Mission Impossible (1966) s07e22 Episode Script


This is Armoured 7.
I'm at the corner of Nice.
Very nice.
Good morning, Mr.
These are the Marnsburg Crown Jewels brought to this country three days ago to be displayed at the United Nations building.
They were stolen yesterday while being transported to the UN from their consulate.
The jewels themselves are valued in excess of $ 10 million, but the collection, because of its historic value, is priceless.
Although conventional law enforcement agencies believe that Jena Cole is behind the theft, they have no leads as to the location of the jewels themselves.
So far, the government of Marnsburg has kept the theft secret.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to retrieve the jewels before they are scheduled to go on display in 72 hours.
This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
We think Jena Cole had Syndicate backing for this job.
She's made and lost a dozen fortunes, all illegally.
She's beautiful, she's charming.
She's totally unscrupulous.
Our whole plan depends on her running true to form.
Our own Marnsburg Crown Jewels, Jim.
You'll need these stones, Duval.
They match those in the crown jewels.
Beautiful imitations.
Except by an expert.
Of course.
Jena Cole's favourite diamond fence: Gerald Carter.
It'll work perfectly, Jim.
I'll have this on the consulate security gate before Barney gets there.
Barney, Jena's office safe? This amplifier will listen to the tumblers.
and record the combination.
- And how about your fingerprints? - They fit perfectly.
And my criminal record is already planted.
Willy, we've broken the diplomatic code the consulate uses.
So you'll be able to transmit directly into their teletype.
Now, I think we're set on the details.
The big headache will be breaking into the consulate vault.
We'll be working inside the vault itself, Jim.
Willy? You'll have to get this case inside.
And turn it on? Right.
I'll be outside, reading the combination coming from the inside.
Jim, can't we get some cooperation from the consulate itself? No, for two reasons: Number one, Marnsburg has been hostile to the United States lately, they'd be suspicious of any contact.
Number two: this man, Dunson, Consulate Code Chief, he's also on Jena Cole's pay.
So we have to do it the hard way.
And we've got less than 48 hours.
What'll it be? Give me a double bourbon.
Straight up.
This is real first-class.
Just like Jeff said it would be.
Jeff? Yeah.
Jeff Cole.
Jena's brother.
I've got something for her from him.
Like what? This letter.
We were cellmates in the joint.
There's a guy out here claims he knows Jena's brother.
There's some dude at the bar says he was in the joint with your brother.
Bring him in.
All right.
Play dead.
Somebody's coming out to get you.
How well did you know Jeff? I was his last cellmate.
He's a good kid.
A healthy kid.
Did he really die of what they said he did, or did somebody shiv him? Yeah, he was healthy.
For a cat that had rheumatic fever when he was a kid.
That's what killed him.
You really did know him.
Jeff and I were just like that: We were a team.
You mess with one of us, you gotta deal with both of us.
Nobody tried.
Real buddies, huh? That's right.
- Help yourself to a drink.
- Thanks.
I loved that kid.
I really did.
He loved you too.
He says he wants me to help you out.
What do you need? A job? No.
Just wanna borrow some bread.
How much? Oh, I figure a thou ought to do just fine.
Nothing backwards about you, is there? I was just trying to be honest.
When you say "borrow," Boomer and I have a special meaning for that word.
Thirty days at 20 percent interest.
Very generous.
If it weren't for Jeff, I wouldn't be talking to you at all.
I am not in the juice racket right now.
Eight hundred dollars.
You owe me a thou beginning of the month.
Got that, Boomer? Yeah.
You know, Jena, you have quite a reputation.
Now I know why.
I'll be seeing you.
Thirty days.
Oh, and thank you for watching over my kid brother.
My friend, I have a funny feeling about that dude.
I think he's gonna mean something to me.
You kind of dig him, huh? That's jumping a bit, Boomer.
You were supposed to wait for my call.
My principals advanced you a million dollars.
They figure I've got a right to drop in.
I'd like to know how everything went.
Everything went as planned.
I'd like to get a look at the merchandise.
You'll see the merchandise when I see the other 2 million.
Yeah, well, how do I know you've got it? I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.
You don't think I'd be stupid enough to keep it here? Look, honey, I don't care where it isn't.
I wanna know where it is.
It's a phone call away.
I'll make that call when I see the colour of your cash.
