Mission Impossible (1966) s05e12 Episode Script

Squeeze Play (aka Sicily)

Here, Rolff, here.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on, bring it here.
You keep that dog away from me.
You know what I mean? You dare you dare come here and insult me with what you have the nerve to call a proposition? I'm warning you, Zenbra.
This is your last chance.
Refuse me and you are a marked man.
You threaten me, Pierre Morat! You pig who lives off the garbage piles of Marseilles.
Nobody threatens Albert Zenbra.
Nobody! Get him out.
Nurse! Nurse! Some pills.
Give me some pills.
Come here, come on, come on.
Come here.
Come on, come on, bring it here.
That's a good boy.
Good morning, Mr.
Albert Zenbra, the supreme boss of the syndicate's Mediterranean branch, which processes one-fourth of the world's illegal supply of heroin, is dying of cancer.
Zenbra will soon designate a successor to whom he will transfer a secret list of the opium farms, transportation routes, carriers, and corrupt officials through which he operates.
Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to obtain that secret list and prevent Zenbra from perpetuating his empire.
As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
Zenbra's source is right here, the opium fields of Western Turkey.
The poppies are converted into a morphine base, smuggled across Europe into France.
At Marseille, the crude morphine is refined into heroin which Zenbra then sells at enormous profit to his American distributors.
The only fly in the ointment is the French syndicate.
They seem to feel that Zenbra is encroaching on their sovereign territory.
Eve Zenbra seems to be a pretty decent girl.
And not at all dumb.
Then how come she stays with her grandfather? Her parents were killed in a plane crash when she was six years old.
Zenbra's raised her ever since.
And he worships the ground she walks on.
What about the house, Paris? Was there enough information? Would you like to know how many carpet tacks there are in any particular room? These pills will knock the dog out for about six hours.
After that he'll be fine.
Dana, what happens to Zenbra's regular nurse? She'll be called away.
Illness in the family.
Now there are only two possible men who can succeed Zenbra.
Number one choice is Carlos Empori.
Next to Eve, he's the one person in the world that Zenbra cares most about so we have to split their relationship.
Paul Corrigan, taken the summer he visited Zenbra's estate.
He's in contention because certain very powerful elements in the American syndicate are pushing him.
This is a new photograph of Paul Corrigan taken today, ten years later, with his face rebuilt by plastic surgery.
One of his ambitious lieutenants almost succeeded in blowing his head off with a shotgun.
He doesn't even look like the same person.
That's what we're depending on, Dana.
Excuse me, Signor Corrigan.
This way, please.
What is this, some kind of harassment? Customs.
Vito! How are you, old buddy? Sit down, Carlos.
I'm not going to throw you to the wolves just because some of the bright boys in Chicago think they still own me.
Where is that nurse? Nurse! Here I am, Signor Zenbra.
Who are you? My name is Maria Canosa.
I'm Nurse Gigliano's replacement.
Replacement? Who the devil had her replaced? Her mother was sick.
The agency sent this one to replace her.
Are you in pain, Signor Zenbra? Why do you think I called you, Miss? Carlos, if there was to be a new nurse, why was I not given a choice? How is it possible? They're here.
Two pink, one white and one green.
Take them, please.
Come on, hurry up.
He's waiting.
Vito let's get one thing straight.
I'm not the kid who was here ten years ago for a summer vacation.
I've got my own organization now.
Bring the bag.
Get Eve.
Why? Get her.
You rub backs, young lady? Signor Zenbra.
A grown man, and suddenly so formal.
Uncle Albert.
Still your father's good manners.
But, by heavens, Paul, what have they done to your face? Doctors don't have any imagination, Uncle.
Even when you pay them $30,000.
That will be all, Nurse.
Aren't you going to say hello to the man who taught you how to swim? Do I look that different, Baby Buddha? Ah, Paul.
You're beautiful.
Just lovely.
Hello, Carlos.
Good to see you.
Don't you recognize him with his $30,000 face? Yeah.
He could be just about anybody, couldn't he? Hello, Paul.
Hope you have a pleasant stay here.
Thank you.
Come on.
I had them fix your old room.
With a view of the pool? Which now has a diving board.
Now, you're gonna have to learn to use that by yourself.
At my age, belly floppers hurt.
At your age? I'm the one who grew up.
You certainly did.
Hey, Paul.
Did she tell you we're engaged? No.
Well congratulations.
