Mission Impossible (1966) s02e07 Episode Script

Operation Heart

Good afternoon, Mr.
This is Professor William Bennett, the Nobel-prizewinning archaeologist who has become the innocent pawn in a political coup being staged by this man, Stephan Gomalk.
The Chief of Security Police Gomalk plans to overthrow the pro-Western government of his closest friend, Beyron Rurich.
The plan to assassinate Rurich has been code-named "Anniversary.
" Professor Bennett has a chronically weak heart.
When he was arrested by mistake and intensively interrogated by Gomalk, Bennett's heart failed.
He is now in a hospital maximum-security ward.
Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to get Bennett out alive and prevent Rurich's assassination by Gomalk.
As always, if you or any of your IM Force are caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This recording will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
Apparently, he's had a heart defect for a long time.
- It's resulted in an aneurysm.
- Can we move him? Well, that depends.
How far? How long will it take? We'll have a plane standing by equipped for surgery.
He'll be off the table a total of about 12 minutes.
Well, we could freeze him.
Freeze him.
She checked out on the handkerchief? Try her.
Now, here's your husband.
Better get acquainted with him.
This is what he looks like with his skin on.
He doesn't look like a spy.
Now, we've gotta convince Rurich he is.
Willy, will you be able to get all that equipment in the truck? - It'll be tight, but we'll manage.
- Good.
How about the magnet, Barney? The hospital is a steel-girder construction, no problem.
- How's your eyesight? - Pretty good.
Pretty good? I'm betting my life on it.
All right, Owen, let's have the pills.
Now, this is digitalis.
That's the normal medication for a man in Professor Bennett's condition.
This square one will kill him.
- How long, Levya? - Several seconds.
He's got to talk.
If he is an American agent and knows about Anniversary, - then Rurich could know.
- That would be the end for us.
What do you know about Anniversary? Tomorrow, Bennett.
A plan called Anniversary.
- Nothing.
- Tell me the truth.
Stephan, Stephan.
Is he telling the truth? With that drug in him, I am sure of it.
Well, what now? - Without an operation, he'll die.
- Let him die.
Stephan, there is a chance he can be saved.
By tomorrow, we'll need every bed in this hospital for our own.
I don't imagine you get many cavities, Mr.
It's an old habit.
During the bad times, in the hills, water was scarce.
But we had cases of this and, well, we used it for everything.
To clean our guns, our teeth, as an antiseptic to make the dying easier.
But surely, the readers of an important magazine like yours have more significant things to do than worry about how I brush my teeth? They do.
They do indeed, Mr.
For instance, the rumours of a revolution financed from behind the Iron Curtain.
Yes, of course there are rumours.
There are always rumours.
But Gomalk has investigated them all.
And you're sure of Gomalk? Is that the latest? Is it? Well, he has been sympathetic to the Reds, hasn't he? Sympathetic, yes.
But before that, before anything else, loyal to me.
To me, whom he fought beside for three long, bloody years.
To me, who saved his life more than once.
Write that down, Mr.
Tell your readers that.
That the rumours are false.
That the men who made this country free are united.
There will be a week of celebrations.
Tomorrow is the anniversary of the revolution.
I will dedicate a school and two housing projects.
There will be lots of little girls with bouquets of flowers.
All of which I'm allergic to.
That's the price of power, Mr.
Right on target.
Let's get out of here.
That's price of power too.
You're hurt.
Drive us to the hospital.
I must see him.
I'm Mrs.
Bennett, and I insist upon it.
I demand the right to see my husband.
Bennett, perhaps if we came back a little later I didn't come here to the capital to be ignored.
I could get that kind of treatment in my own village.
- Sit back and - No respect.
No respect for the old! I demand a private room.
My condition insists that I get a private room.
I want to see a doctor.
Doctor! Are you in charge here? - I'm Mrs.
I wanna know - I have no time now, madam.
I'm sorry.
Beyron, what happened? An assassination attempt.
This man saved my life.
He's hurt.
Kramer, get Doctor Levya.
- Move.
- Right away.
- They found the assassin? - I don't know.
He's in there, doctor.
Take good care of him.
- Thank God you're safe, Beyron.
- Safe.
Can I no longer walk in the streets without being shot at? Beyron, you know better than that.
You are loved by the people.
