Mission Impossible (1966) s05e15 Episode Script

Cat's Paw

Did your brother explain to you what's been going on, Mr.
Collier? Just that some of the neighborhood crooks have pushed out the old white syndicate and moved in on the local rackets.
Exactly, but a black mob is just as vicious as a white one.
That's why I'm fighting it.
White or black, nobody operates in the ghetto without Captain Abbot.
Get me enough proof to indict Abbot, and the whole thing folds.
I'll get you your proof, Jimmy.
I believe your brother means it, Mr.
Lieutenant, my brother never says anything he doesn't mean.
I just hope he's not on a collision course with a bullet.
Amen to that.
Nice to have met you.
Good to have met you, Mr.
- Hope to see you again.
- Lieutenant.
You know, Scanlon's a good D.
, but so far, he has absolutely nothing to go on.
Hey, I got an editorial to get out, and you got a plane to catch.
You're right.
Tell Mom I'm sorry I haven't written.
I'm gonna get to her soon.
Sure you will.
Hey, when are we gonna take that fishing trip? At your convenience, sir.
At my convenience? You know, for an engineer, you sure get around a lot.
I do do that, big brother.
Larry do me a favor.
Whatever you say.
Take care of yourself.
Will do.
See you soon.
Larry! Larry? Somebody get an ambulance! Larry Barney.
I can't hear anything.
I can't hear anything! Barney brother was murdered because he was close to establishing a link between the precinct chief, Captain Abbot, and the head of the mob that runs the ghetto George Corley.
Jim, before we go any further, I've got to say this again.
I have no right to get you involved in my personal problem.
Barney, you're wasting time.
That's right, Barney.
Why do you think we're here? Thanks.
Your criminal file is already on record with the San Roberto Police, Barney.
William Goslin, the accountant they held over from the old mob.
How long has he been interested in spiritualism? Six months, Dana, since his wife died.
Now, this is an audition record that she cut six years ago when she was kind of a minor-league singer.
Good morning.
My name is Clare Taylor.
I've been asked to make this recording as a test of my singing and speaking voices.
Now, it's not necessary that you imitate her voice exactly, Dana, because the spirit will use your vocal cords to manifest itself.
What's important is the dialect, the intonation.
I'll work on it.
Now, her nickname for him was Tippy.
No one else has ever used it.
That'll help.
What about the spiritualist, Dr.
Wyatt? He's agreed to accept a contribution to his favorite charity.
Milly Webster.
Good-looking girl.
Corley's trusted private secretary and my way into Corley's organization.
Oh, thanks.
Not many guys would have bothered.
It's a dumb thing to do; I could've got myself killed.
There's a hospital near here.
- Let me take - Forget it! All I need is bandage.
I know where there's a whole box full.
Come on.
It's a nice layout.
It's okay.
He is a prominent spiritualist from Frankfort, West Germany, who has kindly offered to conduct tonight's sitting.
Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to introduce to you, Mr.
Frederick Bauer.
Thank you, Dr.
Good evening, friends.
My control is known to me as Alfred, a Belgian infantryman killed during World War I.
Through him, I shall attempt to contact those of your loved ones who have passed beyond the veil.
Yes Hello.
I have a message for Philip.
Philip Ellis.
There is a man here who gives his name as Collins.
He says there is no need to worry.
I'm Milly Webster.
Glad to meet you, Milly.
And you? Oh, sorry.
Brezlov Zedorvich.
Brezlov? You're kidding.
Well You saying it's none of my business? This is gonna hurt you more than it does me.
There is a young lady here for the first time.
Her name is I see a sewing basket, spools of thread, a thimble.
Thelma Thelma.
I'm Thelma.
Thelma Morris.
What do you want? Your father is here with me, Thelma.
He is saddened by your grief.
He wants you to know that he is with you constantly.
He has a message for your mother.
Tippy Tippy, can you hear me? Please.
Be quiet.
She called me Tippy.
No one's called me that except my wife.
Tippy Got to be careful.
They are planning Please.
Let me finish my message to this young lady.
Shut up! This is my wife.
She's my wife.
She's trying to tell me something.
Please, darling.
Go on.
I'm listening.
Tippy, you got to get away while you can.
You're in danger! Tippy! Tippy, where are you?! Tippy I can't see you anymore.
It's so dark.
Ah Oh.
Thanks, Milly.
Oh, think nothing of it Brezlov.
Make it Cliff.
Much better.
Are you a drinking man? Well, now that you mention it.
And I was beginning to think your only vice was gabbiness.
Who's your friend, Milly? I thought this was your night out on the town, Hamp? Had a little headache.
Who is he? A friend.
