Milo Murphy's Law (2016) s01e90 Episode Script

Missing Milo (Special)

1 # Look at that sun Look at that sky # # Look at my sweater vest I look so fly # # Look at that mailbox Look at that tree # # It's about as beautiful as it can be # # Whoa # Today is gonna be exceptional Never boring even for a minute # It's my world and we're all livin' in it # - # Whoa, whoa # - # We're all livin' in it # Never boring even for a minute # It's my world and we're all livin' in it # You know that game where the floor is molten lava? No floor is molten lava! - We survived! - Yeah, but our snacks didn't.
I'd say we could go back to the convenient store, but our way is blocked.
Now it's more of an in-convenient store.
Up high! Nobody? No, nobody at all? I'll grab some snacks at the grocery store.
And then we can meet in my house to watch the lost pilot episode of "Dr.
" - How can we watch a lost episode? - They found it.
- But then isn't it a "found" episode? - You're really into semantics.
And you have too many chinchillas.
There's no such thing.
Eh! Ow! - Curse it all! - I told you to ride the brakes.
- Not good on the discs.
- Yeah, well, it's not good on the front of the car to hit a brick wall.
Ah, there it is.
But wait one moment.
We were assigned to protect this very same plant once before.
Yeah, and if memory serves, we failed.
Right? But somehow it survived.
The slime has my foot.
Maybe we're getting a do-over.
Or we are the butt of some huge cosmic joke.
I'm not going to stand here and be mocked.
It's him.
Protect the plant.
I thought that we decided that he wasn't the villain.
- We don't know that.
- Wait, here's a crazy idea Hey, Murphy Why don't we just ask him? - Oh, hi, guys.
- Hmm, that's just what we expected you to say.
Ignore him.
Murphy, we've noticed that our paths seem to cross a lot, and things keep going wrong when you're around.
- So we're just wond - Oh, sure! It's Murphy's Law.
- Excuse me? - Whenever I'm around, Murphy's Law takes effect.
Oh, you mean, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong? Exactly! - Yeah, okay.
- You're not deliberately thwarting our mission? - What mission is that? - We are time travelers from - the future protecting pistachios.
- Okay.
But why would I want to thwart that mission? I love pistachios! Pistachios, the nut that's green - # It always makes such great cuisine # - Oh, yeah! That commercial with the waiter who drops the Yeah.
Yeah! And the pistachio goes up that guy's nose Oh! Those are great.
So you're not working against us? - Not to my knowledge.
- Well, that's a relief.
Ah, well.
I better get going before things get any worse.
Whoa! Look out! Oh, no.
I almost stepped right on it! See, that's what I am talking about.
Good thing you guys where here.
Do you think we saved it? - We did it.
- We did it! Yes! We did it, we did it.
Eh, there goes the chain.
Might as well replace the missing tire while I am at it.
This is it, the turning point.
We have to call Mr.
What do you two want? We did it, sir! We saved the pistachio plant.
We're ready for our next assignment.
What? You clearly didn't fix it because I don't see pistachios in this can of mixed nuts.
Hey! What in the name of No, get away from me! Um, Sir? Sir! Get to the panic room.
Evacuate! Everyone! He must be pranking us.
Block is such a joker.
You'll never take me alive! Yes, you must be right.
It can't be real.
This is real! What did you do? What did you You know, I still think he's pranking us.
Well, there is no signal coming from the future now.
- No signal at all.
- Uh, he's pranking us.
Remember that thing with the shaving cream? - This is like that.
- Well, maybe.
But I still think we should get back to 2175, - and see what's going on.
- Well, we could, but you broke our transport.
Where are we going to find another time vehicle? Come on.
I got an idea.
Hey, guys! Y-You dropped this.
Hey, hey! Hey, guys! Hey, guys.
Have you checked out these horderves? Those are fantast Bricks, Savannah! Ooh! Are those new boots? What are you two fools doing here? - Looking for you, actually.
- There they are! - You can't just walk in here.
- Hey! Watch the horderves! Whoa! We are not with these two idiots! - Oh, man! - Do you have any idea how much planning it took us to get in there? Well, that seems like a wasted of effort.
- We just waltz in the front gate.
- Yes.
And now thanks to you the world will just have to live with the common cold for another few centuries.
Good day! So anyway, the reason we dropped by is that we have a favor to ask you.
