Mission Impossible (1966) s07e14 Episode Script


- Very neat.
Tidy, Robert.
- Mother.
That's the gold shipment.
Took me three months to set up the caper.
Four of our people to crack that bank.
And you hijacked it from me.
- I'll explain - And it was you who betrayed me to the government, turned me in for tax fraud, so you could have a free ride with my million in gold.
Who told you that lie? All right, I admit I took the gold, Mother, but that's all.
- I swear - Don't.
I have a copy of your sworn testimony.
Signed and witnessed.
You were always bad luck to me, Robert, from the day you were born.
The stars warned me that you'd bring me nothing but trouble.
I guess the stars were right.
I'm going to take the gold.
It's mine.
No matter what? Even if I have to kill you.
You'd kill your own mother? Yes.
Good morning, Mr.
Hannah O'Connel is the ruthless leader of a criminal gang that recently stole over a million dollars in gold bullion.
Her lieutenants have been her two sons, Thomas and Robert.
Recently, Robert turned government witness, enabling the authorities to indict Hannah O'Connel for tax fraud.
However, she escaped with Thomas, and Robert is presumed dead.
Conventional law enforcement agencies have located Hannah and Thomas O'Connel on their way to the Caribbean island of Jamada, a nation with which we have no extradition treaty.
We cannot kidnap her on foreign soil, of course.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, will be to induce Hannah O'Connel to return to the United States of her own free will so that she can be captured and the gold recovered.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
Voodoo isn't a joke.
It's a primitive religion throughout the Caribbean area, and it's the basis of our plan.
Casey's made a mask and taped voices of Robert O'Connel.
We'll handle his filmed image through holographic techniques, and his voice with a distorter.
Hello, Mother.
Happy to see me? Add these pills, which will produce a dreamy half-sleep state, and we'll wrap Hannah O'Connel in a nightmare.
All right.
How about preparations on the island of Jamada? My shop's all ready, Jim.
Hannah and Thomas O'Connel are on their way from Latin America now.
We've prepared the house they've rented.
Which includes a secret panel set up in Hannah's bedroom.
And we have an exact duplicate of Robert O'Connel's ring, made from matching photographs.
The O'Connels will be bringing a large sum of money in with them.
Only Hannah and Thomas will know where it's hidden.
So we'll get him to steal it from her, double-cross her.
It'll take a lot of pressure to break her, Jim.
She's a tough lady.
Yes, but Hannah O'Connel has one weakness, Casey.
She's superstitious.
She believes in the occult.
So we're gonna use voodoo to exploit that weakness.
O'Connel, Mr.
O'Connel, welcome.
I'm Samantha Johns, your housekeeper.
Please come in.
Get someone to help my men with the luggage.
Oh, I'm awfully sorry, Mrs.
O'Connel, but the servants left last night.
What? Why? Well, the people here are very superstitious.
Many of them still hold to the old beliefs.
The practice of voodoo.
Last night, the drums sounded, and they left.
- Voodoo.
Cheap superstition.
- Thomas, voodoo does exist.
There's evidence enough that the supernatural is very real.
As a matter of fact, this house, it's said, was used for certain rituals.
About 80 years ago, a squad of soldiers was billeted here for the night.
They came in the evening, and that night, they vanished.
The servants, of course, remember the story, and it frightened them.
So hire new ones.
Well, we can try, Mr.
O'Connel, tomorrow.
- But for tonight, I've prepared dinner.
- Well, that's something.
Boys, take the luggage upstairs.
- Show them where to put it.
- Yes, ma'am.
Background music by the ungrateful dead.
Don't mock what you don't understand.
Come on, Mother.
It's superstition.
Somebody to see you, Mrs.
Name of Keach.
- Who are you? - Sam Keach, charter-flying service.
Bought my own DC-3.
I handle anything from anywhere to anywhere.
- We're not going anywhere.
- Yeah, I know that.
- What do you know? - You mind? Well, listen, I do a lot of odd jobs for a lot of odd sort of people, you know? Like, for instance, Mr.
Benjamin Dane.
Very big man in the organisation.
I'll bet you know him.
Well, the word got around that you had to leave the States, that you can't go back, and you've got some money.
- And I've got a deal.
- Not with me.
Oh, listen, Hannah, don't knock it till you've heard it.
- You can call me Mrs.
- Oh, yeah, sure, all right.
What's the deal? Well, the deal is 10 kilos of pure, first-quill hash.
It's out of Asia, by way of the Philippines.
Now, I can pick it up, and I can get it into the United States.
How? I fly in low under the radar net.
I make my delivery.
I can land anywhere, and I can get back out clean.
Listen, I could take you to Benjamin Dane's for lunch, land you on his front lawn and have you back here before dinner.
- I'm not hungry.
