Mission Impossible (1966) s01e01 Episode Script


I'm looking for a special recording.
Collector series.
I don't know.
We have some record players in stock.
I'll take care of the gentleman, Suzie.
Would you get me last week's invoices, please? Exactly what recording were you looking for? Pavane in G by Ernest Vone and the Pansymphonic Orchestra.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Good morning, Mr Briggs.
General Rio Dominguez, the dictator of Santa Costa, makes his headquarters in the Hotel Nacionale.
We've learnt that two nuclear warheads furnished to Santa Costa by an enemy power are contained in the hotel vault.
Their use is imminent.
Mr Briggs, your mission, should you decide to accept it, would be to remove both nuclear devices from Santa Costa.
As always, you have carte blanche as to method and personnel.
But, of course, should you or any member of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
As usual, this recording will decompose one minute after the breaking of the seal.
I hope it's "Welcome back, Dan.
" It's been a while.
I'll bet two cents.
I'll see your two cents and I'll bump you two.
Practice on your own time.
Aces up.
You can't have an ace of clubs.
I have one.
Three kings.
Well, beats my five pair.
All right.
You all had time to think it over.
Rollin, can you impersonate Dominguez? I don't know, Dan.
I'm the best, but the day he makes a televised speech We can't wait.
Can you pull it off if Barney tampers with the TV camera and microphone so you don't have to make the speech? Yes.
Barney, can you wire all that in one day? Plus rig a fireworks display right in front of the hotel? Dominguez's headquarter? Well, not unless I had all day to crawl around undisturbed.
You will.
Terry, once you're in the vault, can you safely remove the warheads from their container? Assuming I got that far, I'd be nervous.
Those container locks are probably sequence-coded and wired to the warheads.
One wrong move Boom.
- We'll get the code from Dominguez.
- What for? A souvenir? This type of vault's ruining my business.
It's unbreakable.
No one could open it.
I know.
But all vaults are designed to prevent people from getting in.
Terry, is there a chance of breaking out? I think so.
Willy, those warheads weigh Yes.
And you, Cinnamon? My job's only doing what comes naturally.
All right, then.
From the beginning.
Do you have reservation at the Hotel Nacionale? - Yes.
- Show me confirmation, please.
- Erich Bareg.
German? - Swiss.
Custom timepieces.
- Wilhelm Axel? - My manservant.
Santa Costa wishes you a pleasant stay.
He'll take those.
See to the luggage in the trunk.
I want to put my samples in the safe.
At what time does it open? In 10 minutes, sir.
May I see your passports, please? And now, Mr Bareg, would you give me your right hand? - What for? - Thumbprint, sir.
Hold my jewellery case, will you, dear? Mr and Mrs Lanier.
We requested a ground-floor room.
Only a minute now, Mr Bareg.
When will the vault be open again? The time lock is set for 12 hours, sir.
Anything else? No, Colonel Alisio.
Close it.
- Coded locks? - Three.
By colours.
Then we go with the plan to lift Dominguez.
Were the suitcases heavy? One was.
Just a little.
Not as heavy as they'll both be taking them out.
Your passports, madame.
Excuse me.
Let me help you.
- He's in.
We make the switch tonight.
- Thank you.
- What is it? - Mice! - Get rid of them, please! - I'm dreadfully sorry.
May I help you? This is the desk.
Get me an exterminator.
- Exterminator? - Yes.
This is the Hotel Nacionale.
We have an emergency.
Thank you.
Please tell the maid that I'll let her know when she can clean the room.
My husband needs rest.
I don't want him disturbed.
- Colonel Alisio.
- What is it? The exterminator.
I told him he could not go into the General's wing, and he says he cannot do the job.
Excuse me, sir, it It's just that I must be able to go where the mice can go.
Let him creep around wherever he wishes.
I will leave orders.
Thank you, sir.
My apologies, Mr Bareg, but General Dominguez makes a speech tomorrow, so they must set up tonight.
And I thought we were going to be on television.
- Mr Lanier is not joining you, madame? - No, my husband is too ill.
When I left, he was asleep.
You are taking your cases out so soon, Mr Bareg? I'm proud to say that General Dominguez has asked to see a selection.
I'm putting them back in the vault in the morning.
Can you break out? Yeah, I can turn the handle from the inside, but I'll have to blow the time lock.
Willy said the warhead locks are colour-coded.
Yeah, I hate to take a chance without that sequence.
We may all go up in a mushroom.
Change of cast is already in motion.
You all right? You're soldiers, are you not? Act like soldiers.
Mr Bareg.
Let him through.
- She's very pretty.
- Yes.
But too much for you.
Ask her to come to my room in 10 minutes.
- Very nice.
- I thought so.
But, General, you were just inside Guard! What is it, General? Where are the two guards who were supposed to be outside this door? Perez and Vaca? I don't know, General.
Then they have deserted their posts, huh? Find them! A fine security system you run here, Alisio.
I don't expect you to know the whereabouts of every enemy agent in Santa Costa.
But I do expect you to be able to locate my own two guards! - I will find them, General.
- Do that! And do not disturb me for anything unimportant! I'm working on my speech! Well, move.
Move! - Beautiful.
- Beautiful? - I consider that my masterpiece.
- So far, so good.
They're broken.
If Terry's no use with his paws, we're done.
Not quite.
I left orders not to be disturbed! Yes, General, but you also asked to see the lady.
