Mindhunter (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

1 In every dream home, a heartache And every step I take Takes me further From heaven [LOCK CLICKS.]
The cottage is pretty The main house, a palace [SIGHS.]
Penthouse, perfection But what goes on What to do there? Better pray there [DISTANT BANGING.]
Open-plan living - Bungalow, ranch-style - Honey? - [DOOR RATTLING.]
- All of its comforts Seem so essential I bought you mail order My plain-wrapper baby [RATTLING GROWS LOUDER.]
Your skin is like vinyl The perfect companion You float in my new pool Deluxe and delightful Inflatable doll My role is to serve you Disposable darling Can't throw you away now Immortal and life-size My breath is inside you I'll dress you up daily And keep you till death sighs [CLATTERS.]
- Inflatable doll Lover ungrateful [ADT SERVICEMAN.]
Joanne? Look, I - Honey? It's okay! - I blew up your body [SERVICEMAN.]
Don't be scared.
This is just - I was just goofin' around! - [MUSIC STOPS ABRUPTLY.]
- [PANTS.]
After three days in the tomb, Christ lived again.
The resurrection of the body, the eternal life of the soul.
That is the message of the cross.
Triumph of life over death.
O God, who gave your only begotten son to the cross, and by his resurrection delivered us from the power of death, to you be the glory and majesty, dominion and power, now and forever more.
You wanna go play with them, Brian? Here.
Give me your jacket.
Go ahead.
You'll be great.
- There ya go.
You let him play football? It's more like smear the queer.
The older boys are good with him.
It's nice to see.
I just worry.
They're so big.
He'll be fine.
Rod and Harriet are coming today.
You remember him, right? He's with First Credit.
- He did the car loan.
- Right.
- They're looking to list their ranch.
Honey, it's a barbecue.
Yes, where people are sociable.
Real estate is all word of mouth.
- Make a little effort.
- [SIGHS.]
These are nice people.
I worked 65 hours this week.
I got two coolers of beer.
- Consider me a social butterfly.
- Thanks, Harriet! - Oh, no problem.
- [NANCY.]
I'll see you there.
- Okay.
There he is! Mom, I played football.
Oh, Brian! Look at your shirt.
He looks like a winner.
Like he played the game.
In the car, Broadway Joe.
- Honey? - [MEAT SIZZLING.]
- [NANCY.]
You gonna socialize? - Just finishing these.
Bill? - It's Bill, right? - Bill Tench.
Rod! - So glad you could make it.
- Hey.
I got roped into a game of Frisbee tag for the last half hour.
Well, Bill was looking for a grilling partner, so you could hide out here.
Thank you.
You got a really nice place.
When did you buy? [TENCH.]
About five years ago.
Could use a little work back here, if I had the time.
Well, you know Dale? He's got the Tudor around the corner.
He's got someone.
Uh Dale! Come here.
- Bill Tench.
- I was just saying you have somebody help you with your landscaping.
Dale's in contracting, and Nancy said somethin' about Quantico? I'm with the bureau.
In the Psychology Department.
We work on special projects.
Top secret? No.
It's nothin' like that.
I'm in a unit that studies repeat offenders.
Things like what? We deal specifically with people who commit compulsive crimes.
What is that exactly? Like Son of Sam, Boston Strangler, like that.
How do you study them? - We interview them.
- In prison? They talk to you? Some of them can't stop talking.
Who do you talk to? Give us one example.
What do they say? You know, it's not really barbecue conversation.
Do they tell you why they do it? Oddly, some of them love to talk about it.
One guy, the Coed Killer, sat right across a table from us, two feet away, and described, in detail, how he murdered [WHISPERS.]
six coeds.
That's nuts.
He killed 'em, then carved 'em up like a Christmas turkey.
- [ROD.]
Are they all so cold-blooded? Depends.
When we interviewed Richard Speck You sat in the same room with Richard Speck? You never told me that.
You know, I didn't sleep for a month after that happened.
Did you, Harriet? I don't like to hear about things like that.
I I make Rod turn off the news, or I'd never sleep.
Oh, honey, Harriet said Rod takes his boat out on three-day weekends.
