Mission Impossible (1966) s05e06 Episode Script

My Friend, My Enemy

Subject is approaching.
Get him out of here.
He must never know he was captured.
We have something very special in mind for him.
Tabor will be along in a moment.
I'll see you soon, Max.
When can I take him back? Later today.
How did you spot him? Quite by accident in Innsbruck.
The fortunate part was that he didn't see me.
Considering what he did to you last year, I'm sure you would have preferred to handle him yourself.
We are all on the same team.
So long as you don't waste him.
I warn you, Doctor, he will be difficult.
His passport, everything forgeries.
Karl Maur, this is Ernst Bandar.
The Bureau has assigned Ernst as my special advisor on this project.
Actually, Dr.
Tabor knows espionage as well as I do.
Better, perhaps.
Thank you.
What is your name? What name are you traveling under? Fred Stark.
What was your mission? Where were you born? Cleveland Ohio.
What was your mother's name? Maria.
What was she like? I never knew her.
As I warned you, Doctor, he will tell us nothing of consequence.
You are quite wrong.
He has already told us something of consequence.
Paris left Vienna this morning.
He should have been here in Geneva eight hours ago.
Overseas operator, please.
You are my son.
A father and a son should be friends.
Uh-uh, uh-uh.
If you were my friend, you wouldn't have driven my mother away.
Why did you drive her away? She was unfit to raise you.
She loved me.
She was no good.
You're a liar! Now you find her, and you get her back! Never! She will never come back! Dr.
Escobar, admitting desk, please.
Doctor? Dr.
Escobar, admitting desk, please.
What's up, Barney? Jim wants us in Geneva.
Paris didn't make it yesterday.
I thought he'd completed the mission.
He did.
The Secretary's been notified.
We have to assume that Paris is in enemy hands.
If he turns up, we'll put him through standard clearance procedure.
You'll handle the medical end for the Department.
Burrough, please call one-two-five West.
Burrough, please call one-two-five West.
Let's go.
Corporal, you may have your dog now.
Oh, thank you, Doctor.
Come, Max.
Max, boy.
Max! What have you done to him? I can assure you, he is in no pain.
Brain cells have no feelings.
What have you done?! There are other dogs, Corporal.
Well are you convinced? Mm, he was ready to kill the one man he cared most about, but, uh, there is a difference between dog and man.
The emotions in man are more complex.
That is the only difference.
We were talking about love.
About the first time you fell in love.
About Inga and Meerghan.
Tell us again how you first met Meerghan? He resists you every step of the way.
It won't help him.
Now there is no harm in telling us about those days long ago in Amsterdam, when you were traveling around Europe.
Meerghan was a great magician.
You admired him.
Inga was the girl in the act.
She was very beautiful, wasn't she? Oh, yes.
She was She was beautiful.
She had that long, blonde hair.
And that voice.
Leave me alone.
I don't want to talk about that anymore.
Meerghan was to teach you everything.
But you and Inga fell in love.
Meerghan was very jealous.
He warned you.
Stay away from her! Stay away from her or I'll kill her! Inga.
Inga, I'm afraid for you.
Oh, Inga, I love you.
I want to marry you.
That gun! That gun! He's crazy.
There's such hatred in his eyes.
He's Inga, he's a madman.
Look at her.
Look at her.
Look at your sweetheart.
Look at her; she's dead! - It's your fault! - No! No, you killed her! You shot her! You! You shot her! Yes, I shot her! Now kill me! - Kill me! - No.
His inhibitions against murder are very strong, but it won't matter.
Inga's dead.
Inga's dead, that's a long time ago.
What's happening? What's happening?! He is fighting to come out of it.
I think he's had enough.
Prepare the patient; he's ready.
Twice father figures.
Figures roughly like his control.
I've taken away women he's loved.
I'll need additional personnel from the Bureau.
No problem.
They're anxious for your success.
In a century of violence, perhaps yours will be the ultimate weapon assassins to order.
The patient is ready.
Thank you.
The brain is a machine we are just beginning to understand.
The kill center is located here in the lateral hypothalamus.
Because we are dealing with a man, not a dog, we will activate in three phases, meanwhile setting up the specific emotional situation designed to reinforce and direct the kill reflex.
Remove it.
The electrode is implanted through the palate.
There must be no marks.
Turn his head.
Uh, Geneva operator, please.
May we have a cabin, please? Barney, you and Dana try to retrace Paris's route.
I'll go to Innsbruck, see what develops there.
Doug, you'll cover here.
If anything turns up Yes? Jim, I had an accident.