Maybe we'll have a drink on it, after you get settled? Sure.
Rolff, easy.
Easy, Rolff.
Please! Paul! Rolff, stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Well, what do you know? Your old pal.
What's the matter? Rolff and the Paul Corrigan I knew used to be friends.
He doesn't remember you.
Rolff, easy.
Easy, Rolff.
Paul I can't hold him.
Take it easy.
Easy, boy.
Good boy.
All right, now let's see how good you really are.
Yeah! All he needed was a good whiff, and he recognized an old friend.
No one else around here can even get close to that mutt.
Don't forget who trained him, Uncle.
Come on.
Come on here.
You know, I've never forgotten this garden.
I've never seen one so beautiful.
You've changed.
I've changed? Have you looked in a mirror lately? I mean, you're more at peace with yourself.
Well, I'm a successful businessman now.
When you knew me, let's face it, I was a hungry, young punk.
You're exaggerating.
You know, that was the best summer of my life.
I actually prayed it would never end.
But, of course, it did.
This is one of my favorite spots.
I used to sit right here and plan on how things were going to be.
That's a beautiful crucifix.
It was a Christmas present from From Alberto.
Nobody ever gave me a Christmas present like that.
Nobody's quite like grandpapa.
What about Carlos? I bet Grandfather arranged that.
He loves Carlos like a son.
And he loves me like a daughter.
So what could be more natural? I can think of a lot of things.
But let's start with freedom of choice.
You can't fight tradition, Paul.
Maybe in America, but not here.
Whatever happened to that the one who wanted to see every country in the world? She grew up.
Monsieur Empori? Speaking.
This is Gaston Rochelle.
Rochelle, you're wasting your time.
We are not going to negotiate.
I am not calling about negotiations.
I'm calling about Paul Corrigan.
Go on.
I would like to meet with you, in town.
You are a funny man, Rochelle.
Funny, funny, funny.
- I was only 11 at the time.
- I know.
But even 11-year-olds are supposed to know enough to stay away from the back end of a cow.
I got an idea.
Let's drive into town tomorrow.
I can't.
Why not? Grandpapa worries.
Grandpapa worries.
What are you gonna do? Are you gonna spend the rest of your life in this prison without even breathing? I love him, and I try not to make him unhappy.
Well, does he try not to upset you? I do what I must.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me? Vito.
Why are you spying on me? I think you're making a mistake, Paul.
No, Vito, I'm not making a mistake.
You've been hassling me ever since I got here.
That business with the dog, you were testing me, right? Now, what's going on in that twisted little mind of yours? I don't know what you're talking about.
You do know what I'm talking about.
Now, you listen to me.
You stay out of my way and hers, too, is that clear? Don't give me orders.
I'm giving you orders, Vito, and you're gonna take them.
Now, get out.
Paul, he's dangerous, he's a killer.
He's a two-bit hood Carlos' stooge.
I know how to handle his kind.
I've lived here in this house too long I know what he can do.
Hey you're really frightened, aren't you? For me.
I like that.
Eve, don't worry.
Nothing's gonna happen to either one of us.
I hope not, Paul.
Medical research? So we are not the efficient little nurse we pretend to be, are we? I come from a poor family.
I've known misery a-and poverty all my life.
Expensive things attract me.
I enjoy looking at them.
Like you enjoy looking at women.
I swear to you, I am no thief.
But if you wish to go to Signor Zenbra and have me replaced, that's entirely up to you.
Hello? Hi, Eve.
Yeah, I'm dressed for dinner.
You're coming up? Okay.
I'll wait for you.
Boo! Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a camera.
I should have known you'd come through that secret door.
Don't worry, I'll get even with you.
I'm sure there are a few things you don't remember.
I'm sorry, Paul.
I have the memory like an elephant.
This is going to be good for you.
Just the way you like it.
Thank you, darling Eve.
Please, let's have a talk now.
Let's have a little privacy.
That nurse, she listens to me as if I was a child.
Every sneeze, every breath.
It is a curse to grow old, Eve.
They treat you like you can't even blow your own nose.
Eve you've been unhappy.
Your namesake in the Bible, what brought about her ruin? Eating the forbidden fruit.
The fruit of knowledge.
And that's why it's no good with you, now, is it? You know too much.
You know what's going on.
And you find it very hard to accept.
I can accept it all, except the killings.
The world is no Garden of Eden.
It's a jungle, and you got to kill your enemy, or they kill you.
