Money Heist (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Stop or I'll shoot! No! "My name's Tokyo.
But when this story started, that wasn't my name.
This was me.
SUSPECT'S WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN And this, the love of my life.
ROBBER GETS SHOT DEAD The last time I saw him I left him in a pool of blood with his eyes open.
We did 15 clean robberies, but mixing love and work never works.
So, when the security guard shot, I had to change my job.
From robber to murderer.
And that's how I started to run away.
Somehow, I was dead too.
Or almost dead.
I had been hidden for 11 days and my photo wallpapered police stations all over Spain.
I'd get a 30 years’ sentence.
And I'm really not the type of girl who likes getting old in the cell of a prison.
I prefer running away.
Body and soul.
And if I can't take my body there, at least let my soul escape.
" "I had no time left and there were important things I had to do.
Just one, really.
" Hello? "Mum?" Oh, my girl.
"How are you, sweetheart?" What's happening? "Haven't you seen the news?" All those things they say about me.
Yes, of course I've seen them.
You know what? I'm thinking about going on a journey.
"I may join a Chinese ship.
As a cook.
Didn't you say I couldn't even make an omelette? So I'll learn.
What do you think?" I don't know, sweetheart.
What if they only eat Chinese food? What does that journey mean, "that I won't see you again?" Don't talk nonsense.
Of course you'll see me.
"I'll buy you a ticket so you come to visit me.
" Visit you where? At the cemetery? Are you alone? "Mum, are you alone?" Yes.
"Then go to the street, as if you went to the market.
I'll find you.
" "And that day, the day I was going to the slaughterhouse, my guardian angel appeared.
But you never know for certain what a guardian angel looks like, and you'd never imagine he'd appear in a Seat Ibiza of 1992.
" