Mission Impossible (1966) s04e03 Episode Script

The Controllers (1)

Good morning, Mr.
The people you're looking at have become useless catatonics from being used as guinea pigs in experiments with a compound called B-230.
It is a super hypnotic, mind-controlling drug being developed by this man, Dr.
Karl Turek.
The solution to Turek's problem of B-230's catatonic side effects is in the hands of two disloyal American scientists, Dr.
Arthur Jarvis and his wife, Vera, who have undergone plastic surgery.
Their defection in Geneva is now being arranged by this man, Colonel Borodin.
Once they are working together, Turek's country will soon have the power to enslave the free world.
Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to stop Turek and B-230.
As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
It'll take at least two hours for the B-230 to saturate the water system.
Evening mass is at 5.
That means that you'll have to get - to the top of the tower before 3.
- Right.
Meredyth? Now this is our drug.
We're calling it Voliticon.
Willy will have to provide the necessary symptoms.
Voliticon is an inert stable compound, completely devoid of effect.
It will satisfy Turek's analytical machine, but not his computer.
So? - Memory grids? - Right, Jim.
I should be able to get through the cooling-system compressor by 9:00.
Now, Turek will be expecting Meredyth to work with him on B-230.
But if everything goes well in Geneva, Colonel Borodin won't let that happen.
Are you sure that you can convince Borodin to go along with Voliticon? Oh, yes.
Turek had him passed over when he came up for promotional review.
Borodin knows it.
He hates Turek.
He'll jump at any chance to stop him.
Now, these photographs are of the Jarvises after plastic surgery.
They were being sent to Colonel Borodin.
We intercepted them.
And these are the photographs that he'll receive instead.
Now, Paris, how are your legal studies? Fine.
The proper punches on this card will give Major Deva all the necessary qualifications.
And Major Deva expects to conduct the trial with a modicum of brilliance, provided I get my surprise witness.
You will, with the help of this.
All it contains is a tranquilizer.
Meredyth provides the realism.
Jim, just how close is Turek? Very close, Willy.
Unlike our Voliticon, B-230 really works.
It does still have some catatonic side effects.
But it's really only a question of time before Turek or someone else achieves a final breakthrough.
That's why just stopping Turek is not enough.
We have to end the threat of the drug completely.
If we don't, B-230 will be able to turn men into functioning slaves.
State Security Headquarters.
Extension 246.
- Yeah, Post Number 2.
- General Bolgrad here.
A Major Deva is on his way to the parking area.
Stop him.
Have him return to my office immediately.
I cannot see him, general.
What do you mean you cannot see him? He is on his way to the parking area.
He has left with the wrong cans of film.
Have him return to my office immediately.
Yes, general, as soon as I see him I Dr.
Deputy Premier.
- Dr.
- Another failure, doctor? Every failure brings us closer to success, colonel.
Let's hope so.
It would be unfortunate after spending so much money only to end up with catatonic vegetables.
B-230 will be a success.
- When? - Soon.
How soon is "soon"? If that means, "Will I need more funds?" The answer is yes, colonel.
I have prepared a presentation which I believe will show how close to success B-230 is.
Major Deva, Major Deva.
Yes, what is it? You're wanted in General Bolgrad's office immediately.
I cannot stop now.
I will have to see the general later.
No, I'm sorry, major, this is an emergency.
Something about taking the wrong kinds of film.
Very well.
Is there a way that I can get to the general's office through here? Yes, major.
Down that corridor, turn left.
The signs will lead you from that point on.
- Excellent.
- On paper.
- It is very encouraging, Dr.
- Thank you, sir.
And with the Jarvis team to assist me work will progress even faster.
Oh, but the Jarvises will not be working with you, Dr.
Were you not informed? What are you trying to do, colonel? We all know that the Jarvises, more particularly Vera Jarvis, felt that she could be of enormous help to this project.
- It is why they defected, colonel.
- Perhaps.
But Dr.
Arthur Jarvis has come up with a completely new approach.
It is far more advanced than B-230.
What is this new approach? A new compound.
I would suggest that before any more funds are allocated you see a practical demonstration of it.
Yes, of course.
Perhaps you might explain to us just how this Voliticon works, colonel.
Yes? Yes, yes.
Admit them.
I think it would be better if the man who invented it explained Voliticon, Dr.
The Jarvises have arrived.
Oh, Borodin.
If I did not know you better, I would say you are trying to sabotage my project.
Just a little healthy competition.
Colonel Borodin is giving us trouble again.
But all we need is a complete success with one of the prisoners and we can be rid of him.
We can be rid of all of them.
The next consignment of prisoners are ready.
- I was just on my way to get them.
- Good.
Jarvis, how good to see you again.
- Colonel Borodin.
- How are you, Mrs.
Jarvis? I imagine the first meeting with Dr.
Turek will be quite lengthy since my wife has had a very tiring trip.
I understand.
Show Mrs.
Jarvis to her quarters.
I see that she has changed in her attitude since Geneva.
Vera understands the situation entirely, colonel.
She will do as she is told.
I trust so.
I have Turek on the run.
I want to cut him off completely.
No allies.
Before the meeting I would like to brief you on some of the things that have happened.
- A car will be placed at your disposal.
- Thank you.
I've come for the prisoner Stephan Koenig.
The line is dead.
I will have to go to another phone.
Turek would like to have the prisoner as soon as possible.
It is for some experiment he is showing the deputy premier.
I will get him myself.
Stephan Koenig? Yes.
Your authorization papers, please.
This way.
Deputy Premier Voss, I have the great honour to present Dr.
Arthur Jarvis.
- Welcome to our country, doctor.
- Thank you, sir.
You know Dr.
Turek? Yes, Dr.
Turek, we met six years ago.
At the Bucharest International Congress.
Your wife had delivered a brilliant paper on controlling the brain patterns of involuntary muscular behaviour.
Where is your wife, Dr.
Jarvis? - It was an exhausting trip.
- She has retired to her quarters.
I see.
Well, I will be looking forward to working with her.
I believe I have already told you, Dr.
Turek Oh, yes, yes, I will not be working with her.
Yes, I remember.
Jarvis, why not? - Because B-230 is a dead end.
- Is that your opinion? That is our opinion, doctor.
Sometimes Sometimes it is difficult to face the fact, that six years of hard work has been for nothing.
Yes, it must be rather like working for a promotion that you do not get.
However, B-230 will work.
I know it will.
Possibly, but it is all rather academic in view of Dr.
Jarvis' discovery.
Oh, yes, yes, colonel.
Voliticon, yes, yes.
Doctor, just what is this Voliticon? It's a compound capable of altering the electric patterns within the brain.
It will not work.
I have conducted experimentation in this area.
Drugs of this nature are notoriously unstable.
Preliminary results of Voliticon have been successful beyond my most optimistic projection.
When may we see some proof of your discovery, doctor? Tomorrow morning at 9:00? Excellent.
I shall look forward to it.
Gentlemen, I will be in General Zagin's headquarters, if you need me.
Been nice seeing you again, Dr.
I'm sure we will get along splendidly.
I will need a human subject for my experiment tomorrow, colonel.
A new consignment of prisoners will be arriving soon.
Take your pick.
Should have maximum body mass.
Yes, here's one that meets the requirements.
Stephan Koenig.
Can I have him separated from the others? I'll have to do some preliminary testing.
I will have him put in isolation as soon as he arrives.
Turek? Mrs.
May I come in, please? No.
It's been a very long day.
I'm exhausted, I - I must talk to you.
- I'm sorry but another time.
There are answers to some very important questions that I must ask you and only you can supply them.
- Please, you don't understand.
- I believe I know what is going on.
Now, I can help you, Mrs.
Jarvis, and you will need help.
Now let me in.
Jarvis, they did an excellent job.
Yes, I took advantage of the situation.
I've always wanted to be pretty.
They more than succeeded.
I was very enthusiastic when I was told that you were coming.
Together, I knew that we could find a solution.
I'm afraid that won't be possible, Dr.
Oh, yes, yes.
Your husband says that you believe that B-230 is a dead end.
Is that true? Yes.
Yes, that's true.
I do not believe you.
Look, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
- My husband will be back any minute.
- It will work, will it not? - Answer me.
- You don't understand I understand very well, Mrs.
Jarvis, that Colonel Borodin and your husband have reached an agreement and have persuaded you to remain silent.
Now that is true, is it not? Answer.
Yes, it's true.
Now, will you go? No, madam.
Not until you tell me that B-230 will work.
Yes, yes, it will work.
And Voliticon? Voliticon, it is a fraud, is it not? No.
It will work.
It will be expensive, but it will work.
Now will you leave, or must I call Colonel Borodin? Which one should we start with first? No, take me.
Do what you want to me.
We will.
Go ahead.
The deputy premier will be here any moment.
A delay could make him unhappy.
Will you be ready? I don't know.
I need more time.
Colonel Borodin.
Thank you.
He has arrived.
You'll have to delay him for 10 minutes - But I - I need the time, colonel.
All right.
I don't want to read any more reports, Colonel Borodin.
I wish to see the experiment.
Good morning, deputy premier.
- Dr.
- Yes.
Well, let me start by explaining to you how I arrived at Voliticon.
I am sure I would find it very fascinating, doctor, but since I have an appointment with the premier in an hour, I would like to get straight to the demonstration.
Very well.
The instruments I'll be using today are the infrared spectrometer Because of Dr.
Turek's experiments, I am quite well acquainted with the instruments, doctor.
Then, as you know, the analytic brain simulator feeds directly into the computer.
Now, the computer's memory bank contains tens of thousands of facts about the chemicals and about the human brain and nervous system.
So the computer will ask itself this question: "Given this set of facts, will Voliticon destroy volition without producing a catatonic vegetable?" Again let me remind you, I understand all the equipment in the laboratory.
Now, proceed with the demonstration at once.
Yes, of course.