- What do you want? - Can we borrow you're vehicle? - No! - We just want to swing by the future, and, you know, make sure it's still there.
- Wait.
What's wrong with the future? - Oh, oh, nothing, nothing that we, um, that we know of yet.
- I'm sure it's fine.
- So? You wanna borrow our car? Yes.
Thank you.
Ow! What was that? You were supposed to catch it without looking.
We worked on that? I thought you were just throwing things at me.
There is no force on earth that could make us loan you our car.
Hey, guys.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes! Thanks, kid.
Got to go.
She's breaking up, Time Ape.
If this keeps up, we'll fall right out of the time stream itself.
We are literally out of time.
Come in.
Are we missing the lost episode? Well, technically, it is now a "found" episode.
- Thank you.
- And, no.
The lost episode is from 1965.
- It's in black and white.
- Where's Milo? I don't know.
He's cutting it close.
- I'll call him.
- Probably Murphy's Law throwing llamas or cosmonauts at him again.
One minute until the network premier of the infamous Lost episode which has now been found.
- No answer.
- Well, that doesn't mean anything.
Milo goes through three phones a week.
- Mmm.
We should go look for him.
- Yeah, okay.
Uh, Sara, can you pause it till we get back? What? I have been waiting for this! Milo would not want to miss this.
- Oh, all right.
- We'll be right back.
- # Pistachio, the nut that's green # - ZACK AND Sara! I'm pausing it, I'm pausing it.
Milo said he was coming here, but - But what? - The cans are still stacked, the watermelons are all intact, the sodas haven't exploded.
I don't think he's been here.
- Josh, have seen Milo around? - I have not.
You do know how to drive this, don't you? Of course I do.
- Mmm.
- Ugh! - There we go.
- Hmm.
- Hey, guys! - Kid, this is no place for a, for a kid.
You, you gotta get out of here.
I just wanted to give you back you're No, Diogee.
You're not supposed to be in the limo.
Go on, go home.
Oh, guys, I almost forgot Ahhh! They better not reset my radio stations.
Oh, they're your radio stations? I know.
You're in the car, too.
My backpack! G-Guys, we gotta go back for my back pack.
Whoa! Are we time traveling? No, we are time traveling.
You shouldn't be here.
What's with all the clocks? You know, you get a lot of these in the time stream.
I think it's somebody's idea of a joke.
So where are we going? Or should I say "when?" This isn't a school field trip, boy.
We may have altered the space time continuum in ways disastrous to all mankind.
Or maybe our boss is pulling a prank on us.
Ooh! Tunes! I'm gonna make this a preset.
I can't find you, where you gone? Is it some exotic trip you're on? Did ya dawdle up the Amazon? Or are you just laying low? You're not here, you're not there I've looked for you almost everywhere I ask around, but only get blank stares No one seems to know No one seems to know 'Cause I can't find you Can't track you down Are you hiding out or did you just skip town? I searched this city up and down It's like I'm always two steps behind you And I, I can't find you - Any luck? - No.
Zack, where is Milo? So how bad did you guys screw up the future? Whoa, whoa, whoa! I said we may have altered things slightly.
Yeah, we are probably just overreacting.
If everything checks out, we'll just grab a future snack, and take you home.
And here we are.
Welcome to 2175.
Wow! The future looks amazing! You too can buy a condo in the sky.
Um, well, it's a little weathered, I guess, but it's still nice.
This is not how the future is supposed to look.
- How could this have happened? - Okay, we need to hightail over to the Time Bureau and find Mr.
- Milo? You stay close, kid.
- Roger that! So, in the future are pistachios supposed to look like that? - No, they are not.
- They are not.
They are like mutated pistachio trees.
Dakota, could we have caused this by saving that one plant? I don't think so.
But let's get over to the Time Bureau.
Come on.
I know a back way.
Oh, wait.
There's Float Cone.
I think we have to make a right.
A peach? Who the devil would throw a peach? And who would throw one away? Oh, no, quick! Take cover.
Whoa! If it wasn't for that peach, we would have stepped out there and gotten caught.
There's Mr.
Block! I guess he wasn't pranking us.
You're just figuring that out? I I claim this land for Pistashions.
We will now reboot it in our image.
You know, except for south beach.
That place is perfect the way it is.
You know, that guy looks familiar.
