Mistresses (US) s04e11 Episode Script

Fight or Flight

1 Previously on "Mistresses" We don't want your mommy finding out what I did, do we? The IRS is investigating my company for fraud.
The Food Network had interest in a second season of my show.
Call and see if we could work something out.
- Marc: Uh, leave a message.
- Hey, Marc, it's April.
I'd like to talk if you get a chance.
- I can't sleep.
- They're not there.
I assume you were looking for these.
[Pills rattle] What's going on, Joss? You looked through my stuff? - What are these? - [Sighs] Wow.
I can't believe That's really Frickin' looking through my stuff.
Hardly think that's the point.
- It's a point.
- So what are they? You know what? I don't know.
- You don't know? - No.
They're not mine.
Right, they're not yours.
Yep, they're Stacey's.
You know, my client.
What are they for? Panic? Anxiety? Right.
So, why has the label been torn off? - What? - The label.
It's clearly been torn off.
Oh, because of her overprotective, you know, father/manager, in case he finds them so he doesn't know what they are.
Well, her father spends a lot of time in our closet, does he? [Pillow thuds] Wow.
I-I can't do this.
W-W-What can't you do? Nothing, Harry.
- Tell the truth? No.
I ca I can't do this.
I can't I can't do this.
I can't do us.
You know, I-I [sighs] I don't think that we should get married.
[Chuckles] Have you completely lost your mind? You don't want to, either! What are The way things have been going around here, I mean, we're fighting nonstop.
I'm sleeping on the frickin' couch, for God sakes.
- That was your choice, Joss.
- Yeah, because it's a lot less lonely than sleeping next to a stranger.
I'm the str - Okay.
Would you stop and look at me?! - I'm looking! Joss, you're popping pills, and you're lying to me.
- I'm not lying! - You lied about Scott.
Scott told me that he was still in love with me.
And I-I didn't think that you needed to go through all of those feelings again, so I lied about it, so you're welcome.
It's not just the lies.
It's the things you don't say.
Of course it is.
Joss, you've been so closed off to me, - so secretive since I got back - Oh, my God.
And every time I've tried to talk to you - About what's going on, about what hap - Excuse me.
Seriously, not now! - That night with Wilson - Harry, seriously.
You run off to that cult of 12 angry women They're not a cult! They are a group of people that have been there for me, which is more than I can say about you! What the hell is that supposed to mean? You abandoned me, Harry! You abandoned me during the most vulnerable and harrowing time in my life.
You got on a plane, and you frickin' went back to Europe.
I wanted to stay for the trial, Joss.
I insisted on staying, but you told me to go, remember? You told me to go.
The hell did I know? I was traumatized and confused! I mean, this the man who sped down the freeway to stop me from marrying Scott? That guy He would have never left my side for anything.
But this This guy, I don't [Sighs] So, what do you think? This is the sixth outfit you've shown me, you do realize that.
You sure he's gonna be there? Marc wouldn't let Lucy down.
She's been preparing for this debate for weeks now.
And regardless of how he's feeling about me How is he feeling about you? How the hell should I know? He hasn't called me back.
God, I hate missing him this much and not knowing what he wants.
Well, he got what he wants.
He just doesn't know it yet.
What do you mean? Well, he wanted you to choose him over Marjorie, and you did that, right? - Right.
- Well, once he knows it, patching things up with him shouldn't be that hard.
[Door opens, closes] [Gasps] [Baby voice] Wook who's here.
It's Wydia.
[Vivian coos] Yes.
Yes, it is! Um, all right, I'll let you go.
[Normal voice] Still not natural? Getting there.
[Laughs] Lyd, would you grab, uh, towels? Viv's put squash everywhere.
There we go.
Karen, um, um, this job isn't gonna work out for me anymore.
- What?! - Yeah, the commute is just too long, and you know I like you and I love Vivian, but I-I can't.
Slow down.
Just slow down.
Where's all this coming from? Is it a question of money? If the commute is a problem, we can find you an apartment nearby.
What, so I can have even less of a life? Oh, Lydia.
You know, I know that you and Adam are getting more serious and you'll want me to work more weekends.
But if I'm babysitting every Friday and Saturday night, I can't exactly go on dates and Look, we can make this work.
We can trade weekend nights.
You've been part of our lives.
We couldn't stand to lose you now.
Vivian would be devastated.
