Midsomer Murders (1997) s21e04 Episode Script

With Waited Breath

So you can actually make money out of torturing people? Build it and they will suffer.
Oh, I thought you were happy running a paper mill.
Never look a gift horse in the mouth, Artie.
One word savage.
I didn't call it the Psycho Mud Run for nothing.
You're not making them plow through water as well, are you? Artie, don't! This can't be legal.
This can't be legal.
Come on.
All right.
- Go.
- Go.
Ha! Josie? Josie? Josie.
What? Josie? For goodness' sake! Oh, hysterical.
Get out of the water.
Take my hand! Hurry! Come on! Was that what I think it was? Yeah.
Ahab the monster of the lake.
Move it, ladies.
And you, Suze.
Max, so, who are you sharing a room with? We're gonna get a pint, aren't we? One day I'm going to do a Lola and visit all of those places.
And leave me to run this place on me own? A girl can dream.
A girl can dream.
Welcome to The Fisherman's Arms.
Here comes my future.
What, no kiss? That wasn't a kiss.
You get a proper one if you win tomorrow.
Deal? You'd better get ready to pucker up.
What do you reckon? I thought you'd never ask, mate.
I'm gonna propose tomorrow.
Have you asked Simone's dad yet? - It's not him I'm marrying.
- It's tradition.
So that's two nights with breakfast.
And if you want to dine in the restaurant, you need to book.
We're inundated.
I presume you're here for the Psycho.
What gave it away? You've stayed with us before.
That's some memory.
I never forget a face.
Check in, then meet me out front.
Quick 5K to blow the cobwebs.
Yes! Come on.
Is that your van outside? Does it double as an ambulance? Winter, isn't it? That's just about when you'll finish the race.
At least I'll finish.
Good luck, son.
You got lucky.
The room with the best view.
Bet you say that to every guest.
Go on! Back it up! What is that? That's Ahab.
Twenty grand to the first person to catch him.
That's happening this weekend? First competition we've had here in years.
Surprised you didn't hear about it.
The build-up's been boring me to death for weeks.
Mind you, they can't catch something that doesn't exist.
Enjoy your stay.
I know it's been ages, but listen.
I'm at Solomon Gorge.
Never mind why.
You need to get here.
Inevitably, there's a lot of discussion about it.
But there are myths and there are truths, and Ahab is a bona fide truth.
And I am gonna prove that beyond all doubt this weekend.
His time is up.
He tells all the girls about his monster.
Uh, give me two of everything, please, Freddie, mate.
I need, uh, two carp rods, um, hooks, swivels, I need, uh, two carp rods, um, hooks, swivels, 10 kilos of boilies, plus a sack of pellet.
Need to see your money first.
You'll see it when I hook the big one, mate.
You're going up against the pros, Griff.
World-class anglers, mate.
You know me.
I was born lucky.
Ned, how's things? Ned, how's things? Good, Harper.
Thank you.
Good is good, but, uh, I'm gonna make your day great.
I'd, uh, I'd like to ask you for your daughter's hand in marriage.
You almost had me going then.
I'm serious.
Do I have your blessing? Ned? Mr.
Skye? What are you doing with all that gear? It's open season, mate.
- Mr.
Skye? - Not now, Harper! I demand a refund for my fishing peg.
The competition hasn't even started yet.
You are a charlatan, Mr.
You are a charlatan, Mr.
The course of this abomination runs clean through the lake.
Well, it can't.
I've got an agreement in place.
That is the course.
That is the lake.
You see how they converge? All of the fish will be spooked, including Ahab! It's not on.
Let's have a word.
What's going on, Freddie? Is this some sort of joke? - This ain't gonna work, Freddie.
- Yeah.
We want our money back.
Griffin! We're fully booked.
I need you this weekend.
It's only two days.
The busiest two days! Lex.
Long time no see.
What are you doing here? Are you serious? Sometimes in life, choices are made for you.
You know that as well as I do.
Make another choice.
We're closing.
You rerouted the course.
I meant to tell you, Freddie.
That's why I'm here now.
I need the Psycho to be more of a test.
We shook hands.
The one thing your stupid course isn't supposed to do - is go near the lake.
- It's unfortunate, but Well, change it back.
I spent years trying to set up another fishing competition.
Anyone need another teammate? A fiver and I'm in.
I even know a shortcut.
Remember, we're reigning champions, going for a fourth win in five Midsomer Mud Runs.
And, uh yeah, let's get it done! - Whoo! - Let's do it.
Come on.
Wha-a-a-a-hey! So, is there a-a prize for winning? Winning? I'll be happy just to make it over the finish line.
I should've brought some tinfoil to wrap around you.
Have you seen Jamie? Uh, just look for the day-glo.
- Oh, there he is.
- There you go, mate.
All bright and shining.
Hey, I'll see you at the finish line.
I've got a week's leave due.
You squabbling, Winter? Hardly the way to represent Causton C.
They started it.
Well, that's terrible.
Well, that's terrible.
It's good likeness, though.
There's definitely some real talent there.
Look, Betty.
Um Jade-Marie.
Jade-Marie Pierce.
Of course.
I've seen you around.
So, uh, is it just us? Half the station said they joined up.
I heard the same.
I think they might have been winding us up.
Well, it looks like we're in this together.
I'll just go and drop my bag.
Couldn't resist seeing a big, scary fish eat you.
As if Ahab actually exists.
One word, Winter Jaws.
You'll throw up.
All over him if I can.
He's staying at the inn.
Didn't know you knew him.
I know him.
All right, Paddy.
He's not real.
At least I hope he's not.
Oh! Paddy, come here! Oh.
Years of planning down the drain.
Paddy, get back here.
Where's Lola been now, then? Stop doing this to yourself.
