Mission Impossible (1966) s06e02 Episode Script


Burroughs, please call 125 West.
Please call 125 West, Dr.
Graham, admitting desk, please.
Graham, admitting desk, please.
How long has she been out of the coma? She came out of it ten minutes ago.
Can she hear me, Doctor? Yes, she can.
I'm David St.
James with the District Attorney's Office.
Now, we know who you are, Miss Collins.
We need your cooperation.
You may be the last chance we ever have to get Tommy Kroll and Frank Stevens.
Will you help us? Now, the first thing we want to know, Miss Collins, is where was? Good morning, Mr.
These men-- Frank Stevens and Thomas Kroll-- preside over a criminal empire that threatens to take over the entire Northeast.
Although they have been arrested many times, conventional law enforcement agencies have thus far been unable to provide the evidence necessary to convict them of any crime.
Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to put Kroll and Stevens out of business for good.
This tape will self- destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
This is Crowley Square today.
Now, somewhere in here is the evidence that will send Kroll and Stevens to prison-- the body of Danny Ryan and the guns that killed him.
This is Crowley Square in 1937, exactly the same as it was on the day that Kroll and Stevens shot Danny and hid his body.
Here's the barbershop Fallon's Kroll's apartment two blocks away, the police station.
Now, we have to make absolutely certain that Kroll never gets out of this area.
Jim, why did Gladys Collins keep quiet all these years? Fear, Willie.
Kroll and Stevens have murdered every other potential witness against them.
Once they finally found Gladys, they murdered her, too.
What about the air traffic, Jim? We've arranged for no overflights for six hours, Doug.
How about Kroll's apartment? Everything depends on exact detail.
I talked to Kroll's old housekeeper.
He paid her a dollar a day and she hasn't forgotten a thing.
Mm- hmm.
Any problems, Bill? Not with the acting role.
I'm well rehearsed.
What I'm concerned about is Stevens's face.
Casey? Frank Stevens, 1937.
Jim told me you were good.
What about the young Gladys Collins? Well, this is all we have.
There are no old photographs of her.
Except in Tommy Kroll's mind.
But he only saw her that one day, and our facial structure is basically the same.
I think, with the hair change and makeup, we can sell it.
We're all set at the barbershop, Jim.
Kroll arrives everyday at 10:45 for a shave.
Good, Willie.
Now, Kroll is a violent, unstable man.
We're going to subject him to enormous pressure.
He'll be dangerous every step of the way.
The first batter he'll face is Campaneros, - and a foul ball is hit to Short.
- Paul? Michaelson follows it, throws to first, still got 'em.
Quick hands by Jean Michael.
Where's Paul? Paul's got the flu.
I'm Albert, his nephew, and you must be Mr.
Why must I be? Well, it's 10:45.
Paul said to expect you.
You'd like a hot towel and a shave, right? Right.
Paul ordered some face cream.
Has it come in yet? I'm sorry, Mr.
Kroll, I don't know anything about that.
Got to keep young, you know.
Got to keep the girls happy.
Well, you're in good shape, Mr.
You shouldn't have any trouble at all.
I'm past 60.
That's trouble, no matter which way you look at it.
Next pitch is a curve.
Swung at and missed, strike one, one on, one out.
Good breaking pitch by Jim Hardin.
Hardin ready.
Fastball just inside.
Two balls and a strike.
One, two pitch low.
No, it hit the corner, two and two.
Stretch by Hardin.
He can't deliver.
Swing and a miss! He struck 'em out.
Jim Hardin gets the tough Reggie Jackson, and that's the first strikeout for Hardin.
had two while he was in there, and it was Mike Epstein both times.
So here's Mike now.
He's 0 for three.
Struck out twice and bounced to first.
Two men are out.
Hardin catch the runner.
Curved low and inside.
Gets away from Munson Just relax, Mr.
Yes, sir, nothing like a hot towel to soothe the nerves, I always say.
And Rudy stayed at second base.
Stretch by Hardin.
Fastball on the inside corner Frankie Crosetti's at third base, young Joe DiMaggio is at first, and coming to the plate, the Iron Man himself, Lou Gehrig.
What a ballplayer he is.
The count is three and two now.
The pitcher is working very carefully.
He's afraid of Gehrig's power.
Hello, Tommy.
I got a message for you from Danny Ryan.
No watch.
Not here, either.
Jim, he's got to have that watch.
The dossier says he's never without it.
Well, he is today.
He's got to have it when he wakes up.
I'm going to his apartment.
I'll meet you later.