There's banana in her ear.
Devastated and deaf.
[Laughs] See how much we need you? No one's ever said that to me before.
That they needed me.
Jonathan: When? That's great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[Laughs] Harry, my friend.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
It's a gorgeous day, isn't it? Yeah, well, same as yesterday, I guess.
Harry, first rule of living in Los Angeles.
Treat every sunny day as the first, or you will stop appreciating it.
- [Chuckles] - Yeah.
- Dalia? - Ah, listen, Jonathan, - there's something I - First, champagne.
Thank you.
- What? - The audit is over.
The IRS off my back.
[Laughs] Didn't I tell you to trust me? - Cheers! - Wow, Jonathan, I, uh I'm so happy for you that the audit is over.
I really am, but, um, the Food Network has offered me a second season of my show, and I'm gonna do it.
I just thought you should hear it from me first.
Well, look, t-this audit, it could have taken 6 or 12 months, and there were no guarantees.
It's not personal, Jonathan.
Look, I'm truly sorry.
- Have you signed yet? - Uh, what? The Food Network, have you signed a contract yet? No, I haven't signed, but it's Give me 48 hours.
Let me dazzle you.
[Chuckles] I guess I could stand to be dazzled.
[Chuckles] April: I'm so proud of you.
You kicked some major butt in there, I mean, major butt.
Please stop saying "major butt.
" That quote of Margaret Atwood's you pulled out "An eye for an eye only leads to more blindness" - Absolutely brilliant.
- It's not like I made it up.
Sweetie! Why are you not happy? Marc didn't show up.
Oh, honey, that's not about you.
He knew that I was gonna be here and probably just didn't want to see - Didn't want to see what? - [Laughs] My girl wipe the floor with those bumbling idiots up there? - [Laughs] - You made it! Yeah, of course I made it.
Little late coming from rehearsal, so I had to stand in the back, but I saw your whole thing.
I'm proud of you, kiddo.
Thank you.
Well, I'm gonna head off.
- What?! - What?! Noel's mom was gonna take us for pizza.
He asked me to be his girlfriend yesterday, and I said yes, so it's kind of a date.
See you at home? And I'll take you to dinner soon to celebrate.
The debate, not the boyfriend.
Boyfriend? Did you just say boyfriend? Well, she said it first.
[Sighs] Well, it was nice to see you, April.
I kicked my mother out.
- Oh.
- It became clear that she Well, she certainly wasn't bringing out the best in me.
Look, Marc, there is so much we should talk about.
Can we grab a coffee or something? - [Horn honks] - Come on, baby.
We got to get back.
"Baby"? [Sighs] We were broken up, April.
[Grunts] [Grunts] Man: That ain't a piñata.
When the moon is bleeding red There's no candy coming out.
Woke up stoned in the backseat From a dream where my teeth fell out of my head Can I help you with something? Is Jackie here? Cut it up, cut it up, yeah Uh, who are you? I'm Lee Cheron.
Marisol's ex.
[Music fades] I see you made bail.
Bail? [Scoffs] No, mónita.
Charges were dropped.
I'm a free man.
Seems the cops had nothing that'd hold up in court, you know? - Wilson? - Where you going? [Grunts] Your fist prints on her dead body those weren't enough? You just give Jackie a message for me, huh? Marisol's death is on her.
You see, me and Mari We had a good thing going.
- Uh-huh.
- Until you bitches got in her head.
Marisol was a beautiful, gentle woman, and you turned her into someone else.
Her fighting back? That took things to a level it had never gone before.
So if it weren't for this place Marisol would still be alive.
So you tell Jackie that.
And that I'll be seeing you girls around.
[Velcro tears] [Breathes shakily] Joss: You should have seen how smug he was, with his smug freakin' face, flaunting his freedom and threatening us.
What do you mean "threatening us"? Did you not hear what I just said? He blames us for Marisol's death.
- That's ridiculous.
- Yeah, of course it's ridiculous.
But I-it's ridiculous to a sane per I know the guy.
He's too much of a coward to come after us.
Okay, and and the next woman that gets in his bed Are are you okay with her ending up in the hospital or the morgue, Jackie? Come on, guys.
If the cops aren't gonna do anything, we have to.
Right, ladies? Wow.
What did you have in mind? [Indistinct conversations] Ooh, wow.
Those look gorgeous.