That guy? Who have you been hanging around with? I'm so proud of all of you.
Here, Brandy, I want to get a family photo.
Everyone, scooch in, scooch in.
That's it.
We'll do one real one, and one crazy one.
All right, everyone say "Go nuts!" Go nuts! Okay, last one.
Everybody say Wait a minute! Attack those humans! Wait a minute! Attack those humans! No, I mean, really, attack those humans! Uh, what's the plan now? - I would recommend running.
- Run! Oh! I blinked my eyes on that one.
Thanks, Dad.
Nobody's seen him.
What did your dad say? No big emergencies in town means no Milo.
- It's all quiet.
- I don't get it.
Where is he? - Should we be worried? - I don't know Yet - Diogee! - Diogee, you want us to follow you? Hey.
How did you get that from "Arf"? Seriously?! How did you get that from "Arf"?! - I can't get a read on where they went.
- Milo's back pack! He never goes anywhere without this.
Milo? Milo? Okay, now I am worried.
- Sara.
We found Milo's backpack.
- Is he attached to it? If he was, we would have given him top billing.
He would never leave that behind.
- Can you bring it here? - Be right there.
- Hey, what are you doing? - Uh, hello, youths.
- We are with the CPA.
- Certified Public Accountants? - Sure - We'd like to ask you a few questions.
What kind of questions? Is that you're backpack? It's not, is it? Um We were just leaving.
Now! Uh, wait.
We need to see your itemized deductions.
- Are they following us? - Close enough that they can hear you.
- Who are those guys? - I don't know and I don't care.
- We've got to get back to Sara.
- I've got an idea.
That boy that got into our limo with Cavendish and Dakota.
That was his backpack.
- Solid summary.
- Thanks for noticing.
We'll get these kids, get whatever they know, get our limo back, and get back to doing what we do best.
- Everything.
- You know us so well.
Are you flirting with me? - In your dreams.
- That's where you live.
- Nope.
Doesn't work.
- No chemistry.
- None.
Not even close.
- Nope.
Milo gave me the two dollar tour on my first day.
I would have been lost without him.
I know what you mean.
Why'd you stop? I told you I'd be lost without him.
And I'm without him, so I'm lost.
Right now in this sewer.
Now we're found.
Let's start with who your friend is, and who you are.
Actually just hold still.
I interrogate better when the other person is tied up.
Hey! It's that weird guy! - The Undergrounder.
- Mmm-mmm.
Run this way.
- Just meant to follow him.
- I knew that.
- Scott, can you get us out of here? - Yes, I can be your leader.
Follow me! As soon as we stop sliding.
They're right behind us.
Don't worry, we're in my backyard now.
I mean, literally, that's my house.
And now we are in my front yard.
This is where I keep my bread.
But seriously, don't worry, 'cause I have got booby traps all over the place.
La-la, la-la, la! Ha-ha Come to me, my chickens! - Those aren't chickens.
- And that's not a rooster.
Thanks, Scott.
We've got to get to Sara.
Should I go with you? I should stay here.
I'll stay here.
If you need me you know where I'll be In the sewer.
Come on, Mildred.
Don't give me that look, Mildred! I can't introduce you to every person that comes down here.
That way.
In here.
That gave them the slip.
All right.
Let me catch my breath.
- Phew! - Huh? Well, what do you know? One taffy milkshake.
- Really? Now? - Just seeing if it works.
Besides, I eat when I am nervous.
The Float Cone wasn't open.
- You want one? - No.
What I want is some sort of weapon we can use against these plants.
Like, I don't know, a hedge trimmer? I have one.
Three actually.
Ha! Well, I had three in my backpack before I lost it.
You had three hedge trimmers in your backpack? Man, you must really like to garden.
Well, I just try to be prepared, you know.
Murphy's Law.
Hey! Chew on this! - Taaffe? - Come on! Hurry! Up here.
Don't call attention to ourselves.
Welcome to the Shopping Plaza.
I think we've called attention to ourselves.
Ah! Are you watching the episode? I'll rewind it.
Where were you guys? What took so long? Two Certified Public Accountants were chasing us! And a guy who lives under the city - and eats rats saved our lives.
- What about Milo? I think something is really wrong.
- Oh, boy! This is not good.
- Sara, what do we do? Diogee, we need to find Milo.
Here, boy.