Very nice.
My daughter's on a 'round-the-world tour.
I never know where the next postcard's coming from.
Not sure I could bear that.
Worst part of being a parent.
You know they're gonna fly the nest one day.
- Smash it, girl.
- Hey, what about me? You'll be too busy being a delicious snack for Ahab.
Hey, keep the same pace, yeah? Be there for each other.
Hey, keep the same pace, yeah? Be there for each other.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
We're about to start, so Come on.
Where's Mummy? We've got to find Mummy.
Take your places? Obviously good luck.
Run well.
- Meet me at the finish line.
- Okay.
So let's put Solomon Gorge on the Psycho map! Are you ready?! Three! Two! One! Promise me! No kiss unless you win.
Key is not to go haring off.
You won't last the course.
Keep going! That's it! Come on! Let's do it! Come on! Go! Go! Go! Yeah! Come on! Stop.
Stay back.
Fishhooks everywhere.
Stop the race.
Stand back.
There's hooks everywhere.
There's hooks everywhere.
That's the worst of it.
Come on.
Sit down here.
It's just my hand.
Well, it's lucky you were slow off the mark.
I was pacing myself.
I checked the course last night.
I went over every inch of it.
Easy, Ned.
Nobody is blaming you.
Blythe? John Barnaby.
What are you doing here? John Barnaby.
What are you doing here? Artie.
I was about to ask the same.
Well, I took early retirement.
Fancied a nice, trouble-free life.
Ned, meet an old oppo of mine D.
John Barnaby.
I want to know who did this.
Oh, I'm not actually here in an official capacity.
How am I gonna get this race started again? Are you sure you can't help? Oh, the local police will be only too happy to step in.
Oh, come, John.
It's the weekend.
They won't do anything till Monday.
And it'll be too late to restart it then.
Ned's me best mate.
I heard you say that you checked the course last night.
Good man, John.
What time was that? Um, around 9:00 p.
, before it got too dark.
Winter, find out if, uh, anyone was seen out on the course last night after 9:00 p.
I'm off duty this weekend.
- I can do it if you like, sir.
- It's all right.
That would be helpful, P.
John? I'm taking Betty home.
We'll watch Winter get trampled another time.
Oh, Sarah, this is an old colleague of mine.
Oh, Sarah, this is an old colleague of mine.
Artie Blythe, ex-D.
- Nice to meet you, Artie.
- Likewise.
- Is this your daughter? - Yes.
This is Betty.
- Hello.
- This is my bear.
And it is a very fine bear.
Oh, you're a very lucky man, John.
You should come 'round sometime.
You're very welcome to bring your partner If I had one, I would.
Eternal bachelor.
Come on, darling.
So, how's retirement treating you? You've settled on a beautiful village.
Oh, I've lived here for years.
And to be honest I'm a little bit bored.
And to be honest I'm a little bit bored.
Fishing for humans.
Found this in the woods nearby.
Lamb Fishing Limited.
" Freddie flaming Lamb.
His tackle shop's in the village.
Hey, Freddie, make sure you sort me out a decent peg.
Hey, Freddie, make sure you sort me out a decent peg.
Hold on, mate.
I was here first.
- One at a time, please.
- Freddie? We need to know where you were last night.
Last I heard, you'd hung up your truncheon.
Tell me instead.
I was at home.
What's this about? Ned Skye seems to think you're very much against the mud run.
Not me.
Try again.
Only I helped Ned reroute the course through the lake.
Only I helped Ned reroute the course through the lake.
Who's gonna pay to enter a fishing competition after that? Here you are, sir.
Thank you.
Could these be from your shop? They're sold everywhere.
And what about this packaging? That sold everywhere too? Be a good citizen and let us look at your purchase book.
Griffin Twigg bought them.
And where might we find this Mr.
Twigg? "We"? Well, you said you were bored, and a little local knowledge is always helpful.
You're living the dream here, Artie.
Do you fish? Be serious.
I chased enough dead ends when I was in the force.
I chased enough dead ends when I was in the force.
Well, there's a lot of happy fishermen.
Twenty grand's serious money.
I'd sabotage the mud run for half of that.
There's Twigg.
The guy with the funny hat.
Griff, this is D.
John Barnaby from Causton Police Department.
You've made a new friend, Artie.
He'd like to ask you a few questions.
We know you purchased these from Freddie Lamb.
So? Could you show me the other hooks you bought? No problemo.
No problemo.
Oh, that that was full last night.
I swear.
I want to report a theft.
Where were you after 9:00 p.
yesterday? Uh, I had an early night.
Can anyone confirm that? No.
I was on my own.
I'll hold.
But, uh, honestly, how long do you think this will take? I'd know that nasally whine anywhere.
Um, I'm gonna have to call you back.
What are you doing here, Blaise? Put that away.
Oh, it's been a long time, Ned.
I'd like to capture the moment.
You swore you would never come back here.
Don't worry.
I'm not here for you.
Ahab was calling to me.
I saw your daughter at the inn earlier.
She didn't see me, but what a life she has.
Changing bed linen and cleaning toilet bowls.
You must be very proud of yourself.
You must be very proud of yourself.
I look after her.
The three of us could've been traveling the world together.
I thought you'd have let that go by now.
I managed to.
I guess it meant more to me, Ned.
Look into one Griffin Twigg.
He's a chef at the inn.
He's a chef at the inn.
Find out exactly how much winning 20 grand would mean to him.
His alibi for last night Wafer-thin.
You think he'd sabotage the Psycho just to win the fishing competition? Nobody will catch a thing with people like you churning up the lake.
Here I am at Solomon Gorge, and the competition is looking fierce and formidable.
But you know me.
That is exactly how I like it.
Your new rods sum you up.