Oh, you think so? Think they look gorgeous? Of course you do.
Because everyone loves things that are fresh and new.
Okay, this is the part where I ask, are we still talking about the muffins? We're obviously not talking about the muffins.
We're talking about Marc and how he could not wait five minutes after leaving our house to get together with that singer of his.
Do you want to talk about it? [Sighs] Actually, no, I do not want to talk about it.
I don't even want to think about it.
Right now, I just want to be left alone.
My mama always told me to be careful of the boys - April? - What?! Always know just want to say Michael? - Oh, I'm so sorry.
- That's okay, April.
[Chuckles] That wasn't aimed at you or Randy.
Sorry, Randy! Ah, that wasn't one of my finest moments.
Not that I've shown you many stellar ones, have I? That e-mail you sent was maybe one of the finest moments in the history of fine moments.
You know how I love you so Really? Yeah.
I have this habit of forgetting that not everybody's been in transition for years.
Sometimes I have to remind myself to have a little patience with friends who maybe need a chance to catch up.
- Friends? - If you'll have me.
[Chuckles] Searching further down the road Our hearts become refined as gold Now, what was that that I walked in on? As we grow old Oh.
[Sighs] Lessons learned and love defined - Hi.
- Hi.
Message from April.
Oh, no! What a bastard! [Sighs] That was a heavy sigh.
It was a sigh of relief, actually, for being in this part of a relationship, the beautiful beginning where everything is perfect and not at the end, where everything is pain.
Everything's perfect? - Did I say that? - No, d-don't regret it.
Hearing that gives me the courage to do this.
- What did you do? - [Chuckles] - Adam, are these Onyx? - Yep.
It's my absolute favorite stone.
How on earth did you know? Call it a hunch.
I took I took it too far, didn't I? Damn jewelry move.
[Chuckles] These are good tears.
Good tears? I-I know I I went out on a limb.
And I want to return the gesture.
Well, you know I'm not a jewelry-wearing man.
[Laughs] What I meant was, I think it's time I introduce you to my friends.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
I-Is this April person one of your friends? Because when I nodded earlier, I actually had no idea who you were talking about.
God, I I like you.
I like you, too.
[Keyboard keys clacking] [Sighs] [Mouse clicks] - That is That's great news, um - Yo! [Chuckles] The president of the network wants to meet? Wow.
That's At their offices or Okay, yep.
Hey, listen, and don't tell him anything about Jonathan, okay? I want to play this my way.
Thank you.
Wh Did we have a surfing date that I forgot about? No, no, I God, I can't talk about my girl problems without asking Is everything okay with you and Joss? It's never a good sign when someone's sleeping on the couch.
Things have gotten pretty dark.
What do you mean "dark"? Do you know what? Is it okay if we don't go down this Yep, yep.
Yeah, totally fine.
I just, uh I really need to stay focused.
This is a crucial moment in my career.
So the Food Network's happening, huh? Yeah, not unless Jonathan makes me a better offer.
Jonathan? I thought you were done with that guy.
No, listen, mate.
You get two good options on the table, you leverage one against the other.
It seems kind of risky.
I don't mean to sound like a douche, but this is how it's done in the big time, right? Mm-hmm.
[Sighs] Wait a second.
What's up with you there, chap? You look like you mowed down a dog.
A pretty messed-up thing happened with April yesterday.
She found out I slept with Sofia.
You slept with Sofia? Your hot, ex-girlfriend, singer Sofia? Mm-hmm.
[Inhales deeply] And I think April was trying to patch things up with me when she realized.
- Oh, boy.
- I know.
That look on her face Oh, God.
It just killed me.
But she was the one who basically ended things.
- Well, do you still love her? - Of course.
But I got to tell you, being with Sofia feels pretty nice.
You know, it's free from all the heaviness.
And it's the way she looks at me, like I'm more than enough just the way that I am.
I mean, that doesn't suck, either.
I bet.
Give me some advice here? And if you tell me to go "leverage one girl against the other", we cannot be friends anymore.
But that's kind of what you're doing, isn't it? Till you make a choice.
Who do you want to be with? I'm really sorry.
We both are.
And I know hearing this must hurt.
We just can't deny how great we are together.
She and I want the same things, we're committed to this journey, and we just feel like we can't be held back anymore.
You got one hour to get all your crap out of my house.
