Mission Impossible (1966) s07e11 Episode Script


The silver-haired gentleman calls himself Fletcher.
His friend calls himself Harding.
Fletcher is our man.
Horton's got a powerful serve, but no backhand at all, - so we'll just keep playing - Jim.
Come on.
We're on a vacation.
Why don't we just play tennis, get some sun and relax? Mr.
Douglas Harding, you're wanted in the lounge.
- Mr.
Douglas Harding.
- Whoever she is, tell her later.
- We've got a court in five minutes.
- Yea, team.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Playing in the tournament? No, I'm just a guest here.
How about joining us? We have a court in a few minutes.
Thanks very much, I'd like to but we already Hello, operator.
This is Mr.
Do you know who had me paged? I'm in the lounge and I can't find my party.
I had you paged, Mr.
Never mind, operator.
Thank you.
I've located my party.
- You know who I am? - Should I? Let's not play games.
I'm Andrew Metzger.
I think you know who I am.
I know who you are by reputation.
And Mr.
Fletcher? You headed the team that hit the Aquarius Casino about a year ago.
You cleaned out quite a lot of money and some very valuable records.
Metzger, I'm afraid you've made a mistake.
But we identified you.
You and your partner.
We have your partner.
Do you wanna see your partner alive again? Then let's talk.
All right, I'm listening.
We have automatic security cameras in the casino.
It took me three weeks checking out film, eliminating possibilities until I came up with these.
You went to a lot of trouble.
You took a lot of our money.
So I put the word out.
It took a little while, but we spotted Fletcher two days ago.
Now we have him.
What do you want? Your money back? No.
Something more important.
I've been trying to check you people out.
But I came up empty.
No records, no traces.
You're good.
So I want you to do a job for me.
What do you know about Mitch Connally? He's been your sidekick ever since Chicago.
When you got to be a big man on the coast, you fixed him up with a juicy territory all his own.
The only reason I carried Mitch was because of a letter.
A letter of mine that he has in a safe deposit box.
He's going to turn that over to federal authorities today at 3:00 when he receives word from Washington that he has a deal.
That letter buys him immunity from prosecution.
And it buys me a conviction for murder.
You want the letter back.
By 4:30 today.
You've lost your mind.
If that's true, you've lost your partner.
Now look, I can take Connally out.
Not a chance.
He has two federal agents guarding him around the clock.
The letter's in the Westland National Bank.
Box 6901-A.
Here's my number.
Call me when you get it.
I'll exchange that letter for your partner.
Metzger if anything happens to my partner, I'll kill you.
You get that letter and your partner will be fine.
This is Mitch Connally.
I've arranged for Willy and me to have access to Connally's apartment building, the Hudson Towers.
He was at the Aquarius Casino the night we took it.
I'll hang on to this.
A beautiful mission, the payoff records of the syndicate's political activities, and because of it, Jim's locked into a dead end.
All right, let's go to work.
Casey, are you ready? Would you hand me that box, please? About a hundred thousand dollars worth of jewellery.
And this is quick-set plastic for the safe deposit lock impression.
- And this is for Connally's key.
- Good.
Are you in practise as a dip? - When did you get it? - When you leaned over to get the box.
Very good.
All right.
I'll control the elevator from here, in the basement.
And we have to be in that safe deposit box before 3:00.
We need that time to copy that letter.
The copy to trap Andrew Metzger.
The original, to save Jim's life.
Watch your step.
We're going down.
Come on.
Take the blindfold off.
Tie him up.
Over here.
Sit down.
Okay, put your hands back here.
Get rid of the sharp stuff, will you? Does it hurt? That's tough.
The boss had this air-raid shelter built a few years ago.
Just in case.
What boss? What am I doing here? I don't understand.
- You still don't understand, do you? - No.
Proctor here, you see, he was head of security at the Aquarius Club that you and your people knocked over.
Consequently, now he's just a driver.
He doesn't like you at all.
You know what would make me real happy? For you to try to bust out of here.
Then I could blow your head off.
Oh, the walls are made of ferroconcrete this thick.
No windows.
The door is steel.
And, of course, Proctor will be nearby.
He really wants to kill you, so don't give him a chance.
- Can I help you, ma'am? - Why, you certainly can.
I'm Mrs.
Wade Holbrook from Fort Worth.
We just moved here and I need a safety deposit box for my jewellery.