Your new rods sum you up.
What, dashing and colorful? Garish and horribly female.
Poor, miserable Damian.
Is this what happens when all of your sponsors dry up? I have a natural talent.
That's all I need.
Is that what you used to tell Lex? "Be the fish.
See the fish.
" Lex is history.
Long gone.
So how come he's staying in the same inn as I am? Don't be ridiculous.
No? Take a look for yourself.
Give up, Damian.
With me and Lex around, you won't catch a thing.
Sorry for the delay.
I had to draft in a temporary chef.
You came here for the fishing last time.
That's not my game anymore.
Yes? What? Hello again, Harper.
Look, let's talk.
Look, let's talk.
Not now.
Hey! I need some hooks.
Ah! Well, look at that.
I found some.
Those are mine.
Stop carping.
Learn to share.
I need those.
What for? You couldn't catch a cold, mate.
Thank you for your understanding.
It's hugely appreciated.
Good news? Well, the course has been inspected, and the mud run can go ahead tomorrow.
How did you swing that? I just pointed out that the village would suffer financially.
Tell me What made you decide to reroute the course, Mr.
Skye? Well, I can't call it a Psycho Mud Run and make it too easy.
Is there anyone other than Freddie Lamb who didn't approve of the changes? Who didn't approve of the changes? "Didn't approve" is a bit kind.
I heard he was furious.
Simone, I'm not gonna wait another minute.
Harper, we're in the middle of I wanted to do this after I'd won the mudder.
Um, Simone Skye will you do me the great honor No.
- No, she won't.
- Dad.
Didn't you get the message yesterday? I was trying to be kind, but obviously you couldn't read the signs.
Simone, say something.
I've already said it for her.
It's a no.
It's a no.
You're not gonna waste your life on him.
He hasn't even got a job.
I've been hanging out with Griffin.
He's been teaching me how to cook.
Hanging out is not a career plan.
I told you.
It's a no.
Simone? I hate my dad.
- Don't talk like that.
- I need to get away.
I don't care where, as long as I never see him again.
Now, come on.
I know I've got used to not seeing Lola, but it still really hurts.
But it still really hurts.
My dad deserves that sort of pain.
Lola left because we had an argument.
You and your dad don't want to be in the same boat.
Don't reduce your relationship to a series of postcards.
I'm sorry for calling, but, uh, I need to talk to you.
Thanks for giving me the chance to explain.
Only I-I promise I didn't know the mud run was coming here.
Soon as I did, I tried to wriggle out of it.
Truth is I-I never wanted to come to Solomon Gorge.
I didn't know about the fishing competition.
I didn't want to visit this place.
Not then.
Not now.
Not then.
Not now.
We did some digging into Griffin Twigg.
He's facing bankruptcy after he cheated on his wife and she took him for every penny.
Twenty grand would go a long way to solving his problems.
Making it in his best interest Making it in his best interest to keep the runners away from the lake.
Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, back to do it all over again.
- Whoo! - Give us a quid? - I don't have any change on me.
- A fiver, then.
Do you mind? I'm about to run a race.
Three! Two! One! I can't see Harper.
Lots of people have cried off.
You had no right to embarrass him like that.
If you loved him, you'd have said yes despite me.
- But you didn't.
- I'm still moving away.
- But you didn't.
- I'm still moving away.
Not if your passport's safely hidden.
I can't look after you if you're halfway across the world.
Who's facedown in the mud now? You all right? - You okay? - Don't mind me.
Now go win.
Oh! - Jamie! - I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I wasn't talking about you.
Oh! It's Lex Bedford, chief of Causton Fire Station.
He was supposed to be running the Psycho.
And now we know why he wasn't.
Fleur? Initial response I'd say he was in the water maybe eight to ten hours, though don't quote me on that.
That would be late last night.
This might not be for you, Artie.
I can handle it.
And obviously, if you still need my help Let's see, shall we? Judging from the scorch marks on his clothing and skin, he was electrocuted.
That part of the course is wired to give mild shocks.
Is this a sport or an S&M outing? Was it an accident, Fleur? Unlikely at that voltage.
I think we'll find that someone rigged the current.
It was set back to normal when I got here.
If not, Winter would have been grilled to a crisp.
I need everything you can find on Lex Bedford.
Interview his fire crew.
Establish who liked him and, more importantly, who didn't.
And look into his phone records.
I need to talk to the anglers again.
It could be that the saboteur tried to stop the mud run a second time but made a fatal mistake.
Are you up to that? Cornelius.
This how fish get caught these days? It's just an app that tells you the best time of day to fish.
Hope that's within the rules.
You know me.
Straight as the day is long.
Was teasing.
Cheating is still an abhorrence, though.
If you got caught, you'd never fish again.
Were you near the lake last night? Not me.
I was at home.
Can anyone confirm that? Afraid I live alone.
Something happened? Lex Bedford was murdered last night.
Lex was killed? You knew him? Uh, not personally, no.
But he's an angling legend.
I'm a big fan.
I'm a big fan.
Embarrassingly so.
When you say a legend Well, Lex used to be a celebrity in the angling world, one of the best in recent memory.
Used to be? He retired years ago now.
But everyone here at the lake would still know of him? And fear him, probably.
Including yourself? Of course.
But then again, he wasn't here to fish.
I saw him out jogging, training for the mud run.
He hasn't been seen anywhere near the lake.
I'm, uh, hoping to get promoted this year, get out of uniform.
Imagine if we ended up working alongside each other permanently.
What? You two ought to get a room.
I've got a key.
Here you are.
I've got a key.
Here you are.
I need to speak to the fire crew.
Could you chase up Lex Bedford's phone records? We didn't find his phone, but I did track his provider.
I'm looking to see if he made or received any calls last night.