Well, that went well.
[Sighs] So, where you gonna stay? You know, I don't know.
Well, here's a thought My place.
What? You're really gonna spend your money on some seedy motel near the airport? - Sofia.
- Marc.
Sleep in my bed, crash on my couch.
There's no pressure.
I don't care.
What's the worst that could happen? We find out we like to see each other every night, every morning? Think about it.
[Door opens, closes] You look pretty.
Where are you going? Karen is having a party to introduce us to her boyfriend.
Karen has a boyfriend.
And you have a boyfriend.
And Joss has a fiancé.
I have a smaller house that I bought, by the way, so a man who no longer lives in it could feel more at home.
I don't have a boyfriend anymore.
What happened? Noel dumped me today.
He just asked you out two days ago! What the hell is up with these fickle-ass men? Okay.
You know what? That's it.
I'm gonna cancel my plans.
No, Mom, don't, really.
We can order in and watch movies.
I'm going to dinner with Marc.
It's the one to celebrate the debate.
But don't worry.
I'm gonna totally talk you up.
Lucy, sit down.
- Do I really have to? - Park it.
Look, I know you have hopes of me and Marc getting back together, but you should know that it's not happening.
- [Groans] Why? What'd you do? - Me? Well, didn't you talk to him yesterday? I thought you were going to apologize.
- He's seeing someone else.
- What? Already? Well, there's no way I'm going to dinner with him now! Lucy, no, don't do that.
You have your own relationship with Marc.
It's important to you, and it's important to him.
I just thought you should know about her from me.
It's not the kind of thing you want to get blindsided by.
You can't stop the lights from turning on [Indistinct conversations] [Camera shutter clicks] Though these words brought back They come back hard and strong Harry! There you are.
Stu, good to see you, man.
[Laughs] And very odd to see myself like this.
My, uh, teeth are two feet tall.
Well, this is a party celebrating our family.
And you were part of that family last season, and we are very excited at the prospect of having you join us again.
Well, you know, I loved every moment of it, Stu.
Ah, I'm happy to hear that.
I want to tell you something.
It only gets better from here.
Because this year Oh, perfect.
There you go.
- Ha.
Cheers! - Cheers.
This year, it's your show.
It's not Rocco's show, it's your show.
And I'm giving you the Thursday 9:00 p.
Wow, that's that's pretty prime real estate.
You know Donatello? He's got 8:00 p.
Now, he's got 7 million viewers, he just signed a book deal, opened a restaurant in Las Vegas, and is ready to launch a fleet of food trucks.
And last year, he was in the exact same position you are right now.
That means that that is the future you.
[Scoffs] Uh, you know what, Stu? I-I feel like, um I should tell you I have other offers.
You know what? You should have other offers.
Yeah, I don't want to name names, but it's it's You know what? I was gonna save this for after you signed the contracts, but we've been in talks with some very heavy-hitter producers A whole new level of stuff for the show.
Do this for me.
Come by tomorrow, hear what they have to say.
If you like what they have to say, the contracts will be ready for you.
It's just so unfair.
So, they just let this Lee guy go? Oh, they say the system is broken, but it's worse than that, it's dangerous.
You know, they they kept me, an innocent woman, in prison for months, but they let this scumbag, mouth-breathing douchebag out just to troll the freakin' streets.
Oh, sorry, Viv.
- It's awful.
- It's horrible.
[Sighing] Yeah, it's just Just unjust.
But, sweetie, I mean, what can you do? [Scoff] Well, me and my Impact friends can ambush him and beat him within an inch of his life and tell him that if he ever thinks about hurting another woman again, we'll come back and finish the job.
- Okay.
- How about that? Here we go.
[Clears throat] Honey, um What? Oh, guys, I'm kidding.
Because you know that would be crazy.
- And stupid.
- And crazy.
Okay, I'm just blowing off some steam here.
[Knock on the door] Are you gonna get that? Kidding! Believing.
[Door opens] Karen: Hi, Adam.
Adam: Hey, little one.
How you doing? [Door closes] - Hey.
- Hey.
This is April.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
[Indistinct conversations] You can't even look at me? You brought your girlfriend to my debate? She's not my girlfriend, and I didn't bring her.
In fact, I asked her to wait in the side street, but she [inhales sharply] took it upon herself to Anyway, let's not talk about Sofia.
