Mission Impossible (1966) s01e16 Episode Script

The Reluctant Dragon

Good morning, Mr Briggs.
The man you're looking at is Helmut Cherlotov, the Iron Curtain's expert in rocket control.
A year ago, his wife, Karen, defected to the West.
He was supposed to follow, but never made it.
Since then, Cherlotov has been under suspicion by Taal Jankowski, the head of security.
On his own, Cherlotov has developed the key to a simple yet extremely effective antiballistic-missile system.
A system of that sort, in the wrong hands, could completely destroy the balance of power in the world.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to get Cherlotov out before his government discovers what he has achieved.
As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
Please destroy this recording in the usual manner.
Good luck, Dan.
Are you certain your husband is still at the University? I think so.
I can't be certain of anything, except that since I escaped they won't allow him to do "sensitive work.
" - Where did you live? - They forced him to move.
He's in government housing so that they can watch him constantly.
I don't know where.
How long has he been working on this new guidance system? When I left him it was just an idea.
By now it's probably complete.
If they don't know he's working on it, how can they get it from him? To Helmut, his life is his work.
If they keep him there, he'll give them the idea so that he can continue to work on it rather than waste his life.
I want you to trace your escape route for me.
I left from the University, and made my way to here, and escaped through Beoun.
I waited at the border for a week.
Helmut never got out.
Jankowski probably stopped him.
Well, every recent attempt to escape has failed, whether it's climbing over a wall or hiding under a truck, anything.
Because they're looking in all the unlikely places.
We're going to bring him out through customs.
Right here at Budejovice.
But first, we go in.
I go in with the next group of African students as a major in engineering.
Do you speak the language? In a pinch Barney can order cold cuts in Swahili.
When Barney gives the word, we get Rollin in.
Barney, you need a car.
I'll have it, and a fast one.
I really believe you can do it.
Thank you.
You'll need new passports, photos.
Rollin, you first, against that wall.
Okay, Dan.
Excuse me.
- This is my good side.
- Don't worry.
I'll touch it up.
Commissioner Jankowski, Comrades Duchinoff, Berkov, Lukowski and Herr Browder.
Welcome, Comrades.
You are here to observe our security measures in an effort to improve those in your own countries.
And to help you whenever we can, Comrade Jankowski.
We are here to exchange ideas, correct? I'm certain, of course, there is a great deal to be learned by us all from the Deputy Commissioner of Police for East Germany.
Shall we start? I don't believe in exchange programs of this kind being confined to a series of stuffy seminars.
We believe our security systems work.
I want you to see them work.
In East Berlin recently we had a number of student riots.
Just a few malcontents, of course, but troublesome nonetheless.
I was wondering what you would do with this sort of trouble.
We don't have that difficulty, Comrade.
If a student is difficult, he is transferred to another course of study, in a different kind of school.
Unfortunately, all are housed together.
Biological, research, nutrition, surgical I find the instructor to be an excellent professor.
I doubted his brilliance at first, but everything I've heard about him is true.
Yesterday, for example, when we were discussing the structure of the atom - Herr Browder.
- Just one moment.
- May I? - Comrade, this is against regulations.
Will you stop shouting! - Very interesting.
- It is synthetic flour.
What is this? He refuses to listen.
Comrade, I'm not a student here.
I don't like being herded about.
You were instructed to remain with the group.
I've always been interested in the world of foods.
I'm not a gourmet.
It is more or less a hobby.
Then if you have indulged yourself sufficiently Comrade, I object strenuously to this treatment.
Yes, Comrade.
Most emphatically! What is going on here? - Jankowski! - Doctor.
You have brought me news? Your request for transfer is still being processed.
And it still will be a year from now.
Why am I here at all? Why? Pick them up.
Excuse me.
Here you are.
- Thank you.
- Don't thank me.
It's a privilege to meet a man of your accomplishments, Doctor.
You know me? You know I am a scientist, not a cook! Your story has interested me.
We must talk some more, Doctor.