I told her you love to fish.
Come anytime.
So, what'd he kill, seven, eight nurses? - Nine.
- Why'd he do it? What'd he say? - Lunch, everybody! - Trust me, you don't wanna know.
Sure we do.
Stop it.
I don't want you talking about this with these people here.
Do you understand? Thank you.
- [MAN.]
Doctor! - Doctor, he's doing it again! - [DOCTOR.]
Ford, please.
- [MAN.]
I got it.
Agent Ford, - I need you to calm down.
Look at me.
- Breathe slowly.
That's it.
I need to know you'll remain calm, and I'll release you.
- All right? - [WEAKLY.]
One, two, three, four! Move! Move! Let's go! Hurry up, guys! - [TENCH SIGHS.]
Shepard called.
He ordered copies of all our tapes and transcripts.
I'm about to send them up.
Guess he doesn't want any more surprises.
I can't say I blame him.
He wants to see you this afternoon.
- [GREGG.]
End of the day.
He ask for Holden? Just you.
There ya go.
- Hey.
- [TENCH.]
Don! What are you doin' down here? Uh, I heard you'd been redecoratin' the cellar.
Yeah, I haven't been down here since we used to hit the shootin' range.
- What is that, 15 years ago? - Well, it's not much, but we like to call it the basement.
Speaking of, brought you a housewarming gift.
It's been under my desk for three years.
I thought we were friends, Don.
It's gonna find its way to you eventually.
" Bind, torture, kill.
Wichita PD used to call for consults now and again.
- Well, this has been cold for a while.
- His last victim was in '77, but a little while ago, he had a near miss.
Once Wichita confirmed it was him, they called.
I told 'em I'm no longer in the business, but I know a guy who is.
- How many does he got? - Seven, we think.
Plus this woulda, coulda, shoulda.
Anna Williams, 63, comes home from square dancin', finds things missin' and her phone line cut.
They treat it as a robbery, then she receives this poem and her driver's license in the mail.
He also mailed a copy to a local TV station.
"'Twas perfect plan of deviant pleasure, so bold on that Spring nite.
Oh, A Why Didn't You Appear?" - Jesus.
- [DON.]
As sorry a poet as he is a criminal mastermind.
Seven kills is pretty successful.
You gotta look at the first one.
So sloppy, it's a miracle he got away with it.
The Otero family, '74.
Four people.
Broad daylight.
The father, two kids, and the dog were home.
There are so many things that were f Nah, just couldn't have been planned.
Complicated knots.
What's that on his head? Plastic bag and two T-shirts.
Couple of months later, the police got the first letter.
Gave details only the real guy could know.
That's when they called.
What'd you tell 'em? That it was real.
Most likely, he'd kill again.
You know how it was in those days.
We were talking about bed-wettin'.
Did they go public with the letter? [DON.]
Uh, we advised them not to.
Everyone was afraid that publicity might encourage him.
He's killed three times since then.
Probably Kathryn Bright, April '74.
Definitely Shirley Vian, March '77.
Nancy Fox, December '77.
After the last one, they asked if they should tell the city - they had a predator.
- You said "probably" about one of them.
Kathryn Bright.
He never claimed her but left a witness, her brother.
This most recent letter corroborates one he mailed to KAKE TV in '78.
He names six of the seven victims.
Look at number five.
"Number five You guess motive and victim.
" Bright was tied with similar knots, but she was stabbed, so we've never been sure.
They promoted a Lieutenant Drowatzky to take over the case.
He's a go-getter.
Lots of energy, - so maybe start with him.
- Good to see ya, Don.
You know, um, I'd love to hear what you come up with.
All right.
Oh, Bill! Why don't we go in my office? [TENCH SIGHS.]
We've known each other a long time, so I wanted to speak to you personally, - and before you heard it somewhere else.
- [SIGHS.]
Should I be packing? Oh, no.
God, no.
Bill, I'm finally doing it.
I'm sorry, sir.
Doing what? Congratulate me, I'm retiring.
- Really? - Yes.
That's, um Congratulations, sir.