Can we talk about you, please? What happened with Noel? He started being weird right after I beat him in the debate.
Crushed him is more like it.
And then he said I was rubbing it in by bringing my trophy to pizza, but really I wasn't.
I mean, there was no place to it.
I guess I could have left it with my mom.
Whoa, hey, hey, hey.
Don't you ever do that.
Don't ever apologize for your victories.
And this Noel jerk Good riddance.
You should never be with someone who tries to dim your light.
Is that what my mom did? Try to dim your light? - It's complicated, Luce.
- Aren't all families complicated? [Sighs] Well, I thought we were a family.
[Sighs] I'm so sorry to hear about what happened with Marc.
Oh, he was there when I got your message.
- What did I miss? What happened? - Marc slept with the singer chick.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
He's out with Lucy right now.
Lucy's the new girlfriend? - What? - Oh, no.
- Ew! - No, no.
She's my daughter.
What a sleazeball! [Laughs] No, no.
I-It's not like that.
She's 14.
He's a father-figure to her.
They, um, have a relationship.
We don't.
They do, but we, uh, don't.
[Clears throat] But I feel that this is my real sunrise Karen: Oh.
Oh, my God! I'm so sorry.
I almost forgot dinner.
You need some help in the kitchen, doll-face? Uh, no.
Thank you, babe.
[Chuckles] So, um, tell me again, how did you two meet? - Online.
- At spin class.
New love, new love We didn't meet online.
Well, we we saw each other for the first time at a spin class, but our courtship was online.
What are you talking about? What are you talking about? Heart HeartDuet.
[Scoffs] What the hell is that? Is this a joke? I found you from your online dating profile.
I don't have an online profile.
Should we go? Maybe we should go.
Karen, I-I got to say, I'm not finding this very funny.
Do you see me laughing? All right, that's it.
- What are you doing? - I'm pulling up your profile and our 50-some-odd correspondences.
[Sighs] See, I'm not there.
So can we stop this weird thing you're doing? Okay, wait.
Just wait a second.
That's on my profile.
I didn't put these up.
I didn't put any of these up.
All these e-mails back and forth? How long did this go on for? I don't know, a couple of weeks.
[Sighs] I've heard of this, um This thing called "catfishing," where famous people's accounts get hacked and used for this kind of stuff.
Maybe someone who read my book? Your readers know your schedule? This person told me to meet you at Strength Cycle.
[Scoffs] Oh, my God.
[Knock on door] [Sighs] Morning.
I brought bagels.
He's not fighting for me, Michael.
No! I'm too nauseous.
Hair of the dog.
Come on.
Chug it.
[Inhales, exhales deeply] Ugh! [Sighs] I am such a fool.
Why? After I ended it with Marc, there was a part of me that thought it was just theater, you know? Like, I was doing something dramatic to wake him up and then after a few days away from me He'd realize what he'd be losing.
Well, apparently he realized he wouldn't be losing much.
And you say this pitiful thing because he slept with another Yes! Because he slept with another woman! So what? So what? - Are you fighting for him right now? - No! Well, that's just sexist, archaic, and downright weird.
How is it any of those things? Because you want him back.
[Sighs] [Cellphone chimes] What? - [Cellphone swooshes] - So? [Scoffs] There is no other plan.
[Gasps] No, no, no, no.
I'll get him alone.
"Karen Kim, 40 years old.
Psychiatrist, author, mother of one.
Born in Donghae, South Korea, under a full summer moon.
" Creative.
- I can explain.
- Get the hell out of my house.
I just needed your beauty and your accomplishments to get someone who wouldn't talk to me to actually want to talk to me.
Do you realize I had sex with this man and brought him into my home, introduced him to my daughter, all because of a comfort I felt with him that was not at all real? Do you know how violating that is? How humiliating? I'm sorry.
You are so sick, is what you are.
Can I at least say goodbye to Vivian? If you come within 100 feet of my daughter ever again, and I'm calling the police.
Oh, and I'd find a new career.
You're not fit to work with children.
I'll be letting all the agencies know.
[Door opens, closes] Setting sun, covers everything like night Oh Jonathan: Hi, it's Jonathan.
Leave a message.
Hey, Jonathan.
It's Harry Davis.
Um, yeah, it's been two days, and I haven't heard from you, so just checking in before things become final.
Um, yeah, okay, then.