Browder! - What were you doing? - I thought it was quite obvious.
You were in an embarrassing position and I didn't want you to lose face.
You said you wanted to talk to him.
A new face, a new approach.
Who knows what may still be in that man's mind.
Your methods are different from mine, Comrade.
Yes, does that make them wrong? Not necessarily.
You are aware the man is a security risk.
Of course.
Thank you.
- A very pretty girl, huh? - Yes, lovely.
- She likes you.
- No, no, she sees the evil in me.
- And women are attracted to evil? - Of course, it relieves the boredom.
I see.
- I wonder why she's working here.
- Well, why not? Because he wants to take her away from all of this and give her what she deserves.
Hey, maybe she's got a couple of girlfriends, huh? - Yeah, ask her, Browder.
- Gentlemen, gentlemen.
Please, I'm surprised at you.
We are guests in this country.
- It would not be proper.
- I think he likes to keep her for himself.
No, on the contrary.
I'm tired, it's quite late, so you're on your own, Comrades.
- Good night, Browder.
- Good night.
Good night.
I didn't know, I You were probably followed.
I am always followed.
But they don't know what room I'm in.
I took a chance to come here.
But what's the difference? I'm at the end of my rope.
I had hoped my meaning got through to you in the laboratory.
It was quite direct.
Comrade, I don't know who to trust.
I am not even sure that I can trust you.
- You know about my wife? - Naturally.
They almost fired Jankowski over her defection.
It will be no simple matter to help me.
We'd better get started.
Your efforts will be richly rewarded if we succeed.
We'll drink to it in Vienna.
- Vienna? - All right.
You pick the place.
You joke.
You think I'm just mouthing words.
Doctor, don't sell me.
I'm here.
While Jankowski believes I am cooking, I have been thinking.
A simplified anti missile guidance system.
And it will work.
Jankowski can keep me from my laboratory, but he cannot stop my mind from working.
Jankowski has this ridiculous idea that I intend to follow my wife.
But that is not true.
I swear to you, it is not true.
Karen Karen is too sensitive.
I tried to stop her.
But she left.
And Jankowski is out to make me pay.
I am convinced the only answer is to go to someone higher up.
But if I show these plans to the wrong person, I am arrested.
You have influence.
Please, I beg you.
Help me.
Make them understand that I am a loyal citizen.
I am loyal to my country.
I only want to work.
Yes, of course.
You will help? I'll do something.
- You have news? - Come in.
- Something has gone wrong.
- Why do you say that? There is trouble.
I know it.
Your husband doesn't want to leave.
That's all.
- Why did you leave him? - He was supposed to follow.
- You knew he wouldn't - I hoped.
He kept denying what we both saw.
What we both knew to be the truth.
"Be patient, Karen.
They are making mistakes.
That's all.
"Give them time, Karen.
" And all the time, I saw their crimes eating away at his soul.
So, you ran.
I thought our love would be strong enough to pull him out of there before he was destroyed.
- Why didn't you tell us before? - Would you have still gone? Your husband's research is vital to this nation.
Of course, we'd have gone, with much better chance for success.
Now we have to play our trump card.
The only one we have.
- They would kill me.
You know that.
- If you fell into their hands, yes.
But you won't.
- You demand nothing.
- A citizen has rights.
Your wife took yours with her, Comrade.
My wife's actions were her own.
You are to stop embarrassing the government with your constant pleas for understanding from every available ear.
I am loyal.
Excuse me.
You intellectuals.
Loyal, loyal, loyal.
To whom? To yourselves? To your own little small world? You sell your souls and then you rationalise that it is for the good of something greater as yet undefined.
Come now, Doctor.
Admit it.
Too much learning undermines a man's loyalty.
That is perhaps the most stupid, the most illogical statement ever made.
Idiots and madmen are running this world.
Consider yourself warned for the last time, Doctor.
Get him out of here.
Comrade Jankowski is a very decent fellow.
Try to get along.
Come on.
- How dare you? You blind fool.
- You make me sick.
Open up your eyes.
