Miseducation (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

["Areyeng" by Costa Titch playing]
- [fireworks crackling]
- [siren blaring]
["Areyeng" playing]
[lady1] There's Ms. Party!
- [lady2] She's a legend.
- [lady3] She is the moment.
Look, if you are not at Mbali's 19th, then
where the fuck you at?!
Bitch, who still says that?
- Move on. Respect yourself.
- [singing continues]
["Areyeng" continues playing]
- Give it up for Costa Titch!
- [crowd cheering]
- And happy Mbalichella!
- [crowd cheering]
- Get into it.
- Get into it.
- [lady] Girl!
- Okay. So
My mom got me this
Cartier bracelet for my birthday.
And I don't know.
I feel like we should eeh, bless it!
[crowd whoops]
Drip drip honey!
Get the fuck out of my shot!
- Oh, sweetie!
- Oh my God.
- I didn't recognize you.
- Babe
without your nine inches.
Babes, you're reminding me of my ex.
- Guys, let's party.
- [crowd cheering]
[man] Yo, Mbali! Listen up.
This is for my [in Zulu] person.
[in English] Mbali! Mbali, my first single
is dedicated to you. Let's go.
[in Zulu] Yeah, yo!
Yeah. It's you. Let's go.
Mbali, you're the sweetest thing
I ever came across ♪
I know I made you mad.
I know I made you cross ♪
But I need you right beside me ♪
Come back to a boss, Mbali. ♪
- [crowd] Woah.
- [whispering] Bethuel, what the hell?!
Eh, yo. It's Uncle Drip.
I don't care about that
dumb stage name and I didn't
invite you. So get out of here.
[crowd murmuring]
But I want you back.
[scoffs] But I don't.
Look, our brands don't align anymore.
Okay? High school's is over.
- New year, new boyfriend.
- [crowd snickering, muttering]
- Yoh!
- - Forget this, bro. Forget it.
[male voice in Zulu] Get out of here.
[Mbali in English] Ex-boyfriends?
Am I right?
Let's get ready to the groove!
- [crowd cheering]
- [upbeat music playing]
[woman] Move!
[in Zulu] Move away!
[in English] Get out of my way.
Turn off the music!
[in Zulu] Come here!
Go, get out!
- Mom?
- You, come here.
Come here!
[yelling] Leave right now!
[screaming] My goodness. Ma'am.
[Mom whispering] Where's your passport?
- [in English] Who the fuck are they?!
- [crowd murmuring]
Mrs. Hadebe,
we are the Asset Forfeiture Unit.
["Slyza Tsotsi" by Major League playing]
- Remove your filthy hands off me.
- [housekeeper] Leave her paintings alone.
No! This is a gift
from the president of Ghana.
You better leave me alone.
[Mrs. Hadebe] No!
I am begging. You can't take this.
[in English] Don't take those documents.
Leave my jewelry.
That's my late husband's.
[in Zulu] Leave madam's belongings.
[in English] I know my rights.
[in Zulu] No.
No, not that one! No.
[man in English]
The Minister of Grants just got raided.
- [policeman] Let go of it.
- [man] This is crazy.
Ma'am, may I ask you to?
[yelling] Get out!
We had no idea
Mbali and her mom were so dodgy.
Like, who steals grant money from the poor
and still rocks last season's Gucci boots?
Are you not embarrassed?
Mbali Hadebe is cancelled.
Please respect our privacy
at this very difficult time.
- [phone dings]
- [dog barking in distance]
Smarty Pants!
[in Zulu] You think you're clever.
You throwing a lavish party
without my permission?
Do you know
how hard it will be to spin this?
[in English] This is all your fault!
People want me dead.
My friends cancelled me.
I had to delete my IG.
How the hell am I supposed to go
to varsity with them next month?
[in Zulu] Friends?
Is that all you're worried about?
You'll make new friends.
[in English] Where?
[scoffs] Not that you care.