Like a moving light, you keep flowing Oh, hey.
Hold on.
There he is.
Harry, come on back! - Hey! - Oh, I'm so excited to see you.
I want you to meet our investors and producers.
This is Chloe DuBont.
- Hello.
- And Jonathan Amadi.
Hello, Harry.
Oh, good.
You guys know each other.
Jonathan was just telling us some of his new ideas.
Beginning with a change in casting.
I'm thinking Padma Lakshmi would be a much better choice for this project than Harry.
Uh, um, could Jonathan, could I speak to you? Would you excuse us, please? I promised you'd be dazzled.
And unlike you, I'm a man of my word.
What I feel now Behind the wheel now Oh, uh, a double vodka, straight up.
She'll have a lite beer.
It's so real now I gotta go now Let it flow now Are you sure you want to do this? Listen to me, when I tell you, I want you to go to the bathroom and come back in two minutes.
Two minutes, do you hear me? No more, no less.
Yeah With desire, baby Yeah I'm burnin' rubber Okay, go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah This is my high Whoa.
[Chuckles] Hola, mami.
[Clicks tongue] What, is she gonna drop-kick me or something? [Laughter] I need to talk to you, Lee, but I have to make it fast because if my friends find out, they're gonna kill me.
So, talk.
How about a little privacy? All right.
Make it so now Yeah I'm on fire Yeah With desire, baby [Chuckles] Yeah So, Lee, you know, I-I've been thinking about what you said about Jackie messing Messing with Marisol.
And, I don't know, I think she messes with all of us.
Like, that freakin' place, it brainwashes people, yeah? [Sighs] It's like a lot of those girls, they just They like it rough.
It's like they get off on it or something.
I mean, even Marisol.
She told me that it was your dominance that turned her on.
[Both chuckle] You know, she She also told her diary.
Marisol kept a diary? Yeah, I found it in her locker at Impact.
I don't know.
The cops must have missed it.
But, Lee, there's There's some things in there that might not look good for you.
Some things that could reopen a case.
I ca I can't right now, but I have it back at my place.
Will you meet me there in an hour? I'll be alone then.
I think maybe you should be, too, yeah? Let's go.
[Groans] Hey.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm good.
Let's go.
[Engine shuts off] Jackie: All right, let's go over this one more time.
When Lee's car arrives, we all just stay in the van.
Once he gets in the doorway, that's when we'll hit him.
We'll grab him, drag him into the alley, and we will put the fear of God in him.
But when I say stop, we stop.
You hear me? - Yep.
- Yeah.
- Got it.
- Got it.
Karen: You want to talk first, or should I? I got to say I'm a little freaked out.
I fell in love with you over e-mail.
But it was Lydia writing for you, or for herself, I don't know.
The whole thing is It's just weird.
Well, how do you think I feel? I'm walking around thinking, "God, this guy really gets me.
" Intuitively, he gets me.
"And sees me in ways I wasn't even trying to show.
" But you didn't see me.
You saw a cheat sheet.
Well, that's not 100% true.
You saw me wearing my Onyx necklace in one of my profile pictures.
That's how you knew I liked these.
Yeah, I saw a picture, and I gave you a thoughtful gift.
I'm sorry, Adam.
I just can't pretend this is real.
So that's it? K-Karen.
[Mouse clicks] [April sighs] [Sighs] He's showing up.
He has to.
Oh, that's him.
Jackie: All right, let Joss go first.
[Gun cocks] [Crying] - He's got a gun.
- Then we're done here.
- We're going.
That's it.
- No.
Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing, Joss? No! No, no, no, no! Let me disarm him.
- I can disarm him.
- No, no, no.
We're going.
- You want to get shot?! - Stop.
We can do this.
Let it go.
- Joss, this is dangerous! - No.
Then I'm going alone.
- Hey! - Joss.
- Shh! - Joss, don't do this! [Whistles] Thought you were gonna stand me up.
Yeah? Just keeping you on your toes.
[Chuckles] [Laughs] You like it rough, right? [Gasps] Yeah.
[Grunting] What the hell, you frickin' bitch?! [Grunts] This is for Marisol, you son of a bitch! You so much as slap another woman, yeah? You scared, Lee? Yeah, you feeling helpless, huh? [Grunts] - Come on! - Aah! What are you gonna do now, huh? That's what I thought.
