Monarca (2019) s02e08 Episode Script

The Executioner

- I give you the little Carranza.
- We saw a shark.
Gon, Lou, wave to the camera.
Say hi to the camera.
Kids, yoo-hoo! Over here!
- Oh, there you are. Say hi to the camera.
- Yoo-hoo!
Send Papa a kiss.
And tell him you love him
and that you miss him.
I love you, Papa.
And I wish you were here.
- I don't want to be alone.
- You have me.
I'm the one you wanted.
It all comes down to today
and the election that will determine
who will be Mexico's next president.
All the campaigning, speeches
and rallies are over,
and the polls are open.
Jorge Laborde,
leader of the Mexico First Coalition…
Jorge was seen voting at his local…
- …turned out to be a close race.
- …a very tight race.
- Mr. Laborde, a few words?
- Certainly.
How are you feeling today? Any nerves?
It's always a good feeling
just being a part
of this great celebration of democracy.
Do I feel confident? Yes, I do.
I have great faith in the people
of Mexico. I'll let them choose.
I trust the voters
to come to the right decision
about who will lead this country forward
into the future.
That's right, Adela.
At this point, exit polls are showing
the margin between Laborde and Ortega
is less than 1%.
So it's truly a toss-up,
and either one of these candidates could
end up as the next president of Mexico.
My client's not here
to negotiate with you.
It's one-hundred million pesos.
That's the price
for the truly appalling abuse
he was subjected to by his superiors.
Their twisted sexual appetites,
combined with the abuse of their power,
have wreaked havoc on his
emotional health and well-being.
- What's more
- Ten million.
That's my offer.
As I said, we're not here to negotiate.
If Mr. and Mrs. Carranza
aren't willing to compensate our client
in a manner that's appropriate and fair,
then we will be forced
to have to file a criminal complaint.
Over the years,
a lot of smart, powerful people
have tried to screw over my family.
And they failed.
I know that your family is a powerful one.
But even so, your son still went to jail.
Shut up! Don't you dare mention our son.
You see, I only mention him
because after I go to the press
and tell them what I know,
at least they'll understand that the root
of all his problems is you guys.
My offer is zero.
You just talked yourself out
of ever getting a fucking cent from me.
Nice job.
Give me a minute.
I need to talk
to my wife alone for a minute, please.
You need to make a real offer.
We've got only one way out of this.
So when we were in Puerto Vallarta,
did you already know?
Did you tell him to do it?
No, of course not.
It was all your idea.
You said we'd do everything together.
You've been manipulating me
this whole time.
Ximena, you're the one who broke our pact.
And look where that got us.
Don't touch me.
Look, we've got something here.
We have a weapon, and you're
the only one who can pull the trigger.
You make it sound
like I have no choice.
You don't.
Joaquín, why won't you return my calls?
Look, it wasn't my fault.
It was the only way to protect you.
He threatened your children.
You don't want me as an enemy.
Get off me,
you stupid son of a
Give me a reason.
Any reason.
Gonzalo, let's go.
Coming here so often
isn't healthy for you.
Come on.
We're gonna have a baby, Gonzalo.
He needs his papa.
He needs us.
If anything ever happens…
Oh, sweetheart, don't.
You have to promise me…
that you won't let my dad
come anywhere near my son.
Promise me.
I promise you.
I promise.
Please, tell me that
you found something useful.
We did.
Some information about Ana María.
I think you're going to like it.
For the last month, I've had someone
following her head of security Mendieta.
We've been able to access everything,
all her text messages to him,
her emails, her tweets.
And eventually,
we came across an encrypted message.
Ana María had Mendieta hire this man.
We don't know exactly what for yet,
but he has a criminal record a mile long.
- We have to find this man.
- Don't worry. I have.
I'll talk to him
and let you know what I find out.
I'm coming with you.
I hit him, but he didn't even notice.
I thought if I screamed,
he might get even more violent and…
then take it out on me.
I decided that I…
that I would let him kiss me
while I waited for a moment
when I could escape.
But just when I was about to try…
he turned my face against the wall.
And then he raped me.
We both know perfectly well
what happened in that elevator.
Just what I said. You raped me.
- All right now, let's calm down
- You think that's going to scare me off?
All you'll be doing is making the media
pay a lot more attention to you.
That's what you should be scared of,
Let's all just calm down for a moment.