Listen, baby, any strange cat comes in here, it's my business to know who he is.
This gentleman was hurt when he kept a thief from grabbing my purse.
Oldest trick in the bag, and you fell for it.
Take off your coat.
Take it off or get a hole in it! Clifford Morgan, huh? Star Hotel.
A sewer with dirty windows.
Pick them up and get out.
Put it down.
Put it away.
How did you get in here? I brought him, Mr.
He Let him tell it.
Well, some cat was giving this young lady some trouble.
I stepped in to help and got slugged.
She brought me up here for some repairs.
That's about it, Mr.
Except for getting slapped around and having guns pointed at me.
Your name? Cliff Morgan.
We are an insurance company, Mr.
Most of our receipts are in cash, brought in by door-to-door collectors.
Now where there are large sums of money there are usually guns.
May I ask what you do for a living, Mr.
Morgan? Well, Mr.
Corley, right now I'm between jobs.
Are you in need of money? Not unless you call four dollars money.
As a way of thanking you for protecting my secretary.
Thanks, Mr.
Good night, sir.
Let Mr.
Morgan out, please.
Yeah, sure, I'll check it out for you.
Now, what did you say your name was? Jones, Philip Jones.
What do you have in mind, Mr.
Jones? Well, I have a business proposition for you, Captain.
Mind if I sit down? What it boils down to is this, Captain the rackets in your district were run by a negro outfit.
They can't operate without your protection.
Now, what I'm proposing is that you transfer that protection from Corley's mob to an organization that I represent.
As an indication of good faith, we might start with say, uh $20,000 and later on we'd work out an equitable percentage based on our profits.
Who's your head man? Well, I'd have to let him answer that question.
No, no deal.
I drop Corley and you come in, first thing you know we got a full scale gang war on our hands.
We can handle any trouble, Captain.
Well, I can't.
You go shooting up the neighborhood, and the heat fries everybody.
I just couldn't go through with it again.
Well, it's too creepy.
There's nothing to be afraid of, my dear.
A spirit will often communicate through a living person who is particularly attuned to its psychic vibrations.
My wife was trying to warn me of something, Miss Morris.
You're my only way of getting through to her.
What do I do? A private sitting.
Just the three of us.
Any time, any place.
Look, I'll pay you.
Anything, anything you say.
No All right.
Right on time.
And you're ready.
That's very unladylike.
I must have gone to the wrong finishing school.
It's a nice pad.
That drink we never got to have last night what was it going to be? Scotch on the rocks.
Corley was impressed with you.
He did some checking.
That must have been exciting.
It was.
Accountant for a West Coast gambling operation.
Then you switched over to an outfit that ran the numbers and the juice rackets in San Roberto.
I won't even mention the fact of the 11 arrests, and the fact that there's a warrant out for you on a con game charge.
That makes two of us, right? I mean you and me.
Two underworld characters sitting around drinking imported booze.
So, you know.
Having all those guns pointed at me last night made me a little curious.
So this morning I did a little research on the Lifeline Insurance Company.
It's a front for the black ghetto mob.
Blacks peddling dope to blacks, selling protection to black storekeepers, prying black families loose from their welfare checks with loan-sharking and numbers racket.
I suppose you'd rather see whitey get it all.
Come on, Milly.
A cat picks your pocket, it doesn't matter what color its fingers are.
Maybe I made a mistake inviting you here.
Why did you invite me, Milly? To find out for Mr.
Corley if you wanted a job.
Doing what? We need an experienced accountant.
What's wrong with the one you got? For one thing, he's a holdover from the old mob, and Mr.
Corley's never really trusted him.
Everything's computerized.
Can you run a Brucker 870? I cut my teeth on a Brucker.
You must have had some wild dentist bills.
The money's good, Cliff.
Get yourself a sharp apartment, fix it up far out.
Who knows, some swinging type female might want in out of the cold.
Who says crime doesn't pay? Sure, it pays.
Why do you think I'm here? Cliff, as soon as you get a total, bring it down to my office, huh? It should match what we have in here.
Right, Mr.
- Good morning, Mr.
- Bill.
Bill, I want you to meet Cliff Morgan.
- Mr.
- Bill.
Morgan's coming in with us.
As your assistant.
Well, I'm not exactly overworked you know.
At the rate we're growing, you soon will be.
The tape says $112,000, but there's $122,000 in cash here.
That's a $10,000 overage! I want to know why! L- I can't believe that there is an overage, Mr.
Uh obviously Mr.
Morgan here must have made a mistake in running the tape.
Then I made the same mistake, 'cause I ran a total myself.
I- I can't understand it.
I'm not going to try to understand it.
