Modus (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 1+5 is an American anti gay group.
The group must kill a homosexual.
Then, they themselves condemn five other homosexuals to death.
He hates homosexuals, but he has close physical contact with them.
I think he wants us to see that these are murders.
But he also wants to give himself more time.
You remember what he looked like? He saved her from the truck.
I have not seen her.
You have to do something.
your DNA is under her fingernails.
It is you who knows that Hawre lived in the metro.
- Yes.
Are any there any others who live down there? Yes.
Some fringe dwellers have made it their home They spend time around the heating pipes Can we go there now ? - Sure.
- Have you seen anyone with Hawe? - Yes.
Fanny She probably hasn't been there since the murder, not surprising.
There are a lot of people down there now.
- Is it her ? - Yes.
We need a restorer.
I want to see what's under this paint.
There is something strange.
There's no trace of black spraycan here Yes, because we need to ask some questions.
Can we do it by phone ? No, I want to do it in person.
I'm at your desk They are still at the crime scene.
I didn't think I was a suspect any longer.
Not that I have received apologies for this degrading treatment.
It concerns your safety.
It is important.
- I think it is coming soon.
- Perfect.
- This is your father on the wall? - My grandfather.
Bengt Ståhl.
He helped thousands of people financially without any thanks.
Nobody knew he had given the money.
Except you, apparently.
Since my childhood my grandfather and I had many discussions.
About what it means to be a good person.
Is it the person who helps ten and brags, or one who helps many and is silent ? - And which are you ? - Only the devil knows.
Your father didn't participate in these discussions ? We don't have the same point of view on cohabitation or tolerance.
What was so important? The life of my family.
We are investigating the killings.
Five people were associated in death.
L'évêque Elisabeth Lindgren, Isabella Levin, Robin Larsson, Hawre Ghani, you found out and Nicolas Rosén.
We want to offer you protection.
The murders are a sign.
You may be the next victim.
The profiler is appoaching.
We need to push the shipowner harder.
They have closed the traffic on Essingeleden.
An accident, I think we should change our route Where are we going? We could have taken Liljeholm Bron or GrÃndalsbron.
I followed the GPS.
I do not understand why it sent us here.
My God.
Isn't this where the artist was murdered? Are you OK ? Go straight back and keep right Exit to SÃdertäljevägen.
go back, go back.
Now, the heirs are rich it works.
They say that your works are sold at crazy prices.
I find it unfair, but it will always be like that.
- Hello.
- Hello ! What's New ? Nicolas Rosén had an appointment with you, there were three weeks He had a new appointment and he didn't come - You must send the invoice.
- It will lead nowhere.
You remember this artist? At first we thought of an overdose It was him ? Yes Yes We will say that we had a lawful excuse Tobias.
these are old files In the old background workbook your grandfater One of them relates to Nicolas Rosén.
We need to talk work? I think it's better I should clean up a bit before the girls return Yes, that's probably a good idea.
Ingvar! Stop! He has returned.
This is a warning.
He has seen it all.
It probably wasn't very smart to be open about the investigation.
Since he has been here he has seen it all.
How does he know I'm working on the investigation? I don't know.
We'll see if Scientific find something.
He was here.
We have to find a place where you can sleep tonight.
That's what he wants.
Women who fear him.
- Marcus, Patricia does not drink.
- Sorry.
You must file a complaint, for the abuse you have suffered during your arrest - Yes, a Kafkaesque story.
- Yes really.
Can you tell us what you heard in Parliament today? I'll tell you, but you have to promise me that you won't repeat it.
The justice committee met today and informed us the murders, they think you could be a target.
Because you are gay, there is a contract on you issued by a group of crazy extremist Christians in the USA.
It is connected to the murders of the other five homosexuals.
The FBI raided 5 + 1.
They are punishing us for your tolerance It might as well be that as something else.
The economy, sex, color Where does this hatred come from? I don't understand why they want to kill you, Marcus.
My beautiful, beautiful Marcus.
Dad ? Dad ? Dad ! I can't sleep.
Can you sleep with me? Of course.
You will not be able to take her home today.
- Are you kidding? - We can not guarantee your safety.
Stina ! You want some coffee ? Hello.
Now, the police say we can't go! - Yes, he came to our home.
- Yes, thank you, I understand! - the children were eager to return.
- I understand.
Where are you sleeping, if it's so dangerous? - With a friend.
- Who ? Let me talk to Stina.
She is in the shower! Hell, you could have called me, instead of the police! - What were you thining ? - Isak - Yes.
You can send me an SMS, letting me know when I can call, okay? - Okay.
- Thank you.
Did you say that Stina could not come home? - Without telling me? - Your family had to leave.
The escort asked me what to do.
You were Sleeping.
- They are safer there than here.
- Yes, that's not it.
But thank you.
- What is it then? - It is Stina.
It was arrogant of me.
I will take care of breakfast.
That's right, I checked out Marcus Ståhl.
He has inherited the maritime company from his father.
At the time, the company was only small, but Marcus seems to have business sense.
Yes, he has surpassed his father.
I feel there is a rift between them, He has a portrait of his grandfather, on the wall of the office created by his father.
It must be difficult to have become so rich in such a short time, Without making many enemies.
Fanny, who lived with Hawre I was sure she would return.