I mean, you didn't even remember
- that it's my birthday so
- [in Zulu] Sister
Listen here, my girl,
I don't have time for birthdays.
I have bigger problems.
[in English] I need to find
a new varsity, Mom.
- What?!
- I have to!
People already hate me on campus.
[in Zulu] Are you hearing yourself?
Stop being a drama queen!
I already paid your fees.
Where else will I get the money from?
My accounts are frozen.
[in English] And you know that.
I'll use dad's money.
[in Zulu] You know
that his money will not get you anywhere.
That won't get you
through the first semester.
- [in English] I know you.
- [dog barking outside]
It's enough to get me away from you.
[in Zulu] But don't come crying
to me asking for money.
You'll eventually go hungry.
["Water to Wine" by Dibi playing]
I'll give you a week,
and you'll see for yourself.
[in English] Mom everybody knows
that no one eats during hot girl summer.
- [in Zulu] Whatever.
- [Scoffs]
["Water to Wine" by Dibi continues]
Yes. I, I understand
that applications are closed
but can you make any exceptions?
Okay, how much for a special donation?
Special donations are from 500 in cash.
[hesitates] Um
Do you accept NFTs?
- [phone disconnects]
- [gasps]
- [sighs]
- [footsteps approaching]
[suit case scraping floor]
Phindi. Not you abandoning me too.
[in Zulu] I can't stay. I have to go.
[in English] What am I supposed to do now?
I mean, my life is over.
[in Zulu] Come here.
I have to find a new varsity.
Somewhere where no one knows me.
[in Zulu] I still think
you should go to Wits but
Why don't you
try and apply in small universities?
You have Bloemfontien,
Pietermaritzburg and even Makhanda.
[in English] What the hell is Makhanda?
[in Zulu] Don't you know?
That's the new name for Grahamstown.
[in English] Oh, hell no.
I am not desperate enough for Makhanda.
[upbeat music playing]
[sighs deeply]
[people chattering in the background]
Oh. My. God.
I'm gonna hate it here.
[upbeat music continues]
[door bangs shut]
Yeah. I'm gonna love it here.
Oh woah. [whimpering]
Oh my God. Okay.
[grunting] What did she pack in here?
What else? Food.
She's been cooking
for the last few weeks for you.
Oh, y'all just stand there.
I got this. Don't worry.
My boy.
- I got one thing to say to you.
- Uh-huh.
Hmm! You're going out to the wide world.
Look after my car.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Come here.
- [groaning] Okay.
- Come here.
- Okay.
- Everyone, come here.
Okay. Okay, thank you. Gotta go.
- Love you.
- I love you, Mom.
- Bye, Mom.
- Bye.
[phone dings]
Oh Jayshan!
- Jayshan.
- Yes.
No distractions, huh? Focus on school.
- No girls.
- Yes mom, no worries.
[giggles sarcastically] No girls.
[murmuring] Let's get this done.
[boy grunts]
[''Spin My World'' by DJ Kent playing]
I guess that was a bad joke then.
[boy2] Sivu, my boy!
- How is it, homie? You're good?
- Easy man.
Great. It's nice to see you.
I'm sorry. What?
I was saying that
we should swap insurance details.
- Oh, cause you just [laughing]
- Um, yeah!
I see what you did there. [laughing]
- Funny.
- [Sivu giggles]
Look, how about you make it up to me,
by voting for me as SRC president?
Isn't that a little too early
to be talking about elections?
Not at GU, it isn't. It's uh big thing.
[comic music plays]
You're Sivu Levin?
- [Sivu] Yeah.
- [huffs]
[spluttering] I watched your race
like a million times.
I'm a rower too.
- I'm going to be in the Olympics,
- Oh!
just like you.
- Were you in the Olympics?
- And he won bronze.
[sighs] Can we get a picture?
- It's That's weird.
- No, it's not. Never. Come on.
- [boy whimpering]
- [camera shutter clinking]
Got it.