Do you understand? Look around you.
People like Jankowski, see what they do every day.
Open up your blind eyes.
The whole routine was an act.
A well-rehearsed plea for understanding.
Then, after you are disarmed, he will use you for his real purpose.
You were wise to report the incident and you handled him very well.
Napoleon? We broke up a gang of black-marketeers the other night.
The evidence is conclusive.
Your office has given me much to read, if you would excuse us.
No, no, no, stay awhile.
That Lupesh and his manuals.
He wouldn't know a second-rate spy if the man handed him engraved credentials.
Besides, how often do I get a chance to chat with someone but a bureaucratic fool in this jungle we call an enlightened society? Careful.
I could have you arrested for a remark like that.
Lupesh would already be at the Politburo.
Smacking his lips at the prospects of my job.
This Dr Cherlotov, he disturbs you, no? Life could be more pleasant.
I tell you what.
Why don't you have this fellow placed in a cell for a little while with other political prisoners? Perhaps some of his old friends.
Yes, let him observe the mental decay that sets in when an active mind is jailed for a while.
You have to be the coldest fish in the sea.
To a lesson.
- And now, if you'll excuse me - One moment.
Your passport.
- Clear this.
- Yes, sir.
What is it? A new idea of mine.
All visitors must apply for the visa letter.
New instructions on exporting gifts.
Its real purpose is to give us an additional opportunity for a check without having to round people up as though we were a police state.
- Brilliant.
- You came here to learn, no? The sooner we start our little game the better.
This is a mistake.
I don't belong here.
But this is a mistake! I don't belong here! This is a mistake.
I am loyal! - Helmut Cherlotov.
- Professor Lauchek? I thought you were in Warsaw.
Working on a "secret project," no doubt.
But everyone said Everyone said what they were told to say.
What's his crime? Dr Yablonski, introductions.
Helmut was one of my pupils at the University.
Yablonski is Professor Emeritus for internal medicine at Pusek Medical School.
Who has control of what these days? He has a hearing aid but they won't give him batteries.
Heard a rumour about political amnesty.
But it's no point now.
Still, it would be nice to spend a few days Dear God.
What are they doing to you? They are teaching us, Helmut.
They're just Just teaching us.
Dr Cherlotov.
I'll be leaving soon.
I didn't want to go without saying goodbye.
Is there any more I can do for you, Doctor? Perhaps they will let you out soon.
Maybe they will even permit you to attack a very important problem.
Who are you? You didn't tell them about the plans.
What do you want from me? Goodbye, Dr Cherlotov.
Tell me, Browder.
Do you know a village in your country called Ludwigslust? Ludwigslust.
I don't know.
I was sent there right after the war.
The people were very kind.
But the past is out of reach for us now.
If not out of mind.
The mind, dear Comrade, is the last private refuge we have.
Tell me, what goes on in the mind of Helmut Cherlotov? Do you think we accomplished anything by putting him in prison? No.
It made no impression.
I was wrong.
I admit it.
It was a chess move, nothing more.
I would let him go.
I like a man who can admit he's been wrong.
I'll put the order through.
He'll probably be out in the morning.
With this new regulation of Jankowski's, we'll need one of these new forms for every passport by morning.
- Any problems in duplicating it, Barney? - No, it's pretty simple.
- How about the seal? - Well? What is it? Trouble.
- Trouble? - Yeah.
The seal is easy.
This paper is a trap.
A trap? How? They know that anybody with a forged passport would rather make up one of these forms than apply for it.
So they've impregnated this paper with metal fibres.
Five will get you 10 that the border guards just got their metres.
- Can you do anything? - No, not without this kind of paper.
Then we'll just have to get some forms.
My comrades are anxious for a big time.
- Why don't I arrange something? - Why don't you do that? Three healthy, grown-up men away from home for the first time in years and what are you doing? Standing drinking beer.
- Suggest something.
- Suggest something? A party.
We don't know anybody.
My dear friend, berries do not drop off the vine.
They are plucked.
Just a moment, my dear.