But the restaurant owner has been there all night and she hasn't returned.
Has he removed the paint? - No, it takes time.
We must put a patrol in the area.
You have to anticipate.
In a few years, to get promoted It is very important you're aware of the issues - Oops! This is a crime scene.
- You want a coffee ? For me ? Thank you.
The work is always more enjoyable on the other side of the street.
We have won three times.
But we must let the homos go.
Get used to it and sliding doors.
Yes, of course.
When someone searches for the security department.
It interests you? Perhaps.
Well, why not? How's it going here? You found witnesses to the murder of the gay prostitute? Probably, they live down there.
A thin girl.
She won't return while you are here.
You are unkind.
Always putting the community down.
- Okay.
You can keep the mug.
- It's not bad.
That way, you already have one, if you are interested.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Certainly.
- See you.
- Yes.
Richard, get away from the tunnel.
It is under surveillance.
- I just have to go inside.
- Not on your own I must be alone.
Otherwise, they will have succeeded in making me afraid of my own home.
They changed the lock.
- We have new technicians? - That is going to take time.
- They must exclude everyone, children - And you.
Yes, and everyone who was in the house legally.
- You will no longer have to drive me.
- We'll see how long it lasts.
Marcus Ståhl.
When we were in his office, you saw his reaction when you told him you were investigating the murders? - What reaction? - I have to think about it.
There was something.
I'll remember you.
You think mom will die? No, because I have kept my promise.
You must promise me not to tell anyone.
Or the mother bird will fly out the window and will never return.
- Hello.
- Hi, you did not send me an SMS.
I thought you were busy.
You can not remember they play? You are sure are you? Damn, why are you always suspicious of what I say? Ask her to call me, Agreed ? Hello.
They are quiet.
I do not hear anything.
What do you want me to say? What were you saying to her? You are divorced.
- You have no right to interfere in her life.
- Mom! Your turn.
I had my go.
- Hello dear ! You knew I was coming? - Yes.
Do you not want to come in? I have baked a cake.
Sadly, I do not have time.
See you.
Kiss! - Is everything OK ? - I remember about Marcus.
When you told Marcus, you were investigating the contract killings, He didn't seem surprised.
Otherwise he would have reacted muchmore emotionally.
Instead, he was calm.
Yes I understand.
There you are.
The girls were thrilled to have Noah?? Yes, come and sit here.
- I love you, Marcus.
- Yes.
- Nicolas Rosén - What is it ? Nicolas was my brother.
My half brother.
The son of my father.
Oh my God.
I thought that Nicolas and you .
I know what you were thinking.
I did not even know his existence until late October.
He visited me.
At the same time fun.
A brother from nowhere.
But it did not last long.
He said he was the sole heir of everything.
- All.
- All ?? All this.
Everything was based on her inheritance and my father.
And why only now? It's been ten years since your father died.
He had just lost his mother.
On her deathbed, she told him that the father he had fought and hated all his life, was not his real father.
His biological father was the very disgusting shipowner Lars Olof Ståhl.
Who decided that Nicolas would be his sole heir.
- Anyone can say that.
- There's a Will.
His mother said he was in a classy law firm.
- He thought he knew where.
- And you.
Typical of this old bastard, any bequeath to a whore.
- It was bad.
- It is finished now.
You know what my father thought about the way we live.
He knew nothing about that whore.
He did it to punish me.
If my father had known Nicolas Rosén was also gay Yes when I went to New York to buy Christmas presents, I was in contact with a man who suggested a solution.
I unleashed a monster.
I did not know I was going to produce a monster.
Hell, you may have sponsored murder? He would take us all.
It was obviously me who also financed the murder of Elizabeth,, Isabella, Robin, and the fellow outside the office.
One is missing.
Yes one is missing? He must kill another before it is finished.
Marcus we must tell the Police.
Yes of course.
I will get a jacket.
No doubt.
The will is valid.
It will ruin Marcus Ståhl.
- Where are you going ? - To the police.
What ? When you took over the firm after your grandfather ? You know that? For three years, the record was gathering dust, and you never had time to verify.
Murder ? Will ? You see the headlines? "The grandson of the star lawyer.
" All for what? Rosen is in a place where money means nothing.
The will may have been destroyed by a careless secretary?? They've finished now.
We can continue our conversation Tomorrow, but we'll stop now.
It may even be there is no will? Perhaps it was only anxiety? He was suffering from anxiety.
He must have thought there was one.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have started it all.
Hello What's going on ? I want to make a statement with information on hate crimes.
There are idiots who abused this girl outside the gay clubgay where Robin worked.
- Dad ! What are you doing here ? - Noah .
Let us turn to recent crimes involving violent personalities.
The Social Democratic Sofie Dahlberg described the events of that day of the "threat to our open society.
" We do not accept hate crimes, and we must be vigilant.
It now blows a strong wind.
We must fight to keep our freedom.
The three young Swedes who beat a woman outside a gay club, said the incident had nothing to do with homosexuality,, but I think this is a threat to homosexuals as a group.
Although his face was in shadow, I do not doubt for a second.
It's him.
So it was him that hurt her.
She had to fight for her life.
So if one is lucky, she has his DNA under her fingernails.
We must immediately disseminate it.
And black wings?? A sign of evil.
Satan is a fallen angel.