The effect of this paraffin base is similar to that of silicone, only temporary.
It won't disfigure and there's no pain.
It's in the jewelry shop on 63rd Street.
You'll have to keep him out for another 45 minutes.
Right, Jim.
He has to stay out an extra 45 minutes.
That means we'll lose time on the other end, Barney.
After six hours, this composition will break down.
Kroll's new face will melt like a candle.
Nothing we can do about it.
Frank Stevens.
He doesn't know me, but I got to talk to him.
It's urgent.
You're not Mr.
I work for Mr.
- I don't think I - Look, he wants his watch.
He's packing for a trip.
You make him come all the way down here, he's not going to like it.
All right.
Cleaning, new mainspring, twenty- two fifty.
It could use a new case.
What made that dent? Just don't worry about it.
He said, "You'll have to keep him out another 45 minutes.
" That's what he said.
"Keep him out!" Please, uh, calm down, Miss, uh Swanson.
Carol Swanson.
What exactly were you doing in Tommy's apartment, Miss Swanson? I have a key.
Good for you.
The intruder, what did he look like? He was a big guy.
Good- looking, sort of silvery hair.
Could've been a cop.
Looking for what? Check out the barber shop.
I want to find out when Tommy got there and when he left.
You go up to 63rd street and see what you can find out at the jewelry shop.
And I'll try to have that phone call traced.
How can you do that, Mr.
Stevens? You see that, uh, Miss Swanson is escorted home.
What about Tommy? I'm worried about him.
Well, I'll tell him when I find him.
I'm sure he'll be pleased.
Get me Baker at the phone company.
This will clear up his limp for a while.
Matter of fact, it should make him feel pretty good all over.
Did you get it? Mm- hmm.
Good, good.
Your good luck charm, Tommy.
Thomas worked seven and two- third's inning.
He allowed five runs on eight hits and one error.
He struck out three and walked three.
Lynn Nelson coming in now.
The right hand of the right- hander is four and seven on the year, mostly in relief.
The 1937 Yankee certainly continued to make a shambles of the American League pennant race.
The present day Murderer's Row rivals in every way the awesome power supplied by Babe Ruth and Company back in 1927.
In young Joe DiMaggio, the Yankees have potentially one of their greatest stars, and with Lou Gehrig and Bill Dickey still coming through, pitchers have nightmares before facing that batting order.
As a matter of fact, half of them are beaten before they ever step on the pitcher's mound.
You could just about put any nine guys out there with New York across the front of their shirts and, uh, throw their gloves on the field and they would have the ballgame won.
The real hero today, however, is Lefty Gomez.
The goofy one made just one mistake, and that was to open the fifth inning, and Bob Johnson capitalized on it, hitting a line shot into the center field stands.
It would be Lefty Gomez with a no- hit, no- run game.
But that's the only hit that he has given up.
Actually Charlie Ruffing was scheduled to pitch today but at the last minute, Joe McCarthy decided to give the redhead a rest and instead brought in Lefty Gomez, and Gomez is scheduled to pitch again on Sunday in Washington against the Senators.
This was Lefty's sixteenth start with 12 complete games in a string, shows nine victories against six defeats.
And what a ballgame he has pitched today.
As we mentioned, only one mistake in the entire ballgame, and that was to lead off the fifth inning, and Bob Johnson hit one over the center field seats, and, uh, a real smash it was.
All right, stand aside.
Looks like he's dead, Lieutenant.
Call the meat wagon.
What about him? You want an ambulance? Tommy? No, he looks pretty healthy to me.
All right, Kroll, who did it? DOA, Joe's Barber Shop, Never mind the baby stare, who did it? What is this? Yeah, what is this act you're pulling? It was one of Ryan's boys, wasn't it? Ryan's boys? Danny Ryan.
Maybe he got hit on the head or something, Lieutenant.
Nah, he's playing games.
Tommy! Tommy? You okay? Get away from me.
Get away from me.
Hey, Kroll.
Tommy! Take it easy, Tom.
Tommy! Assault with a deadly weapon.
I could get you ten years for that.
- He's been hurt! - Shut up! Get him down to the station.
Well, that, uh, that razor bit didn't happen in 1937.
Anyone comes in here and asks for a watch, and you just give it away, is that it? No, no, but he had the ticket.
Here it is! Look! He didn't show you a badge or anything? No.
You're lying.
No, I swear it! All right.
What did he look like? Well, he was a big guy.
Silver hair.
It was one of Ryan's boys, wasn't it? Kroll, I got ways of making you talk, you know.
