Mission Impossible (1966) s02e16 Episode Script

The Spy

Good morning, Mr.
A secret, detailed map of NATO's missile defence system was recently prepared on two overlays, neither of which is complete without the other.
They were sent by separate couriers to a meeting between NATO and one of Europe's small, uncommitted nations.
Felicia Vabar, a member of an enemy spy apparat, had one of the couriers intercepted and the overlay he was carrying stolen.
To get the other, she has recruited Captain Miklos Cherno, an internal security officer of the country where the conference was being held.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to prevent Ms.
Vabar from getting the second overlay, without which the first is useless.
As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This recording will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
Entrance hall.
Through a door, through the corridor.
Another door, up a stairway.
Continuing on up the stairway, through a door.
Guard post.
The second overlay, which Felicia Vabar is still after, is kept right here.
- Jim? - Yes? Is that a special vault room? Yes.
Now, the entrance to it is separated from the rest of the floor by these two steel doors.
There's a guard at this post at all times, and the doors themselves close automatically at any emergency.
- Like an air-raid drill.
- Exactly.
Now, Felicia will arrive with her people at precisely 10:30.
Five minutes later, the air raid is scheduled to begin.
We'll use their exact same plan.
We'll only adjust the timetable.
Are you and Barney set with the signal? - Right here in my purse.
- Good.
I'll use this to turn it off.
- How about the Very pistol? - It's in the satchel, Jim.
Then I think we're about set.
Has the government been notified we're coming in? The minister of defence only is aware of our plan.
No one else.
Everything must appear perfectly normal in order to bring this off.
In other words, as far as anyone in the building is concerned, it's business as usual.
That could make it rough for you.
Rollin and I have worked out a plan to handle that.
Hypnosis, I'll put him under and give him a post-hypnotic suggestion.
He won't be able to remember about this operation from the moment he fires the Very gun until 4:00 that afternoon.
What if they use drugs? He won't be able to tell them anything.
- What if they threaten to kill him? - Threats won't bother him.
But if they should actually try to do it, he'll come out of it and he'll be able to talk.
Okay, Jim, sit down in that chair.
I want you to relax completely.
Now, look at this spot in the centre of my forehead.
As you look at it, I want you to relax.
Breathe deeply.
That's it.
Now, what business was so urgent it couldn't wait? I have been giving our plan for tomorrow a great deal of thought.
Is something wrong? On the contrary, I'm convinced it will go off smoothly.
Then I'm afraid I don't understand.
It is just that I only now have come to realise what a terrible risk I am taking.
Captain Cherno, we've been planning this for weeks.
Now, suddenly, the day before, you realise there's a risk.
You knew what you were getting into, and you're being paid for your part.
Of course, of course.
And yet, I must take care of Lieutenant Dreis here Get to the point, Cherno.
How much? - Under the circumstances - How much? Twenty-five thousand.
You've already been paid 10.
So it is merely another 15,000.
Is everything ready? Everything.
I will call for the air-raid drill at 10:35 exactly.
Dreis will be on the door to the vault area at that time.
Pay him.
These seem to be in order, corporal.
That would be the masseur.
The quickest way to arouse suspicion is to change routine.
Everything must be business as usual.
Let him in and see about the guard change.
Come in.
Who are you? Your masseur, captain.
Where is Sergeant Drobbie? He is sick.
The sergeant major sent me to take his place.
All right.
But you'll have to hurry.
Yes, sir.
- You've got the touch of an elephant.
- Sorry, captain.
Carol Dennison, United States Embassy, to see Colonel Dobrov.
He's expecting me.
Fourth floor.
- We're ready.
- I'd better get on duty.
Well, now, Ms.
Dennison, what can I do for you? I'm the intelligence officer at the embassy, colonel.
We have a lead that we hope will mean the recovery of the missing map overlay.
I've come to you because we may need your help.
At the moment, all we require is your complete discretion.
Later on, I may have to call on you.
If Drobbie is still sick next week, don't bother.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, captain.
Good day, sir.
What are you doing on this floor? This is Captain Cherno.
What happened? The drill was scheduled for 10:35 exactly.
Something's wrong.
Air-raid drill has already started.
Get in there and find out what you can.
Then find out and report to me immediately.
When the drill is over, the gate will open.
Hold him.
You there, halt.
Halt or I'll fire.
Get this car moving.
What's that? Never mind, just keep the car moving.
- This is the man? - Yes, sir.
- The overlay? - Still in the vault.
- He must have photographed it.
- You found the camera? He fired a projectile through the window.
The camera and film must have been in it.
Sooner or later, we will get it back.
But then, it would make it easier if you told us now where it is.
I don't know.
I don't remember any overlay.
I never saw it.
I'm your husband.
We've been to a party.
I had too much to drink.
You're taking me home.
Don't make any mistakes.
Something wrong? Just a few questions.
- Where are you going? - Tabin.
Is this your husband? Yes, I'm taking him home.
He's not feeling too well.
Looks like he's feeling fine.
Too fine.
What's the trouble? Someone broke into the security section of headquarters during the air-raid drill and stole some defence plans.
Well, I hope you catch them.
We will.
All right, go.
All right, you two can go.
There are ways to make a man talk.
Do you begin to understand? You can't make me talk, because I don't know anything.
But I guess you have got to try.
Yes, I've got to try.
Listen to me.
He is going to tell us where to find that overlay.
We can go to Dobrov with that information, we are heroes.
Or we can tell Dobrov nothing and become wealthy men.
The overlay this one fired out of the vault room is the same one Felicia Vabar is so desperate to get.
Now, if she would pay us 25,000 just to help her risk to steal it, what do you suppose she would pay if we handed it to her on a silver platter? I'll tell you.
