Mob Psycho 100 (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

Urban Legends ~Encountering Rumors~

1 This is so boring, Mob.
Ura Sunday Doesn't that just mean no one's being bothered by spirits? I hate this.
It's really peaceful.
But we need food on our table! We have to make a move.
You don't know what true fear is Urban Legends Enter Mob Psycho Urban Legends ~Encountering Rumors~ Urban legends? Yeah.
Surely you've discussed some with friends at some point.
I haven't, actually.
Really? They were super popular when I was a kid.
Like Hanako-san in the bathroom or the human-faced dog Or, if you want something newer, the Dragger.
We'll look up sighting reports online and follow these urban legends.
So it's like when we went to find the tsuchinoko? Not quite.
The Dragger is completely made up.
She doesn't exist.
Then, why Places where urban legends are popular tend to have a lot of people who easily believe in the supernatural.
Meaning they're gold mines for exorcism jobs.
You're so excited about this Schadenfreude search.
The key to successful walk-in sales is a smile! Spiritual Advice Spiritual Advice That table is really low.
I didn't think this through.
Those are some cold stares Uh, we might be bothering the pedestrians.
Hey, you two.
Who said you could conduct your business here? You dare set up shop here knowing that I, Rising Sun Spiritual Union Shinra Banshomaru Shinra Banshomaru, the greatest psychic of this century, hold jurisdiction here? He's the "greatest of this century," too? What do you mean, jurisdiction? You're not a member of the Rising Sun Spiritual Union? I'm a freelancer.
The name's Reigen Arataka.
If you're also running a spirit con—business, could you introduce me to some clients? I haven't had too many lately.
I'm not about to help a business rival.
Begone at once! I respectfully decline.
What authority do you have? Free psychic readings This is clearly a traffic violation.
You guys have no right to bring up the law.
And what do you mean by that? Um Are you psychics? Yes? I'd like to discuss something with you.
Happy to help you out, ma'am! But of course! So what did you want to discuss? I've always been susceptible to spirits.
I often attract ghosts and other strange phenomena near me.
Even as we speak, there's something next to me Next to you? I don't— There definitely is.
I see it.
Hey, stop making things up.
What did you say, you swine? Give me a break.
Fakes like you make my job so much harder.
Right, Mob? It's the spirit of a middle-aged man.
Let's get back on track.
Thank goodness.
You're actual psychics.
When I asked about it on the internet, all I got was irresponsible advice.
What are you writing? I can't believe I never thought about a website.
I'll make one as soon as I'm home.
And lately, I've been feeling a really bad aura.
I've only been able to get by thanks to having a plate of salt in my apartment.
I see.
Textbooks confirm the effectiveness of piles of salt.
Even as we speak, the sodium from this pile of French fries is mitigating the negative effects.
Mob, don't eat too many of those.
But then I realized that the reason this eerie feeling has gotten worse lately is because of the sudden spread of urban legends around this city.
Cuticle City Urban Legends Human-Faced Dog It's said that the vengeful spirit of a middle-aged man who committed suicide possessed a dog.
It rummages through the trash downtown, and if you call it, it'll say, "Just leave me alone.
" Dash Granny When you're driving on the freeway in the middle of the night, you might hear a tapping on your window.
You'll then see a granny running alongside your car at the same speed.
Apparently, if she outruns you, you'll get into a car accident.
The Red Raincoat It wanders endlessly through the city in the rain, dressed in all red.
If someone sees the red raincoat, they will die.
However, if you're wearing something red, your life will be spared.
The Dragger Dressed in torn white clothing, the Dragger drags people around until they are but lumps of meat.
When she was human, she suffered from horrible bullying, and from that hatred, she'll capture children and drag them around.
Human-Faced Dog, Dash Granny, the Red Raincoat, and of course the Dragger.
Please, eliminate all of these urban legends.
Come on Who would take such an impossible request? Please leave it to me, Reigen Arataka! I'll make sure they're wiped off the face of this earth! So, which course would you like to go with? "Course"? I recommend this weekend combo deal I must say, I was surprised you accepted a request like that.
And 20,000 yen if the request works out? You'd ask for about that much, wouldn't you? I generally start at 200,000.
If I actually took on this request, it'd be more than 500,000— Well, you'll still be helping me with this.
I'm sorry? What did he just say? Let's get going.
If we keep wasting time, the sun's gonna go down.
Um Shinrin Maruo, was it? It's Shinra Banshomaru, and I'm not going to help you! Shinra Banshomaru You heard her out with me, so don't you dare run away.
That makes no sense.
I'll make sure you get your cut.
Let's split up and do some investigating.
New Star of the Psychic World Let's remember the three Cs: contact, communicate, and consult.
Oh, fine.
I'll consider this charity work and help you out.
Yeah, I'm counting on you.
Like you have anything better to do.
Mob, is Dimple around? Dimple, you're being summoned.
What do you want? I'm making myself less visible because I'm sick of talking to you.