So will I see you at
the race in Port Alfred tomorrow?
Yeah. Front row.
- Okay.
- Hey, you should come too
so that I can convince you to vote for me.
Sivu! Hey.
- Hey. Rae.
- [Rae kisses]
Are you coming to the party
I'm throwing at my dad's house?
- You know I'll always come.
- Yes,
but not the way I want you to. [giggles]
I am Mbali. Ha I've
never met a groove that didn't need me.
Whoop, whoop!
Let me guess.
- First year.
- Mm-hmm!
Aw. You can go to Freshers' party
with the rest of the Danones.
My party is for third years only.
Let her come. As my guest.
- Really?
- Really?
She promised to vote for me. Right?
Fine. You're lucky you're so hot.
- Thanks.[sighs]
- Hmm!
See? Now you're stuck
with me as your candidate.
When you're president, can you
please get golf carts for our bags?
Oh, do you need some help? I got you.
Yeah. Could you get
my other bags from security?
- Other bags?
- Mm-hmm!
What's the plan? Not to ever go home?
You know what? Never mind. [chuckles]
- I will see you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
[upbeat music playing]
I am so sorry your bursary fell through.
But you are the perfect
candidate for ours.
[in Afrikaans] Next year.
[in English] It's just too late now.
- Let me see.
- [Mbali] Excuse me.
- There's an error on
- Sorry.
Have a look at the list
of jobs I suggested.
When my dad said
I must work for my degree
he didn't mean this.
Just don't take any job under six figures.
It is not with the eye bags.
Says someone
with the rich parents to pay for her.
Actually, my parents are dead.
- [in Xhosa] Oh! I'm sorry.
- Mm!
[in English] So there seems
to be an error on my schedule.
I've been put in an Ethics class,
with my marketing course. And I
So you came all the way
to Makhanda to study marketing?
- Trust me, it's not by choice.
- Mm.
- Name?
- Mbali.
[whispering] Hadebe.
No relation to Brenda Hadebe.
Ooh! Late application.
Yeah. That was the only
class available to you.
But it's useless.
There's no Ethics in Marketing.
I don't think that's true.
I don't need you to think.
I need you to change it.
[in Afrikaans] Aren't you adorable?
[in English] Either take Ethics,
or you fail the semester.
Our campus is small,
but it's rich with history.
Our students leave
to become great politicians,
captains of industry,
and we have an Olympic medalist
running for SRC president this year.
This is the bust
of Lieutenant Colonel John Graham
[clears throat]
who our town is named after.
And hence we are Grahamstown University.
- And of course it's where everyone smokes.
- [students laugh]
- The promise of a new year.
- [people chattering indistinctly]
This place will change your life,
just like it did for me. Look.
- There it is. The Labia lab.
- [girl1] Hello, Professor Levin.
Hello, girls.
[girl2] I actually identify as
non-binary now, Professor Levin.
Of course.
I completely support
however you girls identify. [chuckles]
Mom. [clears throat]
This is my daughter, Natalie.
She would love to sign up.
Oh no. I'm actually more
of a solo activity kind of girl.
- Human being.
- Nonsense.
- [girl1 in Zulu] Gosh white people!
- [in English] This L&L is in your blood.
This could be our thing.
- Come on.
- [jewelry jingling]
Yeah. Come on! [inhales deeply]
It is imperative
for first year students to exercise
their right to vote this coming election.
When you vote for me
to become your president
and I will make sure that I focus on the
de-colonization of this institution.
As well as renaming it,
from Grahamstown University
- to Makhanda University.
- [audience] Yes!
- Vote for me, vote for change!
- [audience] Yes!
[in Zulu] Goodness. Old man,
You've been in the council for nine years.
[in English] The only change
we need is for you to graduate.
- [in Sotho] Stop being an idiot.
- [audience laugh]
[in English]
As your next president, I will [grunts]
- Fuck off.
- Hey, my sister.