Of course, Mrs.
Holbrook, I'll get the forms.
Could you fetch me a glass of water, please? Of course.
I do apologise, honey.
But I get these little asthma attacks.
And I haven't quite got acclimated yet but they go away.
Come on, Connally, it's getting late.
Look, I don't move out of here until I get that guarantee of immunity.
Now where's the call from Washington? Don't worry, it will come.
Where's the key to the box? I'm beginning to think there isn't any letter.
Just a big fat story.
There is a letter and it puts the clamps on Andy Metzger.
And you guys can have it when I get my guarantee.
Building and Safety Department.
Elevator inspection.
Do you know where to go? Excuse me, sir.
May I see your identification? Okay.
This is your box here, Mrs.
Your key goes in here and the bank master key on the other side.
We open the box together.
Are you all right, Mrs.
Holbrook? The pill It just takes a little time to I'm so sorry.
Could you help me, please? Of course.
My key, I can't find my - There it is.
- I'll get it.
I do apologise.
It's quite all right.
How late will you be open this afternoon? Three o'clock.
I have some papers I want to bring back to keep safe in here.
- Thank you so much.
- My pleasure.
- How's the prisoner.
- He's okay, Mr.
There's not much he can do.
Don't be stupid, Proctor.
Fletcher is a top-level safe-and-lock man.
He and his people took the Aquarius strongroom apart like it was a cheese box.
I bet he's already started planning a way out by now.
- Well, I'll check on him.
- Proctor, I want him to realise he doesn't have any room to manoeuvre.
But I want him kept alive.
Well, I won't kill him.
Hey, loosen these wires a little.
My wrists are killing me.
I can't get any circulation.
Tell me about it.
Come on.
Give me a break, will you? Hey! What are they waiting for? Washington has other headaches to worry about, Connally.
- You're just one of a list.
- It will come through.
Why don't we pick up that letter now, so we'll be ready to move.
No chance.
Not until I get that guarantee of immunity.
All right, put in a call to Washington.
Here's the first key.
Yeah, he has agreed to hand over the letter.
And he'll testify.
But only if he's granted complete immunity from any criminal prosecution.
Well, I think it's worth the gamble.
All right.
- You've got it.
- Guaranteed? Hear it for yourself.
Okay, let's go.
I'm from the Building and Safety Department.
Your elevator inspection is due.
Elevator inspection? There's somebody already here.
John, this man says he's the elevator inspector.
Well, of course I am.
- Well, you can call the office, 555-87 - Never mind.
Stay right here.
What happened? - What is it? - We must have lost power.
Excuse me.
Something's wrong.
Something's wrong.
Relax now, miss, it's just a temporary thing.
- I'm sure - Stay away from me.
I need air Just take it easy, miss.
I'm a doctor.
If you'll just be calm, everything will be fine.
Jesus Christ.
Please take it easy.
- Easy.
- Let go of me.
Now just stand back, everybody.
Let me handle this case.
- No, you stay away.
- It's gonna be Don't Go Can't one of you men get this elevator to go? - Do something.
- Ma'am, there is nothing we can do.
Please everyone, give us some room.
She's going to be all right.
Just a temporary reaction.
It's not uncommon.
Well, now, miss, how do you feel? Get away from me.
Open it! Come on, doc, can't you do something to calm her down? - Let me give you a sedative.
- No.
You can't drug me.
Now, listen, take it easy.
You're gonna be fine.
Just be calm.
Don't move.
What's your problem, mister.
I've got work to do.
I don't know who you are.
But you're no inspector and you're not touching anything.
Now turn around.
I'm sorry.
I'll be all right.
I think she'll be okay now.
Move down.
We're moving now.
I think she'll be fine.
I'm sorry.
Close places get to me.
Thought you might be thirsty.
No, I'm fine.
Now that's not very polite.
Sure you don't need something to drink? No.
Now, Mr.
Metzger insists.
He wants to keep you healthy, Fletcher, and I insist too.
I don't want any water.
When Mr.
Metzger says take a drink, you take a drink.
Come on.
Come on, make a move.
No, thanks.
Don't thank me.
It's my pleasure.
- Accident? - Maybe.
I don't know.
I don't like the way things are adding up.
First, the elevator, now our tyre.
Get a cab, will you? Listen, you stay here and fix this and meet us at headquarters, all right? You come with us.
Westland National Bank on Melrose.