Is that really going to work? Duh! Diogee is the greatest dog in the world.
- It's on his food bowl, and everything.
- It is? I didn't know it was in Chinese when I ordered it.
Lets' just think this through.
Milo's abilities aren't limited to the backpack.
He's quick, and he's resourceful.
I'm sure he is Diogee? Whoa, Diogee, what is Bark! Bark, bark, bark! Why are you making barking sounds? - He's a dog.
- I meant Sara.
I think Diogee found Milo.
But whatever will we do, Doctor? Milo? Wait a minute, where is he? We're all going to die! Ah! What does this do? Operator occupied.
Hey! Grab my hands.
Ow! Ow! Ow! Destination selected.
Quickly, turn it off! - Can't.
This thing's toast.
- Lemme see.
Um, red wire, green wire, blue! Phew! Well done, champ.
I really like this kid.
Look, the Time Limo.
Milo, land this thing over there.
If by land you mean bail out before we crash, - you got it.
Get ready and - Well, I Now! Oh, great! Here comes the nut jobbers again.
Let's get out of here.
- We'll never get it moving.
- We don't have to.
Just get in.
- You're flooding it.
- I'm not flooding it.
So what's the next stop? To get some answers.
I have an idea.
Oh! I really thought we had them.
How cool is that time machine? Pile in, boys.
Time to take this show on the road.
I call shotgun! Now, let's find those humans, and destroy them.
Guys! A little help here? Guys? Did we get them? Hello? Am I seeing what I'm seeing? This is the lost episode.
The original pilot.
The Seed Beasts.
This was shot in 1965.
Milo was i-is on a show that was shot over 50 years ago? I'm with Diogee.
What is going on? You got that from a "Roo?" Only time will tell.
Yeah, that ought to do it.
How far in time did we just travel? Uh, ten minutes back and one block over.
That should buy us enough time to figure out how all of this happened and how we can stop it.
And maybe get something to eat.
What We gotta keep up out strength, we might have to fight giant Oh, no! Oh, no, we have to warn ourselves.
- What are we going to do? - Wait.
- Here, use this peach.
- Good idea.
A peach? Who the devil would throw a peach? And who would throw one away? Oh, no, quick, take cover.
Wait a moment, where did you get that peach? - Someone threw it at you earlier.
- But that someone was me.
- I know.
- But where did I get it? - From me.
- Yes, but where did you get it? - Someone threw it at you earlier.
- But that someone was me.
- I know.
- But where did I get it?! - From me! - Yes, but where did you get it?! - Someone threw it at you earlier.
- But that some ! Melissa, why didn't you bring us to your house? If there's a clue about Milo's whereabouts, it'll be in here.
Whoa! Hey, do you do this for all of your friends? - Where's mine? - Oh, Zack! Melissa, why would you collect all of this stuff? Yeah, some of this stuff is weirdly specific.
I started collecting this, thinking, maybe I could figure it out, you know.
Find a cure for Murphy's Law.
But then I realized, Milo wouldn't want that.
But for some reason, I kept collecting info, so at least, maybe, I could reign it in or explain it or monetize it.
- Uh, whose tooth is this? - Here's the time we had to put all those robots in a shark cage.
Oh, and the time we had to go to that lumber yard to apologize.
Wait a minute.
Who are these guys? - They look familiar.
- Oh, those guys? I saw them up here, too.
Right here.
And here.
Don't they sell pistachios or something? Weird! They're dressed like Dr.
Zone - and Time Ape in every picture! - What does that mean? It can't be a co-incidence.
Milo in the episode, these two in all these pictures.
There's a Dr.
Zone connection.
- With her, it's always a Dr.
Zone connection.
- I know, right? The library's holographic data array should provide some information about this plant up rising.
World domination, world domination by Llamas So, how does this Murphy's Law thing work, anyway.
What makes it happen? I don't know, really.
I'm just caught in its crosslink.
How about time travel? How does that work? No idea.
We literally just push a button.
Some guy name Professor Time invented it years ago, for you.
- Years from now, I guess.
- Wait, the guy who invented - time travel was named Professor Time? - Yeah, so? Oh, hey, that's a coincidence.
What are the odds? Yeah, he probably had it changed for branding purposes.
Whoo! I found something.
Look at this.
Hello and welcome to the hollow key Push any Shh! Keep your voice down for goodness sake.