Don't hate me for what I do, Eve.
I don't hate you, Grandpapa.
I could never hate you.
Now I can die in peace.
- You and Carlos will - Oh! Does it have to be Carlos? Carlos will protect you.
I always planned it would be Carlos.
Is it Paul? No.
Has he changed your mind about things? You like Paul; you've always liked Paul.
I was a child.
Yes, and you're you're not a child any longer, Eve.
If you want to tell me, don't be afraid.
I will not be angry.
Grandpapa No, there is nothing.
Come in.
What is it? Corrigan.
He wants to talk.
It's okay.
I have a lot of things to do.
Tell him to come in.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
Good night, Grandpapa.
Good night, Paul.
Good night, Eve.
Wait outside, Vito.
Sit down.
Make yourself comfortable.
I've got a trucking company in Los Angeles, a dairy firm in San Francisco, dozens of other operations all the way up and down the coast and all legitimate businesses.
All run by men with college degrees.
We use accountants, we use computers.
Paul, forgive me, but I've got to stop you.
Your poppa and I, God bless his soul, we were like this.
So, I kept an eye on you, watched you grow with a certain amount of pride and pleasure.
But there is something you've got to remember.
Carlos has been with me for 17 years.
Carlos just is not bright enough to run an operation as complex as yours.
You're underestimating him, Paul.
He is smart.
The way a cat's smart.
By instinct.
And there's something else Carlos has.
Something you cannot buy with money.
I am talking about loyalty.
How many men do you have in your organization you can trust your life to, day in and day out? Not many, I'd venture to say.
So don't sell him short.
Don't ever sell Carlos short.
"Maison Charles Marseille.
" One of Rochelle's men.
I say, let me kill him right now.
Don't be stupid, Vito.
I'm going to question him when he comes around.
We can get rid of him anytime.
Right now, I'd say he's worth more to us alive.
He's right.
Check outside.
Maybe he wasn't alone.
What happened? The French again.
Everything is fine.
Everything is all right.
Paul saved me.
How in the devil did he get in here? You're in charge of security.
You tell me how he got in here.
Put him on ice.
Take him away.
I don't understand that.
I'm sorry.
What? Don't be a fool, Carlos.
Monsieur Empori? Gaston Rochelle.
As you can see, I'm a very persistent man.
All I ask is that you hear me out.
All right.
The sidewalk cafe on Via Romulus in an hour.
Sit down.
I don't like secret meetings.
They leave a stink other people can smell.
Briefly what I have to say is this, monsieur Monsieur Zenbra has refused our very generous offer to consolidate.
Therefore, Monsieur Zenbra must die.
Are you crazy? That's impossible.
Yes, unless he can be lured from inside his walls by you.
Suppose I were to tell you that you might not be Monsieur Zenbra's successor? You're wasting my time.
The Americans are putting a great deal of pressure on him.
Paul Corrigan now controls every narcotics pusher on the west coast of the United States.
He has a genius for organization.
He is smart.
He is up-to-date.
Now put yourself in Monsieur's Zenbra's position.
Whom would you choose? Here is my proposal.
If you cooperate, I will guarantee, number one: The immediate death of Paul Corrigan, number two: A position of responsibility in my own organization.
Rochelle, it's me.
I take over.
I'm the choice.
Even if I was not the choice, I would not deal with you.
Obviously, monsieur, you are a man of great pride.
However, I warn you to keep your eyes open.
If what you see changes your mind, you may telephone me at this number.
What are you doing here? My dear young lady, I am here because Signor Zenbra who doesn't know you nearly as well I do he thinks he lost this.
Well, go ahead.
Tell me all about your impoverished childhood.
You're not at all what you appear to be, Maria Canosa.
Not at all what you appear to be.
Don't tell anyone.
I'll do anything.
I'm sure you will.
Very nice.
Only that's not what I want you for.
I'd like to know what goes on inside the old man's head.
Now you're the one that's with him most of the time.
Do you understand? Yes.
Yes, anything.
Carlos? Carlos?! He's gone escaped! He gets in he almost kills me and then he gets back out! Why don't you just put a sign on the gate, "Open to the public"?! When we get this up, I want it manned 24 hours.
Albert, it looks like I'm going to have to be leaving tomorrow.
I guess you want to talk.
I kind of thought you would.
As I recall our last talk was interrupted rudely.
Almost permanently.
