Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) (2011) s01e24 Episode Script


1 I shouldn't be here.
I wanted to spend one more day with you, in bliss Current Year July 27 One Year Ago April 17 Daddy? Mommy? Hey Hello? Wake up! Daddy! Mommy! One Year Ago April 17 One Year Ago May 10 I can marry you someday.
Become Amano's bride.
One Year Ago May 10 One Year Ago May 17 I'm home, Mommy, Daddy.
One Year Ago May 17 One Year Ago August 1 He said he was going home, once he turned in the survey, so I waited for him.
But Amano left before I noticed.
I'll introduce you to my future husband soon.
Sto— Help Amano This is how it should be.
Should be The world doesn't need two of me.
Now I can see him again.
Amano No Yukki Gasai Yuno.
You must take her place now.
Murmur If Deus realizes what's happened, it'll be much more difficult, so I'm going to seal part of your memory away, temporarily.
Can I use this? Of course.
Well, it'll tell you the same things as the one you already have.
You can use this to become God.
I don't care about becoming God.
You simply want Yukiteru? But isn't it possible that you'll just end up trying to die together again? Gasai Residence Yuno Why? Yukki You saw what happened.
Why did you kill yourself?! Present Time This area's becoming unstable We'll have to move ahead of schedule.
The girl with the sharp thorn in her flesh I meet you at your story Behind the hatred there lies a murderous love Behind the hatred there lies a murderous love Do you kill your friends, if you can fulfill your wish? if you can fulfill your wish? Do you kill your friends, if you can fulfill your wish? Can you die for someone? They are synonymous words They are synonymous words Life is a game.
It's a survival.
That's right! How do you start? Time and Space.
It's a crossroad through a gate! Where do you go? You seek eternal breath Why do you need to live? We don't know when this world came into being We don't know when this world came into being We are the timeleaper Nothing's gonna change with you in the world Everything will be decided by the rules Oh, we are traveling the past and the future through love Oh, we are traveling the past and the future through love Break out! Let's dial back all the pains and we will be born again Break out! Let's dial back all the pains and we will be born again I wanna see the stars with you Over the miracle It's not a DEAD END Now Connecting Yuno! Now, don't blame her, Yukiteru.
Second was desperate after killing her parents and losing you.
So she made an error.
Everything fell apart when you opened the door to that room.
Had the third body never been discovered, no one would've realized that the real Gasai Yuno was dead.
And if you hadn't already concluded that Second was an impostor, she could have used the retinal scan to unlock the safe for you.
Every move she's made has caused this game to deviate from the first incarnation.
You don't feel sorry for her? Well, this is the end of the line.
The Causality Hall Yuno Why did you try to kill me? What do you mean? Don't play dumb! Stop rewriting your memory! Then let me ask you this, Yukki Why did you suggest that we die together? You said that you didn't want to become a god if it meant killing me.
You wanted to die with me.
Well You promised that you'd kill me and survive.
Yuno, I could never kill you.
In that case, you should let me kill you! Right? Someone has to become God, or the world will end.
And everyone will die! So you should let me become God.
Then I can go back in time, and I'll participate in the game for the third time with Yukki! You're willing to kill me for that? There's no reason we both need to die.
If you won't kill me, I'll kill you.
If you repeat the game, you'll just have to kill all those people again! If we do nothing, everyone will perish anyway.
If you become God, you'll understand.
The entire world is just a game, and we're nothing more than pawns.
Besides You killed lots of people to make your wish come true.
You can die now, Yukki.
Yuno You're insane! What's insane is that the world won't let me be with Yukki! I was wrong I killed those people for selfish reasons.
I'm no better than Yuno.
You'll bear the responsibility for whatever happens next, Yukiteru.
It may be too late for me to take responsibility However First is now out of the game.
Once you control causality, you'll be God.
7/28 00:00 Yukki fell down! Oh, no.
I have to save him!! 7/28 00:10 Yukki is gone! Oh, no.
I have to find him! 7/28 00:20 I can't find Yukki anywhere! What should I do?!! Hold on, Yukki.
I declare Second the winner of this game! Noise? Why would the future change now? 7/28 00:10 Yukki came to see me! I'm so happy.
I love you.
Yukki! Yuno Maybe you considered me a pawn Stay away, Yukki! But I truly cared about you! No Yuno! I'm going to save you! You're Damn Ninth! I always end up having to save your stupid ass! Impossible! Why is she alive? Take this and this and this and this! Aren't you a little overly biased toward Second, Murmur? Shut up! Tell me how you're still alive! That was close.
Deus So that's what happened! You get it now? Let's go, Second.
Travel through time They're gone.
Th-That's bad! We can't let Yuno return to the past! You want to go after her? Please.
You've grown a spine, Yukiteru.
Well, I'll see this to the end.
Come on! I'm going to stop Yuno! Stars The Future Diary Ow Thought I was a goner.
Ninth? Didn't you die in the explosion at the vault? Well, shit happened.
Finally, I stopped being a terrorist, Nishijima Deus? That wasn't the only thing the bastard did.
Murmur will be unable to enter this space.
Deus, I have a question for you Remain still.
I grant you half of my knowledge and power.
Wh-What are you doing? You despised God, so I know I can trust you.
I wish for you to end Murmur's unauthorized manipulation of this game that has aided Second so much.
To balance the scales.
I believe that this Murmur is from the first incarnation of the game.
Huh? She does not serve me.
She serves Second, who became the god of another world.
I shall rely on you, Ninth.
You will forget all of this until the time comes.
Deus is using me to clean up his mess.
But I suppose this aligns with my own interests.
So where are we? Beats me.
We merely followed them back in time.
Today is July 28th Huh? Exactly two years ago, I was still in grade school.
Murmur probably jumped without planning ahead.