Mubarak is your savior.
As your next president,
I'll ban all technology on campus
cause it is the white devil's tool
that makes sure
that they control our minds.
I can't believe we are
at the same university.
- Sorry?
- It's it's me, Natalie.
We were in the same
English class for like three years.
I gave you a tampon like five months ago.
Not all Black people
look the same, Claire.
Uh, it's Natale, and you're Mbali Hadebe.
We were just at boarding school together.
- You dated Uncle Drip.
- Vote for Mubarak!
Your mother is Brenda Hadebe.
- [feedback echoing]
[upbeat music playing]
No, she isn't. Mh-hm.
Er yes she is. We have receipts.
- [shoes heels clanking]
- Didn't your mom approve leaky condoms
to universities just to grab a check?
[spluttering] Oh, uh well
[Rae sighs]
I'm gonna need that invite back.
[Natalie] Don't worry about it.
We can be friends.
We will never be friends, Meghan.
- Um, it's Natalie.
- Whatever.
Vote for Mubarak.
- Vote
- This is your girl, Rae and The Spill has
some piping hot tea on the first day back.
Scandal-stricken Brenda Hadebe's daughter
has surfaced in Makhanda.
She probably thought she could run,
but Raenbows, she can never hide.
Rae Rae will stay on top of the story.
- [sobbing]
- [door bursts open]
Excuse you!
You can't just barge into people's rooms.
[in Xhosa] This is also my room, sister.
[in English] This day just keeps
getting fucking better.
Why are my clothes up there?
I needed the space.
You've got like, what?
Three outfits. You'll be fine.
[in Xhosa] You know, I almost felt sorry
because you're trending on The Spill.
[in English] What's The Spill?
[in Xhosa] It's Raesah's
gossip site on campus.
[in English] Is that what she called it?
Sounds as basic
as everything in this town.
So much for you
and your dead parents, darling.
Okay, hear me out.
My dad is dead. My mom on the other hand,
[sighs] is dead to me.
[in Xhosa] Quite frankly,
you and your mother are alike.
Taking shortcuts through life
[in English] while we have
to work to stay in school.
Do not blame my mother
for your parents failing you.
My mother is dead.
[chucking] So now it's a competition.
- [gasps] Wow!
- [in Xhosa] Listen,
Just keep your shit
out of my wardrobe. Okay?
[in English] Do you know what?
[lipstick cap opening]
How about,
you, stay on your side of the room,
and I'll stay on mine? [panting]
- How about that?
- [in Xhosa] Perfect.
[upbeat music playing]
[students chattering]
I mean, what does a degree
even mean now, right?
People need retweets to get jobs,
TikTok teens are earning more money
than our parents will ever see.
And the world is run by billionaires
who dropped out of varsity.
Which is something
I plan to do, by the way.
- I'm basically, the next Zuckerberg.
- [students giggling]
Well, university-educated people
still make more money on the average.
I mean look, not as much as innovation,
inheritance, ripping off the poor.
[students wowing]
[in slang] Sorry, Prof. I got lost.
Its okay. It's your first week.
Find a seat.
[in Zulu] Goodness.
This is an Ethics class, not Fashion Week.
- [students laughing]
- Sweetie.
[girl] She's not even that pretty.
- [boy whispering] What an asshole!
- [girl giggling]
- Alright. Settle down.
- [girl 2] She should have stayed in Jozi.
- [Mbali] Thanks.
- [female voice] Entitled brat.
[boy 2 in Xhosa] She represents everything
that is wrong with this country.
[student laughing]
[in English] I'm Jay, by the way.
Listen, I got busted giving out handies
in the boys bathroom in high school.
So, I know what it's like
- to make headline news.
- [sighs deeply]
Okay. So back to my introduction.
is the study of
the principles of right and wrong,
depending on any system of moral rules,
values and principles.
So as interesting
as this young man's question was,
the answer is no.
