Mission Impossible (1966) s02e03 Episode Script

The Survivors

Good morning, Mr.
These men are Edward Stoner and Wilson Cardel, two of the three key scientists vital to the development of the United States' Project 12.
They have been kidnapped, along with their wives, by this agent, Eric Stavak.
The Wilsons and Cardels are in great danger as they are useless to Stavak without the third scientist on the project, Dr.
Robert Webster.
But should Stavak succeed in getting all three men and forcing them to talk, the solution to what has been described as the "ultimate weapon" will be in enemy hands.
The mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to prevent that at all costs and get those two scientists and their wives back alive.
As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
Same principle.
All right.
Now, understand this.
Stoner and Cardel and their wives will be killed immediately if any rescue attempt is made.
Why, Jim? Dead men can't tell them what they wanna know.
Well, neither can they tell us.
Either Stavak gets the Project 12 equations or nobody does.
Now, Rollin, once you get inside Stavak's headquarters, you'll have to chart the layout exactly for Barney.
It's getting you out that bothers me.
We'll be working out in the open the whole time.
That's what makes the whole idea work.
We're going to be so conspicuous that nobody's going to notice us? Exactly.
Cinnamon, the unfortunate death of Mrs.
Webster's mother will be reported in all the San Francisco papers tomorrow.
As her daughter, wife of the famous scientist, you will, of course, attend the funeral.
Of course.
Jim, any chance of Stavak knowing the real Webster? No.
No, he's been inaccessible for years.
No pictures since he was a kid.
What about Stoner and Cardel and their wives? They'll know you're not Webster and that Cinnamon's not his wife.
They're bright people.
They'll figure out fast enough what we're up to.
For me, Jim? You shouldn't have.
Just make sure you wear them to the funeral.
In these last hours, we bid final farewell to Dorothy Scott Barlow.
It may bring her loved ones some measure of comfort to remember that this woman lived a good life, and a productive life.
She raised to womanhood a daughter, Susan, and gave her everything it is in the power of a mother to give.
To you, Susan, I say: Though you feel now a deep sense of loss, in time you will come to understand - Do you see any security men? - That your mother No.
Tell Kopik to proceed.
Now let us pray.
Pardon me, do you have a light? Yes, I think so.
Hey, what is this?! Let's go.
- You're not the driver we had earlier.
- The other man wasn't feeling well.
- He had to be taken home.
- Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Get out now.
- What is this? - Move.
Sit down, please.
Who are you? What is all this? I'm so glad you're finally with us, Dr.
Webster? You think he's my husband? We're good friends.
You're Susan Webster? And your husband is the physicist, Robert Webster? Legally, yes, but we're separated.
- He wants a divorce.
- You made a mistake, mister.
Webster, you will have to get your husband for me.
How could she do that? No more questions.
Call him.
Tell him you're in trouble.
Tell him that you need him.
You don't understand.
I walked out on him.
He won't care how much trouble I'm in.
Besides, ever since Dr.
Stoner and Dr.
Cardel disappeared, he's been under heavy guard.
Could you get your husband here if it meant saving your life? If the tables were turned, I wouldn't help him.
The answer is no.
Perhaps then, he'll come to your and to your friend's funeral.
What am I supposed to do? I don't know.
You might like to know that Dr.
Cardel and Dr.
Stoner, with their wives, are just down the hall.
They want to live also.
Give her some time to think, will you? By all means.
I'll give her one hour to think.
You have an hour, Mrs.
Oh, Nan, Nan.
Oh, thank God you're all still alive.
Robert's been so worried.
We're here to help.
Ed, I'm so glad.
So glad.
You're not Robert Webster's wife.
Emily, I know you never thought I was any kind of a wife to Robert, but please, let's not argue here.
Let's try to get along.
She's right.
This is no time.
We're here to help.
Please, don't give us away.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what I'm saying.
Watch them.
I'm not just thinking of myself.
If I don't get Robert here, we'll all die.
I just don't know what to do.
Hey, Mac.
Yeah? Do you know a good restaurant around here? They're all pretty good if you don't mind being hungry again an hour later.
That one over there's pretty nice.
Get to the Department of Water and Power and get the utilities schematic for that building.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Thanks, Mac.
Tell him I wanna see him.
