Mohawk Girls (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

One Big Teepee

1 Previously on Mohawk Girls You and Barely are second cousins.
- What? - How are we supposed to rebuild the Mohawk nation if all the guys around here are cousins? Stay, have another drink.
A white guy, everyone will call you a traitor! You stay away from Butterhead! I came to introduce myself, I'm Anna.
Go back to where you belong! I belong here.
This is really different from what I remember.
Oh my God, where do I go? Why are there no street signs? Harriet? It's me, Anna Goodleaf! We used to build these amazing forts in your backyard.
Yeah, and? Hey.
Don't ever call me Harriet again.
It's Lollipop now.
They were great forts.
Mohawk Girls - 01x02 One Big Teepee As a lawyer for the band council, it's my job to fight for our people and to ensure a prosperous future for us.
We all look up to sports heroes and movie stars, right? Do you guys want to be superheroes? Yes.
Well, we need superheroes right here in our own community, and we need them in every field.
You can all do anything you set your minds to and become good examples that our people can be proud of.
Thank you so much for coming to talk to us Zoe, you are a role model to us all.
You'd better move your stuff out of my house before I burn it.
It's not your house, Vicky.
So you're going to kick me and your son out on the street? You know, you're a cheating, lying dirt bag.
And now you can add deadbeat dad to the list! You know, he'll do the same to you.
He only cares about himself.
I don't think so.
Because I know how to keep my man satisfied.
Well I heard you keep the whole town satisfied.
Hey, I got my plane ticket for Alberta to go see my dad For my birthday? I told you I go every year.
Oh yeah! Are you going to miss me? Yeah, for sure.
Okay, I gotta get back.
Okay play hard.
The presentation went so well look what they made me, isn't that so cute? Butterhead is such a hottie.
He has two kids.
From two different baby mamas.
Do you want to be lucky number three? Have you people ever heard of street signs? This place is so bizarre.
Uh-huh Thunder.
You know the best way to get over a breakup is to just get back on the horse.
I hear Walter's single again.
The guy who gets naked every time he drinks? What about Watio, he and what's her face just broke up.
That guy's a wuss! You are not dating him.
Okay, you just broke up with Thunder like five seconds ago, what's the rush? Hello? She's nearly thirty.
Thunder was perfect.
I was going to do my duty and not have to settle.
Duty? To whom? Ugh to our people.
We have to rebuild the Mohawk nation.
It's up to us to make sure that our people survive so we have to produce, you know, Mohawk babies? Hey, who are you? Hi, I'm Anna Goodleaf.
My dad used to play lacrosse too, Tom Goodleaf? Beast! He was a legend.
I've never played before, is it really hard? Oh it's hard all right You know if you want to learn about lacrosse there's an exhibit down at the community center.
Okay? Cool.
Hey, did you hear? He's single now.
Shut up.
When? A few days ago.
Heard it from his cousin's girlfriend's brother.
But he and Gina have been together for like ages Yup.
But now he's back on the market.
Just heard about you and Gina.
And you and Thunder, cousins eh? Yeah yup.
So uh, wanna hang out later? Yeah, cool.
Cool? Cool.
- Cool.
- Cool.
Hey Zoe.
Wen Kowa for supporting the library.
No problem.
I was up at 5 am making them! They look amazing! Oh, they're chocolate? You had said vanilla.
Now we have too much chocolate, I hope they sell.
I'm sorry.
I'm so proud you've returned home.
Guard picks it up, runs it into the end zone, touchdown, tie game! Wow, that sounds like a crazy game.
So are the rules different from American football? Yeah, for sure.
You got a lot to learn before I bring you to a game! Cool.
So you see there's 12 players instead of 11, and the field's much bigger and there's three downs, not four.
- So, you know, less offensive rushing.
- Hmmm So what do you do when you're not watching football.
Oh you know, hang with the boys.
I love to go to the city.
I just roam around, I explore, see what I can find, you know? Yeah, I pretty much just hang out here.
So what's a down again? Oh well the down is basically how they keep track of all the offensive plays, right? You got three downs in Canadian football, four downs in American football, so basically, I don't know, there's different schools of thought on the whole thing.
You know what? Even more interesting than downs, the Rouge.
Have you ever heard of that? I haven't head of it and I watch football all the time, never heard of the Rouge before.
Ooh, what's in here? Those are my hats.
Oh it looks good on you.
I would never wear this, ever! Come on, put it back on.
I want to take a picture for my vlog! Your vlog? Uh, no.
You're not talking about town on that thing.
No totally not.
Do you think he's going to call you for a second date? That would be a nice change.
That's not how it works here.
The girls chase the guys.
Guys never make the first move? Why not? They're in great demand so we compete for them.
Okay, mental note.
Learn how to chase the guys.
- So you gonna call him? - I don't know, he was kind of Mediocre? It's hard to find a great guy here, and I want a great guy.