Compound stable, that Voliticon meets all programmed requirements.
- Excellent, Dr.
- Congratulations, doctor.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
You know very well, this report has little or no validity without human experimentation.
I think Dr.
Turek is right.
Get me out of this place! Please, I want out of this place! Let me out! Please! Please, let me out.
He'll be under in about 10 seconds.
What is your name? Stephan Koenig.
Change it.
You're now Josef.
I am now Josef.
Very good.
How old are you, Josef? - Thirty.
- No, no, you are 25.
- I am 25.
- You're doing nothing more than asking the subject to make a few simple changes of will.
If Dr.
Jarvis' drug offers nothing more than this, it suffers from all the restrictions and limitations of hypnosis.
You mean that the experiment has validity only if the subject does something decidedly against his will? Exactly.
What do you suggest, Dr.
Turek? Ask him to commit suicide.
Of course, Dr.
Jarvis, if you feel that Voliticon could not take this type of test Give me your gun.
Is that glass bulletproof? Yes, deputy premier.
If Dr.
Jarvis' test should fail, we shall be in no danger.
Take the gun, Josef.
Put it to your head.
Carry on, Dr.
Pull the trigger.
Naturally, I didn't wanna waste such a valuable subject.
Now I'll wanna monitor his behaviour over the next 24 hours.
You can return him to isolation.
Put the gun down, Josef.
Come here, Josef.
No, you won't need those.
He's quite tractable now.
Go with these men, Josef.
Congratulations, doctor.
I am more than impressed.
The major portions of research funds for next year will be allocated for Voliticon.
B-230 will work.
I know it will, and at a fifth of the cost of Voliticon.
I will do what I can for you, Dr.
- Dr.
- This is Mrs.
I'm sorry to disturb you but I must see you right away.
Yes, of course, Mrs.
About what? Look, I can't explain.
Please come.
Turek, I'm so glad you've come.
What is the matter, Mrs.
Jarvis? I told you, I compiled my notes on B-230, and I thought I'd found the solution to the catatonic side effects.
- May I see them, please? - I haven't got them.
Arthur found them and he hid them.
And I was looking for them, I came across this locked case.
I jimmied it open and look.
I think Colonel Borodin gave it to him.
I took the bullets out, but what if Arthur finds they're missing? What am I gonna do? I'm so frightened.
I never thought it would come to this.
How long would it take you to compile your findings again? What? Oh, just a few days.
But I'd need a laboratory and equipment Colonel Borodin and Arthur have no intention of allowing me to work.
What am I gonna do? More correctly, what are we going to do? Voliticon works.
It is so successful I have been cut off.
I have very little funds left.
Well, then it's It's just a matter of time before Yes.
For both of us.
Unless we move first.
- What do you mean? - Oh, I think you know very well, what I mean.
Oh, no.
No, you'd never get away with it.
- Murder's out of the question.
- I didn't say we had to murder anyone.
I saw a very interesting experiment today.
A moment of glory for your husband.
And, I believe, the answer to all our problems.
- What do you mean? - Voliticon.
A man under its influence will do anything, even kill.
Himself, someone else.
A friend perhaps.
I see.
- But what about afterwards? - Afterwards? There would be traces of the drug left in Arthur's bloodstream.
Then there must be no trace of Arthur left to autopsy.
Arthur will drive himself and his car off a cliff.
There's one not very far from here.
Mordo Cliffs.
It is flawless.
And, Mrs.
Jarvis, it is our only way out.
Better replace the bullets.
Arthur will be needing them soon.
The first experiment on the girl shows promise.
Her lapse into catatonia did not occur for 20 minutes.
- She is recovering now.
- Good.
Increase the dosage and continue experimentation.
Was Voliticon a success? One hundred percent.
My congratulations.
To what do I owe this kindness? I thought we might make a new beginning.
I think it's a little late for that, don't you? What will happen to Dr.
Turek and B-230 now? It's all over for him.
Once we get into production with Voliticon, I'll be made head of the institute.
You will turn down the post when it's offered to you, Arthur.
Turek is your friend, Arthur.
Arthur, where have you hidden your wife's notes on B-230? I destroyed them.
Go and get your gun, Arthur.
Bring it to me, Arthur.
Give it to me.
Put it away, Arthur.
Now, call Colonel Borodin on the phone, tell him to get here right away.
Say that you are having a problem with your wife.
And she is threatening to go to the deputy premier.
What are you doing here? - Arthur, kill Borodin.
- What? You've drugged him.
He's dead.
Arthur, put your gun away.
Now, you take Colonel Borodin's body and hide it in the trunk of your car.
You'll drive your car out of the compound, and turn south onto the main highway.
Proceed 20 kilometres to Mordo Cliffs and at the point, you'll drive your car over the cliffs.
Do you understand? Yes.
And she's ready.
No, no, it's my turn.
Take me.
We will soon.
You know, Martyn, she's not the same girl in there.
Maybe I will let you watch soon.
You'll find out just how exciting scientific work can be.
No, please.
No, please.
Martyn! He's dead.