Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015) s01e26 Episode Script


‎What? This is unacceptable!
‎The sample garment doesn't match.
‎All you had to do
‎was follow a pattern, imbeciles.
‎What am I supposed to do?
‎The show is in 3 days.
‎No, he's completely useless.
‎Call my assistant, Nathalie.
‎She'll give you some other names.
‎He hides stuff
‎behind the painting of mom?
‎I love dirty secrets.
‎[Plagg excitedly]
‎Yes, go, go on.
‎I can't.
‎My dad will be angry.
‎I don't know the code,
‎and I have fencing class.
‎You party-pooper.
‎Plagg, no!
‎My my, what have we got here?
‎A book on Tibet, a hotel flyer,
‎a load of old junk.
‎Come on! Where's the good stuff?
‎I've seen this book before.
‎But who cares? I'm famished.
‎I need camembert!
‎Why does my dad keep
‎this in a safe?
‎[gasping] Hawk Moth?
‎Why is a monster
‎in a book of superheroes?
‎[Plagg] Cheese! Didn't you hear me?
‎[approaching footsteps]
‎Adrien, you're going to be late.
‎I was looking for my homework.
‎Silly me.
‎[Rose] Can you believe it?
‎Lila knows Prince Ali?
‎She even flew in his private jet.
‎Why did Jagged Stone write a song
‎about Lila and not me?
‎Lila knows all
‎the Hollywood directors.
‎She said she'd mention me
‎to Mr Besielberg.
‎she just started here.
‎She gave me an interview.
‎Ladybug saved her life once.
‎Who is this girl?
‎What's she doing next to my love?
‎Lila's got the most incredible life.
‎And now she's going here.
‎She's totally awesome.
‎What? Don't say that.
‎This is super-bad.
‎What if he falls for her?
‎I've never flown in a jet.
‎Nobody's written a song about me
‎and I don't know anyone in Hollywood.
‎He'll forget I exist!
‎Where are they going?
‎Alya, we've gotta stop them.
‎You need to chill out.
‎My Ladyblog had the most hits ever
‎after that interview.
‎What's going on?
‎Has this girl hypnotized everyone?
‎Are you jealous, Marinette?
‎Me? Jealous?
‎No way.
‎Where is she?
‎Marinette, Adrien's book!
‎I need a closer look.
‎Why are you
‎so concerned about his book? Hide!
‎Now we can do our homework.
‎It's more fun doing it together.
‎[gasping] What's that?
‎Nothing, just stories about
‎[seductively] I love superheroes.
‎No, it's already too late!
‎[questioning sighs]
‎[Adrien sighs]
‎She's amazing.
‎A girl doesn't need to wear
‎a costume to be amazing, you know?
‎I don't know
‎So, you've got
‎a soft spot for the bug?
‎No, not at all.
‎You know,
‎I happen to be friends with Ladybug.
‎We can chat about it but not here.
‎Let's meet in the park after school.
‎[she yelps]
‎[sigh of relief]
‎[phone vibrates]
‎I gotta go.
‎I've got a lesson in 58 seconds.
‎So the park?
‎A vixen superheroin?
‎[Tikki gasps] Marinette.
‎I know. I've gotta talk to Adrien
‎before he meets Lila.
‎He has to know she's a thief.
‎No. You can't say anything.
‎I need to check out the book first.
‎If it's what I think, we have to get it.
‎I don't get it.
‎Why do we need it?
‎I'll explain when I'm sure.
‎We mustn't let Lila out of our sight.
‎[Tikki] There. She's coming out.
‎[Tikki sighs] We're too far away.
‎Oh no! He's already here.
‎She dumped the book in the bin.
‎What a brat.
‎-I'll get it.
‎I have to get it.
‎You take care of Adrien.
‎So you do know Ladybug, for real?
‎This is the book, Marinette.
‎Not only did Ladybug save my life,
‎we've become close friends.
‎We've something special in common.
‎It's what I wanted to tell you about.
‎I'm the descendant
‎of a vixen superheroine, Volpina.
‎I read about her in my book.
‎Of course she's in it.
‎She's one
‎of the most important superheroes,
‎and more powerful than Ladybug.