Give us the abridged version of the pistachio plant's "Conquest of the World.
" Uh, quietly.
Okay! Sheesh! It all started with a small pistachio plant in a middle school courtyard.
Hey, that's my school.
As the plant grew, it gained intelligence and sentience and eventually uprooted itself and became King Pistashion.
Hey, that's the guy we saw out there.
And he started in the courtyard of my middle school.
What are the odds? You're right, even money.
But the King Pistashion ultimately took over the capital building, at Time Travel Bureau.
They immediately rounded up all the clock.
- Why would they do a thing like that? - It makes no sense.
Got you! We were being deliberately obtuse about that clock thing.
But, hey, this must be Cavendish and Dakota.
- But who's this? - Milo Murphy.
Well, now that we have you and your Time Vehicle, no one will be able to go back in time and alter the king's existence.
Oh, yeah? Well, there's one thing you haven't accounted for.
I don't think so.
We got the Time Travelers, we got the Time Vehicle.
We even got some random middle school kid.
Oh, what in the world was that? Murphy's Law, nutjober.
Come on, let's go.
The Time Limo is just outside.
- Ha! - Okay, that does it.
Milo, get behind me, I'm gonna clock this guy.
- Get it? 'Cause it's a bag of clocks.
- I get it! Go, go, go, go! All right, get in! - Did you get 'em? - Oh, yeah, yeah.
They're right here in my hand.
- There's nothing in your hand.
- Look closer.
Ow! So, is this another house with a weird shrine to Milo? It's the home of Orton Mahlson.
Creator of the Dr.
Zone file.
He actually retired here a few months ago and became a bit of a recluse.
Maybe, he can tell us how Milo was in that 1965 pilot episode.
Diogee "Ex Machina" Murphy, you get home this instant! Hmm.
That's weird, he always goes home when you - Wait, his middle name is Ex Machina? - Never mind that.
The creator of your favorite show of all time lives across town from you and this is the first time you've ever been here? Yeah, today.
I usually just stare from behind that tree.
Oh, please, go away! I don't give autographs and I don't take "shelfies" or whatevers you kids call them.
No, Mr.
Mahlson, we aren't here for that.
" Of course, if you're offering Oh, no, no, this is an emergency.
Oh, all right! Whoa! You look like a really old Dr.
Yeah, that was totally worth opening the door for.
Thanks, kid! Sorry, I mean, I didn't know you were the show's creator and the star! - Sara, you knew this? - Of course.
Who doesn't know that? Newbies! Well, we escaped and we got a free bag of clocks.
Yes, but if they have their own time machine and if they leave soon enough, they could follow our arm trail.
And you had to jinx us.
They just jumped into the time stream.
If I only had my bag pack, I have a ton of stuff that we could use to take care of those guys.
- Yeah, you said, you had three hedge trimmers, right? - Oh, among other things.
Why would you have three hedge trimmers in your bag pack? In case, two of them break.
I try to pack for any eventuality.
What we need to do is put some physical distance between us and them before we make our next jump.
We gotta find a time period where we can lose 'em.
Some place chaotic, like a parade or a great battle.
We need to find some place where we know what's going to happen and they don't.
That way, we can navigate and get back out.
Wait, I know just the time.
And the place! - We've got them now.
- Great, they followed us.
Over here, you over grown light snacks! - Okay, turn left up here by the football stadium.
- How does this help us? Because I've been here before and I know Turn right up here.
Hey, Pistashions.
You can't get us.
You're too busy doing photosynthesis.
Go, get 'em, now! - Llamas? - Okay, what was that? The Llama incident.
Let's go! - Dad, we lost them.
- Never mind that.
I know exactly where they're going.
And we're going to get there, before them.
Get out! And then we found these two weird guys and a bunch of our friend's pictures.
- Show 'em, Melissa.
- Here! Let's seen now.
Oh, Cavendish and Dakota.
Yes, yes, very strange pistachio obsessed fellows.
It was them that gave me the inspiration for Dr.
Zone and Time Ape.
- A-And what about our friend Milo? - Oh, yes, of course.
They had the young ward with them.
Oh, and now that I think about it, he left me something.
He said that, in 50 years, someone might ask about him.
And I was to give them this letter.
All the hairs on the back of my neck just stoop up.