But since we're in the past, that makes this the world's third incarnation.
The third incarnation Regardless, your task hasn't changed, Yukiteru.
Second plans to kill the third incarnation of herself, Time Travel Time Travel Time Travel and to then take her place, Second Incarnation in a kind of endless loop.
Third Incarnation Yukiteru, your job is to stop her.
7/28 2:36 [Gasai Home] Yuno travels back in time.
7/28 2:40 [Gasai Home] Yuno killed the third incarnation of herself.
7/28 2:42 [Gasai Home] First, Amano Yukiteru, is stabbed to death by Second, Gasai Yuno.
DEAD END In two hours, Yuno will kill herself! We've traveled back to a time before the new God was selected.
That means the survival game is still ongoing.
Second arrives at 2:36, so we got here first.
Yuno's going to kill me.
No, that isn't important I must protect the third incarnation of Yuno.
Well, don't worry.
Everything's worked so far.
Why won't you come home? I'm left alone with that child Then we should have never taken her in.
He doesn't care about me And neither do you.
Why are you such a failure? Why can't you do anything? I'm sorry, Mommy! Why can't you understand my pain? Why won't you help me? I'm sorry I'm sorry— You must hate me.
You must curse my existence.
I don't— No, you hate me.
You disobey me to cause me pain.
Isn't that right? That's not true, Mommy! He doesn't need me.
You don't need me.
This isn't my home.
Mommy I don't belong here.
You won't forgive me? Please, Mommy.
I'm sorry I'm sorry for being a bad mother.
Goodbye Goodbye, Yuno.
Wait Wait, Mommy.
This is the third incarnation of the world.
Mom and Dad are still alive.
Everyone is still alive in this world.
But this isn't your world.
Well, let's take care of business before they get here.
Hear me, Funatsu.
Our mission is to save the weak.
You must not forget that.
Forgive me, Miss Tsubaki.
Have you any words for the Founder? Yes.
Instruct him to take care on his trip.
And tell him to drink in moderation.
My clairvoyance allows me to monitor him, wherever he is.
Then I'll be going.
Clairvoyance, my ass.
If she was actually clairvoyant, she'd be monitoring me instead.
Excuse me.
How is everything going, Mr.
Mayor? Very well.
HOLON has a tremendous analytic capacity.
It should be fairly simple to complete these Future Diaries.
The second and third units will soon be finished.
That should triple the amount of available processing power.
Hmm We are already testing prototypes.
How do you like my Future Diary project? This should prove amusing.
We shall need to choose the survival game participants.
Gasai Residence There weren't any cars in the garage.
Are Second's parents out? The room in the back According to my diary, the third Yuno is locked up there.
Don't make contact with this world's Yuno.
Why not? I understand that you have a penchant for interference.
But listen carefully.
I don't want any more trouble.
I only wish to see you defeat Second.
I'll just check that she's okay Yuno? What is that smell? Hey, we've verified that she's still alive.
Let's get going! Oh, hey! This is straw She was eating the straw mat, and she choked! Please send an ambulance.
Yukiteru! A girl is choking here.
Hey! Yes, the Gasai residence, in Sakurami district 1.
7/28 2:27 [Gasai Home] We arrive at the back room.
Yuno is choking inside.
7/2:36 [Gasai Home] 7/28 2:36 [Gasai Home] The ambulance arrives at Yuno's home.
7/28 2:47 [Gasai Home] The ambulance takes Yuno away.
It isn't good! I told you to stay out of it! This is what's right! It's the right thing to do.
This world's Yuno is still Yuno.
I can't abandon her.
I'll change the third world's future if that's what it takes to save her.
Seriously Yuno I won't let you kill her.
Your Random Diary is formidable, predicting everything around you.
It allows you to avoid the Dead Ends with ease.
That's why I came prepared.
The people you've wanted to see People very dear to you.
No way Dad! Mom! Now, it's time to begin the killing.
Yuno We're leaving! Let me go, Ninth! Mom and Dad are down there! Idiot! They aren't your parents! Your parents are dead! But Dad! Mom! Let me go, Ninth! I have to go back! Stupid Stop it, Yukiteru! Let me go! You idiot Who do you want me to save? Second? The girl on my back? Your parents? Make up your mind! Yukiteru! How much more will I have to lose before I can atone for being alive? Ah I cannot understand your tears from afar Everything is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the future In my withering body I can feel our bond and once more I move to protect you Murmur's Behind the Scenes of Future Diary Phone Counseling for Adults Gasai Saika Edition Murmur's Phone Counseling for Adults! Murmur's Phone Counseling for Adults Okay, time for some telephone counseling.
I, Dr.
Jabber, will be the counselor.
Yes, hello? What do you need help with? I'm a housewife, but my husband is coming home late.
I see You should watch TV while you wait.
Hello? What do you need help with? I'm a housewife, but my husband isn't coming home.
He's out for many nights at a time, and he won't answer his phone.
Is he avoiding me? I see You should sleep while you wait.
Hello? What do you need help with? My husband isn't coming home! My daughter won't listen and always talks back! She won't study, either.
Well, her grades aren't that bad.
But I want her to aim higher! I truly care for my daughter, but my husband says I'm being too strict.
However, we live in an age where good grades are no longer enough.
So it can't hurt to push harder.
Um, hello? Then you should play games while you wait.
Hello? What do you need help with? I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but my daughter was actually adopted.
She isn't mine.
I was unable to bear children.
I don't mean to brag, but our family is well-off, so we wished for a boy, to inherit the business.
I see.
You should save while you wait.
Hello? What do you need help with? I'm in serious trouble! Oh, it's you again? Could you please offer me some advice? Listen very carefully.
All I can do is listen to your problems.
Well, that's it.
See you next week! Reset