What if I told you that your tourist catalogues are lies? Fabrications and blatant deceptions.
Comrade, our city is the jewel of the continent.
My friends and I would dismiss that as overzealous tourist propaganda.
- Our hotel can provide excellent guides.
- Guides? A guide, you offer? She offers us a guide.
You mean one of those fellows with a black leather coat and a programme under his arm.
No, no, no, that will never do.
But you will like our city.
See, you have a responsibility, and yet you shrug it off.
They even exaggerate about the graciousness of their women.
What can I do? There, you see? You do have a heart after all.
I will arrange a party.
- A party? - Yes, tonight.
You are invited and you will bring some friends.
I am Herr Browder.
I would like to order lots of hors d'oeuvres, lots of vodka, for a party in my room tonight.
But, sir - Tell me your name.
- Sophia.
A lovely name.
And you're a beautiful girl.
I look forward to seeing you tonight, my dear.
Gentlemen, shall we? Excuse me.
I'm terribly sorry.
Are you Are you all right? But it was my fault.
Miss, just one moment, please.
That's a very fine piece of work.
Is it for sale? - No, I don't think so.
- Please.
I would like to purchase it.
Well, I'll have to think about it.
I'm in Room 305 if you should decide.
- You really think it's good? - Why else would I say so? - Comrade Commissioner.
- See to it, Lupesh.
Well? A routine correspondence from the East Berlin police requesting data on petty criminal.
Must I do everything in this office? - This letter is signed "Herr Browder.
" - We know Herr Browder.
- It is dated two days ago.
- So? Herr Browder has been here a week at least.
No, no.
Absolutely not! - What did the fellow want? - Sir? - The clerk outside.
- Routine.
All right, Lupesh.
Call it a day.
- Surprise! - Wonderful.
Sophia you know, Carla, Anya, Comrades Duchinoff, Berkov and Lukowski.
And now let's have some music.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Berkov, vodka for everybody.
We're going to have a wonderful party.
- Do you have a cigarette? - No, I'm terribly sorry, I do not have one.
- Where do you work? - I'm working downstairs - Did you ask for a cigarette? - Yes, please.
A cigarette.
He's a magician.
- Did you see that? - Yes.
How does he do that? I don't know.
That's very good, Browder.
- Please, please do another one.
- All right.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- But it's gone.
- How did he do that? Do it again.
Watch closely.
Watch, watch, watch, now watch.
- There.
- Wonderful.
Do it again! - Again? - Ja.
Then show us how you do it.
No, no, you've got to figure it out for yourself.
- I'll get it.
- Thank you.
All right, one more time.
Now watch.
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! - You like magic, huh? - Ja.
Browder, a porter brought this.
He says the lady is in the bar.
Our friend Browder has a real way about him.
Don't be silly.
No, she probably just wants to tell me the price.
I'll go down and talk to her and I'll send up some more vodka.
- Please don't go.
- I must.
I can't be rude.
I asked to buy it.
I will return very soon, I promise.
All right? Keep the party going.
- Keep the party going! - Don't worry.
Let's dance, Sophia.
She's not in the bar.
I wanted you.
Dr Cherlotov is being released in about 15 minutes.
We can't wait until morning now.
The border closes at midnight.
Can you pick him up at the prison? Yes.
You take Karen to his laboratory.
Make sure she waits for him.
- Did you get the passports? - No, not yet, but I will.
- He must be miserable in this place.
- Yes, I'm quite sure.
Now listen, you'll be perfectly safe here.
Don't do anything until I come back.
- I understand.
- And don't worry.
My car is right over here, may I drop you? Leave me alone.
My hands were tied, absolutely tied.
Jankowski had you followed.
He knew we were meeting.
I had to play the game to protect myself.
I'm sure you understand.
I can still smell their dirty bodies.
Men I respected.
Professor Lauchek.
Sweeping garbage.
Back and forth until his dignity will be gone.
Helmut, listen to me.
I'm here to help you.
Please get in.
We'll talk some more.