She's lying.
She was practically begging me for it.
Because she couldn't get her husband
to fuck her!
- That's it, not another word!
- You liar!
Do what she says, Jonás,
for you own good.
Mr. Peralta,
will you come with me, please?
The horse just wouldn't budge,
so I turn around and look,
and he's pooping!
So of course, I lost a few points…
- Oh, hey, there, Auntie
- Don't call me "Auntie." Useless.
Excuse me?
You have no idea how sick I am
of having to put up with you
just because you're family.
- That's really not fair, Auntie
- For God's sake, stop calling me that!
I don't really care
if you think it's fair or not.
It's not fair that you're totally useless,
and I'm stuck with you.
I don't know why you've been treating me
like shit ever since I came here
If you don't like the way I treat you,
then you can go cry to your mommy.
Such bullshit.
Get out!
Get out I said!
You can consider yourself terminated.
Tell them to stop, Valdés.
It'll go a lot more smoothly
if he cooperates.
We know Ana María Carranza
hired you for something.
That's enough! Easy now.
I need to know what it was you did.
I was hired to stage a fake kidnapping.
Repeat that.
I was hired to stage a fake kidnapping
by Ana María Carranza.
Of whom?
Of her husband.
That's right, Leo.
The results are in, and it's now official.
With 52.6% of the vote,
Jorge Laborde is the new president
of Mexico.
We have also been informed
that Pilar Ortega
has received 47.2% of the vote.
It has to be said that it is something
that no woman has ever achieved
in the history of our great nation.
Miss Ortega is coming to the podium now.
Let's listen in to what she has to say
on this historic day.
Good evening, everyone.
I'm here
because I believe in democracy.
Though it's painful to realize
that today's results
were not what we'd hoped for,
I'm very proud
of each and every one of you.
There are so many people
who sacrificed everything
to make this historic campaign a reality,
and I thank you.
You are all heroes,
and your selfless efforts
have helped our country
take a step forward.
And don't be discouraged
because I promise the fight will continue.
I know it's not the outcome you wanted,
but at least now the country
won't go down the toilet.
You've never agreed
with anything I wanted, Mom.
You don't care about what I want.
Now you need to go apologize to Laborde,
tell him that it was all a mistake
and bend the knee.
You cannot be serious, are you?
Don't you understand when you're
in our position, enemies do us no good.
You need partners.
Mom, tell me something.
Why didn't you ever love me
as much as you loved my brothers?
I had to compensate.
It wasn't their fault.
Because you were
always your father's favorite, Ana María.
Stop living in the past.
Live for the present and the future.
Otherwise, my dear,
you're never going to be happy.
Happy like who?
Happy like you?
Yes, like me, exactly!
And why am I?
Because I don't go around trying to find
someone else to blame for my own problems.
I take them head-on.
Flaws and all, and I have many.
I accept who I am as a person
and to hell with the rest of the world!
No wonder. You're all on your own.
- Joaquín.
- Mr. President.
Give us a minute.
Cheer up, man. We won.
This whole fucking country is ours.
We've got some real power for once.
I would prefer if we just got on with it.
Bro, it went just like you said.
Andrés, this is Jorge Laborde.
Mr. President.
My congratulations on your victory.
You deserve
Listen, Andrés,
I just called to let you know
that as of tomorrow morning,
Joaquín's taking over as CEO of Monarca.
Excuse me?
I think you heard me.
- Listen, Jorge
- Mr. President.
Your family knows what's best,
and I can only hope that you do as well.
Because I hate having to repeat orders.
Congratulations, Mr. CEO.
When did Dad ever let
a president tell him what to do?
When did my father let someone
push him out as the head of Monarca?
You own 20%. I own 20%,
on top of Ana María's
That's how things work in this country,
and I am not your father!
Joaquín's not well.
He can't be CEO.
Have you seen how he's been acting
ever since Lourdes died?
Precisely so.
That's the reason I have to
let him run Monarca.
Because he needs it.
Mom, what the hell are you doing?
One day you make me the president.
Then the next day it's someone else.
What are you doing,
playing us off against each other?
Whatever happened to unifying
the fucking family, Mom?
Ana, call me when you get this.
Joaquín's gone completely crazy this time.
He just got the president of Mexico
to fire me.
And my guess is you're next.
You're fired.