You make sure that extra 10,000 shows on a deposit slip and not in your pocket.
Are you accusing me of of trying, of trying to? You're a question mark, you know, Milly? You've got looks, class and probably even money in the bank.
You'd think I'd have to fight my way through a whole gang of cats just to say hello.
You mean you miss the competition? Not so much miss it.
Just wondering why there isn't any.
Very simple.
I don't go in for cheap romances.
Not anymore.
You know what I like about you, Cliff? You don't come on like the Green Berets.
This is the fourth time we've seen each other, and you still haven't gotten around to mentioning my fine mind and my sensitive soul.
Maybe I was thinking about other things.
I've been talking to Mr.
Corley about you.
He's ready to let Goslin go whenever you give the word.
I don't want to talk business.
What do you want to talk about? I don't.
I'd better get it.
Hello? Milly? Is that guy Cliff with you? None of your business, Hamp.
Well, if he's there I got a message for him, from Corley.
Put him on.
He says it's a message from Mr.
What is it, Hamp? This is the message.
Only it's from me, man, not Corley.
Stay away from Milly, or I'll kill you.
Is there anything between you and Hamp? No, never.
Be careful, Cliff.
Killing's easy for him.
Would my wedding ring do? Excellent.
Especially if the departed selected it for you herself.
Yes, it was a gift from her to me on our first wedding anniversary.
Now, Thelma, hold it tightly in your hand.
Put your hand on mine.
And your hand on Thelma's.
Now, Thelma, you must completely relax.
Let your mind go blank except for the word "Clare.
" Repeat it silently over and over.
There is a very lovely young woman standing next to me, Mr.
She may be your wife.
Her thoughts are closed to me.
She seems very distressed, as though Tippy? Can you hear me? Answer me.
Tippy Oh, Clare.
Darling I hear you.
- Listen to me.
- Yes.
Your voice sounds Darling, listen to me.
Danger! Terrible.
Clare I can't hear you.
People want to kill you! Who? What people? Why? Corley.
He got's somebody to do your work.
A black man.
I'll go see Corley tonight, - tell him I want out.
- No.
You can't Clare? Clare, are you there? Can't let you out know too much.
What can I do, darling? I can't go to the police, and I can't spend the rest of my life running from Corley.
Take things.
What things? Speak up, darling, I can't hear you.
Information that can hurt them.
Take it! Hide it! Then he he'll be afraid of you.
He'll Oh, Clare.
Will you come back again? I'm lonely.
I miss you so much, darling.
Ah, I don't know I don't know.
I'll try, I'll try.
Hello, Jim? He's on his way.
Right, Paris.
Get in, Mr.
Why have you brought me to a place like this? I demand to see your superior and know what charges are against me.
You're here instead of downtown because we didn't want the word to get out and scare off your friends.
You know you're a lucky man, Mr.
Goslin, 'cause you can do us a favor, and we can reciprocate.
Now, this code, this is something you worked out yourself, isn't it? Of course I did so what? So, I don't have time to have it broken down.
I need information, I need it fast.
You can forget it.
Listen, my boss wants some murder convictions.
One against Pod Hamp for killing a newsman named Collier, one against Corley for ordering him to do it and one against Captain Abbot for conspiracy.
Now, this will help me.
No, sir.
No, you're making a big mistake.
Those are just financial records.
All I know is how much money comes in, where it comes from, who it goes to.
As far as any killing is concerned, I don't know a thing about it.
Oh, come on, you can't be around men like that day in and day out and not know about it! Now, if you cooperate with us, you can be out in two years and maybe one and maybe even a suspended sentence.
But if you don't, you had it, my friend.
I tell you it won't help you.
You let me be the judge of that.
You know something, Mr.
Goslin, there are some men who can take being locked up for five years or for ten years, but you are not one of them.
Captain Abbot, please.
Captain, uh, this is Mr.
You recall I was in to see you yesterday? Now, you're not gonna turn out to be a nuisance, are you? Yeah, well, I'm afraid I made the mistake of trying to rush things.
Uh, today, I'm a little better prepared.
For instance, something out of, uh, Corley's computer.
Seems there's a numbered account in the Strickler-Zuricher Bank in Zurich.
Number AE7414, to be exact.
Uh, last two years shows monthly deposits of Hold it! Where do we meet? There's a phone booth at the corner of Grand and Collins.
You'll get a call there at 10:30 tonight.
Oh, one more thing.
The trigger man of Corley's, Pod Hamp bring him along.
Why Hamp? The tranquilizer gun ready, Willy? Right here.
Names, addresses, who got paid off, how much.
You know, in the wrong hands, this could blow Corley's set-up apart like a soap bubble.