And make it fast.
On our way.
I just got in under the wire.
I sure would be glad to get these put away.
Of course, Mrs.
Come this way.
Sorry, gentlemen.
I guess I'm catching every red light in town.
We'll be on our way in a second.
I do thank you.
But I think I'd better come back tomorrow.
I understand.
She's on her way.
It's in her purse.
Hey! - Come on, Connally.
- Getting anxious, aren't we? You think I haven't got it, huh? Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
It's gone.
All right, Connally, there wasn't any letter and there isn't gonna be any immunity.
Mitchell Connally, you're under arrest on suspicion of extortion and narcotics dealing.
Anything you say may be held against you.
Somebody stole it.
It was here.
Metzger? This is Harding.
I've got the letter.
Bring it to me here right away.
I'll be there in a little while.
- He's waiting for me to bring the letter.
- So it wasn't Metzger who stole it.
But whoever did get it has to contact Metzger to get a payoff.
That could take time, Willy.
Maybe we can reach Metzger first.
With what? With Connally's letter.
We're gonna forge it.
That's it.
It's the right size and the right colour.
But it was faded.
That's no problem, Casey.
We can age it.
Go on.
There was no return address.
It was to Mitchell Connally.
At a post box in Chicago.
It was script type.
Script typeface, right? Right.
Chicago postmark? That's right.
All right.
Now, how many digits were there in the box number.
Three No, four.
Post Box 2000 Terminal Annex, Chicago.
Now, what about the rest of the postmark? It was blurred.
I just can't remember.
All right, Casey, relax.
Now you said the envelope was sealed.
That's right, with wax.
What colour? Reddish brown.
More brown.
That was probably ageing also.
How about these? That's very close.
It was a portrait of George Washington.
It was facing left on the envelope.
It was bluish.
I can't remember the denomination.
Blue-grey, 5-cent denomination, issued in the late fall of 1962.
That's it.
All right, Casey.
Now, what was the date on the postmark? It was Chicago, but I just can't remember.
It's 4:30, Mr.
I know what time it is.
Stop making love to that gun.
He's on his way.
It's after 4:30.
Jim could be dead by now.
Metzger's not stupid.
He's not about to kill his hostage before he gets that letter.
And we're going to deliver it.
Casey, sit down.
Close your eyes.
Now, think.
You opened Connally's safe deposit box.
You saw the letter.
You took it out.
You looked at it.
On the envelope was a name, address and a date.
It was a single number.
It was Nine.
September the 9th.
And the year The year added up to nine.
It was a six and a three.
Good, that's it.
All right, I'll go get the van.
We don't wanna keep Mr.
Metzger waiting.
You know what this is worth? Maybe 1, 2 million.
You name it.
Hawks, if we don't hand over that letter, Metzger's gonna put out a hard contract on both of us.
Don't be a fool.
With this letter, I own Metzger.
Now let's go.
You got the letter? Yes, I have it.
It's addressed to Mitchell Connally.
Box 2000, Terminal Annex, Chicago.
Postmark, September 9th, 1963.
Does that ring a bell? A loud one.
You think I'm stupid? That's just the envelope.
The letter's in a safe place.
What do you want? To be sure that our partner's all right.
And then we'll make a phone call, and your letter will be delivered.
All right.
He's down there.
It's an air-raid shelter.
Give me a hand.
I've been expecting you.
We would've been here sooner but we figured you needed the rest.
- Thanks.
Yeah, fine.
- Are you okay? Hold it.
He's okay, you can see that.
Now let's get that letter.
As a matter of fact, I have it.
I have the letter.
Hold it, Proctor.
And I plan to keep it.
But don't you worry.
You'll be all right.
I want you healthy.
You see, you're my insurance policy.
Well, what about us? We just get out of here and forget the whole thing, huh? I can't very well let anyone leave here knowing about the letter.
You know, the law and pressure and all that kind of thing.
No, you can't.
Hold it, Blondie.
I've seen you operate.
No more chances.
Hawks, what about me? I'm with you.
Proctor, you're in luck.
- You wanted to see him dead? - Right.
You're gonna see him dead.
He's first, and then you.
No! - Did you notify the police? - They can be here in 10 minutes.
Wait a minute.
Name your price.
You just paid it.
What time is it, Barney? Four-forty-seven.
Why, Jim? We've got a tennis court reserved for 5:30.
We can just make it.