Obviously, not by all of them.
Wipe your hands.
Thank you.
I am afraid your coat is more seriously damaged.
Right now, I could use a swallow of that toothpaste of yours.
- I'll get you a whole case of it.
- Let me know immediately.
Anything on who tried to kill the president? Not yet.
I'm certain he is some lunatic.
Someone who eludes the palace guards so easily? I thought that suggested a man more highly trained.
Well, I've caused you to keep those little girls waiting long enough, Mr.
- Please wait, you promised to - Don't bother us, please.
No, no, no, let her go.
My husband is an American citizen.
I have the right to see him.
What is this all about? - She is the wife of Professor Bennett.
- Bennett? Is he here? He's in the prison ward, and they won't let me see him.
I thought the charges against him had been dropped.
- That his arrest was a mistake.
- That is true.
The man is sick.
He cannot leave the hospital.
But why can't I see him? I'm here with a doctor that was recommended by the American embassy.
I would like him to examine my husband.
I don't see why not.
Do you, Gomalk? No, I guess not.
Thank you.
This way.
President, do you mind if I tag along with them? I think my magazine will be interested in news of Bennett.
I'll catch up with you at the housing project.
I will not rest until whoever shot at you is caught.
I know I can count on you, Stephan.
Some idiot had to shoot at him Thank you, doctor.
- How is he? Can I see him? - Perhaps you'd better sit down.
Bennett, I'm afraid he has suffered an aneurysm.
Broadly, that's a weakening of the wall muscle of the heart.
- A heart attack? - Well, not precisely.
But it must be strengthened immediately before it ruptures.
- How? - Open-heart surgery.
To insert a plastic valve.
Don't you concur, doctor? Dr.
Levya has already discussed that.
No operation.
But without it, he won't live.
Then we'll do it in the States.
- I wanna see my husband.
- Mrs.
Bennett, please.
No, I wanna see my husband! Colonel, you could order the operation.
No, no, not without her written authority.
He is an American citizen and I cannot take the responsibility.
What are you doing? It's digitalis.
His usual medication.
You'd better leave.
Bennett, is there anything else I can do for you? My husband's things.
I would like to pack them.
They're at police headquarters.
You can get them at any time.
Bennett, doctor.
Thank you, colonel.
I caught her trying to give him this.
- What is it? - I don't know.
Have it analyzed immediately.
- Are the batteries set? - All set.
Ah, Jim, come in, come in.
President, I'm sorry I didn't get to the housing project.
But I have got a kind of a rough draft of your profile.
I thought you'd like to see it.
- How is Professor Bennett? - He's dying.
It's a shame.
He was a good agent.
Interesting to think what he might have been doing here in Yurova.
- Agent? - One of the best they had.
You are sure of what you are saying? I ran across him a couple of years ago when the Sûreté had him in custody.
They had a file on him this thick.
I'm here for my husband's things.
Professor Bennett.
Bennett, Bennett.
I have the report from the laboratory.
The pill she tried to give him was a powerful stimulant.
Strange medication for a man needing rest and quiet.
It would have killed him.
There's nothing here worth saving.
Yes, colonel.
Yes, colonel, she's here now.
Yes, colonel.
You are permitted to take nothing.
These go with the hypothermia blanket.
I'll be back here in an hour or so.
In the meantime, you stay here in your room.
They mustn't look any heavier than the others.
- Okay? - Light as a feather.
Why? I don't know what you're talking about.
Why did you try to take that handkerchief? It was the only thing left in one piece.
I wanted something.
Why did you refuse the operation on your husband? They said he could get better treatment in the States.
Who are they? A man at the embassy.
I see.
Did he suggest the pill too? - Colonel.
- Yes? The solution brought out some writing.
"Support Anniversary fully.
Funds and arms coming.
" I know your husband is not an agent.
Of course he isn't.
But someone is trying to make him look like one.
Now you will tell me why.
You want to sign for those? I was not expecting any oxygen today.
I only do what I'm told.
- What? What is this? - I found it necessary to question her.
What's she charged with? - She tried to murder her husband.
- That's not true.
And I don't know anything about that.
Anniversary? What is this anniversary? - The whole thing's a hoax.
- He says my husband is a spy.
That's not true.
Her husband has been completely cleared.