Meanwhile, there's no sense hanging around me.
I'm not going anywhere near it.
When my principals get here, you'd better be able to get near it then.
There was $12,000 in this box.
- How? - Not how.
Who? Call Wesley in the Fingerprint Department downtown.
Tell him I've got a job for him.
Five bills.
- Hey.
It's a fine animal.
- And totally devoted.
- Are you a fancier too? - No, I'm more partial to dogs myself.
Well, the fingerprints belong to your brother's friend, Charlie Kenyon.
I told you I had a feeling about him.
Did Wesley run a make? He's on parole, address on file.
Regal Hotel.
Get my 12 grand back.
What is it? - You know what it is? - Blueprint.
Vault area down in the consulate.
Are you sure? I studied that place enough hours.
Wire cutters.
Jumper cables.
Get around an alarm box.
What about this thing? I'm not sure.
But that's Jena's safe combination.
Let's go.
Is Mr.
Kenyon in? Evidently not, sir.
These two gentlemen were just looking for him.
- Would you like to leave a message? - No.
Yes, sir, Mister? Take the car.
Follow him.
Jena might like to talk to him.
I can be reached at that number.
When Mr.
Kenyon gets back, call me.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Dunson, this just came in.
Well, what is it? Well, I figure it's some kind of a sound amplifier.
When you opened the safe, this thing heard the dials go round.
Sort of like a safecracker's stethoscope at a distance.
You know, this Mr.
Kenyon gets more intriguing all the time.
Now, wait till you see this.
I do believe our Mr.
Kenyon is planning a little caper.
And guess what he's going to heist.
The consulate safe.
The poor guy doesn't know their security.
He'll never live to find out that we beat him to the jewels.
You know, I don't think anything is secure from Mr.
If he didn't have 12,000 of my bucks Electro You know, that could be where he gets his gadgets.
Get the address and get over there.
Kenyon and my 12,000 bucks might just show up.
We're going for a ride.
Someone wants to talk to you.
The last guy who pointed a gun at me is dead.
Forget the history.
Let's go.
Boomer bought it.
You have a friend, a Mr.
Do I? Mr.
Kenyon stole $12,000 from me.
Well, I'm not surprised.
Kenyon is somewhat less than trustworthy.
He owes me $200,000.
- Does he now? - Yes, he has for several years.
Payment is dangerously overdue.
- Dangerous for whom? - For him.
I've given him a week to settle our account.
Or else? Or else he's dead.
I think you mean that.
- I mean it.
- He said he'll settle with you? - Yes.
- How? Now, that's between Mr.
Kenyon and me.
Now, madam, the interrogation is over, eh? The interrogation is over, Mister? All right.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Stay with him.
This is quite incredible.
I want this kept absolutely secret, Dunson.
- How's it look? - Very good.
Well, I'm ready.
This just came in from Dunson at the consulate.
The usual way.
- I don't believe it.
- What is it? A message came in over their teletype that the original Marnsburg jewels were due to arrive by secret courier today.
The original? He says what we got are the dummies.
They suspected a heist.
Come in.
- What'd you find out? - Well, his name is Marchand.
He's from South Africa.
Does a lot of travelling.
I followed him to his office uptown.
What kind of office? Jewel broker.
At least, that's what the sign on his office said.
I want a jewel out of that crown.
And I want Kenyon.
Well? See for yourself.
It has but one flaw.
It clouds up in mineral oil.
In other words, a fake.
A good one but a fake.
I don't believe it.
You make one bad move and you're dead.
Where is it? I don't follow you.
My 12 grand.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You keep playing games with me and you're gonna have a very rough night.
All right, I spent it.
Not at Electro Stat, you didn't.
You got all this stuff cheap.
One bullet.
Maybe you'd rather talk to the cops about it.
I needed that equipment and he tried to welch on me.
Needed it for what? A project of mine.
Tell me about it.
- It's private.
- No, it isn't.
You're gonna heist the Marnsburg Crown Jewels and you're using my 12,000 to pull it off.
Now, you know what that makes us? Partners.
Do you read me? Okay, partner.
Now, that's a beginning.
- Drink? - Yeah.
Straight up.
Now, let me tell you something, partner.
You see all this? That is what they call a facade.
Doesn't mean a thing.
I am still the same gutter rat I was when I was a little kid.
