But I wouldn't.
I told him I wouldn't.
I'm not cold-blooded.
I'm not cold-blooded.
And you just laughed.
Said that you had Rosa over me and you'd tell, you'd destroy me, my my my family, everything.
Which is what I should've done.
At least I'd have done it right.
At least I'd have done it right.
You understand, don't you, Dad? Your name, your reputation.
I There wasn't anything I could do.
All this because of a-a deal? I did it for you! I wanted you to see me, just once.
To not be disappointed.
To not be disappointed.
I wanted you to be proud of me.
He's a bit old for daddy issues, isn't he? Maybe.
You know, in a while, I will have no recollection of this.
You know, in a while, I will have no recollection of this.
I won't remember Jake or how he conned his way into our family or what he got my boy to do or why he did it.
I won't even remember I had a son.
I suppose there's some comfort in that.
Goodbye, Inspector.
Why didn't Ray just Just walk away after Rosa, come clean, take his chances? Well, it's the point of balance, you see.
All it takes is a few inches, then you topple.
You can't help yourself.
Sir? I'll see you tomorrow, Winter.
What, you don't fancy a drink? No.
There's something I need to do.
Hello, darling.
Maybe I'll turn in.
Got an early start in the morning.
I, uh, I picked up a few beers.
I thought maybe we could watch some movies.
Isle of Wight.
With the different-colored sand.
You wanted to leave your clothes and take that sand home in your suitcase.
An entirely practical solution, I thought.
It wasn't all bad, was it? I did my best, son.
I know you did.
So, did you catch the bad guys? Yeah, Dad.
I caught the bad guys.
Good lad.