Mission Impossible (1966) s01e09 Episode Script

A Spool There Was

Excuse me, I'd like to inspect one of your private suites.
Our best rooms are on the top floor, sir.
I know, but I'm looking for one with a red decor.
Good afternoon, Mr Briggs.
Please put on the red light, then remove the cover from the developing trays.
Now, there is in existence a reel of recording wire with details of a chemical warfare project being developed for use against the free world.
One of our agents, carrying the reel, made his way to the lake shown.
We assume his intention was to appropriate a boat and row across to neutral territory.
But he was seen by secret police and forced to hide.
Shortly thereafter, he was discovered and killed resisting capture.
However, in that brief period of time before being discovered he managed to hide the reel so ingeniously that the secret police, with every resource at their disposal, have still not been able to find it, despite the limited area they had to search.
Other unfriendly nations also have agents working in the area.
Your mission, Mr Briggs, should you accept it, would be to find the reel and bring it out of the country.
As always, should you or any of the IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary would disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This recording will decompose in 60 seconds after the breaking of the seal.
Good luck, Dan.
- Can I clean the room now, sir? - Yes, thank you.
Is it big enough for you, sir? Oh, yes.
Quite big enough.
Don't you want some excitement in your life? Some challenge? I have plenty of challenge.
You, for instance.
Is that all I am? Now, listen, I didn't invite you here to reform me.
I know perfectly well why you invited me here.
Hey, hey, where are you going? I just want to say one thing, one thing.
All you need is a little ambition and you could succeed at almost anything.
I doubt it.
If I had ambition, do you realise I wouldn't be the same irresistible character you love? See? Who said you were irresistible? Hear, hear.
Let's face it, I'm a boat bum.
I'll always be a boat bum.
Now come over here and be nice.
They say all cats are alike in the dark.
Completely, totally untrue.
Forty two minutes.
That should do it.
Your credentials.
- Did you check prevailing winds? - Northeast.
- How much variation? - Hardly any this time of the year.
Cinnamon, work with the 35 millimetre.
Keep this one handy at all times.
No telling when you'll need it.
- Can you take pictures with it? - No, Barney has it all rigged.
But get in plenty of practice with the other one, so you'll look like a pro.
Dan, don't you think we need more people than just Rollin and I? Yeah, maybe a specialist in metal detection or something.
No, the secret police have every kind of specialist you can name.
They still haven't found the reel.
Why? Because they aren't looking for it the way he hid it.
Now look at this.
The local concessionaire is one of ours.
From what he overheard, the agent carrying the reel went to the boat landing.
When border guards discovered him, he ran to the café here.
He managed to slip by them and went back to the dock where he was killed.
Apparently, he was at no time out of sight for more than a minute.
Yet during that time he hid the reel of wire so effectively that it can't be found by experts.
The man was under extraordinary pressure, and that's the key.
Don't bother to search.
Think, and Rollin, don't limit your thinking.
He didn't.
This plan is designed to get you into the same kind of spot under the same pressure, and hope inspirations hits.
And not bullets.
The man in civilian clothes called Gulik? Inspector of Security Police in charge of the search.
Clever, stubborn, very dangerous.
And the lieutenant? His name is Daglieri.
I think he no longer believes that the reel exists.
He is just going through the motions.
Anyone else? I'm not certain.
Those two men that the Lieutenant is questioning, they are around a great deal.
They go swimming, do all the right things but only one at a time.
I think they may be agents.
I think red and blue are best.
So many balloons? Oh, yes, I need spots of colour for my pictures.
- Why so few tourists? - Gone.
With all the security police around can you blame them? I'll go out of business.
When will you be finished? I just hired a new man to run my boats and I have practically no customers.
If you want to use a boat, don't go too far beyond the island.
If we have to come out after you, your permits will be revoked.
Thank you.
- Hi, Betsy.
- Nick.
- What next, sir? - Lunch, and then back to the painting.
- Did he take? - I don't know.
Keep talking.
I've been sent over to do a spread for the April issue.
Since when are you a photographer? Who is he? The Armenian who just went to work for the boat concession.
And does a little smuggling on the side, too? No, Inspector.
So far he seems harmless.
What is he doing talking to her? I don't know.
Find out.
Of course, Inspector.
When? Tonight.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
How many night guards? Two.
They usually sit up at the café.
It is very boring duty.
It was.
Come in.
Nice place you've got here.
I don't operate on an expense account.
Don't be snide.
Just a statement of fact.
The fact that you don't like is that I have an expense account.
As always, you're putting the words in my mouth.
Let's not fight.
- You like my dress? - I like.
- You weren't very friendly this afternoon.