I understand.
Are you hurt? No, but I've decided to check into the Maldorf Inn for a while and recuperate.
All right, take it easy.
Don't worry about a thing.
Following standard procedure.
He's checked into the Maldorf Inn, so he can be contacted anonymously.
What happened? Said his bike went off the road four kilometers east of Arldenz.
Any injury? No, just shaken up.
We'll have to start clearance procedure immediately.
Doug, you and I'll check into the Maldorf Inn separately.
Barney, you and Dana investigate the accident.
When you find that motorcycle, go over it with a fine tooth comb.
- Fingerprints, everything.
- Right, Jim.
I'll take along a facsimile setup and arrange direct contact with computer control.
I want an auxiliary and a radio.
- We can't trust the telephone.
- Mm.
With clearance procedure, we have to assume that Paris is being watched.
Well, how will you communicate with him? We'll use the same code we did on the mission.
Okay, thank you.
Wait a minute.
Does he feel anything? Discomfort.
He doesn't understand it.
He has no idea he's going to kill his control.
Murder! There are eight new guests.
Among them, probably his control.
Who are they? A U.
Army colonel on leave, his wife, an English physician named Winters, a French professor, his wife and son, a Scottish birdwatcher named MacPherson.
And an Enid Brugge, tourist from Belgium.
Enjoying yourself, Mr.
MacPherson? Aye, aye, thank you.
It's a lovely resort you've got here.
Everything we get is either no record, gas station attendants or mechanics.
None of these fingerprints matches anything we have in the computer bank.
Then we can clear him at this end.
What's bothering you, Barney? What happened to the headlight? Seeds, local dirt, a few dog hairs.
German Shepherd, I'd say.
Plenty of them around here.
Well, there's no indication of post-hypnotic suggestion.
Just the appropriate symptoms of fatigue, hunger and exposure.
Only prescription for that, Paris, is food, sleep and a little vacation.
Doug, what about the nightmare? Probably just triggered by general anxiety.
Medically, you're okay, Paris.
The rest is up to Jim.
The thing that bothers me is the way the car forced you off the road and didn't stop.
I don't know, Jim.
I just don't know.
Doug, if Paris was being watched, he was probably followed here, so you've been made.
You better check out tonight and file your report from Geneva.
What about you? I'll go out the back, the way I came in.
Paris and I'll stay here for a few days.
Jim what's bothering you? Nothing bothering me.
If you need a vacation, this is certainly the place to have it.
We have to wait for Dana and Barney anyway.
I can understand that, but you seem to have some reservations about this.
Look, Paris, I just want you to unwind.
How can I unwind with this thing hanging over me? You know what'll happen to me if you don't clear me.
Who said anything about not clearing you? Come on, Jim, don't play games.
What's this all about? I'm sorry.
You're right.
You're right.
Scotch and water, please.
Thank you.
Brandy, please.
May I? Yes, of course.
Fred Stark, New York City.
Enid Brugge, Brussels.
You're a long way from home, Mr.
These days, anyplace is just around the corner.
You look sad.
I don't like that.
I'm sorry.
Maybe I am sad, but I don't want to spoil your evening.
How about a dance? You can't polka and be sad at the same time.
It's impossible.
Let's see if that's true.
What's the matter? Nothing.
I'm sorry.
You're doing very well.
He's a very complex man.
I don't think he'll be easy for either one of us.
If he were easy, I wouldn't have needed anyone as capable as you.
I heard that you were a very hard man to work for.
I'm happy that you're pleased with me.
What man wouldn't be pleased with you? Good night.
I'll get Jim.
Paris was responsible for Maur's arrest last year.
Now it's just possible that Maur spotted him somewhere in Austria.
They obviously had him, Jim.
If you report this, Paris will be through.
I'm not going to report anything until I find out what they've done with him.
Barney, check the East European Trade Commission.
How is Paris, Jim? He's not himself, Dana.
Now look, there's just a long shot.
On Paris' clothing, we found some dog hairs: Three German Shepherd dog hairs.
I use to have one of these silent dog whistles when I was a little girl.
My dog hated it.
Betty Williamson, Toronto.
I'm a buyer for Northern Hemisphere Industries, Ltd.
This is your first visit, Miss Williamson.
Yes, it is.
There are certain formalities.
Will you take Miss Williamson to Herr Maur's office, please? I'll tell him you're on your way.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Miss Williamson, I am Karl Maur.
Please, come into my office.
Uh, please be seated, Miss Williamson.
Thank you.
Now, uh, may I see your credentials? Yes.