Uh It's just, the timing seemed [SHEPARD.]
I've been mulling this for ages now.
I just kept puttin' it off.
Peg is gonna finally make me visit all those grandkids.
The timing is perfect.
I've found someone to take over who I think will be very good for the BSU.
Ted Gunn, assistant director of Public Affairs in DC.
Public Affairs? [SHEPARD.]
He's not just an expensive suit.
He was a brick agent in Los Angeles, worked SLA and Black Panthers.
He heard about our convictions in the Devier and Soult cases, and based on that, he passed on the top floor of the Hoover Building.
- To come to Quantico? - [SHEPARD.]
He wants to expand the unit, and he intends to make our approach practice.
Everybody's jockeying for position in the modern FBI.
I want you in to meet him first.
I appreciate that, sir.
When is all this He's in the conference room.
The question for us is why? - [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
We think we know why, and we understand.
All you have to do is tell us - if we're right.
- [SIGHS.]
I'm sorry.
I had to get to the end.
It's fascinating.
Special Agent Tench.
Uh, please.
AD Shepard told me you'd taken an interest, but it looks like you've dug in.
The greatest hits.
You'll be in excellent hands, Bill.
And if you need anything, my office is at your disposal.
I just finished the Devier tapes.
There are 5 minutes and 58 seconds missing.
You go from discussing school bus times to a full confession.
Whatever happened in that gap must have been awfully compelling.
It's unfortunate the Walkman failed at precisely that moment.
Yes, sir.
It is.
Who's responsible for this lapse? Agent Ford.
Well we know he can learn.
You expressed concerns about Agent Ford to OPR.
Why? My experience is that instinct can sometimes get you into trouble.
- Hmm.
- Interrogations, they're partnerships.
It's challenging when your partner goes his own way.
Bill, my intention in coming to the BSU was specifically to establish the work you are doing here as protocol.
So should I cut Agent Ford loose? Uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
Sir, Holden's practices may be questionable, but it was his idea to interview violent felons.
And when we started using what we'd learned anecdotally, it was his, uh Instinct which guided you? [SIGHS.]
He gets things out of sociopaths that polite methods just don't.
It would be more than detrimental to release Agent Ford, sir.
It would diminish the promise of our work.
That is precisely the way I see it.
I want this unit to go from being a cold-case call to the first call.
Can this young man's instincts be harnessed? Harnessed, sir? Do you know anything about racehorses, Bill? [TENCH.]
Not enough to win at the track, unfortunately.
Well, sometimes you have a yearling with natural speed, but he's wild, ill-tempered.
The trainer has a choice: geld him, he becomes more tractable.
But it can take away his spark, the thing that makes him exceptional.
So, the trainer might put blinders on him.
Now, when the horse races, he feels like he's alone.
He does what he does best, but on the track.
Do you understand what I'm saying? You don't wanna castrate Holden.
I need you to be Agent Ford's blinders.
Keep him from swinging too wide of the mark.
Can I count on you for that? Absolutely, sir.
Tell me about Dr.
Carr gives essential context to everything we do here.
Are you on the same page? [TENCH.]
Well, you'd have to ask her, sir.
I'd like to think we are.
Just wanna be certain, if we're gonna have an academic in our midst, it helps, not hinders, our progress.
Oh, I believe it does.
It was great to talk, Bill.
Please, if you need anything, let me know.
Thank you, sir.
Oh, and the OPR investigation is, in my opinion, imprudent.
I'm working to have it dismissed.
I'll let you know when I'm successful.
That'd be a relief.
Would you send Agent Ford up? I gave Agent Ford a couple of days off.
- He'll be in the office Monday.
- Monday morning will be fine.
- Would you like this open? - [GUNN.]
Shepard's retiring.
Really? That's what he says.
I have to take him at his word.
And I met his replacement from DC.
He might be just what we need.
- How so? - He sees our potential.
But he says he's going to bat for us with OPR.
Well, we'll see.
- [SIGHS.]
Anybody heard from him? - No.
- [TENCH.]
You try callin' his friends? - Does he have friends? - Anything from OPR? - [SIGHS.]
You know what? We might be okay.