I wonder what "Anniversary" means.
Stephan, I think we should find out once and for all if this Professor Bennett is a spy.
Stephan, I want to talk to Bennett.
Order the operation immediately.
They need oxygen immediately in Operating Room 4.
Wait a minute.
to Operating Room 4.
Rurich must interrogate him himself.
It's the only way he'll be convinced there's no plot against him.
The operation must be successful.
Bennett's in the operating room.
Seven after.
It'll take 10 minutes to connect him to the heart-lung.
I'll be with Rurich.
That completes the connection.
We are ready to proceed with the machine.
We're on the pump.
Heart and respiration normal.
This is an emergency.
There are tanks in there with hydrogen, not oxygen.
If they use it, the patient dies.
- Doctor - This is surgery.
Get out of here.
These cylinders do not contain oxygen.
- There's been a terrible mistake.
- What? I've never seen a dial like this before.
Something very wrong here.
Sounds like a timing device, doctor.
- What do you make of it? - It could be a bomb.
Bomb? - Get it out of here.
- Yes, sir.
Give me a hand, will you? Doctor, it won't move.
Tell Colonel Gomalk that someone is trying to kill Bennett.
Doctor, I'll call Bomb Disposal.
Now let us get on with this aneurysm.
Yes, yes, immediately.
No, not until I am there.
They found a bomb in Bennett's operating room.
A bomb? In an oxygen tank.
Get to the people who supply the oxygen.
Find out what you can.
- I'll be with Levya.
- Right.
Hurry, hurry.
Colonel, stay back from the table.
Take Bennett back to his room.
- But, Stephan - Take him back to his room.
Remove him from the heart-lung machine.
Prepare to close the chest.
His heart is fibrillating.
We cannot remove him from the heart-lung machine.
Take him back to his room.
They're trying to kill him.
If we move him, he dies.
I need some answers from you.
An assassination attempt, and now this.
Where is your security? What does it mean? This Professor Bennett becomes more and more important.
Why? To whom? I do not have the answers.
Not yet.
But I assure you, I will.
Right now, I believe this operation must continue.
What about this bomb? We'll have to deactivate it here.
- Doctor, what about Bennett? - He cannot be moved.
Evacuate the hospital immediately, but stay and continue with the operation.
I will need you three.
The rest of you evacuate the building.
- Doctor Levya.
- Doctor Seibert.
We're going to need your assistance.
We're going to remove this patient from the hospital.
Are you out of your mind? He can't be moved.
I think we can.
We'll use the heart-lung machine to reduce his temperature by 30 degrees.
Ten minutes, the freezing process should reduce his metabolism and heart load enough so we can disconnect him from the machine.
In the meantime, doctors, would you please close up the chest? His life is more important to us than yours is, doctor.
Sixty-four degrees.
That's enough load off his heart.
Disconnect the heart-lung.
We'll be ready to remove him shortly.
Hypothermia blanket.
The alcoholic mixture in the blanket will keep the patient cold in transit, doctor.
Help me lift the patient so we can get the blanket under him.
Ready? Bring the gurney.
Let's transfer the patient.
Disconnect the scope.
- He's fibrillating.
- His heart is failing.
Pressure's going down fast.
I told you it could not be done.
Well? Leave him, lock them up in there.
Let's go, everybody.
Into the prep room.
Come on, move.
Nice performance, doctor.
Get back.
It's not deactivated.
- Wait.
- Get back.
Don't move.
Stephan, what is this? This is not a bomb.
This is Professor Bennett.
I think we should get back to Professor Bennett.
He's okay.
We'll make it to the plane.
They were trying to get him away.
His heart is failing.
Has it started? Is Rurich dead? Get out, everybody.
It almost worked, Stephan.
Tomorrow would have been a perfect time.
And you are the last man on earth I would ever have expected of betraying me.
Lies, Beyron, lies.
You do not understand.
Bennett knows nothing.
He's not an agent.
Well, you got your story, Mr.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Do me a favour.
Simply say he died for what he believed in.
- What about Mrs.
Bennett? - She's free to go.
I've never been so glad to get out of a place in my life.
Get away, I will not go back.
I would rather die in my own bed.
Here, just get out.
Get away from me, you get away.
Taxi, taxi.
Can I give you a lift, sir?