‎Ladybug doesn't even make the top 10.
‎My grandma gave me this necklace.
‎[Tikki] She's good, really good.
‎You've got your book.
‎I can't lose Adrien.
‎Time to transform!
‎Tikki, spots on!
‎Are you telling me
‎this is a Miraculous?
‎Hey, Lila. How's it going?
‎Long time no see.
‎I saw your interview.
‎Awesome job.
‎Sure, I remember when I saved your life
‎We've been good friends
‎ever since, practically BFFs.
‎Actually, when did I save your life?
‎I don't recall.
‎Yes, of course, now I remember
‎And we're not friends either.
‎Miss Show-off was trying
‎to impress you and everyone else.
‎So you're not a descendant
‎of a superhero?
‎More like a super-liar.
‎How dare you!
‎Wait Lila
‎What was that all about?
‎I mean weren't you a bit harsh?
‎I don't put up with lies
‎especially when they're about me.
‎What is with you, Ladybug?
‎I may have gone overboard,
‎but at least I'm not dealing
‎with her anymore.
‎My chances with Adrien Gone!
‎I hate you, Ladybug.
‎[she growls]
‎Jealousy, deceit,
‎and the desire to be a superhero.
‎This young lady is my perfect prey.
‎Fly, my evil little one,
‎and akumatise her!
‎Volpina I am Hawk Moth!
‎I'm giving you the power of illusion.
‎From now on your lies will come to life.
‎Gain Ladybug and Cat Noir's trust
‎and convince them you're a superhero.
‎Then, betray them
‎and bring me their Miraculous!
‎It would be my pleasure, Hawk Moth.
‎Plagg, claws out!
‎Code red!
‎[Ladybug gasps]
‎[she yells]
‎I am Volpina,
‎the only superhero Paris needs.
‎[cheering] Volpina, Volpina!
‎[chanting] Volpina, Volpina!
‎-We've got a new partner.
‎-Isn't it weird?
‎A superhero appearing out of nowhere?
‎[Cat Noir] At least she got the job done.
‎I could have stopped the meteorite.
‎Hey, relax.
‎I'm just saying she seems awesome.
‎Hey, glad you dropped in.
‎I need a hand. Come on.
‎[Cat Noir] I can't believe it,
‎it's Hawk Moth, in the flesh.
‎He never shows up.
‎Something big is going on.
‎We can take him down
‎but it'll take all of us.
‎We better make the most of our talents.
‎Count on us.
‎Very nice to meet you, Cat Noir.
‎Cool outfit.
‎Why thanks. You too.
‎First the meteorite,
‎now Hawk Moth appearing,
‎on the same day?
‎Isn't that unusual?
‎Why would you say that?
‎I was asking Cat Noir.
‎I'm finding you unusual today,
‎everything OK?
‎I'm fine, just fine.
‎Volpina, what's your Miraculous?
‎My necklace.
‎-What power does it give you?
‎-Flight and super-strength.
‎He's getting away!
‎Ladybug, go left. Cat Noir, go right.
‎I'll come from behind.
‎No! I'll go right,
‎Cat Noir from behind,
‎and you go left.
‎-No difference to me.
‎[Volpina roars]
‎Can you chill out?
‎She's one of us.
‎[she sighs]
‎He's running right into my trap.
‎Where did he go?
‎I'll take him.
‎Good, now that other one.
‎Where did he go?
‎[she gasps]
‎I wouldn't move an inch if I were you.
‎Don't worry,
‎I don't want to be your friend.
‎But now we won't be able to say
‎you don't know me.
‎You'll call me Volpina!
‎You're not a superhero.
‎You're one of Hawk Moth's victims.
‎Everyone thinks I'm a superhero,
‎including Cat Noir.
‎So you won't be able
‎to call me a liar anymore,
‎because everyone will think
‎you're the liar.
‎Volpina, take Ladybug's Miraculous,
‎her earring. Now!
‎Before I get rid of you,
‎you're going to give me
‎your Miraculous.
‎Do you really think
‎you've got a choice, Ladybug?
‎Either you give me the Miraculous
‎or the building goes down!
‎You wouldn't.