Come on, don't be like that.
We're work buddies.
How?! You just order me around— Tail that chubster using that stealth mode of yours.
Why should I? If he runs off, just let him go.
Nah, I bet he's a super serious moron that does everything by the book.
Meaning, if something were to happen to him, it'd be my fault for making him do this.
Please, Dimple.
It'd be better to avoid any accidents.
Watch out for suspicious people Oh, fine.
This is give and take.
You're going to have to listen to one of my demands sometime soon, Shigeo! What's the matter, Mob? Well, it's like the client said.
Something's weird about this town.
There might actually be something here.
Why did we come to an internet café? If I go around questioning kids, people might think I'm someone suspicious.
Cuticle Middle School Dark Messageboard My teacher is so frickin' annoying.
Who do they think they are, bossing me around every day? Totally ignoring them.
Another crappy day~ Name: Student A Date: 9/28 (Fri) 16:43 Make sure you keep posting! (^o^)/ Wow.
It's all just a bunch of complaints.
Someone was sucking up to the math teacher today.
It was so gross.
Do people seriously enjoy doing that? 2953.
Hey, did you see? Name: Student A Date: 9/28 (Fri) 16:16 The old guy with the bad eyes who lives on Fourth has a human-faced dog lololol \h\h\h2954.
Re: Hey, did you see? Name: Student D Date: 9/28 (Fri) 16:23 For real? Should go check it out sometime, lol There must be something useful within this barrage of complaints 2957.
Re: This is scary I've heard of her, but I don't know anyone who's seen her Did you hear that the dash granny showed up in OO Tunnel? Name: Student C Date: 9/23 (Sun) 17:12 2956.
This is scary \h\h\h\h2955.
Re: Re: Hey, did you see? Name: Student E Date: 9/28 (Fri) 16:26 I wanna go, too lolol Hey, look! Cuticle Park Sighting report! We saw an old guy in red earlier.
He tried to talk to us, so we ran away.
What? When?! Wh-Where? Where was he?! Hey, that hurts! Let go! Why's this guy breathing so heavily? O-Oh, I'm sorry.
I just got a bit excited Uh, wait, I didn't mean excited in that kind of way Why are you looking at me like that? We're leaving now.
Hey! You mustn't go alone! You're girls! Get away from us! This guy's a pervert! Hey, stop that! I'm not— Huh? What? Stare Stare N-No! I'm not a pervert! I'm an extremely well-known psychic! Did he just say psychic? Like that doesn't sound shady Ow! Hey, don't throw rocks at me! Ow! That guy was so gross.
Wait! I need that lead! Crap! The girls I was after! Wait, was that Hold it right there! You must be the Red Raincoat! Don't get in my way! There's nothing fun about exposing myself to another guy! So you're a flasher who goes after children? You filthy criminal! This is awesome! Creep versus creep! Get a video of this! I may not look it, but I was vice captain of the sumo club in grade school! I give up! I give up, so let me go! You got me Or so you thought I was on the track team in middle school, fatty! Talk about playing dirty.
But damn, he's fast.
Terror This is the human-faced dog? That looks like marker.
I guess the sighting report was fake.
No, this is definitely the human-faced dog.
What do you mean? This is usually how rumors go.
To grade and middle school kids, this is the real deal.
Hey, someone's at our human-faced dog's house.
We should charge admission.
Whose dog is this? The old guy who lives here.
His eyes are bad, so he hasn't noticed we scribbled on its face.
A-Are you his grandkids? Huh? Why? Hey, you little shits! I'll kick your asses the next time you try to draw on this dog's face! So he says after he actually hit us.
We're gonna tell the PTA on you.
Yeah, just try it.
You know what this world needs? Adults who can keep you little shits in line! Don't think that I, Suzuki Taro, am going to be a pushover like your teachers.
But you use a fake name anyway? You'll give Terror a bath? What a nice young man.
Was he that dirty? Then, I guess I'll take you up on your offer.
Here, Terror.
Look at him happily wag his tail with his ominous-sounding name.
Now, then We'll need before and after pictures for our progress report.
I wonder if he just likes dogs.
Did you know it was just a prank to begin with? Of course I did.
Were you actually looking for a dog with a person's face? There, there.
Dog Shampoo Dirt-be-gone Boney Bones Nom Let's see if we can get some hot water for him.
What? You outta breath? Too bad for you.
I may have been in the sumo club in grade school, but in middle school, I was on the table tennis team! I'm plenty confident about my stamina! You're so out of breath, though.
Why are you chasing me? This has nothing to do with you.
Ever heard of citizen's arrest? Even a civilian can arrest a criminal in the act.
Let the blades of justice strike you down, you pervert! You seriously thought you caught me? I led you here on purpose! I will admit, this all started as an unusual fetish.
But before long, I started finding pleasure in rumors of me spreading around town.
I felt like some kind of celebrity! Just by wearing this raincoat, I feel unstoppable! You wanna turn me in to the police? I'd love to see you try! He passed out.