I have a call from California Medical Facility.
- [TENCH.]
I accept.
Bill? It's me.
- Where the fuck have you been? [PLANE ENGINE ROARS.]
A panic attack is a miscued fight-or-flight mechanism.
You think it's a heart attack, but the body is just sending oxygen to organs that need it for defense.
- A lizard-brain evolution.
- That's about right.
- I didn't have a heart attack? - [DOCTOR.]
The panic was protracted.
We finally had to sedate you.
You'll wanna watch for panic disorder - and repeat episodes.
- It could happen again? [SIGHS.]
What caused it in the first place? [DOCTOR.]
I treat the body, not the mind.
I can send you down the hall to look at inkblots, but my advice is manage your stress and try not to do whatever you were doing the first time it happened.
If it recurs, benzodiazepine works.
Here's a script with one refill.
- Valium? - [DOCTOR.]
Good luck.
You're my first patient to walk out of here in 25 years.
You can still dress yourself, can't you? [WOMAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY OVER PA.]
What brought you to the BSU, Dr.
Carr? Agents Tench and Ford approached me about Not the mechanics.
What enticed you to give up life in Boston to work in a basement, cataloguing the deranged? I believe that what we're doing is important.
We're studying psychopaths.
What they do and why has always been of keen interest.
But my work was with white-collar criminals.
They're hyper-normal and incredibly subtle.
So having a captive pool of subjects whose issues are profound was a singular opportunity.
And I f-felt Like you might make a difference.
I see your contribution here as critical and the integrity of your research foundational to everything we hope to do at the BSU.
Well, I'm glad to hear that, sir.
I've spoken with Bill, who is extremely complimentary of your work.
What can you tell me about Agent Ford and his role? Agent Ford is inspired.
But he tends to acknowledge data only if it supports his hypotheses.
- He has been successful.
- [CARR.]
In some cases, very.
His choices are always interesting, but he tends toward myopic and impulsive.
And yet, successful.
I believe all great things are created in a place - between method and madness, Dr.
You feel that's reckless? No, it's just the first Hamlet reference I've heard - since coming to Quantico.
Agent Ford needs to be able to make choices during interviews which may be atypical.
Are you asking me to condone unprofessional behavior? Not at all.
I'm asking you to help me prevent it.
But without stifling his intuition.
Can you help me do that? I'll certainly try.
That's all I can ask.
You know [SIGHS.]
I was offered chief of staff to the director before I came here, but I gave it up to work with you in the basement.
I already believe I made the right choice.
Well, thank you, sir.
What? What? Get it together.
Discharge planner to east nurse's station.
- Discharge planner to east - [HOLDEN EXHALES.]
Panic attacks, visiting Kemper? - What the fuck? - I know.
- Why'd you go? - I don't know, Bill.
There wasn't anyone else I could call.
It wasn't a great time for me to leave work.
And you don't walk out on OPR.
You get that, right? I'm assuming you wanna keep doing this, Holden, that it's not too stressful for you.
- Yes.
- [TENCH.]
Then here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna take the weekend, get your shit together, and on Monday morning, you're gonna present yourself as able, responsible, and fuc [CART CLATTERS.]
And no one need ever know about this episode.
But from now on, it's my rules.
If I tell you to shut your mouth, you shut your mouth.
Nod your head if you understand.
- I'll talk to Shepard on Monday - Shepard's retiring.
His replacement is Assistant Director Ted Gunn.
He asked for you.
Don't worry, I covered.
I appreciate that.
You'll meet him first thing Monday morning.
What's he like? [TENCH.]
Very DC.
Gonna be on us like stink on shit.
But if we walk the straight and narrow, we might be okay.
If you need anything I'll be fine.
You're welcome.
- Is he ? - [DOOR OPENS.]
Agent Ford.
Good to finally meet you.
- Pleasure to meet you, sir.
- Just Ted.
Have you been to the executive dining room? [HOLDEN.]
Just the cafeteria.
Well, they make a great omelet.
You're in early.
Wendy, last week, - I shouldn't have accused you.
- No, you shouldn't have.