Herr Browder! Dr Cherlotov! Dr Cherlotov, you may go.
I wish to speak with Herr Browder.
- Party over? - Yes, yes.
You should have been there.
We received this from your home office.
Signed by you.
Signed by you.
How routine of me.
Dated two days ago.
And you here a week.
- You are very thorough.
- Get in! Don't say anything, Dr Cherlotov.
Just come with me.
Make this disappear.
Not that way.
Make it really disappear.
I accept your challenge.
- Watch, everybody.
- Everybody, watch.
Now I need a handkerchief.
May I borrow your handkerchief? Thank you very much.
Watch now.
Are you watching? Yes.
Watch now, watch.
Where did it go? Where did it go? - Where? - Let's see if we can find out.
- I wonder if you have it.
- No, I don't have it, no.
No glass.
My goodness, where is the glass, I wonder.
How did you get the glass? Tell me, Duchinoff, do you have the time? - Hey, my watch.
Come on.
- I don't have your watch.
Who has his watch? Somebody here - I'll bet you have his watch.
- No, not me.
- Let's see.
- He has it.
I bet you'll find it there.
- No, no.
- No watch.
I don't see a - Your watch, sir.
- How do you like that? - That's fantastic! - Isn't that fantastic? - Hey, my belt, my belt is gone.
- His belt is gone! Wait a minute, that's not a nice thing to do.
- Berkov has it.
- Of course, he does.
I'll bet you have his belt.
You stole his belt! - No, not me.
- No, he was with me.
- No, no, I was dancing.
- Let's see.
Do you have it? Look what I found! - The belt.
- He took my belt.
You're not very nice.
How would you like it if I stole your tie? How do you like that? And your shirt! Did you see that? That's all the magic for now.
- How did he do that? - That's what you get Am I to be rewarded? Why did you bring me here? I told you.
I'm a friend.
I don't know you.
How do I know who you are? Karen! Here! Karen, how? How? - Oh, darling.
- Oh, my wife! Karen, you endangered yourself by coming back.
You know that.
Sophia, should I call the police? I don't want to, but What do you mean? Sophia, you didn't just steal money, you stole visas and identification papers.
That's a terrible crime in this country.
- You're making a mistake.
- Sophia, I like you.
I don't want to see you in trouble.
It was the first time.
Things are so bad at home.
Give me the wallets.
I'll put them back.
They will never suspect they were missing.
I just stopped by for a moment to see Herr Browder.
- Comrade Jankowski.
- Good evening.
I thought you might like some conversation over a drink, but I see that you have very pleasant company.
Well, I'm sure these lovely people will excuse me.
We could go down to the bar and have a drink.
Keep the party going till I return, all right? Where is he? We've got to be at the border by morning.
He knows that.
He'll be here.
I'm sorry.
Karen, how did you feel when you went across the border? Free.
I cannot so easily desert my homeland.
It was not easy for me.
I thought it was all settled.
If everyone runs, who will make things better? Not your old professors.
You're right.
You know how to live, Herr Browder.
I appreciate that.
Yes, I enjoy life.
That is the difference between men like you and me, and, say, a man like Lupesh.
We enjoy life.
Telephone, please.
Excuse me.
Something has come up with Cherlotov.
Maybe you would like to come with me inasmuch as you've taken an interest in him.
- Fine.
My car's outside.
I'll drive you.
- Good.
Rollin's coming.
Give it to me! Out, Doctor.
Now! Madam Cherlotov.
How nice.
My man said there were others here.
But such a surprise.
Over there, with them.
This one worked very hard to get you to open your eyes.
I congratulate you.
Well, I said you were a shrewd one right off, didn't I? Poor Lupesh.
He went after the hunter.
I followed the fox.
God watches over drunkards and children.
Not foolish policemen.
You hate it here, Jankowski, why do you stay? I surround myself with good books, brandy.
Dreams of better days.
I make do.
Get them out of here! - Where is he? - Something has gone wrong.
Don't worry, he'll be here! Press on this.