It's not a true moral dilemma
to have to decide between
five hundred thousand,
and dinner with Jay-Z.
- Dinner with Jay-Z?
- Dinner with Jay-Z!
[upbeat music playing]
Ah! Hadebe,
we can help each other out, my sister.
- Don't call me that.
- Look,
my team is like Shaka's horn formation.
We protect each other
and eliminate the enemy.
Right now, it's getting "crazy stalker."
So I'm going to scream.
I can make you,
[in Zulu] a rock
of Grahamstown University.
[in English] If you stand with me,
no one will dare utter a word against you.
You're that powerful around here?
Even more.
I can get you access to student council
budget and better accommodation.
- Mm! I do hate my roommate.
- [giggles]
See, I have my eyes
on the youth league leadership.
Your mother's a pariah right now,
but she still have comrades.
She can definitely help me.
I am not talking to my mother.
[in Sotho] Come on. Don't act dumb.
Don't pretend like you
don't know what was happening.
[in English] I didn't.
[giggles] So tell me,
[in English] how much do you
think government ministers make? Hmm?
[in Sotho] Look, I know that
you are spoilt but you're not an idiot.
[in English] Let's help
each other, my sister.
We're done here.
[in Sotho] Alright, give me her number.
I'll contact her myself.
[in English] Sure.
Zero-one-one-go fuck yourself.
[in Sotho] Whatever! Bitch.
[in English] Alright.
Phones down, please.
[chuckles] I don't carry
government tracking devices.
[in Xhosa] Shut up, Mubarak.
- Thank you all.
- [Jay's phone buzzing]
for volunteering to be part
of this student election committee.
Today's session is to brief you all, and
our presidential candidates,
on the way forward
up until the elections in June.
And the tech support team,
led by Mr. Nkabinde,
have designed and developed
GU'S new voting app
which is a real
game-changer for the school.
[phone buzzes]
It's a great opportunity
for our new volunteers
to get some real work experience
in software development.
Looking forward to it.
Other teams will be working
with Clint Van Heerden,
who will serve as chairperson
of this committee.
Candidates, we promise
you free and fair elections.
And with that we're adjourned. Thank you.
I hope you enjoy
your last run as president, Caesar.
Chief, unlike you, I know how to win.
But look, there are three candidates.
At least, you will pick up
another bronze. Eh?
[both laugh sarcastically]
[upbeat music playing]
[students cheering]
And it's time to kick off O-week,
with the annual friendly between
Fort Hare and Grahamstown University.
May the best teams win.
Hey, Mbali.
Er, you came?
Hope you know that
if I lose this, I'll blame you, though.
- Quite distracting.
- [chuckles]
I bet you say that to all the girls.
- I do. [laughing]
- [Mbali laughing]
I'm the Olympian. I can't be
the reason for us losing, so
I'm glad you came.
Enjoy the show. Yeah?
- [upbeat music continues]
- [people chattering indistinctly]
- Cute [laughing]
- Wow! [laughing]
- Hey, I just wanted to explain
- Don't. Just don't.
- [Rae] Its perfect. [laughing]
- [girls laughing]
Excuse me. [grunts]
Please don't tell me
that you're a sports gay.
Ma'am. I am a business gay.
Okay? Look.
Athletes are excellent customers,
terrible at the school-life thing
and balancing it all.
ADHD pills?
Sixty rand a piece.
First one's on the house.
Concentration guaranteed.
What are we, like,
in grade ten or something?
Why are you here?
Well, I am just
enjoying the school spirit.
School spirit looks good in those shorts.
- I know that's right.
- [Jay] Oh, girl.
["You be on My Mind" music playing]
[students cheering]
Keep the line!
That used to be me.
A hot Olympian?
No. Raeesah.
Girls like her used
to beg to come to my parties.
I was the head of the litty committee.
You know, I heard her dad is one
of the first AirBnB owners in Makhanda.
Their house is massive.
It's bigger than the south campus.
That's what I need.
An edge.