And you along with it.
Not me, brother.
I've got some important friends downtown.
Your friends wouldn't go to bat for you on a parking ticket, not if this got out.
Captain, the thing is we don't really need you at all.
But we'd rather work with you than risk them putting some honest cop in your office.
How about it, Abbot? You're in or you're out.
I'm in.
Now, about Corley.
We can't leave him hanging around loose; he's going to be trouble.
So we lose him.
How about this new guy Corley hired.
You got to get rid of him, too.
Take care of them both, tonight.
I'll take out the new guy.
But get another button man for Corley.
I've known him too long.
A long time, Corley and me.
Well, Hamp, we've got you in mind to take over for Corley.
It's our plan, you'd run the whole operation.
Only this time for a piece of the action, not the peanuts that Corley pays you.
But it can't be tonight.
There's just no way I can get to George this late.
There's a way.
Be at Corley's headquarters in about an hour.
They'll be there waiting.
Listen to me good, Milly.
Get in touch with Corley and Cliff Morgan and tell them to get down to Corley's headquarters quick.
Yeah? What's happening? I don't pay you to ask questions, Milly.
But if you have to have a reason tell them that you got a tip that Goslin went into the D.
's office an hour ago carrying a briefcase.
Yeah, I see.
What's wrong? That was a friend of mine downtown.
Goslin's talking to the D.
I'll call George.
You'd better meet him at the office right away.
I'll see you later.
Yeah, later.
We've got to find out what he took with him? Without the code book, there's not much I can do.
Give it a try anyway.
Why do you think Goslin suddenly decided to talk? I don't know.
I also cannot figure out where Hamp is this time of night.
I'm not having much luck.
Where you been, Hamp? We've been looking all over for you.
I've been out.
What is she doing here? Why, Pod? Abbot's got himself a new deal.
Bunch of white boys gonna take over.
And you're in with them? Man's got to go with the smart money, George.
You told me that yourself, long time ago.
Turn around.
Pod! Get out of here! Abbot sent me to tell you to give Cliff a pass.
Why him? He didn't say.
Go on, Cliff.
You can leave.
He stays! You're lying to save your boyfriend's neck, aren't you? Okay, they both get it.
And if you don't get of here in a hurry, you get the same.
Milly, get out of here.
Not without you.
Pod, please don't.
All right.
Okay, if that's the way you feel about it, get over there with them.
Go on! Turn around.
Pod, let her go! She had her chance.
Let her go.
Turn around.
Turn around! Get out of here, Corley, now.
Go hide out somewhere until we can get you out of the country.
Go on! One thing's like a knife in my throat, Milly.
All these years, and what I've done for you, you've been stooling for Abbot.
And now, tonight, you knew there was going to be a hit.
You try to save his life, not mine.
Hold it, Corley.
Scanlon wants to talk to you.
The D.
A? He's wasting his time.
He won't mind.
He's on salary.
Look, he doesn't want to talk to the D.
Why don't we just lock him up for the night? That's a good idea.
Why don't you go on over to the 39th Precinct.
The 39th? That's Dave Abbot's station.
So? We, we don't exactly get along.
It's entirely possible he'd have me worked over.
Forget it.
Now listen to me.
I'm entitled to protection.
I demand that you Man, you'll stay where we put you.
Now, why don't you just settle back and take it easy? Abbot will kill me.
He'll hang me with my own belt and say it was suicide.
Come on now.
What makes you think he'd do a thing like that? Look, I'll talk to the D.
Take me to the D.
Hold me.
Just hold me! We've got to start running.
Now! You know that? Because of Abbot? Oh, I don't mind.
As long as we're together.
We can be in Mexico by morning.
Then, then South America.
He'll never find us there.
Milly, Abbot's not going to be finding anybody for a long time.
The D.
Has him right now.
You set me up.
It was all a lie all of it? Milly, listen to me.
Listen to me.
My name is not Cliff Morgan.
It's Barney Collier.
Collier! Does that name mean anything to you? That newspaper man? That's right.
He was my brother.
And they killed him.
Hamp, Corley and Abbot blew him to pieces! Yes, I set you up! I would have set up The Joan of Arc to even the score for my brother.
But it, doesn't even the score and that's the toughest part of it.
So now you turn me in, right? Say good-bye and good luck and don't bother to write.
Is that the way it goes? Milly, no that's not the way it goes.
You risked your neck to save my life.
That's worth, I guess, a couple of years off for good behavior.
Good-bye, Milly.
Drop dead! So it was Hamp who hit Collier.
We've got them accusing each other.
You have your case.
Yes, I do.
And thank you.