Passport and letter of introduction.
Yes, everything is in order.
Now, please let me show you some of our displays.
We are firmly convinced the way to peace is through trade.
So are we, Herr Maur.
This way, please.
These woods have no right in being so beautiful.
Neither have you.
Come here.
I thought you wanted to go for a walk? We haven't done much walking.
I lied.
You should be ashamed.
Oh, I am, I am.
I really am.
You're forgiven.
You can lure me into the woods anytime.
Fred you and I, we have something marvelous, don't we? Couldn't be better.
What's wrong, darling? Nothing, nothing.
Fred, I have to tell you something.
- Something important.
- Shh Not now.
How'd it go? Very well.
I told him the story of my life, a very sad story indeed.
And what was his reaction? Compassion.
Are you sure you're creating a murderer? Yes, I'm quite sure.
It's compassion he felt for that girl long ago.
And it's compassion that will make him kill tonight.
Were you followed? No, I don't think so.
How are you feeling? I don't know, Jim.
I don't know.
Sometimes, I-I think I'm okay.
Other times, I feel like I'm fighting myself.
Jim, is there anything different about me? I mean, can you see any difference? Tell me the truth.
I've got some bad news for you, Paris.
We've established that you were their prisoner.
What? Yes.
Where? We think on the fourth floor of the East European Trade Center in Vienna.
We don't know why, but Barney and Dana are going in tonight to try to find out.
Well then I'm through.
Come on, we're not going to lose you.
We've got to do everything we can to find out what happened, so that we can clear you.
Jim, I know you're going to try, but you know Now I've got more bad news.
Enid Brugge is not who you think I know, Jim.
I know.
She told me.
She's Marla Kassel, a Communist agent.
But she's defected, Jim.
She's got friends in Switzerland.
She's waiting for a contact to help her get across the frontier.
Paris, go easy.
He walked very purposefully up the hillside.
I couldn't follow without being seen.
Paris, what is it? Nothing.
I'm all right, Jim.
Paris, do you think it's more than just a coincidence that the girl shows up here now, and is making a play for you? She's not making a play, Jim.
Can't you understand real emotion? Or have you become some kind of a machine? Sure.
Now I understand.
You made up all that stuff about me being captured because you want the girl for yourself.
Why, Paris You're gonna send me home, aren't you? You're gonna let them destroy me so you can have her.
I'm not sending you anywhere, yet.
Then you just stay away from that girl.
Do you hear me? Stay away from the girl! Doug, we've got to find out what's wrong with Paris, and we have to do it fast.
Can you join Barney and Dana in Vienna this afternoon? I'm on my way.
Are you sure you left your purse in my office, Miss Williamson? Yes, yes, Herr Maur.
I must have those asthma pills.
If I wait until morning, I'll be in the hospital.
Oh, here it is.
Could you get me a glass of water, please? No! An electrode.
I'm sorry I caused so much trouble.
But I'm feeling much better now.
I'm pleased.
Thank you.
Good night, darling.
I'm afraid it's almost all over for us.
Don't say that.
I can't wait here any longer.
The police will find me.
Well, then we'll go away together.
Where? Someplace.
Anyplace where we can be together.
Lateral hypothalamus, the kill center.
Kill center? Could they have done something like that to Paris? No, they'd have to be much more subtle.
Now? Yes.
I have the bullet wound over here.
Are you sure he's going to hear it with the silencer? Yes, there'll be a definite popping sound.
Call him.
Cabin 16, please.
Yes, Enid.
He told me he was your friend, but he said for me never to see you again.
He frightens me, Fred.
He threatened me, Fred.
Who is he? I'm afraid.
Fred, someone's here.
Who are you? Help me, Fred! Help me! Enid! Who's there? What's wrong, Enid? What's happening? No.
Enid! This would never have fooled him.
You asked the bureau for someone expendable.
Through the palate.
I'll call Jim.
Oh, Inga.
Jim, we've got to get Paris to a hospital and get that implant out as soon as possible.
Okay, Doug, you and Barney get out of there.
You killed her, Meerghan! Paris, no! Meerghan! Meerghan, you killed her, you butcher! Paris, wait a minute! Paris.
Paris, listen to me.
This is Jim.
They've done something to you.
They're trying to get you to kill me.
Now, Paris, fight them! Fight them! Hold it! I seem to have underestimated you both.
This is the man we have been searching for.
His control.
Kill him.
Paris, Tabor and Bandar have been taken care of.
How do you feel? Feel like, uh, like somebody just took something out of my head.
Is that him? That's him.