I need a rebrand.
Like dating a hot Olympian.
I'm gonna make Sivu fall in love with me.
We have to get
into Raeesah's party tomorrow.
- Yeah!
- Wait!
- You weren't on the school bus today.
- Ew.
- Do you have a car?
- Yes.
Ten percent off your first drive.
- Student Uber. My own campus business.
- [Mbali sighs]
St-Uber. What a stupid name.
- It's a great name.
- [lively music continues]
- Yeah. Love it.
- [Jay] Hmm!
[yelling] Pulling away, boys.
Pulling away.
Give it all you've got!
[cheering continues]
- Yes. [moaning]
- [moaning from laptop]
- [door opens]
- [laptop closes]
[gasps] Mom, knock.
Do you remember
the pre-Freshers party
we hosted here for your brother?
No. [panting]
I was at boarding school.
And I'm not going to Freshers.
- It is a rite of passage,
- [dog barking outside]
and your brother loved his.
you're not going to make friends
if you don't make an effort.
I have friends.
- Oh yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
I met them at the um
The um
- Engineering orientation.
- Hmm!
So why aren't you out there with them
instead of sitting in the dark
on your own, watching porn?
I'm not watching porn.
[whispering] I am not shaming you.
But life should be lived in the world
- not on screen with fake orgasms.
- Okay. I'll go.
[spluttering] I'll go to Freshers.
Okay, that's wonderful. [kisses]
- Wonderful.
- [comic music continues]
And you do know that pornography
- isn't an accurate depiction of sex
- Mom!
- so that when you're ready to actually
- [yells] Mom!
You're not ready.
We'll revisit.
[grunts loudly]
- [switch clicks]
- [Natale groaning]
- [crickets chirping]
- [dogs barking]
[footstep approaching]
[car door opens then closes]
[awkward silence]
Um, did you request a ride?
I'm Che Dick pic?
- Oh, oh wait, are you
- No.
- [sighs] But you're on a gay app.
- I'm not.
- But this is a date?
- No. Yes.
- But you're still
- No.
- [comical tune playing]
- Okay.
No one can know.
I don't out anyone
- Good. [sighs]
- about anything so
[car seat squeaking]
- [boys laughing]
- Run, chicken legs, run! Run!
[Sivu] Okay. Come on, Legs.
Let's hope your girlfriends
don't care about size!
Yes, guys.
Now who's ready to have some real fun?
Kyle, coach banned that.
Coach isn't here, Mr. Levin.
But I am and I say, "No."
Listen, bro, it's an initiation.
We all went through it.
It's just a bit of fun, man.
'Cause before we see you in the water,
let's see how you swim in this bad boy.
- [spluttering] I'm claustrophobic.
- And we have our first volunteer!
- Hey, guys. Boys, get him in.
- No.
- [Sivu] Kyle! No. Guys, no.
- No!
- Get him, boys. It's just for fun man
- No.
- [Sivu] You can not do this.
- [Kyle] Get him in come on.
- No, guys.
- Come on, guys. Open up.
No. Please, guys.
- That's it come on.
- Look at this one.
- No!
- Hey, close it up!
Lets do it!
- [drum beating]
- [boys cheering]
Okay, enough! It's enough.
[yells loudly] I said, it's enough!
[Kyle laughing] Yes!
- You okay, bro?
- [Junior whimpers]
Oh, it's funny?
- But it's an initiation. He's having fun.
- [boys laughing]
[Kyle] Oh, Junior.
[whimpers loudly]
[melancholic music playing]
- [girl laughing] Yes.
- Woohoo!
- Yes. Period!
- Yes!
- Get into it. Period.
- Awesome vibe, we are in it.
- Another bottle? Let's go!
- Okay.
Let's go!
- Who is driving the boat tonight?
- Yes girl.
[melancholic music continues]
[phone keypads clicking]
[Caesar moaning softly]
Woah! Okay. Maybe we should slow down.
