Mission Impossible (1966) s02e05 Episode Script

The Slave (1)

Good morning, Mr.
As you know, for the past 20 years, the United Nations has worked throughout the Near East to abolish slave markets.
These efforts have been successful, except in Elkabar, a small country on the Persian Gulf whose ruler, Ibn Borca, an absolute monarch, continues to auction thousands of human beings into slavery each year.
Borca's principal source of slaves is this man, Karl de Groot.
His raids into nearby nations to abduct free men and women into slavery could aggravate the tense situation in the Near East.
Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to stop this traffic in slaves and rid Elkabar of de Groot and Borca.
As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This recording will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
All right, try it.
That's great, Barney, good.
What about his Moroccan passport? He should not have a passport.
The slavers prey mostly on pilgrims without papers who are trying to get to Elkabar's holy city.
Where will they pick me up? Probably when you try to get passage across the Persian Gulf.
You checked out de Groot's car? A Desert Rover.
He always uses it.
He'll drive it from Jara's place to the holy city.
Jim, I thought only Muslims were admitted to the holy city.
That's right.
De Groot is the only exception.
- Let's see the bats.
- On the table.
There are two dozen here.
The cold keeps them still? Well, out of the case, they'll warm up and start to fly in about 20 minutes.
Jim, if slavery's legal in Elkabar, what's to prevent someone else from taking over after Borca is out? Borca's brother, Prince Fasar, went to Cambridge with Akim.
I introduced him to his wife there.
He has been gracious enough to invite Rollin and me to be their guests during our stay in Elkabar.
- The photographs of Borca all right? - They're fine, Jim.
I'll have to meet him to get his voice and mannerisms.
Fasar has arranged for us to meet with him in the holy city.
Since when are you a Muslim? It is written.
Well, brother, what have you found? We have found nothing, Your Majesty.
And I trust you gentlemen have been given all the cooperation and time you require here? Indeed we have, Your Majesty.
You have been more than generous.
I am as anxious as you to see an end to rumours of slavery here in Elkabar.
I hope that Interpol is now satisfied, inspector.
I can assure Your Majesty my report will state the facts exactly as we have found them.
And I assume, Fasar, that you and your charming British wife are now convinced that there is no slavery here.
- Of course.
- Then you will issue a public statement to that effect.
And you will be sure to include the fact that I allowed you to bring an inspection team from the International Commission on Slavery.
You have my word.
And I trust this will finally put an end to the movement to have you replace me on the throne.
Let me assure you, I do not seek power.
I only seek an end to slavery in our country.
Then I see no need for any further discussion.
You have my grateful thanks, gentlemen.
- Yes, Your Majesty.
- Send in de Groot.
This is not satisfactory, de Groot.
Not satisfactory at all.
We expect another shipment later today.
How many? What would you say, Musha? Perhaps half dozen.
I expected to put 200 slaves on the block tomorrow.
The best you could provide me is 50.
It is not easy, and it is getting harder all the time.
I pay you a fortune, de Groot.
If the job is too difficult I am not complaining.
I am just trying to give you the facts.
Every country I set foot into is ready to go to war with you to stop the slave trade.
Even here in your own country, there is a move to get your brother to take over.
My stalwart brother is back playing with his stamp collection, convinced that there are no slaves.
And as for my good neighbours, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to go to war with them.
The oil business is every bit as good as the slave business.
That's all, de Groot.
Get out, and get me the slaves I need.
Silken robes.
Silken robe.
Alms, alms.
For the love of Allah.
Alms, alms.
Robes for sale.
Robe, mister? Whisky.
I'm sorry, sir, this is a Muslim city.
Only coffee is available.
Sure, and I suppose those girls are your sisters, huh? Now, I want whisky, let's have it.
You Jara? Proprietor of this unworthy establishment.
Then you can give me some information.
How can I help you? I'm looking for a man named de Groot, I'm told you can arrange that.
Are you acquainted with Mr.
De Groot? If I were acquainted with him, I wouldn't be asking you how to get in touch, would I? One never knows.
Never mind the double talk.
How do I find him? I believe Mr.
De Groot plans to stop here later on.
If you care to wait, you can see him then.
I'll wait.
Robes for sale, nice robes for sale.
Nice robes for sale.
Alms, alms.
Alms for the love of Allah.
Robes, very fine robes for sale.
Robes, very special robes.
Nice fabric, special price.
Nice price, very nice material.
Robes for sale, robes.
Silken robes for sale.
Buy fine robes.
Robes fine enough for sheik or shah.
Trash, Musha.
It is better than nothing.
The whole lot won't bring a thousand pounds.
This one is a little better.
All right, put the irons on him.
Take him away.
Tomorrow, they will be on the slave block.
Robes for sale, robe.
Thank you.
Nice price today.
Very fine robes.
Nice material.
Very nice material.
Hardly worth looking at.
Only one in the group will bring anything on the block.
Well, put them in the pens.
There'll be a buyer from the sulphur mines.
They may be good enough for that.
This way.
How long has he been here? Oh, an hour.
Hour and a half.
And he knew my name? He asked for you.
I will talk to him.
Be ready, Musha, in case.
You wanted to see me? What do you want? Name's Rogers.
Have a drink.
I only drink with friends.
- What's on your mind? - Business.
I already have a business.
I know, that's why I came to you.
So? So she's for sale.
What is that to do with me? Well, nothing, I guess, unless you like money.
- I already have money too.
- Come on, de Groot.
Don't play games with me.
I know what your business is.
- Oh, you do? - Yes, I do.
And I know what a piece of merchandise like this will bring.