I understand you're ready to cooperate? - Maybe.
- Don't play any games with me.
I'm willing to make a deal.
I'll deliver my husband, providing there's something in it for me.
There is your whole future in it for you.
I'll get Robert here, providing we walk out of here with $25,000.
You're a very interesting woman, Mrs.
- However - Don't let's haggle about it.
I know how very much this means to you.
You can call your husband while Dr.
Yubov is getting the money.
When he has agreed to meet you, have him come to the Crimson Dragon in Chinatown.
- Hello.
- Robert, it's me, Susan.
- Oh.
- Is that all you have to say, "oh"? Well, I'm sorry.
I didn't expect How are you, Susan? Did everything go all right at the funeral? Okay.
Oh, Robert she's gone.
I stood there watching and she's gone.
I don't know, all of a sudden I got so very lonely.
I'm sorry, Susan.
I got to thinking of how stupid I've been and all the mistakes I've made.
Robert, I do still love you and I need you very much.
Sue, what can I say? You know I never wanted us to be apart.
Please, Robert, don't say anything.
Just I wanna see you.
Can you meet me now? Well, I'm not sure Please, Robert, I know you can work it out.
Please? All right, of course I can.
You bet.
Where are you? Remember where we met on our first date? Yes, I do.
Meet me there in an hour.
I love you.
I told you the Crimson Dragon.
I know what you told me.
But only I know where he'll be in an hour.
If you want him, we'll all walk out of here together.
You're very clever, Mrs.
Shall we? I got here as soon as I could.
- I knew you would.
- Oh, I can't tell you how happy I That uncomfortable pressure you feel at your ribs is a knife, Mr.
If you want to live through this, don't make a sound.
Just walk ahead slowly.
Sue? Sue, what have you done? I saved my life and the lives of four of your friends.
If you're smart, you'll do the same.
You don't understand, don't know what you're doing.
All they want is one of your precious formulas and you'll be okay.
I'd advise you to do it.
Follow them.
When they get off the street, kill them.
- He's right behind us.
- We're almost there.
Robert? Ed, Will.
Where are we? Really doesn't matter, doctor.
The whole thing, gentlemen, is really quite simple.
You must only make up your minds to tell me what I want to know.
Please, it will be easier for you, for all of you.
Of course, I don't expect you to make such an important decision without first consulting among yourselves.
You have until 4:00.
It's now alternating between How many decibels will we need? Up to 120, we're safe.
We don't wanna bring the building down.
Place two sonic leads here, two here, and two here.
You're sure that middle one won't cause the storm drain to cave in? - Quite sure.
- How about the pictures - of the gas main? - Over here.
That shouldn't be any problem.
Can you get that truck right up to the elevator shaft? I can back right up to it.
Cinnamon, you'll have to take care of the fuse box after you've got rid of the people.
- Will do.
- Rollin, how long do you think Stavak will take no for an answer before he starts shooting people? Well, nobody knows that, so we move as fast as we can.
Cinnamon, you better make that phone call.
Police Department, Disaster Control.
Hello, this is Miss Conners at the gas company.
We have a 417 at number 12 Hanley Place.
Would you please send a squad car to assist in evacuation? Where's Kopik? You think he may have been picked up? Well, if he has, he won't talk.
At least not till long after we're finished here.
Let's go.
Please, board the bus.
You'll be taken to the community centre, where you'll be made comfortable until it's safe to return home.
Please, board the bus.
There is no cause for alarm.
Move quickly to the buses.
Attention, this is the police department.
Everyone must evacuate the area immediately.
- This way, this way.
- Let's go.
Please move quickly.
Right this way.
Hurry, hurry.
Have you come to a decision? Well? I think we should give him the equations.
I disagree.
So do I.
You can't allow them to get the bomb ahead of us, Robert.
But they won't.
Not with the lead we've got.
All we have to do is stay alive and we'll beat them.
Robert, even if you tell them what they want to know, what makes you think he'll let us live? You have my word.
Your word? That's all you have.
It's not good enough.
Either way, we'll die.
I'm against telling them anything.
That is your final decision? No, no, wait a minute.
I'll tell you.
I know more than a third of the formula, and I have the equation that determines the subshell yield potential.
With that, we may be able to extrapolate the other equations.