I'm not interested in the internal politics of the FBI.
But I spoke with Gunn, and it sounds like we're getting a fresh start, so apology accepted.
And I apologize by the way.
I have some interesting new subjects we should look at.
Sounds good.
- How long has he been up there? - About ten minutes.
He came in, dropped his things, went upstairs without a word.
Fingers crossed.
What you're gleaning from these interviews is groundbreaking.
- It's the future of the bureau.
- I agree, but we haven't really been Getting much support? Hoover built a very big ship.
It's hard to turn by design.
But these ideas aren't just progressive, they're practical and effective.
- You've proven that.
I've tried, but it's been a battle.
And I'm here to change that.
I respect Assistant Director Shepard, but we differ in many ways.
I welcome innovation, even when it comes with some inconvenience.
We don't want DC to give us their permission.
We want them to see us as the train leaving the station and fear being left behind.
- How do we do that? - Results.
- Uh - [GUNN.]
Like you got from Devier and the Altoona case.
I'll put you in position, but you must deliver.
Tell me, who's the one you want more than anything? - The one Shepard said you couldn't get? - Oh - Manson.
- I'll get you Manson.
But I need something from you in return.
You got it.
Nothing derails an initiative faster than an OPR investigation.
- I took full responsi - [GUNN.]
I'll make it go away.
But I need total transparency.
You'll have a direct line of communication with me, but I want your assurance I will never be blindsided.
- Ever.
- You needn't worry about me.
Can I tell you something, Holden? [HOLDEN.]
Mm-hmm? [GUNN.]
Agent Tench, Dr.
Carr I love this team you've put together.
Thank you, Ted.
William Henry Hance.
26 when he was arrested in '78 for killing four women.
Our first black serial killer.
There are so few statistics on black serial killers that we'll essentially be creating the database.
I was impressed.
Oh, you were? He has vision.
So, Hance? What's really interesting about him is that his first victim was white.
It's the first time any of our subjects have crossed racial lines.
Could that have been racially motivated? Well, we'll want to ask that.
But more importantly, if it wasn't, was it somehow racially determined? Hance is at the same penitentiary as one of our other subjects who was convicted of eight murders, William Pierce, Jr.
So you could get them both at the same time.
He's getting us Manson.
Excuse me? Ted told me he's getting us Manson.
- How'd that happen? - Manson doesn't really fit into the category of psychosexuals that we've interviewed.
You're saying we shouldn't talk to the most infamous murderer of the 20th century? [CARR.]
Manson never killed anyone.
Unlike all of these subjects who have, multiple times, and at least once with a sexual component.
I kind of agree with Dr.
We can't just go after the infamous.
Before we move forward with anything, I feel we should clear the air.
Which air would you like to clear? I discussed this with Bill, but I want you both to know too.
With OPR, I took full responsibility for suggesting the transcripts be altered.
That will not hang over any of you.
I was completely honest as well.
Gregg, what did you tell them? I told them the truth.
I explained that you asked me to alter the transcript.
The OPR investigation escalated because someone sent them the Speck tape.
I was the only person who didn't care who heard what was on that tape, so it could have been me, but I know I didn't do it.
Shepard made the decision to destroy the tape, so he had the most to lose.
Bill, you were adamant about getting rid of it, so it wasn't you.
And, Wendy, I was frankly shocked to hear Bill accuse you.
We were all in a bit of shock, Holden.
Wendy had no reason to send the tape.
She would never jeopardize our hard work.
You sent the Speck tape to OPR.
I I felt like we were getting in deeper and deeper.
Jesus Christ.
- We needed to be honest.
- You needed to be honest.
Why didn't you come to us, Gregg? I did.
But you all chose a cover-up.
If we spin lies, alter records, that's a slippery slope.
- Fair enough.
- Is it? Is it fair enough? That you put all of us at risk just to soothe your delicate conscience? I sent the tape anonymously.
I was prepared to go down with everyone.
So we could all be on unemployment together? Gregg, I think we need to trust, moving forward, that decisions affecting the entire unit will not be made without discussion.
I don't think Benedict Arnold gets a vote anymore.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
We were just discussing next steps.