‎It's an illusion,
‎like the meteorite, like Hawk Moth.
‎That's your power, isn't it?
‎[Ladybug] Illusion, lies,
‎Of course.
‎[she roars]
‎Of course.
‎Is Volpina with you?
‎He was never there.
‎What are you saying?
‎-I don't get it. Why?
‎You got it.
‎I think I know the way.
‎Wouldn't Cat Noir be more useful?
‎If Volpina's got a thing for me,
‎I can make her see sense.
‎You think you can take down Volpina
‎without me?
‎Hide, Plagg. She's coming.
‎Hey. Who are you?
‎You remember this necklace?
‎I didn't know how to tell you
‎but this way you can see I'm not lying,
‎I am a superhero.
‎-You can call me Volpina.
‎I'm sorry about the park earlier.
‎Ladybug's jealous
‎because she's not as powerful as me.
‎You'll see Ladybug isn't just
‎a figment of your imagination.
‎What is he doing?
‎No time to hang around.
‎See what I mean?
‎She's jealous of me of you, of us.
‎But this time
‎you won't ruin our date, Ladybug.
‎Excuse me but it wasn't really a date
‎I mean, it could've become one, right?
‎[Cat Noir] No need to get angry.
‎Excuse us,
‎I need a chat with Super-liar.
‎You! Stop thinking
‎your illusions are reality.
‎[Plagg] So, was I right, or was I right?
‎Come on. Claws out!
‎[Cat Noir] Sorry.
‎I had trouble finding the place.
‎Cat Noir, she's taken Adrien!
‎-It's an illusion.
‎-How are you so sure?
‎My feline sixth sense. It's legendary.
‎Really? You don't say. Adrien's gone!
‎I'm not gonna try to get outta this.
‎[she cackles]
‎Give me your Miraculous now,
‎or I will.
‎I thought you loved him.
‎Not as much as seeing you two defeated.
‎No hard feelings.
‎It's a bluff. It's an illusion.
‎You wanna bet on that?
‎Don't do it, Ladybug.
‎[she growls]
‎There she is!
‎[they gasp]
‎Lucky charm!
‎I've got an idea to take down Volpina.
‎-With a chocolate ice-lolly?
‎-Trust me.
‎[he yells]
‎[she gasps]
‎[Ladybug] Trapped, like a fox.
‎[she groans]
‎Your days are over, Akuma.
‎Time to de-evilise!
‎Bye-bye, little butterfly.
‎Miraculous Ladybug!
‎I totally overreacted
‎and never should have spoken
‎to you like that. I'm sorry.
‎Forget it, Ladybug, you were right,
‎we'll never be friends.
‎[Cat Noir] That hurts.
‎She's still angry
‎You're not done with Volpina yet, Ladybug.
‎You haven't seen the last of her!
‎There's one problem
‎Where's Adrien?
‎Everything's back to normal,
‎so he must be back at home.
‎I should check.
‎No! I'll go.
‎You're about to change back.
‎[bleeping] So are you.
‎No arguing. I'll take care of it.
‎[he sighs] That stubbornness.
‎It's so so
‎[he gasps]
‎Are you there?
‎Can I come in?
‎This is Ladybug.
‎Is everything OK?
‎Yeah. Needed a shower
‎-after all the excitement.
‎-Sorry, I'll be off then.
‎-Thank you.
‎[they sigh]
‎[he sighs]
‎This book could have been
‎my connection to Adrien
‎without my mask for once.
‎But I get it,
‎I'm not gonna be returning it.
‎I'm sorry, Marinette,
‎but its information is invaluable.
‎Information? But it's all in code.
‎Someone's been looking
‎for it for a long time.
‎He knows how to decipher it.
‎What's so special about this book?
‎It contains all the secrets
‎of the Miraculous powers.
‎It's dangerous in the wrong hands.
‎He needs it back.
‎I don't get it, Tikki.
‎Tell me what's going on. Who is he?
‎The Great Guardian.
‎I think the time has come
‎for you to meet him.
‎Did you take my book?
‎[chewing] Of course not.
‎If he finds out
‎it'll be worse than dealing
‎with Hawk Moth.
‎Hello, Ladybug.
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