She would pay a fortune.
What does the army pay a lieutenant these days? Very little.
The car will need gas soon.
But we can't just drive aimlessly about the city.
You are right, and I'll need a place to hide for a while.
- Where do you live? - I have an apartment.
We'll park the car a few blocks from your place and walk.
- Can you hear me? - What? Listen, can you hear me now? I'm your friend.
I Yes.
I hear you.
Carefully now, I want you to remember.
Don't remember.
I can't.
You were in the vault.
You fired the pistol.
Who picked it up? Where is he now? I can't think.
I'm so tired.
You must think.
Who has that overlay? Where is he? What is his name? So tired.
I can't remember.
You must remember.
Can't think.
Can't remember.
Do you mind if I take my coat off? No.
Put it in there.
Now that you have me here, what do you propose to do? You're in no danger.
- All I need is - All you need is a place to hide.
Because every policeman, every soldier in the country, is looking for you.
You are the man who stole the defence plans, aren't you? Any calls? Rollin just arrived.
The light just went on.
You're jumping to conclusions.
Let's not play games.
I know what's on that film in that camera you have in your pocket.
- You're guessing.
- Accurately.
Let us assume that what you are saying is right.
What does it mean to you? Well, I might be willing to help you dispose of them.
We're not playing games, remember? I'm not disposing of anything.
But I might be willing to sell.
I might be willing to buy.
- Who are you? - How can that possibly matter? We're two people in the same business.
Why don't we help each other? Felicia? Felicia, are you there? Don't answer it.
There's a key above the door.
If I don't answer, he'll let himself in.
All right.
Get rid of him.
Just a minute.
Be careful.
I can't see you now.
Of course, whatever you say.
- That was stupid.
- I didn't do anything.
I didn't.
Somehow, they just knew.
You've got to believe me.
We've got to trust each other.
I don't trust you any more than you trust me.
All right, I underestimated you.
I made a mistake.
I won't do it again.
Answer me.
I don't understand.
The drug seems to have had no effect except to put him to sleep.
None of these truth serums work every time.
Can't you wake him up? He'll come out of it in an hour or two.
So we wait.
Who are you working for? I don't see that it matters.
They pay in American dollars.
How many American dollars? Five thousand.
But you've only got half of the plan.
You do know that, don't you? If that is true, then you must have the other half.
Oh, why do you think so? Because if you didn't, my half wouldn't be worth a penny to you.
Which means that if each of us only has one half of the plans, we have to make a deal, don't we? How much? One hundred thousand American dollars.
You are joking.
That's the price.
Let's not waste time haggling.
All right.
It will take me an hour or so to get it.
In the meantime, I'll go develop the film.
All right.
I'll meet you back here in, say No, no, no.
You keep underestimating me, don't you? Not here.
My place.
Number 52 Glinskas Street.
Apartment 3B.
In one hour.
Cherno's office.
Captain Cherno's office.
Captain Cherno, please.
No, he is not in.
May I take a message? When do you expect him? I do not expect the captain to return today.
Do you know where I can reach him? It's urgent.
No, may I say who's calling? Now she's trying his home.
This one we let go through.
- Hello? - Arno.
- Yes? - I've got a job for you.
Even under the drug, he has told you nothing? Nothing, colonel.
Absolutely nothing.
Have you found out anything about him? His real name, where he comes from? Who his friends are? His papers are false.
His fingerprints are not in our files.
So far, we know absolutely nothing about him.
This man gained an entrance to the building to come to see you.
He went from your office to steal the plans.
You have been questioning him for hours and have found out nothing.
Not the slightest detail.
What are you implying, colonel? I merely made the observation.
And I tell you that if you do not get results before the end of this day, I'll put the investigation in other hands.
You will tell me what I want to know or so help me, I will kill you.
Now, where are those plans? I can't.
How'd it come out? Perfect.
Vabar's exchange.
Is Ms.
Vabar there? No, I do not expect her until 7:00.
Will you ask her to call Miklos when she returns? Miklos? Yes, of course.
Almost looks like the real one.
You will tell me what I want to know.
How long do you think your luck will hold out? Get rid of him.
I said, get rid of him.
No, that's not the real plan.
But then, you didn't bring the money either, did you? Wait in the car.
How can I help you? I told you, our people, we're following up a lead.
They have something? With me dead, how would you ever expect to get the other half of the plan? Did you really think I'd be stupid? Stupid enough to trust you? Well, I can't blame you for trying.
But I can make sure that it will never happen again.
Assuming you still want the plans.
Oh, yes.
I do.
I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
Why say you are? I said the first thing that came to mind.
So it must be the truth.
You and I are so used to lying that we seldom know when we are telling the truth.
That hurts.
Yes, it does.
You remember.
I'll tell you.
By the way, I want the money paid in small bills.
Two hundred thousand American dollars.
This time, play it straight, because if you don't I understand.
Be at this address.
Four-thirty, sharp.
And this time, be alone.
Understand? If I tell you, what happens to me? If we recover the plans, I'll recommend clemency.
You'll get a year, maybe two years.
What? What choice do I have? Come.
You show us.
Bring your hand out.
Your comrade had no choice but to cooperate.
Neither do you.
After him.
Up to that machine.
Put your hands there.
Vabar, what are you doing here? I came for that.
And how much are you willing to pay for it, Ms.
Vabar? You've already been paid.
Yes, but that was to make it possible for you to steal it.
This is another matter.
I'll give you another 25,000.
I think I'd rather settle for what you have in that case instead.
How do I know it's the real map? Same way I find out how much is in the case.
By examination.
I think each of us has done well.