Modus (2015) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

1 Saleem No, mother you must have dreamed.
Saleem died over 20 years ago.
I'm Mahmoud, his brother.
Do you remember? Everything will be alright.
Oskar Ek was arrested after killing the woman who had posed as Helen Tyler in a security video.
Just before being found dead, he had agreed to talk to the police.
Police have yet to clarify.
Swedish police is often more criticized than the American police themselves.
Tension is high through whole Europe.
The German Chancellor talked about the financial crisis that might occurr if the US President is not found quickly.
We're done here.
- Everything ok? Hello? - In here.
You got everything? You forgot this.
Säpo? - Yes, they searched the house.
Found anything? - No but our phones are definitely being intercepted.
I guess that's how it goes I brought something to eat.
- Thanks but I don't really have time to Just tell me if you need help with anything.
What is it? - Someone inside our unit is leaking information.
Wasn't your staff vetted before starting? - Yes but apparently it wasn't enough.
So you thought I could do some extra work - Yes.
You got a list? Is it the whole unit? - Only those present when the phone call was made.
I'll see what I can do.
What the hell do I do now When she's focused on something, she forgets about everyone around her.
Eat something, I got more.
She knows no limits, she never knew when to stop.
Have you heard from her? - No.
What's worrying you? Can I use your phone? Hedvig.
- It's me, are you alone? Yes.
- You can't tell anyone about this, not even Ann-Sofie.
Where are you? What do you need? - A computer.
I'll bring mine.
- No, it's traceable.
Bring Elia's.
- Why? He illegally downloads movies, he's got a secure VPN connection from New York.
Goddammit! Wait.
Also medicines.
Aspirin, diuretics, antibiotics all you got.
Warm clothes, for me as well.
Inger Johanne why aren't you calling Ingvar? I'll tell you when you get here, come as soon as you can.
Ok but - See you soon.
Don't ask.
King! Come here! Why are you hiding here? - She can't trust anyone.
She has enemies inside the FBI, they already tried to destroy her during the presidential campaign.
She's burning! How about you, Inger Johanne? - I'm ok.
Maybe I'd better have a look at you as well.
Did she tell you how she got here? - I asked why she went through the tunnel but she didn't answer.
It's like she's ashamed of something.
Some things are impossible to forget.
If Saleem had not be killed that night If he could have a child I would tell you.
If only I could talk to you there is so much you don't know.
Mother Forgive me.
Forgive my anger.
Ingvar, there's something on YouTube you might wanna see.
Thanks for your help with the house.
- No problem.
You said something had happened before the election.
This is one of the latest debates.
That's Muntasir.
Then she was deceived by the billionaire.
Maybe Warren Schifford was right after all.
But can it be just about money? A car's been following me for half an hour.
- You saw it in the parking lot too? - Yes.
I should have rented a car instead of using mine.
You mean they could get here at any moment? Ingvar.
At least text him you're ok.
- Do what she said.
I can't believe you're doing this it's senseless! This is nonsense, now everyone thinks Oscar knew where the President is.
Before being found dead, Oscar Ek agreed to talk to the police.
He's described as a petty criminal, although he was already tried for manslaughter 18 years ago.
How can a major witness die while in police custody? We tried ask the Minister of Justice but What should I tell the PM? That we got there late? - Tell him the truth.
You mean that I was drinking Champagne with my husband? - That's the truth, right? What about Hunter's profile? - Ask Inger Johhanne.
Where is she? - I haven't seen her since yesterday.
Skoglund What if there's a connection between Oscar's murders? I mean, beside the method.
It's just a hunch.
- I'm not following you.
Assuming they were both murders.
- Maybe the first victim had relatives you can talk to.
Shall we go? You did what?! - My husband did beat his cancer, so we were celebrating.
You think it was the right moment to stop and drink Champagne? It was just one glass.
- Can someone confirm what you're saying? Yes, my husband.
- No one else? Where are you getting at? The head of the task force is sipping wine while the whole world is looking for Helen Tyler! In the meantime, a major witness dies while in police custody! You have any idea how many questions this will raise? Not to talk about that info leakage.
- We're all aware of the gravity of the situation.
Non of us had much sleep lately and we're all tired but I'd like to think we all still play for the same team.
Let's try to keep a more appropriate tone from now on.
Moving on Tobias? I just spoke with the US ambassador, agent Schifford has been suspended in relation with the leakage.
An internal investigation is under way, might be him we're looking for? Thanks for agreeing to talk to me.
I'm not used to have the police around, care for some coffee? - That'd be great, thanks.
I understand you lost your daughter.
Yes people use to say: "She went through the tragedy of losing a daughter.
" But you never really "go through".
- No, I know.
Are you connected with the presidential couple? I met the husband when he was working at the University, they used to call me when they had many guests.
My daughter, Ella, would come too.
You want some milk? - No, thanks.
Ella nice name.
She was raped when she was 22 and got pregnant.
She wouldn't keep the baby but she didn't want an abortion either.
Helen offered to raise the baby, she couldn't have one of her own.
It seemed the best solution.
Helen and Ella saw something into each other, something I could never get.
Who knows about this? - The adoption was never made public.
I never broke the promise, for Zoe's sake.
After some time, they had a big party and I went to help Ella came too.
How I wish she wouldn't have.
At some point, we heard a baby crying.
Helen and Dale didn't hear it because of the party going on.
Ella went into the room to comfort her, she never should have done that.
Sorry She couldn't bear to see her cry.
She started to regret her decision She wanted her daughter back sorry Next thing she was run over.
They know about the child.
-Warren- He beat you He raped you, didn't he? I'm not used to wear it, I'm afraid I'll lose it.
You lied to me! No secrets.