[Spits] You're gonna pay for this, you bitch.
Yeah? Yeah? Yeah? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Jackie: Joss! Joss.
Don't do this! Joss! Get off me! [Panting] Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[Scoffs] [Ringing] [Cellphone ringing] - Hi, honey.
- He didn't show.
I made turducken and lit my house on fire, and he didn't show.
I can come over and commiserate.
Vivian's with Alec.
Thanks, but I'm exhausted.
I think I'm just gonna leave this entire mess here and drag my rejected ass to bed.
Will you be okay alone? Yeah, I've got some reading I need to finish.
Love you.
[Mouse clicks] [Ringing] Adam: You haven't reached Adam.
You might as well leave a message.
[Beep] Um, I-I was a jerk earlier today, Adam.
I-I don't care how we met.
I don't care that you had a Wikipedia of information about me.
What I do care about is, when I was with you, I felt good.
I was happy.
Maybe the happiest I've ever been.
[Sighs] If this moves you at all, will you call me? Or come over? Just please come over.
[Sighs] Oh, this is Karen, by the way.
[Sighs] [Keys jingle] [Door opens] This isn't the me I want to be.
[Sighs] Me neither.
[Sniffles] Oh, God, me neither.
Oh, God.
[Crying] The pills were mine.
Yeah, I know.
I needed them to cope, Harry, but I'm really not coping.
I shouldn't have left you, Joss.
I'll never leave you again, okay? [Sighs] I need help.
And I need to tell you [Sniffles] Tell me what? [Voice breaking] About that night.
[Knock on door] Oh, my God.
He came.
[Lighter clicking] [Scoffs] - I'm late.
- I don't care.
- Can I come in? - Oh! Of course.
Uh, the food looked better earlier.
I looked better, too.
- April, this is Wow.
- Marc, I really miss you.
- I miss you, too.
- I'm so sorry for the way things ended.
[Inhales deeply] I'm sorry, too.
I want you back, Marc.
Look, I know things weren't great with us, even before my mother moved in.
I was judgmental and fearful, and I think I acted from that place pretty much all the time.
But the reality of losing you has made me want to be my best self.
And I know that means helping you be your best self.
This isn't a good version of me? No, it's a great version.
It's the version where you're courageously going after your dream, and I want to help you do that.
However bumpy the road is, I am ready to tolerate the discomfort.
Whether it's your past with Sofia If it's actually the past Your lack of income, if you have to travel, whatever it is.
When those fearful or critical voices come up, I'm going to work through them privately and keep my mouth shut.
Well, first of all, Sofia is in the past, romantically speaking.
The music's going great for us, and I'm not about to ruin that by crapping where I eat.
- Sounds like a wise decision - And also she isn't you.
But I just don't know if I can be with someone who has to tolerate me, April.
No, no.
That's That's not what I meant.
Look, look, I don't blame you for having your fears and your needs.
And they're all legitimate.
But even if you don't say them out loud, don't you think I can hear them? That I can feel them between us? April, in my heart, in my bones, I love you.
But I'm a decade late to the starting line here, and this music career is gonna take everything I've got.
And I'm gonna have my own self-doubt to deal with, and I just can't I just can't carry the weight of disappointing you, too.
[Sighs] - Maybe one day we can try - Yeah, maybe.
Do me a favor Just keep me near [Sniffles] I don't know, I just promised myself I'd never feel that powerless ever again.
Joss, you're not powerless.
You are the strongest person I know.
Or the craziest.
Tonight with Lee.
Listen, anyone who went through what you went through And, look, we're gonna get you help, okay? And I will be there.
I will be there every step of the way.
Where are we now? You sure you still want to marry me? You've got me thinkin' I never stopped wanting to.
Where are we now? But you should probably know what you're getting yourself into.
We're falling further from our love I tanked my entire career today.
[Both laugh] Don't you wait That's the correct response.
Thank you.
[Laughs] Ugh.
From a distance, we stopped trying - [April crying] - Mom, you okay? [Clears throat] In the bath.
I'll be out in a minute.
No rush.
Just wanted to tell you Noel apologized and we got back together.
Happy for you, sweetie! [Chuckles] Wait.
Um, how did things go with you and Marc? [Sighs] Oh, not good, hon.
Don't you wait Then I guess we'll just have to move on.
[Sniffles] [Sighs] [Sniffles]