But he and others saw my face, which will make things harder for me in this town.
Guess it's time to leave.
No Trespassing Who the hell are you? Did you see everything? Hey, aren't you thirsty? What, it's just some crazy bitch? Hey, aren't you thirsty? Yeah Never been thirstier! I'll let you drink until you explode, then! Spirit Hold Spirit Hold! There, now you can't move! Damn it! I've not recovered from being tased! Wha— Where'd she go?! II Mob Psycho II Mob Psycho Guess Reigen was right to send me as insurance! Talk about pressure Her aura's stabbing me left and right.
Guess I'll try to drag out all of this guy's latent powers.
Hey, aren't you thirsty?! You tryin' to hit on me? I'm not a fan of forceful girls! Take that! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! To think his manual would save him this way Spiritual Worldism for Psychics His life comes first I'll happily turn tail and run away! I need to send an SOS! There, all clean.
Mob, how did you get that wet? I shouldn't have helped.
Hello, this is Reigen.
Hey, did you get any info Let's go.
The Dragger showed up.
No wonder she's trending in the urban legends world.
Maybe because she's all over social media, she's got way more energy fueling her.
And now she's going for function over form.
His Achilles tendon just snapped! You damn fatty You need to exercise more.
Please, Dimple.
If I let this guy die, Shigeo will lose faith in me.
And I can't let that happen! He's going to be even bigger someday.
I can't mess up at a place like this.
Oh, shit.
Thanks, Dimple.
Wow, so that's the Dragger? Is that actually her? I need to get a photo for proof.
Huh? She's not showing up on my screen.
She ran! That's a monster born from rumors.
You can't classify her as real or fake.
What do you mean? The imagination of the masses, and their fear and curiosity, is what gave birth to her.
Her looks and her strength was all decided by humans! So you're saying their imagination became reality? Th-That's right And since we know about the Dragger, we won't be able to exorcise her.
Huh? Why? Wasn't there a time as a kid when you were frightened by rumors about her? True The Dragger would appear before kids heading home from school, snatching them up and dragging them into the bog I didn't believe in Santa Claus, but thinking about her on rainy days as I passed street corners would give me goosebumps, too.
That fear is still burned into our brains.
We're even trembling as we speak.
So I'm breaking out in a cold sweat because I'm scared deep down? Powers used in fear only empower its source.
My spiritual powers did nothing.
She grows by absorbing the powers of those who fear her.
Attacking her is futile.
Then we have no choice but to run.
Mob, temporary retreat Wh-What is this?! I'm stuck! This must be her doing.
She's huge! What?! Didn't you hear him, Mob? Your powers will be absorbed, too! Wait, hang on a sec It's actually working! I see Shigeo He's detached from urban legends, fads, and other hot topics among people.
He's completely out of the loop! So he has no idea what makes the Dragger so scary! It's a ghost that appears on rainy days, right? It's not exactly not scary.
You don't get it! The Dragger has a grip strength of 500 kilograms! Once she grabs you, you can't escape! And she can swim 100 meters in 20 seconds! Oh, so that's the kind of character she is.
You'd basically written a fanfic about her in your head, didn't you? You should at least pretend to be scared or shocked by these things.
This is why nobody clues you in.
But you used to say that I didn't have to be like others.
Lip service gains importance as you grow up.
I got injured while I was unconscious? Anyway, thanks.
That was a valuable experience.
I'm going to the police now to talk to them about the flasher.
Guess this is goodbye.
Ow! Yeah, take care.
Well, I guess we should check out Dash Granny before we leave.
Looks like we got here at the perfect time.
Keep your guard up.
There she is! She actually showed up! Mob! Exorcise her! Huh? One more time Huh? What's wrong, Shigeo? She's coming! Hey! Oh, no I can't exorcise her The Dragger doesn't even compare She's too powerful.
What?! Hey, come on now What do we do? There's only one thing we can do! Get away! Run! Hey, what happens if she catches up? Apparently, she jumps on your back and strangles you to death! Run! Run! She's catching up! Step on it, Mob! Turns out she was just some old lady running Couldn't you have used your powers to teleport or something? Why are you crying? Scraped his face Because I run every day But that old lady beat me! Ding It's not a competition, man.
Well, I got that old lady's picture, so I guess our work here's done.
Dash Granny would become Mob's first traumatic experience with urban legends.
Some days later Spirits and Such Consultation Office It's finally done! Take a look, Mob.
Now we'll get even more jobs! What is this? Spirits and Such Consultation Office visitor to this page.
Welcome to Reigen Arataka's homepage! You're the number The star psychic of the 21st century who defeated the Dragger It's shady as hell! Yes! I'm getting one job after another because of my webpage! But wait, Mob's been acting a bit weird.
What's wrong, Mob? Next time on Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 3: "One Danger After Another ~Degeneration~.
" Recording it? That's also a wise decision.
One Danger After Another ~Degeneration~