I can see that promotion already.
Is it usual for, uh, fishermen to leave their pegs? I don't know why she entered.
She hasn't even cast a line yet.
Why else would an angler come here? There's the small matter of corporate deals and advertising.
And lower your voices.
Excuse me? I'm sick of you people spooking the fish.
Lex Bedford.
Did you know he was in Solomon Gorge? I may have heard a whisper.
I may have heard a whisper.
You see him? Talk to him, maybe? Not me.
Though if it helps, I did see this chap talking to him.
Looked a bit heated.
- Where was this? - The Fisherman's Arms.
Would you recognize this man again? Young black guy, hooded top, maybe late 20s.
Uh, one last thing.
Would you know why Lex quit fishing? Haven't a clue.
Haven't a clue.
That description ring any bells? Harper Kaplan.
I thought the police would've cordoned the lake off.
It's a crime scene, isn't it? Why are people still fishing? Maybe I should start casting out.
What? I'll catch Ahab, and then everyone can go home.
Are you mocking me? You left a bitter taste.
You left a bitter taste.
None of that matters now, and you know that.
What are you gonna do, Ned? If Lex's death hasn't stopped the fishing, what else have you got? Just spoke with the fire crew.
Three years ago, Lex sacked Harper Kaplan.
- They say why? - Yeah.
He was hotheaded, impetuous, and didn't follow orders.
And how did Harper take it? No one could prove it, but they think that he poured paraffin over Lex's car and then set fire to it.
Over Lex's car and then set fire to it.
So we've got an aggrieved ex-employee who was seen having a heated debate with Lex Bedford before he died.
Anyone else? With the mud run canceled, Freddie Lamb's fishing competition is back in full swing.
Don't forget Griffin Twigg.
Who, according to Izzy Silvermane, also had a bit of a moment with Lex.
We'll find Harper while you talk to Griffin Twigg.
Find out exactly what was said between him and Lex Bedford.
You can always dust off your fishing rods.
Are you a total numskull, Griffin? Steady, now.
You need to stay calm.
With people like you around? And I want to stay around, so chill.
You hear? Ah, Mr.
A word if I may.
Lex Bedford sacked you from the fire service three years ago.
- Is that correct? - So what? Harper, this is important.
What, are you a cop again, are you? No.
I didn't think so.
Judging from what I saw, Simone's father might have been more receptive to your proposal if you'd had a job.
Well, ask him, not me.
Well, ask him, not me.
Were you near the mud run last night? After seeing Freddie heading that way, the last thing I wanted was him pitying me.
How did you get these cuts on your hands? You said that, uh, you and Griffin Twigg had been hanging out a lot.
Why not? He's a decent bloke.
Who bought a lot of fishing tackle, then had some of it stolen.
It meant a lot to you, winning the mud run, becoming someone you hoped might be worth marrying.
Becoming someone you hoped might be worth marrying.
Harper? Harper Kaplan, I'm arresting you for causing serious bodily harm with intent to maim or wound.
Simone, I wanted to win to show your dad, to show you both! I love you, Simone.
I'll do anything for you.
But I'm not a killer.
I swear.
You're starting to enjoy this.
Didn't realize I missed police work this much.
Starting to think I retired too soon.
Shame it's over already.
Shame it's over already.
Well, I'm not so sure about that, Artie.
We may have caught a saboteur, but I'm not convinced Harper's a killer.
Closing the shop when the village is teeming with anglers? No-brainer.
Need to pick up some more stock, so if you don't mind We have an eyewitness who saw you in the vicinity of the mud run last night.
It's not what you think.
I like to be alone.
And why would that be? Probably best not to hang on to your secrets, Freddie.
Not when the police are asking questions.
Ever been in love? I was engaged once, till she upped and left without saying a single word.
And this makes you wander the woods? I have a shed out there.
That's where I went last night.
It's the postcard.
They always set me off.
The postcard? From Lola Silvermane.
You've been inside Izzy's place.
You can't miss them.
Did Lola ever think of sending me one? She's off traveling the world as if I never existed let alone that I was engaged to her.
That gets to a person.
Did you see anyone else out there last night? No.
It's the same as every night.
It was dead out there.
I just said hello to Lex in passing.
We heard from Izzy Silvermane that things looked quite tense between you two.
Lex was never what you'd call friendly.
You've known him a long time, then? I knew him, and then I didn't, and then I saw him at the inn.
I'm pretty sure you've got friends like that.
They come in and out of your life.
They come in and out of your life.
But why the animosity? The trouble with Izzy is she's not very reliable.
She's a bit on the flaky side.
She didn't seem it to me.
Well, then it's my word against hers.
Because you can hardly ask Lex, now, can you? Freddie? Maybe you should wait outside.
He's my best mate.
What have you got, Fleur? I'll need to get him out of the barrel first, but I'd say he was killed elsewhere and then brought here.
What were you doing in the shop? What were you doing in the shop? I'd run out of bait.
Door was open.
Excuse me.
Found these on Ned's clothes.
Looks like he was in the woods before he died.
We need to know everything about Ned Skye.
Check his phone.
Find out who he last spoke to.
And also Did he and Lex Bedford come into contact with each other? On it, sir.
Are you coming? Are you coming? Um, oh.
How am I gonna tell Simone? I'm sorry I have to do this now.
I'm right here.
When was the last time you saw your father? Me and Dad had a row.
I told him I wanted to get away.
I told him I wanted to get away.
When you say a row I'll never get to say sorry to him.
Does that make me a terrible daughter? Will that have been his last thought? No.
He loved you.
Everything he did was for you.
I was so angry, though.
Now, you look at me.
I've never heard a man talk about his daughter the way your dad spoke about you.
You were his life.