In that case, you two perhaps will reconsider and decide to cooperate.
You traitor! Now, enough of this.
Sit down and write down the equations for Dr.
I will know, Mr.
Webster, if you try to deceive us.
What is that function? This represents the half-life of the K meson.
One-point-two times 10 to the minus 8th power.
And this one? This is the mass of an antilambda particle.
Not satisfactory, Mr.
He's wasting our time.
Earthquake! - You okay? - Yeah.
Now, whatever happens, go along with it.
Keep playing it for real.
The earthquake has stopped.
Here, give me a hand here, will you? - We're trapped! - Is there any other way - out of this basement? - Nope! Stop! Stay where you are! Barney, open it full.
Get in the van.
I'll take care of him.
- How's it going? - Well, not so good.
The main's broken.
We'll be a while yet.
Could you move those people further back across the street? I don't want anyone to get hurt.
How are we gonna get out of here? We'll just have to wait until someone digs us out.
Obviously, when that happens, we can't be found with you people.
You find that amusing? Ironic, because we're all gonna die down here.
Don't you smell it? Gas.
There's a leak.
That's right.
Will, how long do you think it'll take the gas to displace all the air in this cellar? Well, there's about I think maybe it'll take about 20 minutes.
That should be long enough.
I imagine there are some men digging to us right now.
That would depend on how much damage the earthquake did, what it's like up there.
- Have you got a radio? - Yes, but there's no power.
Maybe I can use some pieces from the transmitter - and rig up some sort of receiver.
- Try it.
This ought to make a good antenna.
At 5:02 p.
Today, San Francisco suffered its worst earthquake since 1906.
Let me have that flashlight.
Here, give me the earphone plug.
Fires have broken out through the city, creating a corridor through the downtown area.
It is reported that a wall of flames is moving up into the Chinatown area and hampering rescue efforts.
The main force of the quake angled down Twin Peaks to Market Street, creating a corridor of destruction in the residential district.
This is KGL, Fresno, California.
Now, pick up the earphones.
See if you can find a station somewhere in this range.
We now repeat our earlier bulletin of the devastating earthquake which struck San Francisco just ten minutes ago.
I hear something.
At 5:02 p.
Today, San Francisco suffered its worst earthquake since 1906.
The city is in complete confusion.
Many fires have broken out through the city, creating a corridor through the downtown area.
It is reported that a wall of flames is moving up into the Chinatown area and hampering rescue efforts.
The drain on the city's water supply is acute.
The heat from the fire has brought the outside temperature up to 145 degrees in some areas.
The main force of the quake angled down Twin Peaks to Market Street, creating a corridor of destruction in the residential district.
Gas is getting worse.
Nobody's on their way to dig us out of here.
We'll have to do it ourselves.
Give me the flashlight.
This is KGL, Fresno, California.
We now repeat our earlier bulletin on the devastating earthquake What is it? What have you found? If I can show you how to get out of here, what happens to us? You go free.
All of you go free.
I need your bullets.
Let me have them.
Go ahead.
Will, I need the powder from about ten of these shells.
Ed, this drain probably leads to a main storm drain.
Now, if I can blow a hole in this wall, see if you can rig up something to shore up the earth.
- We're gonna dig.
- Can you give me a hand? I need some wire too.
Look around by the elevator.
- All right.
- Here.
You can't ignite gunpowder with all this gas in the air.
Yes, I can.
Have your men get the mattresses out of the cell.
The drain on the city's water supply is acute.
Give me that flashlight.
Do you have a pencil or a pen? Okay.
Now, feed the wire out into the cell.
The rest of you, get back in there.
Now, get these mattresses in here.
Pack them around tight.
We'll be digging in this direction.
The gas is getting worse.
We can't last much longer.
Watch it.
Now, let's see.
The storm drain shouldn't be far.
You about ready to shore up? Another one.
I've got something.
All right, let's get the women out first.
Back up.
Back out.
- Okay? - They shouldn't have any trouble.
Let's go.
Get back.
Get back.
You too, get back.
Yubov, you go first.
Now, you three.
Go on.
Sorry, Mr.
It would be more humane to kill you, but I cannot risk exploding the gas with a gunshot.
Wasn't using gas risky? What gas? You mean, it wasn't really gas? Well, it was as real as the earthquake.