Joaquín, I can't imagine the hell that
you must be going through right now.
Save your sympathy.
I just want you to get out of here.
- No, this isn't what you wanna do.
- Yes, it is.
Joaquín, don't you see?
You need your family.
You need us whether you like it or not.
My family? Which family's that?
Lou? Inés?
Gonzalo, who hates me and wishes me dead?
My family's brought me nothing but pain.
All the more reason you need us.
Are you gonna run
the distillery by yourself
or the 50 hotels that Andrés just bought?
Andrés' 53 hotels and the distillery
don't mean shit to me.
The Monarca you knew is dead and buried.
With Laborde as the president,
I'll go places
our father never dreamed of.
For that, I don't need you.
In fact, you'd just be dead weight.
- We're still shareholders, you know.
- Yeah.
And if you don't like what I'm doing,
well, sell.
Martin, nice to see you again.
It's been a long time.
It's been a while.
She's not staying. Thank you.
Thank you for being here
The only reason
why I'm here is for you to understand,
just because
Ana María and I are divorced…
I would never hurt her. Do you understand?
- Okay. I'll be quick.
- Please, do.
What the fuck is going on here, huh?
- Why am I here? What are you doing?
- Wait. Please.
This will answer all your questions.
Where the hell did you get this?
It doesn't matter.
You should know
that this man is not a kidnapper.
- The hell he isn't!
- He was hired to scare you.
- Who the hell does he work for?
- Ana María.
What kind of sick game is this?
- Please, keep watching.
- I'm gonna call her.
Uncle Joaquín.
How are you?
I'm all right.
I'm glad Laborde won.
I voted for him too.
Don't tell my mom…
but I always thought you were the one
who really belonged in this office.
Well, I guess I won't be seeing you
around here anymore, so…
Why not?
Aunt Ximena fired me.
How would you like to work for me?
Are you serious?
Yes. A hundred percent, yes.
First, I'm going to need to see if
you have what it takes for the position.
- Is this what you sent me?
- Uh, yes, that's the design.
- Clearly, you weren't listening. This is
- Ximena.
Oh, you gotta be kidding!
You have ten minutes to clean up
all your things here and get out.
You're fired.
What I wanna know is
what gives you the right
to even come back into this office?
The fact that I've been hired
as an executive assistant
by the new CEO of Monarca, Uncle Joaquín.
That's pathetic.
I've been bending over backwards
for you
from the second I started working here,
but it was a waste of time.
You know why?
Because you are arrogant.
You're a cruel, bitchy, unhappy person.
And I'm tired of taking shit from you
just because we're related.
Only one of us is a Carranza,
and it isn't you.
Remember that.
Ten minutes, then they'll show you out.
Your check is with HR.
Out of the way!
Once you leave this office,
you can't come back.
Where's Joaquín?
Show her out when she's done here.
I was hired to stage a fake kidnapping…
- Where'd you get this video?
- …of her husband.
My attorney tied this man to Ana María.
We thought that he might have been the one
who murdered my father, but then
Then he confessed to kidnapping Martin.
He was tortured, Sofía.
You could've got him to say anything.
Martin's flying in today.
All I ask is that you listen to him.
Let him tell you himself
what he wrote in his book
about all the things he went through.
So you'll know who Ana María really is.
I thought that we didn't keep secrets
from each other.
No, that's right. We don't.
Okay, then…
is there something you haven't told me
about that you might wanna tell me?
Like what, Ignacio?
Why don't you tell me
what this is all about?
I wanna give you a chance to come clean.
- Oh, really, you do?
- Yeah, that's right.
Oh, well, thank you.
Come clean about what?
Is there anything
you haven't told your kids?
Of course there is.
I'm a grown woman with my own life, okay?
I don't have to explain myself
to you or anyone.
And why don't you take a good look
at yourself before you judge me?
We've all made mistakes here.
All of us have done things
we're not proud of, Ignacio, all of us!
What is it, Peniche?
I just got a call from Jonás' lawyer.
They claim to have evidence
that discredits the elevator video.
He's going to file
the sexual assault charges,
and he still wants 100 million.
They're having
a press conference tomorrow.
Andrés, he's not going after Monarca.
He's going after the two of you.
I have orders to keep you out.
You gonna shoot me?
Let go of me!
Joaquín, I swear I'm gonna
fucking kill you, you son of a bitch!
