Modus (2015) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

1 Whoever the kidnappers are, we can safely say they had local support.
Hedvig's cellphone has been activated just now.
- Where? Sorunda, it was probably connected to a computer.
Find out the exact position, I'm going over there.
Take the call.
Get away from there, the Americans are coming! Get away from there now! Skoglund the Americans detected a life signal from the president.
She connected to the White House server on pages only she has access to.
Keep me up to date, I'm going to inform the Prime Minister.
- Hi, it's me.
Where are you? - 10 minutes away from you, are you alright? Yes, we're all ok.
What about you? I'm fine.
I'm sorry I disappeared, I had an idea on how to find the President.
Only, when I did, I couldn't say it out loud.
- I understand.
One more thing a man got here, Garri Vogel.
Warren shot him.
- Warren? Is he there too? Garri Vogel's phone got a call.
I think I know who it was.
Where the hell is it SAPO is here, they say it's important.
- What a pain in the ass Prime Minister, you'd better go see Skoglund.
Someone who shouldn't be in the task force What do you mean, Prime Minister? Bohman Could you leave us alone? The President is alive.
Should we keep lying for the rest of our life? Ingvar, are you outside? - I'll be there in a minute.
We're going out, we'll wait for you.
Inger Johanne! Inger Johanne! Inger Johanne! Anyone! Hedvig! - Inger Johanne! Thank God you're alive! I was worried sick! Can you hear us? She's conscious.
What was that about? - He thanked me.
Let's go home.
It feels like a year went by since the plane landed, but now I have great news.
The US ambassador has just confirmed that the President is alive and well.
Alva, can I talk to you? What is it? The cellphone we found at the task force HQ, what happened with that? I gave it to the techs and then I forgot about it, I'm sorry.
We have this one, SAPO looked into it.
We found something interesting in this phone history.
Traffic with another phone in Beckholmen, right when Garri Vogel was watching the tunnel exit.
That's interesting A call to a non-registered cellphone right after Oscar Ek had been there.
If the perpetrator was there too, that explains how Oscar could be murdered in the 2 hours before you contacted Ingvar.
Plus, Garri Vogel was alerted 2 minutes before your announcement that the President's signal had been tracked.
You'll be escorted in a safe place until further notice.
The whole world is expressing relief now that President Tyler is back and safe at the US embassy in Stockholm.
Sources confirm the theory of an all-American conspiracy, because of which the President was hidden in a safe place.
Mom! Mom, how did you get here?! I know what you did I know you hate Helen but what are you hoping to gain? Things went that way leave her in peace.
I'm begging you please Don't do it What should I wear by the way? Do we have to be in uniform? Wear something nice if you even have it.
Are you going? - I don't know.
Remember to show your passport and this ID or they won't let you in.
Any news on Alva? - No.
It's sad.
- You don't think it was her? I think she's one of the good ones.
- See you later.
Everything will be alright.
It will.
Yes, but What why are you looking at me like that? Like you feel sorry for me.
What is it?! Nothing Did you look at these? I was desperate, I didn't know where you were or what you were looking for Can you honestly tell me you'll be able to look at me without seeing these pictures in your head? I'll take a shower.
- He can't ruin what we have.
He already ruined it, long before we even met! Report him, it's not prescribed.
- Don't you get it? Nothing happened! Stina saw them too.
- Stina?! She popped up while I was watching them! What did she say? - Only that she wanted to sleep under the flowered blanket.
I'm glad you could come.
Where is he? - In the kitchen.
Sure he hasn't been drinking? - I'm positive.
When did it start? - Lunchtime.
He went on about someone who shouldn't be in the task force.
Hi, Harald.
How you're feeling? It's a workhorse but the chances are not rational and she says that 6 are blue.
What the hell are you talking about? - Page 41 shows no abuse of discretion - Harald, what the fuck by a tyrant who - Harald! Help! Help me! An ambulance, quick! Hi, mom.
- Hi.
Aren't you going to the embassy? - Yes but I'd like to talk to you first.
Those pictures you saw back at home I'm really sorry you had to see them.
- Why? Because it's too 'Cause it was you mom.
- Is that why we couldn't see you when we got back from Washington? You were all blue here.
It's not good doing that to another person.
I know.
How's the PM? - No brain bleeding thankfully, just a clot.
His secretary, Ekman, said something interesting.
In his confusion, the PM clearly talked about someone who should never have been in the task force.
Alva? - He didn't say any names, then he just went raving.
Hi, Inger Johanne.
I'm on my way, we have to stop by dad's.
- Hi, you came after all.
Yes, I couldn't miss this.
- That's right.
I heard the PM has a blood clot in the head.
Something interesting came up on one of the names in the list.
Jessica Östlund worked undercover for MUST, she was eventually taken hostage by the IS.
Why didn't we know? - Because officially we have no such infiltrators.
How was she accepted into the task force? I don't know but someone was very careful in covering up all traces.
How long was she held hostage? - 17 months.
She was subjected to systematic abuse and one night she killed one of the abusers with her own bare hands.
How did she escape? - The Americans bombed the camp.
Then the Swedish government hired a security company called - Safe Inc.
She was captured along with her boyfriend, an American auxiliary by the name of Jonathan Leonard.
He was decapitated when President Tyler refused to pay the ransom live on the internet.
Deadly force is authorized.
Jessica please, don't do anything stupid.
We're gonna fix this.
We know why you're doing this.
- Shut up! We know what happened in Syria.
To you and to your boyfriend, Jonathan.
Was that his name? 17 months in a filthy prison And what did Sweden do? What did the US do? Nothing we betrayed you, we took advantage of you.
I know how hurt you are but that pain will not be relieved by the killing of a young girl.
Give me the knife.
Let me be the first one to say I'm sorry.
Who's gonna be next? Are you mentally ready for this press conference? Many judicial authorities are involved in the presidential visit so it's better if you personally take full responsibility.
What will I say when they ask about Jessica Östlund? That Sweden gave her a position of trust as compensation for what she'd been through? I don't think the Swedish State needs to be mentioned.
"PM Harald Bohman" will be more than enough.
Or we could simply keep this to ourselves.
- What do you want? You're gonna appoint me Vice PM and right after that, you're gonna resign.
Let me be the first to congratulate the first female Swedish Prime Minister.