He didn't always go about it the right way, but he was always there for you.
And men like me, who were never there, well, he put us all to shame.
His last thought would've been about you.
And it would've been a loving one.
I promise you.
We know Harper is out on bail.
Have you seen him? I've been calling him, but he's not answering.
He was really angry with my dad, though.
You moving? Who knows? Could be high time for a change.
- What does that mean? - We've got work to do.
Is that the, uh, new layout for the Psycho Mud Run? Yeah.
Well, compared to the original, the new course looks a lot shorter and easier.
Yeah, and the hill climbs have gone, and a couple of the tougher features have been cordoned off.
When were the changes made? Ned lodged the new plans Ned lodged the new plans with the village council on the 16th.
That was the same day the fishing competition was announced.
So the minute he hears about the fishing competition, Ned Skye alters the course.
Rerouting it through the lake, which would imply that Ned was against the fishing tournament.
Have you established a link between Lex and Ned yet? Well, I did find this.
Do we know who the woman is? Yeah.
It's one Blaise McQuinn.
It's one Blaise McQuinn.
She and Ned were together once.
And Lex Bedford called her the day he arrived in Solomon Gorge.
Blaise McQuinn? The one and only.
We'd like to speak to you about Ned Skye.
Of course.
Anything to help.
When was the last time you saw him? It was quite a few years ago.
It was quite a few years ago.
Didn't see him more recently? No.
We went our separate ways, and that was that.
How did things end between you? Emotionally.
Is that all? Tell me about Lex Bedford.
Who, according to his phone records, called you as soon as he got to the village.
What was the phone call about? We used to be good friends back when he was a champion angler.
It's not a crime to say hello, especially not to a legend.
I keep hearing that, but surely fishing's just about luck.
Well if it was, Well if it was, then fools like you would be going 'round the world trying to earn small fortunes every month.
This is my career.
I get sponsored.
I sail the seven seas.
And you think it's because I'm lucky? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! - I've got him! I've got Ahab! - Excuse me.
Come on, you beauty! Come on! Come on, big fella! Oh, he's powerful.
I'm losing him.
- Aren't you gonna help him? - Two things.
Helping a fellow competitor means instant disqualification.
And the second? That is my fish.
You're not escaping me! - No, sir! No way! - Reel him in slowly.
Let the line play out and bring him back in.
You need to tire him out.
Just shut up! Just slowly.
Now get reeling! I can't think with you yapping in my ear! - Let me help.
- No! Stand back! Both of you! Winter! No! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! What the hell?! Oh! You owe me 20 K.
Twenty K! Do not put that online.
Thirty thousand fans demand it.
Have you heard from Harper since all this? Not sure I want to.
Simone, we know that the Psycho Run was rerouted at the last minute, but we don't know why.
Could you shed any light on that? I'm sorry.
Do we have to do this now? It's okay.
All Dad said was that it was something he had to do.
"Had to"? Those were his exact words? Did Ned and Lex meet at all? Did Ned and Lex meet at all? If they did, I never saw them.
How was your dad's relationship with Blaise McQuinn? Not great.
She wanted to travel the world with him.
He said no.
She got nasty.
It's a weird rule, not being able to help your fellow angler.
That's competitive fishing for you The emphasis on competitive.
Pros have to win at all costs.
Pros have to win at all costs.
You're all professionals, then, being paid to travel the world? Me? Chance would be a fine thing.
Although if I hooked a legend like Ahab, I could probably turn pro.
That's the dream scenario.
Strange that Lex Bedford would turn his back on that.
I never could figure that out.
I thought fishing was a compulsion, that once you start you can't quit.
If you want compulsion, you should take a look at Lex's old mentor.
And who would that be? Damian Lint.
Damian Lint.
The teacher taught the pupil, then the pupil turned around and showed the teacher what fishing was all about.
Were Lex and Damian Lint close? They're like father and son Once upon a time.
But not now? I think the phrase is Damian hated his guts.
I should've got married.
Well, John will be cooking next time, though.
Well, John will be cooking next time, though.
Oh, we're doing this again? Wonderful.
Oh, God.
It's later than I thought.
Oh, we can make up a spare bed.
Well, if you don't mind? No.
Of course not.
I need to hear more about retired life anyway.
Uh, excuse me.
Since when? Well, think about it.
You'd see a lot more of me.
- Mm - Mummy.
Oh, sweetheart.
What is it? I can't find my teddy.
Oh, then you're in luck, because you've got two policemen here who are both experts in finding lost teddies.
Who are both experts in finding lost teddies.
Now, tell me, madam Uh, where did you last see him? - In my bed.
- Ah.
Then I think you should probably start looking there.
I think we need to get you a couple of extra teddies so that we can all get some sleep.
And then you can be Goldilocks.
No, thank you.
Come on, darling.
Y-You're not serious, are you, about retiring? Y-You're not serious, are you, about retiring? Are you serious about becoming a cop again? Fleur's time of death for Ned puts Freddie Lamb very much in the picture.
He even told us himself that he was in the woods that night.
Shed's just around the corner.
If he's not in his shop, then he's got to be there.
It's definitely Freddie Lamb's shed? Uh Probably keeps bait in there.
That's not bait.
Anything for us yet, Fleur? These look like the murder weapons, but I'll know for sure later.
Exact time of death will be hard to tell because the body is frozen and the lividity will have slowed down.
And the lividity will have slowed down.
They're mounting up, Barnaby.
I'm well aware of that.
One remote control camera with infrared capability.
It can probably go out as far as 100 meters.
Cornelius was cheating? If he was, it looks like someone found out.
If he was, it looks like someone found out.
Go through the footage.
Cornelius may have inadvertently captured a clip of his killer.
Bit of a long shot, isn't it? No stone unturned, Artie.