- Oh, wasn't I? No, you were positively unfriendly.
I thought perhaps you'd gotten married or something.
You haven't, have you? Now, Betsy, where would I get the price for a ring? You haven't changed, have you? Let's have a drink first.
- Bourbon? - You remember.
How sweet.
You still use the same perfume, too.
Do you like? I like.
- Here's to us, Nick.
- To us.
How long has it been? Close to three years.
It seems longer.
And you're still baiting fishing hooks for pretty girls.
Right now I'm painting a bunch of leaky boats.
- Stinker.
- I lost my pen.
You were too busy carrying on with the next likely girl who happened aboard.
- True? - False.
This time I want your promise to write.
Well, you better ask me nicely.
- Now, will you write? - Every day.
Hey! Between that and modelling it was a busy year.
- And this year? - This year This year I've tried to concentrate on getting some photography assignments.
And here you are.
Here I am, in the dark.
Well, I would say a photographer should be accustomed to dark rooms.
Only when there's film to develop.
We have other things to develop.
You're cute, but I'm not so sure I want anything to develop between us.
- Not this time.
- You sound so serious.
I can't help it, Nick.
I'm a very proper person.
I like a well-ordered life.
Don't you want some excitement in your life? Some challenge? I have plenty of challenge.
You, for instance.
Is that all I am? Now listen, I didn't invite you here to reform me.
I know perfectly well why you invited me here.
Hey, where are you going? I just want to say one thing.
One thing.
All you need is a little ambition and you can succeed at almost anything.
If I had ambition, do you realise I wouldn't be the same irresistible character you love.
Who said you were irresistible? Let's face it.
I'm a boat bum.
I'll always be a boat bum.
Now come over here and be nice.
They say all cats are alike in the dark.
Completely, totally untrue.
Nick, remember that night when we first ran into each other ashore? Well, I have a confession to make.
I knew where you'd be.
I heard you tell your first mate where he could find you.
Well, I waited there over an hour.
I expected you to show up with a girl on each arm.
And then you came in looking like a lost little boy.
You see, I set a trap for you and you fell right into it.
Now that I think about it, I think you were stringing me along the whole time.
Nick, are you listening to me, Nick? Nick.
Did you fall asleep? What? You fell asleep, darling.
No, no, I didn't.
I heard every word you said.
Quote me.
You were talking about photography.
You haven't changed a bit.
Did you find the reel? It's just what they didn't find.
A reel.
I found the wire! We go back for it tomorrow.
Oh, Nick.
I'm glad you woke me up.
So am I.
I can't believe it.
They must have walked by those bushes a thousand times.
I must have walked by five times every day.
- I may have touched the wire.
- You probably did.
You know why it was never found? Our friend, the courier, had a stroke of genius.
- He hid the wire by not hiding it.
- What? He strung it out in such plain sight, no one ever saw it.
Well, how are you going to get it? The same way it was hidden.
Openly and conspicuously.
Right under their noses.
- Well? - Still nothing.
I've just been on the phone with the Premier.
I do not have to tell you what will happen if that reel is not found.
Have you told him about the silt at the bottom? The way it keeps shifting? I know better than to offer excuses.
Start again with area one.
- Again? - Yes, again.
And this time open your eyes! Have you considered the possibility there is no reel? There is! There is.
Call in! Tell the Colonel I want a whole new crew here by this afternoon.
Divers, technicians, everyone.
Men who have never seen this area before.
Men with a fresh eye.
We are making some mistake.
The same mistake, over and over and over.
All right, Inspector.
- What can I do for you, my friend? - I would like a 25-foot line, please.
- Inspector.
- How about the equipment shack? I've checked it myself.
The junk inside, the roof, under the floorboards.
What about all those fish nets? They have been examined twice like everything else.
Then examine them again! Yes, Inspector.
One new filament.
Cotton, nylon.
Here, hold this please.
Thank you.
Here! I have more important things to do.
You! Help him! Do I have enough? I will take a piece of gum.
Thank you.
Lieutenant! Yes, sir! Keep searching.
Where did he find that? Under the bridge near where the courier was shot.
Therefore, we are looking for a loose piece of tape or wire.
That is too bad, sir.
Well, I can fix it with this.
- What's that, wire? - Yes, sir.
Not much of a line, is it? It's better than this.
Plain string from the grocery store.
What you need is monofilament.
I know, but I don't get my allowance until Monday.
I tell you what, I'll trade you.
- For this? - Sure.
I can use that better to fix my rod.
All right? - Yes, sir.
- Good.
- I'll be back.
We'll swap later, okay? - Yes, sir.
Thank you, son.
I am unarmed.
I want to talk with you, if I may.
Permission granted.