I do too! But there's a whole sea of fish out there.
I want one here a Mohawk fish.
You guys are so strange.
I'd go running for the hills if If it wasn't for my dad.
My mom died ten years ago.
I know what it's like.
Hey, my aunt's having a barbecue tomorrow.
Why don't you come? Really? I don't even know her.
It's town.
Everyone comes anyways.
The more the merrier, right? Yeah, the more the merrier.
Hey old man.
Old is right.
Everyone here is half my age! It's great.
Makes me feel young! If you'll excuse me, I have to go entertain my guests.
Hi boys.
Oh, one big ball of trouble, my sister.
Woah, there sure weren't places like this when I was a kid.
I know.
A bunch of millionaires now from gaming and the tobacco trade.
It's pretty cool, huh? Yeah, really cool.
Hi dad! Sekoh, honey This is Anna.
Tom Goodleaf's daughter.
Good man.
Damn shame what happened to him up on the iron.
You know he lost a lot of respect when he ran off with your mom, but uh, you know, love makes us do crazy things, eh? It's good to see you back to make things right.
Okay, well, uh, have some burgers, make yourself at home.
See ya honey.
- Drink? - Yeah.
Then she said, get in here, take your pants off and spread 'em! Hey baby.
Got you a beer.
Thank you.
Yeah, so I was just like slathering it all over the place, just like throwing it on her face, throwing it on her shoe, her knee Hey Butterhead.
Oh hey, how you doing? So tell me about this butter thing.
Hi mom, hey dad.
Hi sweety.
I heard you were in a fight.
It was Vicky and Caitlin.
I was trying to break them apart.
You have an image to uphold, Zoe.
And so do I - I am a chief! What were you thinking? I thought you were smarter than that.
Clearly your father's daughter.
I'm doing the best I can, mom.
I am shocked at your friends.
Caitlin, I can see.
But you and Bailey? I am so embarrassed.
I know, I don't know what I was thinking.
It was stupid.
Thanks, yeah it's been the worst week of my life Not exactly what I expected from an Indian reserve.
That's one big teepee.
No kidding.
Although I'm not sure what I was expecting.
Are we sure they need the tax breaks? My people we don't get tax breaks.
Hey! I'm so excited to see you.
Bailey! Look who's here! What the hell were you thinking? You said the more the merrier! I said I can't date a white guy so you bring him to the Rez? Are you insane? I know you said that, but it's silly.
You wanted a great guy and you found one! You gonna think it's silly when we get ostracized and get them beaten up? You have no idea how things work here.
Everyone's gonna line up against you! I'm sorry about that.
It's just Not enough burgers to go around? It's just I know everyone here, I'm related to half of them, and they would flip out if they saw me with A white guy.
Yeah, I got that.
I feel like I've walked into some sort of like weird reverse racist time warp here or something.
Well, you get what you give.
Anyway, thanks for hiding me behind the car, I would not want to mess with any of these guys.
I bet they'd mop the floor with me! You're very different from the guys around here.
I'm not sure if that's a compliment or an insult.
Me neither.
You're not really related to half the people here, are you? Yeah.
I have fifty cousins plus! Fifty? Wow.
I have one.
Who's adopted.
And lives in Europe.
Shut up! I can't even imagine that.
I can't imagine your deal.
Must be nice to have a big family though.
As long as you can escape every once in a while.
Ah, escape.
My favorite pastime.
Travel Shut up.
Me too, I want to go to South America.
I was just there.
- Shut up! - Shut up! I'm dying to go to Brazil and just, you know - Explore.
- Explore.
Thanks for the lift.
Can I crash here tonight? Yeah! Cool.
I'm just going to grab a few things, okay? I'm looking for a like-minded woman to rock my world, purely fun and sex, no strings attached.
You're pretty.
So are you I mean So, what do you like in bed? What? Hey I can't.
Oh my God this is so Glad you came back.
My name's François.
I'm Zoe.
Just friends.
Just friends.
I got it.
Hiding me behind the car was a dead giveaway.
Alright, so, if you haven't been to South America, how about I make you some feijoadas.
It's Brazilian stew.
You cook? Hmmm.
Experiment really.
You know, more like a happy mistake.
Deal? Hell yeah, it's a date! A friend get-togetherish type of thing.
Getting used to it.
I may not be like everybody else here, but I am Mohawk.
So I do belong here no matter what everybody thinks.
You're always going to have a hard time here.
Why would you put yourself through that? Because a part of me is missing and I thought I'd find it here.
This place is all I have left of my dad.
Okay, okay, fine.
But you have to get with the program, Anna.
Starting with no more crying.
And don't be so damned happy all the time.
It makes people uneasy.
I'm going to prove to you how Mohawk I can be.
You'll see.
How about you starti with getting your city friends out of here.
Where did you guys park? Some small street.
It didn't have a street sign.
You know which one?