I thought you wanted this.
Yeah, but not
on the back seat of my dad's car.
Look, maybe we can go for drinks
and get to know each other.
This is Grindr,
not "get-to-know you". Okay?
- Yoh!
- [Jay] Whoa!
I said no.
Do the students know
that their SRC president
doesn't understand that no means no?
- [menacingly] I swear
- [tense music playing]
if you dare tell anyone,
I will end you. You hear me?
- [shakily] I won't say anything.
- Of course, you won't.
- Fucking Indian homo.
- [Jay groans in pain]
You're full of shit. Piss off! Fuck you.
[melancholic music playing]
[door squeaks open]
[Sivu] I'm pretty sure
you're clean by now.
[bathroom water trickling]
Look, bro. It was a joke.
Just keep your head down
and they'll be your team for life.
Junior, you can really go
all the way here. You know that.
You do want to be like me, right?
I really thought you,
out of all people, would have
stood up for someone like me.
- [melancholic music playing]
- But I guess I'm on my own.
[water continues trickling]
[upbeat music playing]
And then?
We can't be crushing this party
with you looking like,
South Africa's most wanted.
I had to shit date, okay?
What date? What happened?
Just some guy on a dating app.
- Ooh!
- [Jay] Yeah.
Wait, did
What the fuck, Jay?! Who did this to you?
I just wanna forget about it, okay?
[Jay sighs deeply]
[lively music starts to play]
So, do
- Yeah, we're still going to the party.
- [mutters] Oh. Thank God.
Look, people are going
to need a ride back to Makhanda,
and I can fit like,
seven people in here if we just
shove them in the boot.
- That's serious money.
- Mm-hmm!
Look, if I'm going to be sad,
I might as well be rich too, no?
- Amen.
- [Jay] Amen.
Let's go.
[upbeat music playing]
- [party music playing]
- [indistinct chattering]
[scoffs] Well, not exactly Mbalichella.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What?! What's that?
- It's for the stamp on the wristband.
Oh. Er
How much to help you see a stamp?
- The baddest bitch is back.
- [people laughing in background]
Still living, laughing and loving.
You guys thought you could bury me.
But you guys forget that
I'm a motherfucking seed, okay.
Everybody Everybody loves me here.
[water splashing]
[boys laughing]
[in Sotho] Tell MaBrr,
that's for the leaky condoms.
- [crowd laughing]
- [sad music plays]
[wistful tune playing]
[bottle clinking]
[Sivu] Um
- No one's allowed in here.
- Oh.
But you're here.
I'm not feeling very social right now.
- What happened?
- [scoffs]
Condom water balloons.
Message for my mother.
Not that she'd care.
[Mbali sighs deeply]
Sorry about that. [grunts]
It's okay. [sniffles]
[mutters] Thank you.
Um [sighs]
I'm used to looking out for myself.
I mean, you're all alone
in this world, right?
- Come with me.
- [lively music playing]
Where are we going? Wait, my shoes. Wait.
- [lively music continues]
- [indistinct party chattering]
You owe Mbali an apology.
Fuck her and her mother.
That's not cool, bro.
Fuck you, Levin.
Fuck your bronze, fuck your boys
who treat you like an errand boy.
And fuck any Black person that votes
for your cheese and yoghurt ass
because you don't give a fuck about us.
Well, fuck you then.
[lady1] Sivu!
- What?!
- [lively music continues]
[lady2] Stop it!
[people screaming]
[lady 3] Let go!
- Sivu!
- Sivu!
- [bone cracking]
- [Sivu groaning]
- [boy] Shit bro, he punched the floor.
- Sorry, Sivu.
- Are you okay?
- Excuse me, who are you?
Pearl, his girlfriend.
- [Pearl] Babe.
- [Rae] Get him out of here.
Get him the fuck out of here.
- Babe.
- [Sivu groaning]
[Rae] How did Mbali even get in here?
Someone get that bitch out of my house!
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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