My country is determined to have the wire which your courier lost.
We are prepared to pay you generously.
Or, if necessary, to take it from you.
What gives you the notion that I have a wire? I saw you take it at the lake, from that boy.
I took nothing.
I gave him something.
A roll of fishing line.
- You surprise me.
- Do I? You are willing to subject an innocent boy to being searched and silenced.
You're wrong.
I have no intention of doing that.
Then I suggest that you take our offer.
Since you insist.
Camera? - You got the permit? - Oh, yes.
Yes, of course.
United States? Are all Americans so pretty? What is it? Nothing.
Are my papers in order? Yes.
Everything is in order.
I finish my shift at 7:00.
If you need someone to show you the sights I don't think so.
Thank you.
- Hello? - Nick.
One moment, please.
I know where the boy lives, but I'm being followed.
All right.
We'll get rid of them.
Use the special camera with the fake wire in it.
Now, don't forget the timing.
Be sure you stay in the house for at least three minutes.
Now, where will I meet you? You understand I know nothing about the wire.
All right, if you insist.
Where are you? The candy store at Koenig Street, and you're carrying a camera.
Very well, wait for me.
It will take me a while to get there.
Are you the boy that just caught those fish? - Yes, madam.
- Pieter, who is it? Good afternoon.
I represent an American travel magazine.
I saw your son at the lake and I was wondering if I could take some pictures of him fishing.
Papa, don't clean any more fish! - There's a lady here - Pieter, be quiet.
Why do you single out my son? Because he caught all those beautiful fish, and he is very handsome.
Papa, this lady wants to take a picture of me.
For an American travel magazine.
I'm Carlo Stakovar of the Municipal Police.
Allow me.
- Welcome to our house.
- Thank you.
Please be seated.
Some tea.
Have you lost your senses? You must excuse my wife.
She's not used to foreign visitors.
I have enough sense to ask for credentials.
I lost him, but chances are the boy has the wire.
The woman is in the house.
She'll get it for us.
This is an honour.
She has the permission of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
We'll be happy to cooperate.
We certainly will not! Don't you realise there's trouble? They are searching the docks and already the border has been closed for a week.
Mama, that is my lucky line.
Then wind it up before someone breaks a leg.
Besides, I need it for the pictures.
There will not be any pictures.
But don't you understand? They are intended to promote good will! I'm more concerned about what you intend to promote.
Never mind, Mr Stakovar.
Perhaps we'd better respect your wife's wishes.
Now you see what you've done! Oh, it's all right.
I understand.
Thank you.
Thank you just the same.
Bye, bye Pieter.
Good luck with your fishing.
- Good girl.
- Let's hope they like what they hear.
- The wire? - The boy's still got it.
Come on.
- What now? - I'd like to buy all your balloons.
- What? - How many do you think you have? - Eight or nine dozens.
- Sold.
Do you think you could help me inflate them? What's all this about? In about an hour or so the light will be just perfect for a picture with balloons.
What's wrong with the one you took the other day? Well, it just didn't work.
There weren't enough balloons.
Your purse.
Make the strings long.
About 50 feet or so.
And now the camera.
Good evening, Excellency.
- General, what is this all about? - I apologise for the late hour, but I have been asked to reply to the inquiry you made the other day regarding our sulphuric luminate project.
- Oh, yes, yes.
Please come in.
- You realise, of course, that my government has never had any intention of endangering any people - except those of the target nations.
- Wait.
But there could be a miscalculation.
Go back a bit.
True, but before we can give you technical information to the inquiry you made the other day regarding our sulphuric That's not the General.
- Oh, yes, yes.
Please come in.
- You realise, of course Nor the Ambassador.
A good imitation, perhaps.
Thank you, your Excellency.
- Have you located the Armenian? - Not yet, Inspector, but Lieutenant Daglieri has the woman under surveillance.
- At the lake? - Yes, sir.
Wash for dinner.
Just a minute.
Inspection, young man.
You could grow potatoes behind these ears.
I washed them, Papa.
I give you my word.
Well, wash them again.
And this time, try using a little soap and water, huh? Will you hold it please? Just a moment.
Very good.
Thank you.
Now give me exactly one minute.
Do you think you can pull this off? Do I look like I could handle a violent man like you? Inspector! Inspector, here! The man you're looking for! He is here! - What happened? - The Armenian, I found him.
He hit me.
He was tying something to one of the balloons.
The balloons! The balloons! The balloons, quick! The wire is on one of those balloons! Fire! The boat! They're on the boat! After the boat! They will get away! This is the most beautiful mission I've ever been on.
I agree.
They're going to be a long time trying to find the balloon with the wire.
That comes from watching the wrong hand.