Now, do you want in or not? All right.
If I were interested, how much money are you talking about? Not much.
Five thousand pounds for me.
Twenty-five hundred now, - Just like that? - Yeah, just like that.
Come on, you know what this is worth.
I would need a little time.
So you can have a little time.
I'll meet you back here after dark.
Tell Borca, if he doesn't meet the price, I'll peddle her myself and eliminate the middleman.
You had quite a talk.
Anything interesting? Maybe.
I'm going to see Borca.
Meantime, you follow him.
Find out everything you can about him.
- De Groot just left.
- Good.
Very nice material.
- Looks like you're going to have a tail.
- Tall? Blue suit with a red beanie? - That's him.
- That's de Groot's assistant.
His name is Musha.
Get to Rollin and tell him to get started while I lose our friend there.
She will bring a fortune.
And once the word gets around that there will be white ivory on the block, the buyers will come flocking.
Yes, this may yet be a successful market.
How much is he asking? Five thousand pounds.
He obviously has no idea of her value.
All right, I want her.
But, de Groot, before you become further involved with this man, make certain you know who he is.
What are you doing here? The slave in 14 is missing.
I was about to sound the alarm.
Check over there.
Get moving.
I'll check the courtyard.
Five thousand pounds.
This takes care of Rogers.
What about my share? You get your usual.
One quarter of what she brings on the block.
This one is riskier than the others.
Then cut your risks any way that you can.
What is it? Your Majesty, a slave escaped from the cells.
When you find him, return him to the pen and hang him.
There's no money in a dead slave.
When a slave tries to escape, he must be hanged.
It will discourage others who might make similar attempts.
Look behind that cart.
- You get the pictures? - Right.
Willy, be sure to splinter the leg in the cot to match this.
Oh, when you're through, little more moisture on the walls.
- Not too much.
- Right.
- How's it coming? - Almost finished.
I see it and I still don't believe it.
That's the whole idea.
Yeah, fine, that'll do fine.
Now, it'll be dark in 15 or 20 minutes.
You and Willy better get started for Prince Fasar's.
- Right.
- Yeah.
That's pretty good.
I can match it.
What do you think? Pretty.
So you met your husband in an English pub? It's not terribly romantic, but he was.
As a matter of fact, the moment that Akim introduced us Oh, don't tell us that it was love at first sight.
I distinctly remember you saying that he was standoffish.
Not possible.
I have never been called standoffish by anyone.
Oh, really? I'm sorry, Fasar, but to Victoria Carleton - you were standoffish.
- Victoria? When we were married, I took a Muslim name, you see.
Well, I'm sorry to break this up, but I was out of bed at 6 this morning.
Your rooms are quite ready for you.
Akim, would you show the inspector the way.
- Of course.
Good night.
- Good night.
Thank you for a wonderful dinner.
- Good night.
- Good night.
How long were you actually in the city with Akim and the inspector? Oh, perhaps several hours.
Do you think that you saw everything? We were escorted the whole time, but it seemed a thorough tour.
Fasar, if there is still slavery in Elkabar, then you are the one who must put an end to it.
To do so, I would have to destroy my own brother.
Three thousand pounds.
Come on, the deal was for five.
Three thousand was all he would pay.
Take it or leave it.
On delivery.
Okay, de Groot, dawn.
Where do you want her? - Right here.
- No, this is too risky.
- I don't wanna bring her into town.
- I assure you, it is quite safe at Jara's.
This is where I do business.
Now, we meet here at dawn or we don't meet.
- She'll be here.
- Good.
Let's have a drink on it.
In your office, Jara.
You really didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you? What are you talking about? That's it.
International driver's licence.
Social security.
Army discharge.
Parole registration card.
He's an ex-convict, jumped parole.
That explains why he's using an Argentine passport.
And a phoney one at that.
Just come up easy.
What was that for? When I go into business with a man, I like to find out everything I can about him.
You're buying her, de Groot, not me.
I'll have her here in the morning.
You just be sure you've got the money.
Now, keep him out of my way.
If I see him again, I'll kill him.
Darling, what is it? Help us! Come quickly! Help! Help! Slow down.
Let's give him enough time.
Amara! Amara! Amara! Amara! Amara! Amara! - What is it? What's happening? - Amara.
They have taken Amara.
Well, I think it's rather clear that your wife's abductors were professionals.
The bats, the truck, the fuse box, the absence of physical evidence For now, there is nothing for us to do but to wait.
Wait? Wait for what? For the kidnappers to contact you regarding the ransom.
That should be sometime during the early morning hours.
There must be something we can do.
Your Highness, we are doing everything we possibly can.
The local police are cooperating to the fullest.
- What are you going to do? - Call my brother.
He will have a hundred soldiers searching the city within the hour.
And if they find your wife, they will find her dead.
No, Your Highness, you must give the kidnappers a chance to contact you.
Trust me, Your Highness.
I have a great deal of experience in these matters.
I will bring your wife back to you safely.
I promise you.
I have some friends in your local police.
I will make some discreet inquiries.
I shall return within an hour.
Try to get some rest.
Now, cut it out.
Cut it.
Pretty, very pretty.
- She will bring a good price.
- Who are you? Where am I? A very good price.
No, don't you? How dare you.
Please, no.
Please, you're making a frightful mistake.
Please help, I'm Prince Fasar's wife.
Please help me.
Help me, I beg you.
You're making a dreadful mistake.
- Jim.
- Please, no.
I know, I know.
Make it as easy on her as you can, will you, Barney? Please help me! You're making a terrible mistake, please.
Please help me.
Help me! You don't know what you're doing.