- You must be Agent Smith.
- Sir.
I'd like you all to know - OPR has officially closed its inquiry.
- [SIGHS.]
- That's great news, sir.
- [GUNN.]
And that means we will indeed be moving forward.
Although, I'd like to accelerate our timeline.
Currently, it stands to take how long? Ballpark.
Rough ballpark: two more years for interviews, another for synthesis.
Too long.
I intend to get you the resources you need to complete your work properly and promptly.
Researchers, transcribers, technical support.
Whomever, whatever you need, I will get.
- How's that sound? - Crowded, sir.
It does, doesn't it? [DOOR OPENING.]
This room is being wired for a CPU to handle all your data.
There's space for trainee agents, support personnel.
You can begin your selection process and start creating a training curriculum right away.
We're also adding a break room.
And a bathroom? And a bathroom.
This is perfect, Ted.
- Where are you going? - Since we have all this new space, I'll be just down the hall.
- Let the healing begin.
Buy you a drink? It's not necessary.
There's something that I'd like to get your advice on.
If you have time.
You're buying.
He came from somewhere - Back in her long ago - [BELL DINGS.]
- Let's get a booth.
Don't see tryin' hard to recreate What had yet to be created [CARR.]
How did you find this place? Followed the marines one day after work.
Like a line of ants.
So, what is it that you wanna discuss? Is this about Gregg? No.
Why do you say that? Flaying him like that.
It could've been handled better.
I thought with Shepard leaving, we should start with a clean slate.
I don't think that Bill sees anything as clean, especially now that FBI tribal law's been broken.
At least now he knows you didn't leak the tape.
That was between Bill and me.
And we could've all done without the public stoning.
I don't have a problem with Gregg now that I know his limits.
- His limits? - He has a particular moral code.
At least now we can anticipate that.
So, if not Gregg? I was in the hospital.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
I am now.
I had a panic attack.
Actually, they said I had several.
I don't remember.
I was heavily sedated.
The doctor told me I might have panic disorder.
Has this ever happened before? No.
Holden, I need you to tell me what happened physically, and I want you to be precise.
It felt like I was having a heart attack.
I couldn't breathe.
- [CARR.]
Did you lose consciousness? - No.
- Vision? - [HOLDEN.]
- Have you had any since? - [HOLDEN.]
The opposite.
I feel energized.
I wanna get back to work, and we're finally getting the support we need.
At the same time, I don't want anything Specifically, what precipitated the episode? I went to see Kemper.
By yourself? Panic attacks are often brought on by feelings of acute vulnerability.
Psychopaths are extremely manipulative, and he knows you.
So he would know exactly your areas of sensitivity.
Did he threaten you? No, not exactly.
He hugged me.
When we empathize with a psychopath, we actually negate the self.
We deny our own beliefs about decency and humanity, and that can be very dangerous.
- I can handle it.
- [CARR.]
Are you sure? Because the last place that you would want for this to happen is during an interview.
Especially now.
Which is why I wanted to see if you had any insight.
Well, ideally, you would regulate the stress in your life.
Outside of that, there's getting enough sleep, exercise, maybe meditation.
I can do that.
I can jog.
And that's a good start, but you also need to pay attention to the signs.
Shortness of breath, accelerated heart rate, impaired vision, vertigo.
I can keep an eye out, but you are the only one that's gonna feel something coming on.
He hugged you? I'd like to help you.
So if you need someone to talk to about anything, - I'm here.
- I can't tell you how much I appreciate that, Wendy.
Because sometimes, doing what I do, it's nice to know that there's someone there for me.
Of course.
Following service in World War II as a decorated airman, Assistant Director Shepard spent six years in the Baltimore PD and was a distinguished graduate of Quantico, class of 1953.
- Do you think he's happy? - He's had 27 years.
I think he's ecstatic to go stand in waders and pretend to fish.
spearheaded the introduction of computer technology, and developed countless pioneering training techniques.
But his most lasting legacy could be our Behavioral Science Unit, which is set to expand and will establish the foundation of a national criminal database.
Sounds like someone's embracing what we've done.
