Mission Impossible (1966) s02e21 Episode Script

The Town

- Howdy.
- Hi.
What's it gonna be? Gas, oil, water? Or plain conversation? Well, how about a little bit of each one.
Which one you want to start with? Well, you might start by looking at the radiator, I think it's overheating.
That's that desert driving, does it all the time.
- That's hot.
- Yeah, what do you think? It probably needs to be flushed.
You better do it, I'd hate to get stuck going up the mountain.
Figured that's where you were going.
Deer season brings on people from all over.
Usually come in groups, though.
Yeah, well, I'm meeting somebody up at the lodge.
Any place I can get a cold drink? Oh, yeah, right there.
The pharmacy.
- Good.
Back in a few minutes.
- Right.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I would like something cold and wet and not too sweet.
- I think I'll fix you my specialty.
- Fine.
Is the prescription ready, Gina? Doc left it in the back.
I'll get it.
Put it on the charge, okay? Sure.
Have a good time.
We will.
I think you'd better get her to a doctor.
- My car ready yet? - All right, mister, come along.
What do you mean? Come along where? Where I point you.
Phelps? Phelps.
Well, he didn't call.
You think he's not coming? Got people who want that room.
Hold the room.
He'll be here.
Maybe stuck on the road somewhere.
Lots of city cars have trouble getting up here.
- I think I'll go back and look for him.
- Why, sure.
Now, Jan and Martin will register at the hotel and wait for the subject to come to his room.
The importance of this assignment should be obvious to everyone, but I want to emphasise it.
The subject must be killed in order to discourage other defectors.
Now, Jan's part is to get into the room Take over.
We thought it best to bring him to you.
Marty will phone doc at exactly 5:00 tomorrow and be given green for go, or if we've received other instructions, yellow for hold, or red for cancel.
I'll have to fix up some new stuff for Jan or she'll be off schedule.
What about him, doc? Shall we arrange an accident? Not if he's meeting someone up there.
Is that true? If they do trace him back here, his car went off the road.
No, I won't have anyone messing around here with Jan and Marty out of town.
Otherwise, it would be difficult to arrange an alibi if they should need one.
I think I have a way.
Take him on over to my office and I'll meet you there after I get Jan and Marty on their way.
Now, the usual final signals will maintain.
You all set? How do you feel now? - Fine, thanks.
- Good.
- Okay, good luck.
- Thanks.
What will it be? That car over there.
Do you know where the owner is? You know him? Is he a friend of yours? Yes, he is.
Boy, the doc's going to be glad to see you.
Yeah, your friend, he took sick.
He was sitting in that car where you are and keeled right over.
He's sick.
He's in the doctor's office.
Where is that? It's right behind you.
Big white house there, around the corner.
- Thank you.
- Right.
- How do you do? - Is there anything I can do for you? Yes, I was told a friend of mine was here.
He's ill.
Phelps, his name is Phelps.
Oh, I'm glad someone finally turned up for him.
What's the matter with him? - It is very serious, Mr? - Hand.
Your friend is suffering from aphasia.
He's had a stroke.
A stroke.
A massive one, judging from all my tests.
The man can't talk.
But why hasn't he been sent to a hospital? He's gotta get the best possible care.
Too dangerous to move him.
Another stroke could kill him.
We've gotta get a specialist here.
- I don't mean to offend you, but - There's no offence.
We country doctors can't hope to compete with these big-city specialists.
- Who would I call? - The best man there is, doctor.
- Can I see Jim? - Oh, of course.
You know, it might be nice just knowing you're here.
- How's he doing, Liz? - No change.
- This is his friend, Mr.
- How do you do? How do you do? Mr.
Your friend is here, Mr.
Jim? Jim, it's Rollin.
Do you know me, Jim? Jim, do you recognise me? It's Rollin.
It's Rollin, Jim.
Do you understand, Jim? We're gonna get a specialist.
Everything's gonna be all right, Jim.
We're gonna give you the best possible care.
Doing everything you can for him, doctor? Naturally.
But you'd better be prepared.
He might have another stroke at any time, even if we keep him quiet.
And it might prove fatal.
I understand.
I'll see if we can get a specialist down here right away.
You'll take care of all the expenses? Why, of course.
Liz knows where I am if you need me.
I'll bet there's gonna be some wild demonstrations in Los Angeles.
Mosnyevov, the rocket expert.
Is he the one that defected? Yeah.