- Listen, 15 grand.
Fifteen grand a kilo.
It's only $150,000.
In the States, Mrs.
O'Connel, a million, easy.
Okay, all right.
Oh, don't pay any attention to them.
- Voodoo drums? - There isn't any voodoo around here.
That's black magic.
They crack down on it.
No, that's somebody partying up in the hills, probably.
There, you see? You don't believe in voodoo? I don't like to think about it.
Now, look, here's my phone number.
You can call me any time.
Think about it, will you? Think about the deal.
And remember that I guarantee delivery in the United States.
I'll see you.
Give me a few minutes.
Come in.
I hope this meets with your satisfaction, ma'am.
- Not bad.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- And, Samantha.
- Yes, ma'am? The dinner was reasonable too.
- Thank you.
- That'll be all.
Sleep well, Mrs.
- Mother.
- No.
What is it? Nothing.
The mug dropped, that's all.
And next time, knock.
Sorry, Mom.
- It's colourful.
- Used to be a slave market.
Now it's for the tourists.
But everybody comes here.
I can ask around for servants here.
- I don't mind paying.
- Oh, it's not the money.
It's fear.
They're afraid of the house.
But we can try.
There's a man here who might be able to help us.
Why don't you go ahead? I think I'll look around.
- Welcome, Miss Johns.
- This is Mrs.
Hannah O'Connel.
Benson has a good deal of influence around here, and I thought perhaps he could help us.
O'Connel? There is much talk about the new family in the house.
Well, then maybe you've heard that all the servants quit.
They were afraid.
Well, we thought perhaps you could help us convince them to come back.
Oh, I am sorry.
They have heard the drums.
They will not come back.
Look, I'll pay.
I cannot help you.
Well, I guess that's that.
I'll ask around for you, Mrs.
- Do you mind if I look around? - As you wish.
I am sorry, madam.
This ring.
- Where did you get this? - Oh, that.
I bought some items from a sailor off a freighter a short while ago.
This is no rare thing, madam.
What is it? I get a feeling from that.
And from you.
A feeling associated with evil and death.
You do not want it, no.
I certainly do want it.
What do you mean? I get a feeling.
Death in water.
What do you mean? I am sorry.
If you want the ring, you may keep it.
I do not wish to have it.
It looks something like Robert's ring, that's all.
Look, it has to be Robert's ring.
There couldn't be two like this.
Mother, Robert's body was dumped in the ocean.
It's gone.
Somebody came up with the same design.
It's just a coincidence.
- Been just too many coincidences.
- So, what is it, an evil spirit? Mother, sometimes I think you're going out of your head.
Dall? Kelso? Dall, I want you on guard outside tonight.
And, Kelso, you'll be on watch upstairs, right outside my room.
- Watching for what, Mrs.
O'Connel? - Anything that moves.
Something very peculiar is going on.
What about me? Thomas, I want you to sleep tonight.
All set.
O'Connel said you were to have some coffee.
Now, that hits the spot.
You know, I could use some company too.
Well, she didn't say anything about company.
Oh, well, then, we won't tell her.
Dall, have you seen Kelso? - Not this morning, Mrs.
- What is it, Mother? He's missing.
He wasn't on guard, and he isn't downstairs.
I was out there all night.
I didn't see him.
Well, if he's not inside, he's gotta be outside.
Let's find him.
I got him.
O'Connel, Thomas.
Get him.
Wait a minute, Thomas.
I'll get his other arm.
I still don't understand how a man can drown in water that shallow, Dr.
Well, he may have had a heart attack or something similar, Mrs.
Of course, the autopsy will explain what happened.
- Well, I wanna know.
- Oh, you shall, Mrs.
- Well, I'm off now.
- Thank you for coming, Dr.
When Samantha calls, I come running.
Good day.
What's with you and the doctor? - Nothing.
- The way he looked at you? Well, he has an itch.
But I don't choose to scratch it.
Look, you're trying to dodge, damn it.
I want an answer.
How did you know? I I had a feeling.
How much is your feeling worth? A hundred? Two hundred? All right.
It was when I touched your hand.
What is it? What do you feel? - No, take your money.
- Please.
Something hates you, something dead.
- Go on.
- It is something inside you.
Living inside you.
Something evil chained inside you.
You can sense it? What does it want? Death.
Death three times.
Death by water, death by air, death by fire.
I don't believe you.
It's a con.
A fast story for a fast buck.
I do not want your money, and I don't wanna see you again.
There's an evil thing inside you.
Perhaps it can be removed, perhaps not.
I feel sorry for you.
This thing, it might be gotten rid of? Exorcized? How? - I am not a priest.
- But you do know a way? There is a ceremony, a voodoo ritual.
I do not know if it will work.
Arrangements would have to be made.
For how much? Money is not important.