Lieutenant, he'll talk.
Just give him time.
I haven't got time.
Not for a crumb like him.
Now, look, Kroll, we know that you and Ryan fell out last week over territories.
Last week? Mm- hmm.
Now, Lieutenant has men everywhere.
There was one sitting right behind you and Ryan and Stevens last week at the Louis- Braddock fight.
And one afterwards at the beer garden.
The Louis- Braddock fight was Was what? Was what?! Leave me alone.
Leave me alone! Lieutenant, I think he was hurt.
Hurt nothing, he's stalling.
Now, listen, you and Ryan fell out last week.
Three days ago, you and Stevens dumped one of Ryan's top boys in the river and this morning they came after you.
Is that true or isn't it? All right, lock him up.
He makes me sick.
Let's go, Kroll.
Kroll, were you hit on the head or something? What? I mean, we know the pocket watch saved your life, but were you unconscious at all? What do you mean? I mean, were you out at all? Yeah.
That explains it.
You're pretty mixed up.
Tommy, do you know where you are? Um, a precinct.
That's right.
Do you know what day it is? Uh, September - What? - September the Come on, Kroll, get ahold of yourself.
Come on.
Come on here come on.
Try to get ahold of yourself, Kroll.
What's the matter with you anyway? The top left handle shouldn't be there.
How do I look? What? How do I look? How old do I look? Oh, old enough to know better - and young enough to learn.
- Answer me! Hey, what have they got you for, buddy? What day is it? Are you kidding or something? No, I guess you ain't.
Well, let's see.
I've been here one, two, three uh, uh, uh, Thursday.
No, no, it's Friday.
What's the date? Well, how do I know? - The year! - What? Hey, Screw, this guy's crazy.
He's crazy crazy! What year? What? June, 1937.
Mister, you're sick in the head.
Kroll, you've been sprung.
Your friend, Stevens, is outside.
You know, personally, I don't care how many you hoods end up in the river, but LaGuardia's leaning on the commissioner, the commissioner is leaning on me, and I've got nobody to lean on but you.
Remember that.
It doesn't sound like the DA's office to me.
What would they want with Tommy's watch? What about that phone call? Baker's still trying to trace it.
That broad at Tommy's apartment.
He's older than I am.
Look, Tommy, we've got to talk about Ryan.
We've got to figure out Got to figure out a way.
Who's that cop, Eagan? I never saw him before.
Who's Eagan? What's wrong with you? Come on.
Come on.
By now, Ryan must have heard you're still alive.
It's a cinch it won't be the last time he tries to hit you.
Pay your bills.
He'll be willing to pay good, too.
Every torpedo in town will be after the job.
Tommy, we've got to hit Ryan first.
Trick is to get him alone.
What's the matter? I got to have some buttermilk.
Look, we can get some of our best boys and walk in on him.
Huh? What do you say? Always a lot of noise.
No guarantees.
The old guy with the shoe store is married to his sister, and he must have seen the whole thing through his window.
You leaving with Eagan and all.
He probably got right on the phone to him.
Ryan must have blown a gasket.
Want to get get him to meet us someplace? No, he'd never go for that.
Chancellor Hitler continues to call European concern over Austria groundless.
In local news, police have made no arrests yet in connection with this afternoon's shooting in Crowley Square.
Wait a second.
I got an idea.
I'll call Gladys.
Gladys? Gladys Collins, my old girlfriend.
You'd always told me I talked about her too much.
She belongs to Ryan now.
Gladys Collins is dead.
What? Gladys Collins is dead.
We blew her up in a hospital room last week.
She was gonna talk to the DA.
A hood named Arthur planted the the bomb.
Ox It can't be.
Can't be.
A whole lifetime flew away.
What are you looking at me like that for? You think I'm crazy? Gladys in the hospital? Arthur? Hey, look, I don't know what happened to you in that barber shop, but it must have been some kind of a a bad dream.
Now, you're gonna pull yourself together, Tommy, you hear me? 'Cause my life's at stake just like yours.
I'm going to call Gladys now.
Put him on.
It's Baker.
Yeah, Bob.
No, thanks, I got it.
We're lucky.
It's a toll call.
Majestic Studios, a motion picture outfit somewhere out in the island.
Come on in.
Tommy this is, uh, Gladys Collins.
What's wrong with him? Nothing.
You want a drink? Frankie, you know I never drink during the day.
Unless it's still the night before.
Sit down, Gladys.
Look, I came here because you guys said I could make a hundred bucks, but, uh, I don't like the way you're Gladys, sit down.