Big speech to our rocket people.
I guess we should be happy to get him.
Still, any man that would turn his back on his own people Well, it could be he was fed up with his own government's policies and thought there was a better way to help his own people.
Maybe he was bought off.
I guess a lot of them are.
Rollin, how can I get across to you? Rollin, they're doing this to me.
Look at me.
I'm going to try to control my breathing.
The kill technique used in this problem is similar to the kill technique Marty will use on the present target.
It is designed to appear as accidental drowning in the bathtub after a fall.
- Is there any trouble? - No.
He's convinced.
He expects his friend to die.
- Well, when will that be? - Two stages, I think.
I'll give him a stronger dose later on this afternoon.
It will look like another attack.
Tomorrow, the final one.
Bruise the forehead.
He'll also break the little finger as though the subject had attempted to break his fall in the bathtub.
It must be done with the greatest care in order to appear a legitimate accident.
- Is he all right? - It's just reflexes.
Poor man probably doesn't even know he's doing it.
Rollin, pay attention to me.
Could you get me one of those tissues from over there, please? - Anything I can do? - No.
No, thank you.
Look at my eyes, Rollin.
Look at my eyes.
You know what I could use? A good steaming hot cup of coffee.
Why don't you fix us a couple of cups, huh? If he stirs, I'll give you a yell.
All right.
I'll be right back.
Jim, was that an SOS you sent me? If it was, blink twice.
Blink once for yes, twice for no.
Are you really sick, Jim? Are you drugged? The doc? I've gotta get you out of here.
I'll call the police.
Are they in on this? Well, there must be somebody in this town who can help us.
I'll I'll just have a cup of coffee, and I'm not going anywhere.
Is something wrong? No, I was just trying to calm him in case he can hear.
I didn't want him to think I was leaving before his wife gets here.
His wife? Surely you must have notified her.
I don't know.
The doctor didn't say anything.
That's ridiculous.
Where is he, in his office? Well, yes, but Doctor, you've called Mrs.
Phelps, haven't you? Well, why I didn't know there was a Mrs.
I went through his things to see who I could notify.
But I couldn't find anything.
I told you that.
What? You did? I must be more shaken up than I thought.
I never heard you.
Which means she still doesn't know.
May I use your telephone, doctor? Well Of course.
Hello, Mrs.
Phelps, please.
- Speaking.
- Hello, this is Rollin.
I don't know how to tell you this, but Jim is ill.
Very ill.
What happened? He's had a stroke.
What? I think you'd better get up here right away.
Now, I don't wanna leave Jim, so you'd better rent a car.
Wait a minute.
Now, you'll be in no condition to drive, so why don't you rent a car and driver.
Hire a driver at the airport.
All right? Yes, all right.
I'll do that.
Now, can you leave the baby all right? I'll make arrangements.
Tell little Willy that Uncle Rollin will see him very, very soon.
Oh, by the way, would you bring some of my things? We might be here a while.
You get a pencil and paper and write the directions.
Rollin is Jim gonna be all right? I don't know.
Now, you fly into Anything? - Sounds all right.
- That's good.
- He's coming around.
- Oh, I'm just on time.
Where's his friend? Resting in my office.
Also waiting to hear from Chicago about that specialist.
He'll have a long wait.
How you doing? - What is this stuff you're using? - Curare.
It's the stuff the Brazilian natives put on their spears to paralyse their prey.
A weak solution keeps you from moving.
This speech thing is a little more difficult.
Have to take special care.
Have to anaesthetize the lower cranial nerves.
How long have you been in this town? A long time, for a very special purpose.
Like killing Mosnyevov? That, among others.
In the case you have company when that phone call comes from Los Angeles, shall I give the final order? No, the final orders come from me.
No matter who's here, they won't know what I'm talking about.
I'm afraid your friend's much worse this morning, Mr.
He had another stroke last night.
It's gonna be all right.
I was so worried, but I'm here now.
It's gonna be all right.
We've got a call in to Chicago for the best man.
They're trying to locate him for us.
He's gonna be all right, doctor, isn't he? He's had a bad night, Mrs.
We can only hope for the best.
I suggest that you try to remain calm.
- For his sake.
- Yes.
Yes, of course, I understand.
I'd say y'all got some trouble.
Yeah, I sure have.
It's happened twice in the last 100 miles.
We got a tow in the next town.
You want me to call? Never mind.
I don't have the kind of money they'd ask for, anyway.