I'll bet it isn't.
- Hi, doc.
Anything new on Kelso? - We haven't started the autopsy yet.
Let's get moving.
Hannah just left Barney's shop.
Now, your mother will be back any minute now.
You wouldn't wanna upset her, would you? I'm only here as a favour to her.
And any time I get tired of it, I can go home to the U.
Now, how would you like to come back with me? You couldn't afford me if your allowance was cut off.
I can get my hands on more money than you've ever seen.
I was only teasing.
You know money doesn't excite me.
I have to talk to you right away.
Well, I'm busy right now, and I'm not alone.
Why don't you just split, doctor, huh? - Hello, Dr.
- Mrs.
We're performing the autopsy tomorrow.
- I thought you'd wanna know.
- Thank you, doctor.
Well, I guess I'll be going, then.
Thomas, find Dall.
I'll need him tonight.
For what, Mother? I'll tell Dall.
- Samantha.
- Yes, ma'am? I don't care what Thomas does for relaxation.
As long as it doesn't become important to him.
Am I clear? - Quite.
- Good.
I'll be upstairs in my room.
Bring me a rum toddy.
Yes, ma'am.
Yes, Mrs.
O'Connel, it is still possible to arrange.
But difficult.
- If you mean it'll cost money, all right.
- Very well, then.
I will come to your house, and I will take you to the place where the voodoo ceremony is held.
- When? - You are positive you want to do this? My man Dall is dead, hanged, strangled.
Dead of a lack of air, what you saw.
Yes, I'm positive.
When? Tonight.
- It is time.
- I'm ready.
- Who's he? - He's the witch doctor.
- Mother, what are you doing? - Shut up.
And stay here.
You shouldn't take that, Tom.
- Even from her.
- She's going crazy.
You won't even look at me, but with him - You no-good - Get out of here.
Shut up.
- I'm gonna kill you.
- Matt.
Matt, stop it.
Tom, here.
Tom, he's dead.
The police.
Well, Tom, I'll tell them it was self-defence.
My record? I gotta get off this island.
But how? There are only two flights a week.
Unless you charter a plane, but that takes money.
I got money.
We put this in the first night, Mother and I.
- She brought a lot of cash along.
- That's a fortune.
We could go anywhere.
- Except we're not going anywhere.
- Oh, Tom Sorry.
Make a way for us to pass Make a way for us to pass Behold your children, hey There is evil in this woman Something dead Seeking death Willy.
Casey? Casey? Oh, I'm all right.
- What happened? - O'Connel got away with the money.
Willy, you get over to Barney's place in case he shows up there looking for Hannah.
Can you get up? Water, air, fire.
Hello, Mother.
Happy to see me? Water.
The gold, Mother.
My soul is weighed down with the gold.
The hidden gold.
Tell me where it is, Mother.
Free me.
- Tell me.
- No.
Where is it? Where does it lie? Where? - No.
- Where? No.
Jim, he hasn't shown yet.
- Are you all right? - I'm not sure.
And I wouldn't take any bets on it.
Where's Thomas? Well, he's gone.
He went back to the States.
He said to tell you that he was fed up with this island and with you.
- I'm sorry.
- He'll be sorrier.
- Wait for me.
- You stay there.
Enjoy the view.
Look, who are you? And who hired you? - You did, Mrs.
- Oh, stop it.
I just saw my man Kelso come back to life, and it wasn't any miracle.
And I've been haunted.
And last night, I was worked over beautifully, including a ghost who wanted to know where I'd hidden some gold.
You've got about three seconds to name names.
- Who? - Your son.
He set it up.
He rigged your bedroom.
He planned to take the money you brought, go back to the States on the morning flight in a few hours.
Last night, you busted wide open.
You told him where it was, and he went after it.
- I told you the truth.
- And I'm grateful.
- Yeah? - Keach.
Hannah O'Connel.
I want you here right now.
On my way, Mrs.
- She bought it.
- But Tom O'Connel's still loose.
You and Willy better cover the airport.
Got here as fast as I could, Mrs.
- I want to charter your plane, Keach.
- Yeah? You said you could get into the United States, set down and get out the same day without a trace? - I can if I have to.
- I have to.
- Name your price, Keach.
- Just like that, huh? - Twenty-five percent.
- Of what? Of whatever you're after, Mrs.
If it's that valuable to you, I'm willing to take my chances.
Well, you don't know it, but you've just made a lot of money.
It's a deal.
Let's get going.
Plane's fuelled and ready to go.
We can be in the air inside an hour.
- It's in there? - Yes.
You're holding $40,000, Keach.
But it's my $40,000.
You don't trust anyone.
I like that.
You're good.
But you can't handle the deal alone.
You'll need help to dispose of the gold.
I've got help, Mrs.