Aren't you kind of early with this? I want these taken now while I'm here.
She wants, she wants.
This one she always wants.
Now what's so important you have to ruin a good massage? So basically the problem is a question of distribution.
Lf Albert, I've developed a real thirst for that wine of yours.
Would you mind while we talked? Vito, you heard the man.
Go! I was saying that distribution is the key and knowing the right people can make all the difference.
Deliver me from old age.
I simply cannot stay awake anymore.
But Carlos claims he searched Rochelle's man.
Forgive me for being blunt, Albert, but the security around here stinks.
I had such high hopes for Carlos, but I'm beginning to think he's dumber than Vito.
Obviously, the man was carrying explosives.
Some search.
And what's the idiot doing now? He's outside putting up barbed wire.
The point is, I could double your business.
Within a year, I'll control distribution for the entire United States.
Get out of here! Get out! Excuse me.
I forgot the key to the wine cabinet.
You know where it is.
Get it.
Look, Paul, you don't have to sell me on your organization.
I'm already sold.
All I ask is that you take care of Eve.
She gets 30% of everything, as long as I'm in charge.
Rochelle, it's a deal.
I'm your man.
Very well.
Here is what I want you to do.
You made good time.
We called as soon as we found him.
Will he be all right, Doctor? Will he? Rochelle, if you hurt her, I'll kill you.
Of course you would, monsieur.
She's gone.
She's not in her room.
She's not in the house.
Search the grounds.
Everywhere! Zenbra? You will not find her, Monsieur Zenbra.
She is right here with me.
Red blouse, gray skirt, black boots.
You can't do this.
It goes beyond all decency.
We are through playing the game according to your foolish code.
For one year, I have begged you to negotiate with me.
And what was your answer? You killed one of my best men.
What do you want? Where are you? I am at Sitorie Brothers Machine Shop, near the railroad yard.
Uncle, I think we're rushing into this too fast.
There must be another way.
Don't look so tragic, Paul.
Only two things can happen.
Either he negotiates with me or he kills me.
I don't care which, as long as it saves Eve's life.
At least let me go in and check it out first.
Yes, Paul.
You'd better check it out.
Eve, are you all right? Your grandfather's outside.
He's ready to negotiate.
Very well I am ready to negotiate.
Why don't you both stop the act? Both of you.
Yes, act.
Eve, I don't understand.
You don't? You've lied to me.
You lied to Albert.
To everyone from the beginning when you got here.
You are not Paul Corrigan, and I sensed it from the beginning.
And I even told you that there was something different about you.
And I told you why.
Please, stop.
You made a mistake with the with the secret passage.
Remember the day I surprised you? A person can forget.
You pretended to forget, gave yourself away, because the passage is part of an escape system that was built after the summer Paul Corrigan visited.
I'd like to talk to her alone.
Who are you, one of their executioners? Eve, I've had a hundred chances at your grandfather.
Why would I wait until now? You are the police.
I can't arrest him, and I promise you he won't be hurt.
We're here for just one reason, Eve: To put him out of business.
Just destroy him? He's the destroyer, Eve.
To you, he may seem to be a lovely old man, but he destroys, he kills.
It isn't true.
It is true, and you know it, but you've shut your eyes to it.
Eve, he manufactures heroin.
That destroys people by the thousands.
Not quickly, not mercifully, but by slow degrees in a hellish nightmare of misery.
No, stop it! I don't want to hear any more.
I know you don't, but you're going to listen.
Eve, your grandfather is a murderer.
While he fills his gut with expensive wine and he buys you priceless jewelry He loves me, he loves me.
He cares.
Children, Eve.
He murders children.
No no no.
She won't give me away.
Are you sure? You're betting your life, you know? I know that.
She knows it, too.
She's fine.
They want to see you and Carlos.
Just the two of you.
Why Carlos? They want him to witness the deal.
Okay, Carlos.
You stay here.
Carlos! Get out of the way.
Turn me around, Vito.
They got away.
Take her outside.
Like a son I love you, Carlos.
You you were gonna do it to me.
You were gonna double-cross me! No, Carlos.
Don't touch me.
No more.
This is a symbol of my authority.
All the names you need to know are on the microdot beneath the stone.
Go to her.
What are you going to tell him? Nothing.
Eve, you're free now.
I can help you.
I don't want your help.
My grandpapa needs me.
I'm not free until he dies.
And then what? Then I try to forget.