Play it square with me, there's nothing I won't do for you.
Double-cross me, and there is nothing I won't do to make you pay for it.
To us.
You know something, Mr.
Kenyon, I have been interested in those jewels for a very long time.
I know all about the vault at the consulate.
They tell me there is no way to crack that safe.
They didn't know about me.
Why wasn't I told of this ploy our superiors have used? They suspect a security leak here at the consulate.
As chief of security here, Mr.
Gerard, I resent that.
I'm sorry, sir.
But these are the real Marnsburg Jewels.
They're priceless.
You're now on notice.
This case is to be placed in the vault by me, personally.
The vault is not to be opened until the UN courier arrives here some time tomorrow.
You will open the vault at that time and deliver the jewels.
You will be held personally responsible until then.
Very well.
Under the circumstances, I suggest we put that in our vault immediately.
This creates an electromagnetic field inside the vault door.
I manipulate that field from outside.
- And the tumblers on the vault lock? - Open right up.
How long? Hour? Two hours? Man, a guard checks that vault every 15 minutes.
I can open that cheese box in 13 minutes flat.
You walk on water too? Well, that depends on what I'm after.
Or who I'm after.
You like to go with the winners.
I'm a winner.
And once we get the merchandise, what then? I have a friend.
He's a fence.
- Oh, have you? - Yeah, I owe the cat a little bread.
I'll pay him out of my cut after he makes our payoff.
Too bad.
Too bad about what? Too bad we're business partners.
Otherwise? Maybe we could just be something else.
Nobody home.
Yes? Oh, yeah.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Very sorry.
Well, I'll be right back.
My principals are in town.
They have in mind seeing you and the merchandise.
Hi, Boomer.
- Everything cool? - Oh, yeah.
I'll be expecting to see their merchandise.
- They'll have it with them.
- Okay.
Suppose they come here tonight? After closing.
About 2:00? Say 3.
The originals, are they in? About an hour ago.
What are you gonna do? Go with Kenyon's heist plan.
It'll be rough.
Do you see another way? Yeah.
Tell them the truth.
Tell them we were fooled.
Give them the money back until we deliver the originals.
I can't.
It's spent.
Then ask for more time.
They won't give it to me.
And maybe they won't have to.
Dunson will be inside the consulate to protect himself.
If it looks like Kenyon's gonna get caught, he'll kill him.
That's Kenyon's worry.
Oh, you write him off, just like that? I sort of got a message.
The only message you'll ever get from Jena Cole is the one that says "Survive, baby.
" If Kenyon makes the heist, you'll have to split it with him.
We'll see.
Your move, pal.
- You're early.
- Just a few minutes.
You're working late tonight, Mr.
Oh, just catching up.
Good? About as good as it can get.
Boomer, put that and we'll have ourselves a little toast.
- What are you doing? - Calling my man.
Can't that wait? Not with my life on the line.
Yes? - We got it.
- Bring it over.
You got the bread? - You'll see it when you get here.
- Okay.
In about an hour.
One hour.
He's got it.
Let him wait.
You and I have things to talk about.
Things like what? Well, suppose I could get a buyer for those jewels? A buyer who would pay more than your man.
Sweetheart, I don't deliver those jewels I'm a dead man.
Well, you could go off somewhere.
Let me handle it my way and I'll join you when it's cool.
Jena, I'm not gonna run for the rest of my life.
I promised to deliver that stuff and that's what I'm gonna do.
Charlie, let me do it my way.
Now, you listen.
I can't stand welchers, you know that.
We had a deal.
I heist the jewels.
I deliver them to my man.
We cut the take after I make his payoff.
Now, that's the way it's going to be.
I love you.
What's love got to do with it? You're right.
What has love got to do with it? Champagne's ready.
Least you can do is have a drink with a lady.
Boomer, stay here.
Keep your eyes on the goodies.
You persuaded me.
To us.
To us.
I gotta go meet my man.
See you later.
Yeah? Hurry back.
I will.
You switched the cases? Oh, yeah.
He'll be killed.
It's real.
Well? It's glass.
There's been a mistake.
Well, this is not what you think it is.
There's just been a mistake.
You owe us a million dollars.
I don't have it.
I mean, I will get it.
It's gonna take me some time.
You have got to believe me.
I didn't know anything about this.
I'm going out and take a look.
All right.