Let me go!
Thanks for coming.
Want a drink?
What am I doing here?
Have a seat.
What do you wanna say?
I wanted to tell you that…
my mom killed your dad.
None of us knew anything about it…
until she confessed.
So, her dementia was just an act.
No, it wasn't. Her dementia's real.
In fact, killing your dad
is what brought it on.
Why are you telling me all this?
Because I'm tired, Sofía.
Your father murdered my dad.
Did you know?
- Yes.
- No one's blaming you for that.
When I came back to Mexico,
I was hoping to reconnect with my dad.
But I had to let him go.
And I realized that…
his actions, his mistakes were his,
not mine.
I wasn't gonna take them on.
You should do the same thing too.
And leave us alone.
I might have, Ana María.
But then I found out
you'd slept with Ignacio.
You thought he wouldn't tell me, huh?
Care to explain yourself?
Of course you don't.
Maybe someday you'll realize
that your actions have consequences.
Sir, stay in the car.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
You trying to get killed?
You wanna know what I keep thinking about?
Would things have turned out differently
if maybe I'd made different decisions?
I can't help but feel guilty.
Because if I hadn't given you a hand
dealing with Palafox,
then none of this would have happened.
The cartel wouldn't
have attacked Gonzalo's wedding.
And who knows?
It could have been you dead, Joaquín,
instead of Lourdes.
Jonás Peralta is suing us
for sexual assault.
- And?
- He wants 100 million pesos.
- Pay him.
- You're the one who fucked him.
If that suit goes to trial,
it will wreck Monarca.
And just how well do you think
that's gonna go over with Laborde?
First with my family
and now with the election,
it seems like the worst people always win.
- Here.
- Thanks.
You know what I think?
You make too much of it.
Mexico has survived a lot
worse tragedies than Jorge Laborde.
And your life and mine will go on the same
no matter what a bunch
of corrupt politicians do.
Will you forgive me…
for all those things I said
to you at the wedding?
I feel terrible.
You don't want me?
What's wrong?
I originally thought
that the age difference
wasn't a thing that would get between us.
But clearly, I was wrong.
This isn't a game.
Be sure it's what you want.
Because once you decide
to go down this road…
you can't turn back.
Wait, no.
Please, Santiago, don't.
I'm think you're going to
make a splendid CEO of Monarca.
Your mind is failing, Mom. You need help.
I love you, Mom.
And because I do,
it seems clear to me that…
the best thing I can do for you right now
is to get you the care you need.
What are you saying?
What are you doing?
No, please! You can't do this.
No, you're making a mistake.
No, let go of me!
Leave me alone. Joaquín, don't let them
Joaquín, please! Don't do this to me!
Why? Why are you doing this?
Joaquín! Joaquín! No!
You're doing the right thing.
Let's go.
I miss you, Cecilia.
Earlier this year,
I was not going to publish this book…
…after being kidnapped.
But then I learned the truth
about what and who…
I was really facing.
I discovered the identity
of the person who orchestrated
my kidnapping, beating…
and torture.
This person will stop at nothing…
…to keep me from publishing this book.
Whatever happened
to unifying the fucking family, Mom?
No wonder. You're all on your own.
This person…
…is my wife.
Ana María Carranza.
- Fausto.
- Cecilia.
I don't
what am I supposed to do?
- Cecilia! Cecilia, my l ove.
- Fausto.
Joaquín's not well. He can't be CEO.
- Mom, tell me something.
- Your mind is failing, Mom.
- What the hell are you doing?
- You need help.
Whatever happened
to unifying the fucking family, Mom?
You've never agreed
with anything I wanted, Mom.
- He can't be CEO.
- Your mind is failing, Mom.
- You need help.
- Happy like who?
- Isn't that just too bad?
- Why didn't you ever love me?
- I'll fight you on this.
- What have we done?
Thank you.
What are you doing?
What do you want?
What are you doing, Andrés?
Why are you here?
What's that?
The results of a DNA test.
I had them test samples from you, me,
Joaquín and Dad.
Mom had a lover for many years
named Alberto Vela.
He's the man I saw our father murder.
He killed him because Vela wanted to know
if any of us were actually his kids.
Dad divided his estate into equal parts
for each of his three children.
The will clearly states
"his three children."
Joaquín's not a Carranza.
We'll get Monarca back.
We'll get everything.
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