- And I shave my neck every day! - This letter could be W-Wait, you shave your neck every day? - It's from Milo, dated 50 years ago.
- What does it say? "Meet me at school with my bag pack at 3:00 P.
on" Wait, that's today's date.
And less than 15 minutes from now! - Oh, don't forget this.
- Thanks.
I am not worthy! Oh, I hope, I haven't told them too much.
Or too little.
Oh, I don't know.
"Shelfie"! Oh, I'm posting that.
I think we lost them.
Wait, there's something weird with the time stream.
Where are all the clocks? This must be before the clock got put W-Wait, why are you pushing buttons? I can't seem to set our destination time.
There must be something wrong with the terminal collector.
Young man, would you take a look at - the antenna on the back of the car? - Oh, sure! Let's see.
Oh, yeah.
It looks like it's bent, and the gas cap is missing, and the Ow! There's a Pistashion on the roof! Hang on, kid, I got you! Hey, look at that, it was me! Apparently, it was me.
I'm the joker that put all the clocks in the time stream.
- I'm a riot! - All right, we should be good.
Approaching time period.
- Oh, it's fixed! - It was me, I was the joker.
Shocking! - Well, well - We gotta go! - No time for that! - Time travel emergency! Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.
You gotta stop when I put that sign up, or all society What the heck is that thing? A portal in the fabric of time and space! - Probably! - Okay, that's outside my jurisdiction.
Milo? - You - You wish it was Milo! Jerry, we talked about this! I-I was gonna do the zinger.
- Sorry, Dad.
- Okay.
You wish Yep, see? Moment's gone! You ruined it.
- Who are you? - What are you? I am King Pistashion.
And we're here to destroy you and your time traveling friends.
Well, not me, per se.
These guys will destroy you.
Say hello, boys! - Hello! - Howdy! Don't let their congenial manner fool you.
They're a lot tougher than they look.
This one ate a congressman! And this one destroyed a city before he could walk.
Here, look.
I have pictures, look.
General mayhem! Here Look, that's from Jerry's surprise party! Remember that, Jerry? We all got those - Anything in there we can use? - I'm looking, I'm looking.
- Why does he have a soap block in here? - I don't know! that skate off at the civic center.
Ooh! Is that me? Aw.
Look at me.
Just a seedling, really.
With my whole life in front of me.
- Dad, they're looking for weapons.
- Mulch them! - Zack! - Yes, three pairs of hedge trimmers! Back, you plant monsters, or I'll trim your Okay, the middle fell out! So, what are the odds of all three breaking at once? You guys, this must mean that Milo's close.
Wait, how did they get here before us? - Milo! - Melissa, Zack, my bag pack, Sara! - Wait, I'm after bag pack? - Here we go.
Catch! Everybody, get in.
- We gotta get my bag pack! - We're gonna have to circle back, kid.
- Punch it! - I am trying! I've always wanted to ride in a Limo.
But these were not the circumstances I was imagining.
You're flooding it again.
I'm not flooding it.
Hold on! - Are you guys okay? - Yeah! But where have you been? Why are there plant monsters after us? And more importantly, why are there plant monsters?! Well, that's a long story Look out! - Score! - Move that window back up.
Oh, where are my manners? - This is Cavendish and Dakota! - Greetings! - Hola! - Oops.
Run back.
These guys are actual time travelers from the future.
Oh, you see that giant tree that's about to ram us? That's King Pistashion from the future.
And that is him in our time, right over there.
- Aw.
It's cute.
- It's dangerous! You sure? 'Cause that's the only plant not trying to kill us.
Oh, yeah.
In the future, he grows a huge army of these guys and they basically take over the world.
So, in order to destroy that big plant monster, - we have to destroy the little one? - Exactly! Just run it over! - The science room! - Oh, watch out for the turtle! Oh, we're in the girls bathroom.
- How do I get out of here? - Turn at the library.
- No, no.
The other way! - All right, backing up.
- There's the plant! - Run it over! That's what I'm trying to do.
Whoo-hoo! Dad's got 'em! Grab hold, boys! Come on, get out of there! Now, no one can go back to stop us.
Hey, guys, look at me.
I'm riding in a Limo! - Oh! My turn! - Boys, leave that thing alone.
You don't know where it's been! Check the trunk.
It's just Brick and Savannah's disguises.
Wait, what's this? - They got a rocket engine? - Infuriating.