How is Danny Ryan? Danny's Danny.
One of his boys took a shot at Tommy this morning.
Oh, I'm I'm real sorry.
But, Frankie, that's none of my business.
You know I stay out of those things.
But you like Danny.
You like Danny a whole lot better than you ever liked me, right? Frankie, we had it okay for a while.
Don't hold no grudges, please.
That's why you're here, 'cause we don't hold no grudges.
Tommy and I want to make it up with Danny Ryan.
The city's big enough for all of us.
Well, that's great.
That's just great.
So, we want to meet with him.
Cards on the table.
None of his gorillas hanging around.
So, you're gonna call him and tell him to meet you at Fallon's Café around 6:00 tonight.
You're planning to kill him, aren't you? Just want to talk with him.
Oh, Frankie, please.
Please don't ask me to help you kill him.
I can't I can't do it.
I won't.
Frankie, Mr.
Kroll, understand, I- I can't.
Little Fooler to Majestic.
I'm making my pass now.
Is it loud and clear? Loud and clear, Jimmy.
Loud and clear.
You'll do it or you'll go through that window head first.
Just- just promise me one thing.
Just promise me you'll give Danny a chance to talk this thing out with you guys.
Just give him a chance, huh? Just a chance.
Dry those tears.
He'll get a chance.
Head for Crowley Square.
I'm looking for Mr.
Thomas Kroll.
We have no one working here by that name.
Well, I could talk to someone else.
A big guy, silver hair.
I don't know anyone like that.
Yes, you do.
Sir, this gentleman is looking for a Mr.
I told him we had no one working Shut up! Tell me about Mr.
I never heard of a Mr.
Hey, pal, I don't mind using this thing One of Stevens' hoods.
I want all gates locked.
Yeah, Danny.
Honey, I got to talk to you.
It's about that showgirl job in Miami.
I think I got it.
Ah, gee, Danny, it's only for two months.
Of course I love you.
Come on, honey, uh, I got to tell them tonight.
So, why don't, why don't you meet me at Fallon's, huh? And we can talk about over a glass of beer.
Uh, make it about 6:00.
Yeah, I'll be in one of the back booths.
Okay, honey.
Danny I love you.
Good- bye.
Now, you promised me you weren't going to let anything happen.
We promised you we'd make peace with him.
That's what we promised.
Who are you calling? My mother.
She must have heard what happened by now.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Chelsea 31 558.
Same number for ten years, you'd think I'd remember it by now.
Your mother's always on the horn.
Shut up about my mother.
We have a couple of hours to kill.
Why don't you take a walk, Frankie? I'm not going to leave you alone.
What? Look, you've been acting funny all day.
I'm not going to let you do anything stupid.
I wasn't planning on anything stupid.
I'm not leaving here.
Then let's get out of here.
Let's take in a matinee.
We're staying right here.
We're going to the movies! changed Fallon's.
Haven't you got something else to take care of? Oh, yeah, but, uh, sit on the left side so I can see you.
There's not a word from Arthur.
No, there's trouble.
Look, we need some muscle.
Get two of your best boys and pick me up in front of the building.
Wait! Wait! Help! Help! Please! I'm not a bad guy honey.
I've got a temper.
And I've been feeling pretty funny today.
I think you'd like me if you gave me a chance.
I'm not saying no.
It's, um, like I told Frankie.
If there's no killing tonight, maybe we can think about it.
Move it along fast.
Jim? Very nice Danny.
Blood capsule, Doug.
Everything's set.
There'll be a hearse in the alley.
Hard to believe that this was the fanciest place in town at one time.
Close up the joint.
Sorry, folks, the place is closed.
I'm awfully sorry, but the place is closed.
Now, sit over there so he can see you.
But if you're just going to talk Do what we tell you, Gladys.
Just do what we tell you.
It's not going to work.
What? - She's going to mess it up.
- Are you crazy? - Look, he'll be here any second! - I know she's.
Danny! Danny, no! No! - I told you - Shut up! We've got to get him out of here.
Come on.
Tommy! Come on! What do we do, Tommy? They catch us with this stiff, we've had it.
Tommy, we got to dump him! The cellar.
I've got an idea.
Drop him.
They're going to search this place.
They won't search where I'm thinking.
Where's that? That phony room behind that furnace where Fallon used to hide his stuff during Prohibition.
There's a button here, someplace.
The wall is hollow.
It's here someplace.
We've found it, Jim.
It's gotta be someplace.
Frankie? Frankie? Frankie! Frankie! Frankie! Frankie! Frankie!