Embracing the inevitable is how you get your photo on the wall around here.
to decipher crime scenes from a psychological perspective, allowing agents to predict criminal behavior - from the smallest observations.
- That's a lot of icing, not a lot of cake.
He does not look happy.
I can say that his reputation has always been one of integrity, honesty, and absolute decency.
For your service, I express the gratitude of the bureau and my congratulations to you, and to Peg, and to your loving children, Trevor, Sean, and Lisa, on your retirement.
Welcome to your first formal bureau ass-lick.
Well, you've found a perch out of the fray.
And you're absolutely welcome to take shelter on the sideline - with me if you wish.
Thank you.
It's a very civilized ass-lick.
Half the Hoover Building came down.
We're on our best behavior.
That guy will know everyone's name before he leaves.
- How was your meeting with him? - [CARR.]
He seems intelligent, fair, and very supportive.
Places a lot of stock in Holden.
Actually, he charged me with keeping him on rails.
Really? Why is that funny? - He asked me the same thing.
He's shrewder than we thought.
Two babysitters are better than one.
Listen, I gotta do this thing.
A little tip.
If you start to see guys loosening their ties, get out while you can.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, everyone.
If I could have your attention, please.
Thank you.
As you all know, we are here tonight to pay tribute to one of our finest.
A mentor, a friend, - and a damn fine agent.
To you, sir.
As FBI agents, we all wanna bag one of the Top Ten Most Wanted.
Well, sir, now that your top ten have names - like trout, pike, and bass - [GUESTS LAUGH.]
we thought we should upgrade your use of lethal force.
- How about this? - Huh? - [GUESTS APPLAUD AND LAUGH.]
Enjoy it, sir.
- Speech! - [GUESTS.]
Speech! Speech! I've been honored to serve with so many of you as you have distinguished yourselves and the bureau.
You have made me proud every day of my tenure, and I can't begin to thank you enough.
And for this, I'm putting this to use as soon as I can get out to Montana.
And if my wife files a missing person's report, ignore it.
- Thank you.
- [TENCH.]
Well done.
Thank you, Bill.
- I just wanted to say - [FEEDBACK RINGS.]
I've only had the honor of working with you for 3 of your 27 years.
But in that time, you went out on a limb and championed bold, new ideas.
With your support, we've lifted the mask from evil and are peering into the very mind of the criminal.
Our little unit thanks you - sir.
Sir! Agent Ford.
I just wanted to let you know I meant what I said in there.
I'm sure you did, Agent Ford.
- [SIGHS.]
- Are you okay, sir? Yeah.
Just thinkin' about tomorrow.
First day of retirement.
You're practically sneaking out of your own party.
I just feel like Oh, I can't wait to hear how you feel! You arrogant, self-serving twerp.
I put in 27 years.
Went from brick agent to corner office, and I'm leaving everything I worked for with the giant stain of you all over it.
- Sir, I - [SHEPARD.]
Do you honestly believe I'm retiring? You vainglorious little shit.
I'm being forced out because somebody has to take the fall for your insubordination, reckless lack of judgment, and titanic vanity.
I took complete responsibility for [SHEPARD.]
You really are incredible.
Is all of that fresh-scrubbed earnestness just an act? Or are you truly oblivious to the wreckage you leave in your wake? I survived a war, - the streets of Baltimore, and Hoover.
And I'm finally being finished off by you? - [GASPING.]
What? Jesus.
You really are a pussy.
Sir! I thought you'd forgotten your date.
Not after all these years.
- Bill, wonderful party! - [CONTINUES GASPING.]
- [TENCH.]
Our pleasure, sir.
No, the pleasure was mine.
I will always remember it.
Well, I told Peg that if you get underfoot, she has permission to send you to me for the worst round of golf of your life.
I'll keep it in mind.
We're gonna miss you, sir.
It won't be the same.
Oh, I think you'll find it's always the same.
A terrible signal Too weak to even recognize A gentle collapsing The removal of the insides I'm touched by your pleas I value these moments We're older than We realize In someone's eyes A frequent returning And leaving unnoticed A condition of mercy A change in the weather