Look into Blaise McQuinn.
She had a checkered past with Ned.
Let's see if she had some connection to Cornelius as well.
And we need to talk to Freddie Lamb again.
This used to be a man's world.
This used to be a man's world.
But women are here to fish, my friends.
And we're not going away any time soon.
Any luck with that? Freddie sold about 20 catapults, though there's one he can't account for.
Thinks it was stolen.
Any more on Blaise McQuinn? I did some digging.
She had a pretty fierce rivalry with Lex back when he was fishing.
Can you link her to Cornelius? Not so far.
There has to be someone we can connect to all three victims.
There has to be someone we can connect to all three victims.
Griffin needs the prize money, so he had the motive for Ned after he rerouted the mud run.
And even Cornelius for cheating.
And there was tension between him and Lex, though he denies it.
- Who else? - Sir.
Damian Lint is obsessed with catching Ahab, which means he wouldn't have had a lot of love for Ned.
And we know he hated Lex.
Which he failed to tell us about.
Cornelius' phone.
It was found in the woods along with Griffin Twigg's hat.
There are traces of Cornelius' blood on it.
Should we go and talk to Griffin? Should we go and talk to Griffin? Possibly not.
Only I saw Griffin leave his hat at the lake, and then Cornelius picked it up.
Let's look at people outside the world of fishing.
Well, Kaplan's the obvious one.
What if he wanted revenge on Lex for sacking him? And we both saw Ned humiliate him.
Simone has no alibi and was seriously at odds with her father.
But why kill the other two? And don't forget Freddie Lamb.
Two bodies were found at places he owns.
That was Jade-Marie.
We need to get to the lake.
It's hard to make out, but there is definitely a jeep down there.
A jeep? And human remains if I'm not mistaken.
And human remains if I'm not mistaken.
All right.
All right.
Hold her there.
Silvermane, I wouldn't touch that I-Izzy.
I It can't be.
I It can't be.
Silvermane, may I No.
I think I know who's in the jeep.
Don't say it.
Please don't say it.
It's Lola.
There has to be a mistake.
There's got to be.
She writes to me all the time.
I'm very sorry, Ms.
Silvermane, but the pathologist has established that an old leg injury on the body matches Lola's medical records.
She fell off her bike when she was 9.
Someone clearly knew how to copy your daughter's handwriting.
Someone clearly knew how to copy your daughter's handwriting.
It's all right.
I'm here.
What sort of a person would send these to me? Whoever it is, they clearly knew where your daughter was all along.
Sir, we've established a probable time of death for Cornelius.
He made a call at 10:48 last night, so it was sometime after that.
And the call was made to an automated weather-forecasting service.
Two things.
Apparently, Lola didn't own a car, so whose jeep was she driving? And also, I need a list of dates and places these postcards were sent from.
I need to ask you a few questions.
I need to ask you a few questions.
I've got a lot on.
I'm sorry.
How were things between you and Cornelius? He He was a decent bloke.
Uh, I used to take the mick a bit, but that's only 'cause I liked him.
Did he know Lex Bedford and Ned Skye? How would I know? It's just that I'm trying to establish a connection between the three victims.
T-They're linked? Also, your hat was found with Cornelius' blood on it.
I-I chucked that hat away.
It was It was meant to be lucky, but, um It was It was meant to be lucky, but, um A-Are you sure those deaths are connected? What are we gonna do? You can see what's happening, right? And what exactly is that, Griffin? I think someone tried to kill me.
And if they did, then And if they did, then Say it.
They may come for you as well.
We need each other.
- Don't.
- Blaise.
You go your way, and I'll go mine.
We still need alibis for all three murders, Freddie.
I honestly can't think straight right now.
I honestly can't think straight right now.
Tell me about Lola.
We were crazy about each other.
Anyone will tell you that.
Ask Izzy or Simone.
We found a suitcase in the vehicle which might suggest that Lola was leaving Solomon Gorge.
That seems odd if you two were so much in love.
Hand on my heart, I can't explain that.
There has to be something, Freddie.
It's important, no matter how small.
She had a row with her mum, but that was just standard mother-and-headstrong-daughter stuff.
A row? Izzy still blames herself for Lola running away.
Barmy thought, but I'd say this was the vehicle that collided with Lola.
But I'd say this was the vehicle that collided with Lola.
Do you have anything less barmy? Lola endured massive trauma.
I've seen it a hundred times in hit-and-run cases.
Instinct and years of being the most intelligent person in the room tells me we'll find samples of her skin and clothing on the front grille Assuming there's any left after all that time underwater.
She was run over and then put in the jeep afterwards? I believe so.
I want to know who the owner was and, more importantly, who was driving it.
I think this is Ned's jeep.
I think this is Ned's jeep.
I remember he reported it stolen.
Can you recall when? Same night Lola supposedly left Solomon Gorge.
Izzy's at the lake.
I'm holding the fort for now.
We'll need to go back as far as the night Lola disappeared.
I can do you a search.
Thank you.
Have you decided to close today? Thank you.
Have you decided to close today? Yeah.
It didn't feel right to open.
Here we are.
Lex Bedford stayed here 10 years ago.
So did Damian Lint and Blaise McQuinn.
No surprise there.
Was a big fishing competition on.
The Fisherman's Arms.
I'll get onto the postcards.
Give me a shout if you discover anything.
I'll update Barnaby.
- Jamie? - Yeah? - We work well together.
- Yeah.
We do.
We do.
We've been looking for you.
I've bought a plane ticket.
This explains everything.
Flying off? That's convenient.
It's not for me.
It's for Simone.
It's not for me.
It's for Simone.
It's a nice story, but Cornelius was killed at night.
It doesn't matter what you were doing this morning.