I can fix it.
Well, you need anything at all, you just holler out, hear? - Okay, yeah.
- All right.
My arm.
That's a bad cut.
You're gonna need stitches.
Where's the nearest doctor? I'll handle all the details with the doctor.
Don't worry about anything.
You guys are lucky, I tell you, buddy.
He's in there.
Outside of him, there ain't one for 50 miles.
I'll take him in.
It's all right, I can handle him.
Come on.
Come on.
I only hope the other doctor gets here in time.
He does look pretty bad, doesn't he? If the worst should happen Oh, what have we here? Let's have a look.
Jim, we've taken over the house.
Are you all right? Good.
Jim, we haven't got time for questions and answers, so we'll use Morse code.
Okay? Let's start.
Man, woman.
L, again.
Kill Kill.
"Los An " Los Angeles? M.
Mosnyevov? One, we've gotta prevent that killing in Los Angeles.
Two, we've gotta get Jim and ourselves out of here in one piece.
Barney, keep everybody out until we're done.
Then go for help.
Cinnamon, you come with me.
And, Willy, you stay with Jim.
See if you can find the plaster of Paris.
Here it is.
Cinnamon, take this plastic sheet off the examining table and put it in the sterilizer.
Outer space belongs to all peoples for peaceful exploration.
How can you listen to him? It doesn't bother me.
A target is a target.
- Without recourse to political direction.
Put the gag back on him.
The victim had a meal, food for one.
Went to take a bath, a terrible accident.
I'll call for the order to activate.
- Why doesn't he answer? - Calm down.
- Hello.
- Doc? Marty.
Yellow, yellow.
How long a hold? I don't know.
We're waiting on this end as well.
What's wrong? Well, now, young man, you just keep your wife resting for a few days and she'll be fine.
- Somebody there with you? - Precisely.
Shall I get back to you or will you contact me? Well, you just stay with your wife if you have to.
I'll look in later.
Okay, doc.
We'll sit tight.
I'll have to look 60 pounds heavier.
Y'all having trouble? Thing won't start.
I'll have a look at it.
Say, how's that truck-driver fellow? - How's he doing? - Getting stitched up.
What do you think it could be? I don't know.
Might be the fuel pump.
Lookit, why don't you take it apart and check it? I just drive them.
I don't fix them.
Well, I gotta get in there.
I gotta see how that truck-driver fella's doing.
He's been there a long time.
I must have touched the wrong thing.
Anything I can do for you? Well, now, you just take it easy with this arm, young man and you'll be okay.
Thanks, doc.
I'll go out and see if I can get that truck rolling.
Perhaps Williams can give you a hand.
Be glad to.
Goodbye, doc.
Be right out.
He was in here an awfully long time.
Well, what with working with him, trying to keep him from fainting and juggling those people upstairs, I've just about had my hands full.
How's it going up there? Well, he'll soon have his fatal stroke.
Of course, I'll do my best to save him, but the doctor can only do so much.
Soon as this is over, I'll have his friend call Bakersfield for the hearse and they'll be on their way.
I'll be glad to see it.
Get rid of the truck driver too, will you? Right.
Truck coming through.
Clear for exit.
All right, Mrs.
Phelps, start weeping.
Your husband just died.
Call the mortuary.
Doc wants to see you about something.
Come on, I'll get you out.
That friend of Mr.
Phelps just went to pieces.
He won't be able to do any driving.
- You'd better stick around.
- Did Mr.
Phelps die? I've never seen anything like it.
Clear the hearse going out, and the limousine after it.
- Doc? - What? That's that.
And a job well-handled.
It was terribly handled.
Too much improvisation.
- I want a briefing now with everybody.
- Everybody? Everybody, while it's still fresh in their minds.
Do you have enough air? The police picked up the pair in Los Angeles, waiting for our signal now.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Now, let's quiet down.
Take a seat.
Everybody take a seat, come on.
Sit down.
What we've had here is most unusual.
We've worked our way through the problem, but the element of risk was too high.
I suggest we review the entire case step by step and see where we can make some improvements.
I'm beginning to believe that I made a slight error in judgment in not removing the first subject that came into town.
You see Liz any place? Even so, there should be better ways.
I didn't dismiss anyone.
Liz isn't here.
That's all right.
I told her to get some rest.
After all, she's borne the brunt of this case.
I signalled the house and she didn't answer.
- She didn't? - She didn't.
You will all remain where you are.
Come with me.