Maybe, we can use this.
One, two Uh, you might want to step out of the way.
My bag pack! Three.
Oh, yeah.
That feels better.
- Milo! - Ouch! Where is he? Whoo-hoo! I'm over here! Why is he heating up a salt block? Remember Chemistry class? Boom! Yeah, take that, nutjobers! Okay, I need you guys to operate the catapult.
Oh, man.
You got everything here except the kitchen - Sink! Wait, that was in your bag pack? - No, I got it over there.
I think, it came from the girl's bathroom.
Release the hounds of war! If you guys can keep him busy, I'll go after the little plant.
- Piano wench and cable snares.
- Got it! - Triple extra-large straight jacket.
- Got it.
Sorry, I'm running low.
- Wind chimes and a self-inflating air mattress! - Okay Be creative.
Just try to keep them off of me.
Ha, a spare! Can you help me add this up? Just give me a hand! Yes! Uh? Whoo-hoo! Dad, I got one.
- Hey.
- Keep going, Milo! Huh? Look out! Ow.
- Bull's eye! - Oh, dear! Oops! I wouldn't do that.
And I think you friends might agree with me.
No! Now, move away from that pistachio plant, Milo! Yeah, there's nothing in that bag pack for you, now, is there? Well, yeah, I'm almost all tapped out.
I've just got this bird whistle.
Or more specifically, a woodpecker whistle.
Woodpeckers! Oh, no! Oh, no! Ahhh! Woodpeckers! Shoo! Shoo! Oh, my back! Oh! I've had just about enough of you, young man.
- Yes, you have! - Wait a minute, why are you smiling? Because I never told Diogee to go home.
See, I read that your particular species of pistachio plant is extremely vulnerable to uric acid.
One of the main ingredients of dog pee.
And I happen to have the best dog in the world.
You haven't seen the last of me, Milo Murphy.
You haven't seen the last I regret that I have one life to give for my Well, if it isn't candy pants and dumb totem.
- It is not.
- So, boss, what'd you think of our reports? Not monsters, magical bag packs, you two, and I quote, "Saving the world?" If you think that I can't see through your absurd attempt to get off pistachio duty, you got another thing coming.
Now, get to work! The time stream healed around him, he'll never know what we did.
Hey, guys! I checked and the turtle is all right.
Thanks a lot, Murphy.
I saved a couple clocks from the time stream.
Why don't you keep one as a souvenir? Well, yes, I must admit, I had my doubts about you, my boy.
But you really came through for us.
- It was quite a day, wasn't it? - I'd say.
Well, children, we really should be on our way.
- Thanks, again.
- So long! Good bye! - I really like that kid.
- Yes, yes, he's all right.
Our car? Oh, right Uh, here you go.
- Have fun.
- Thanks for the loan! Yeah, just keep pressing the button, that'll help.
So, Milo, Melissa's got a secret room.
Covered in pictures of you.
- Really? - It's not what you think.
You mean, you're not cracking Murphy's Law in the hopes of getting to the bottom of its influence and how best to help me? Wow, I guess, it's exactly what you think.
But how did you know where I was going to be? And when I was going to be? But whatever will we do, Doctor? - Wow.
- Right? - I'm not a very good actor.
- Right.
You also sent us this letter from 1965.
Wait, it's my handwriting, but I didn't write it.
At least, not yet! I don't think, Milo's time traveling days are over.
So, when you do go back there, you have to remember to write this note and give it to Orton Mahlson.
Well, why don't you just give him this one? It worked with peaches, apparently.
So, why do you think you'll time travel next time? I don't know, but hopefully, it'll have nothing to do with pistachios.
Huh? Go, Milo Go, Milo, go I'm already going, actually.
But, thanks, everybody! - Wow! - # Go, Milo Go, Milo, go # Oops, I slipped in that puddle Now my clothes are all muddy I'm there waiting for a bell to ring I'm not following a beat of drumming I'm not looking for a brand new thing 'Cause I know I got another thing coming Another thing coming Another thing coming You know there always is another thing coming The next thing is gonna be sensational Go, Milo Go, Milo, go Oh, thanks, everybody! That was so motivational.
Whoa Whoa I'm not sitting here watching the world turn You know I'd rather spin it Go, Milo Go, Milo, go It's my world and we're all livin' in it It's my world and we're all livin' in it