What are you doing? He has no alibi for Cornelius' murder.
But he has.
He was here last night Finishing with me, of all things.
I love you, and I want to set you free.
Get away.
Don't be held back anymore.
Thank you so much for canceling the fishing.
I couldn't be happier.
This is a police investigation, Mr.
Well, you'd better find Blaise.
Someone will nick that lot.
Mind you, she wouldn't even notice.
Hasn't done a single second of fishing.
We know you were in Solomon Gorge for the last big competition.
For the last big competition.
I'm around for every competition.
This particular one was 10 years ago.
A young woman was killed.
What woman? I don't remember that.
Who won that competition? Lex did.
Probably had a small victory party, as was his won't.
You celebrated in the village? Not me.
Wasn't invited.
I think he went to the next village alone.
A better pub with better beer.
You failed to mention that you and Lex were once close.
You failed to mention that you and Lex were once close.
I taught that ingrate everything, and not once did he ever credit me.
Not in one victory speech, not in one interview.
That clearly stung.
So you went to see Lex at the inn, only Harper was already there.
I didn't actually talk to Lex.
Believe me.
I couldn't face it.
How well did you know Ned Skye and Cornelius Tetbury? How well did you know Ned Skye and Cornelius Tetbury? You think I talk to Noddies? Noddies? Amateurs.
I haven't fallen that far.
But you must have worked out that Ned's Psycho Mud Run was ruining the fishing competition.
And perhaps you also knew that Cornelius was cheating.
He was? Then he got what he deserved.
There are worse places a girl can be than by the water in Madeira in the summer.
But there aren't many better, But there aren't many better, especially when she's in the form of her life.
It's a bit of a slow day today at the St.
Lawrence River, New York.
It's almost like the fish know we're here.
But I've got a few tricks up my sleeve, so watch this.
Fleur has more on the jeep.
The transmission was damaged in the hit-and-run, meaning it must have been pushed into the lake.
Meaning it must have been pushed into the lake.
Well, jeeps aren't exactly light.
Are we looking at a man mountain? Or somebody very fit and strong, like Harper Kaplan.
Harper has an alibi for Ned and there's no history between him and Cornelius.
Then maybe it was more than one person.
Damian Lint said that Lex always threw a small victory party, which means others were with him that night.
Sorry to interrupt, sir.
These are the postcards, and these are the stills from Blaise's vlog.
If you look at the stamp dates on the postcards and you compare them to the dates the vlogs were published, and you compare them to the dates the vlogs were published, you'll see that they correlate perfectly.
I think she sent the postcards, sir.
Good work, Jade-Marie.
You can come and work here again.
I want to know how Lex's celebration went and who else was there.
- Yeah.
On it, sir.
- Hey.
Hold on.
Teamwork makes the dream work, remember.
And I think we need to speak to Blaise again.
Blaise McQuinn? She's not in her room.
I'm just heading out.
I don't know where she is, I'm afraid.
How angry was she with your father after he left her? Volcanic.
Can you recall when they split up? I know it was a weird time.
Dad was not himself.
Plus he'd just had his Simone? They ended it a day after Dad's jeep got stolen.
Do you recognize this person? No.
- This one? - No.
I told you I haven't seen them before.
- Okay.
- Buy us a pint? - Let's try this one.
- No.
I'm sorry.
- There's a couple of quid.
- Still a miser.
I don't have to give you anything.
No luck.
Landlord wasn't working here 10 years ago.
- And we were doing so well.
- I see people.
With all due respect, sir.
With all due respect, sir.
I know everyone, and everyone knows me.
We're busy here right now, sir.
They had a ruddy great trophy with them.
Who did? You should've given me more than two quid.
- This is a murder investigation.
- And I'm parched.
Those two turned up in a jeep.
- Anyone else with them? - A bloke and a woman.
Is that them? Spot on.
Spot on.
That's very helpful.
Thank you.
For the girl, that is.
Not the bloke.
I've never seen him before.
But there was definitely another man? Have you got any more photos? Is that him? No.
Are you sure or are you just after another tenner? He was there, though.
He drove them here, and he drove them back.
And they all left together? Come on, skinflint.
You want more, you need to cough up.
Griffin? Izzy, what are you doing out here? Wandering.
Trying to make sense of things.
You look worse than me.
I don't know where to turn next.
I don't know where to turn next.
What is it? Tell me.
I might be able to help.
You've always been so kind to me.
And I don't deserve it.
I really and truly don't.
Only, God forgive me but I was the one driving that jeep.
But I was the one driving that jeep.
We've now got Blaise, Ned, Griffin, and Lex in the jeep.
They take a shortcut through the woods.
- And hit Lola.
- Which writes the jeep off.
- So they decide to shove it - And poor Lola.
Into the lake rather than explain what happened.
Blaise then starts sending postcards to stop Izzy wondering where her daughter is.
And now two of the people involved in Lola's death have been murdered.
You're positive Cornelius wasn't in the jeep? The witness had perfect recall.
The killer mistook Cornelius for Griffin.
The killer mistook Cornelius for Griffin.
The hat.
It was dark.
He was hit from behind.
So if his murder was a mistake, that means Someone in the jeep could be bumping the others off.
In order to protect the secret and themselves.
Or someone knows what happened and they're taking revenge on Lola's killers.
We need to find Blaise and Griffin.
One or both of them could be in danger.
No one will know you're here.
I still can't believe you're helping me.
It was an accident.
What would be the point in ruining more lives? It wasn't my fault.
It was Lex's.
It was Lex's.
He kept fooling around.
He was waving the trophy in my face.
And then I took my eyes off the road for one second and then when I looked up, she was there Lola in the middle of the lane.
I had to stand by and watch those postcards arriving.