Yes, of course.
Good evening, General.
Good evening.
- What happened? - Never mind now.
Cinnamon, stay here with Rollin about an hour to make it look right.
And then snuggle up to that poor lonely man who sits outside the vault.
And steal a blank signature card.
Why? Tomorrow I'm going into the vault instead of Terry.
What? When Mr Bareg comes to take his suitcases out, he'll have to have the correct signature and thumbprint.
But you're Bareg.
You'll be inside the vault.
Rollin, you're getting every actor's dream.
Chance to a triple role: Mr Lanier, Dominguez, and me.
I hope the young lady likes the diamond watch I sold the General.
You know, Dominguez has quite a reputation as a lady's man, and as long as you're going to spend an hour here Why not help me develop my characterization? We'll spend the hour rehearsing.
I found Dominguez's speech.
You may have to deliver it if Barney drops a transistor or something.
"Despite the constant scheming and harassment "of our powerful, imperialistic neighbour to the north, "Santa Cost Santa Costa "remains a peaceful and dedicated nation "continuing in its" How am I doing? Terrible.
- Say, do you do Jimmy Cagney? - Ho, ho.
Not funny.
- Who is it? - General, it is Alisio.
I know you left orders not to be disturbed, but it is very important I see you immediately.
General, there is something I must tell you.
How clear must I make my instructions? I am sorry, General, but I am very disturbed about those two missing men, Perez and Vaca.
I chose those men, General.
They are thoroughly loyal.
I know they did not desert.
I leave that entirely up to you, Alisio.
I'm busy.
You don't understand, General.
I suspect something.
A coup.
A plot.
I don't know what.
You remember what I told you at the briefing this morning? - Yes, of course.
- Did you believe Hernan's information? Not entirely.
Then which of the suspected collaborators should I arrest? General I am sorry, General.
I did not realise you were that busy.
Cinnamon A gorgeous performance.
You think so? You should have seen it from those seats.
My name is Briggs, General.
Might as well get to know each other since we're going to spend some time together tomorrow, in the vault, for exactly 12 hours.
Or possibly less time if I don't handle the warheads properly.
So I assume you'll tell me the unlocking sequence.
And there is one more thing, Mr Briggs.
You're a lot bigger than I am.
Figuring you, the General, and my equipment, there won't be any room in those suitcases for any oxygen.
I don't know if there's 12 hours' air in that vault for two people.
Excuse me.
I'd like to put this in the vault.
I'm sorry, madame, but the vault does not open until 11:00 in the morning.
That's terrible.
Sitting here all night with nothing to do, no one around.
Must get terribly lonely.
It does, madame.
Now, you'll have to line them up exactly in order to lay out your induction field.
This one at 12:20 Don't forget to tell Mr Bareg that, as his employee, we'll allow you to deposit those cases.
But we'll only release them to him personally.
Mr Bareg will be here.
Help! Help! Help! Don't bother, General.
You can't be heard.
And believe me, we literally can't afford to waste the breath.
No, sir.
Neither Perez nor Vaca have left the grounds.
What use is all this? I will never give you any information.
But if you forget your plan, I will give you amnesty.
And my personal guarantee that the warheads will not be used against your country.
Well, I'll give you the same guarantee, General.
You read my meaning? Those things might go off, but it won't be in my country.
A little claustrophobic, General? I don't blame you.
If you don't choose to cooperate, I can go out in one of those sample cases.
I'll leave you here in the other.
What a strikingly unpleasant way to die.
Knotted up like a Chinese puzzle.
Suffocating very slowly.
What would you gain by that? You want your warheads, yes? That's right, so you're in luck.
There are 10 colour settings on each of these three dials.
That's a thousand possible combinations.
And if you don't give me the sequence, I'm going to pick one on a guess.
If I'm wrong, we'll never know it.
What? You're on the air in 20 minutes, General.
Then come back in 10.
Excuse me, General, we only have a few minutes.
Could we have you in position, please? - What is going on? - I don't know.
The sound is dead, too.
Are you insane? - You leave me no choice, General.
- Your chances are one in a thousand.
Our chances are by random choice, but I won't just guess.
I think the code is your national colours.
Green, white, and blue.
Right, General? No! Not green.
Red, white, blue.
General, you not only have sense, you have a sense of the ironic.
Well, I'm sure we can locate the trouble, Colonel, if you will only give us a little time.
General, I must speak to you.
- Not now.
- I must, General.
Something very peculiar is going on.
What is it? - I don't know, but - Then wait until you do! - This will never work.
- Yes, it will.
Remember what Dan said.
People don't look at a crippled old man.
They look away.
Yeah, but nobody looks less like Rollin than I do.
Terry, I'll be wheeling you out.
If anybody looks at you, I'll quit the sisterhood of women.
Get the two guards from the lobby.
Go into the dining room.
Let no one near the television equipment.
If you notice anything out of the ordinary, anything at all, alert me immediately.
Excuse me.
Sorry I'm late.
I would like to get my sample cases.
Hello, again.
- I'd like to put my jewellery in the vault.
- Of course.
Would you fill this out, please? A safecracker with busted hands.
The warheads are out.
Goodbye, Mr Bareg.
I hope you enjoyed your stay.
Mr Bareg.
I thought - Where's Terry? - He's okay.
I found a blind curve below the barricade where we can switch to the ambulance.
Searchlight! Stop! Stop!