The amount of times I wanted to say something.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! It's been a torture for everyone.
You just sit tight while I work out what to do next.
Izzy? Izzy? Come on, Izzy! Izzy! Izzy! Sir.
Thank you.
New recruits? A gift from a friend.
Quick update on Cornelius.
You need to revise your thinking on the time of death.
Based on the body's lividity compared with the temperature of the freezer it was found in, he was killed earlier than we originally thought Probably around 9:00 p.
Oh, but he made a phone call at 10:48 that night.
Oh, but he made a phone call at 10:48 that night.
Only through a medium.
Keep me updated.
There's still no sign of either Blaise or Griffin.
I've put out an APB.
Lola went into the woods with her suitcase but never said goodbye to Freddie because She was killed before she had the chance.
But why take a path through the woods? Freddie's shed is out there.
Would you take a suitcase to someone's shed? He keeps bait there.
What if she was never actually leaving the village? Where else would she be going? We know that she had an argument with her mother.
What if, in typical teenage fashion, she decided to move out, to go and live somewhere else and with someone else? Have we got a map of Solomon Gorge? Yeah.
What are we looking for? Sir? Sir? Goldilocks.
The three bears lived contentedly in their cottage in the woods.
And then Goldilocks turned up.
There's the path that leads to the cottage.
What's that? You don't want to do that, Artie.
You don't want to do that, Artie.
When did you find out Lola was your daughter? Knew you'd work it out in the end, John.
Didn't want it to be this quickly, though.
What gave it away? Little things.
When you were comforting Simone, you said that her father's care for her put you to shame.
But you don't have a family, and you told Sarah you were a lifelong bachelor.
And you told Sarah you were a lifelong bachelor.
Definitely wouldn't get my job back making mistakes like that.
The call from Cornelius' phone when you were with me and Sarah, though That was clever.
That threw me off.
But then Fleur had worked out that the real time of death was a few hours earlier.
You are good.
I hope for Causton's sake you stay on.
But I'm not going to prison, John.
Thank you for the teddy bears, Artie.
Couldn't help myself.
Betty's a great kid.
And you were great with her.
That give it away too? A little.
Oh, my God.
Oh! Do something! Yeah.
Like you deserve saving.
I didn't do anything! I was in the back of the jeep! I-It was the others that made me What, send postcards?! That was you, right? Probably your idea.
Lola's necklace was a gift from you, wasn't it? Lola's necklace was a gift from you, wasn't it? It was for her 18th.
Izzy had only just told me that I was Lola's dad, and I panicked.
Went to Ned for advice, and he said that a good dad was what every girl deserved.
I went straight out and bought that necklace.
Left it on her doorstep.
But she wanted to know who it was from.
Get me off this boat! Get me off this boat! Shut up! Izzy eventually told her.
We met up a few times.
I mean, I-I'd known her all her life as a As a kid in the village but now as my daughter.
It was strange.
Wasn't easy for Izzy, though.
They had a-a big row, and then Lola just turned up on my doorstep.
Said she was coming to live with me.
But I didn't know how to be a dad, John! It was too soon.
And I, um I sent her back to her mum.
I sent her back to her mum.
And that's why she was walking through the woods with her suitcase that night.
She was on her way back from your cottage.
I never told you where I live.
Your return address was on the parcel with the bears.
No good deed goes unpunished, eh? And then after she disappeared, you spent the next 10 years blaming yourself for her leaving Solomon Gorge.
I tried so hard to bring her home I tried so hard to bring her home to say sorry.
I gave up everything just to try and find But she wasn't there to find, was she? And then the postcards started arriving.
Nothing for you, though.
And you thought you had lost Lola for good.
I got over it.
At least I thought I had.
And then Lex Bedford showed up.
At least I thought I had.
And then Lex Bedford showed up.
Came to me to confess.
Thought I was still a cop.
Not knowing he was really talking to Lola's father.
He gave me the names of the others, and something just snapped.
I'm sorry about Cornelius.
Stupid hat threw me.
But I And for what it's worth, John I didn't enjoy lying to you.
And for what it's worth, John I didn't enjoy lying to you.
I don't care about that, Artie.
You've killed three people.
Who took my daughter from me.
This is justice.
I never got to be her dad.
That was my little girl, John.
I was that close to being like every other dad, hmm? Like you, in fact.
No, but No.
I-I was one of the unlucky ones, huh? No.
I-I was one of the unlucky ones, huh? The ones that never quite get to be there for their daughters.
Please do something! What about Griffin Twigg? Is he still out there? Couldn't find him.
And I could feel you getting close.
Aah! No! - No, no, no, no, no, no! - So - No! - Blaise can drown alongside me.
And I'll just have to hope that Lola understands.
And I'll just have to hope that Lola understands.
- No, Artie.
- Sir? Take good care of Betty.
No! No! Winter! - Nice work.
- You too.
We should have a chat sometime.
We should.
There's one more Griffin Twigg.
Assuming he hasn't already fled.
He hasn't.
I've got him locked up.
I've got him locked up.
My office.
He's fine.
Probably best not to ask.
So are you retiring? Me? What ever gave you that idea? Well, you did, sort of.
All those pictures of quaint cottages.
Retire? I'm in my prime, Winter.
Retire? I'm in my prime, Winter.
She can't be serious.
I asked Jade-Marie out, and, uh, and she's just said that she just likes me as a friend.
I could have sworn I was I was getting a vibe off her, you know? How could you misread that? Honestly.
You call yourself a detective? Don't text her now.
You'll just embarrass yourself.
- Give that to me.
- Don't Oh Steady.
There's a monster lurking out there.
There's a monster lurking out there.
Probably just a tiddler.
It's a fisherman's tale.
You know, I think I'm due an upgrade.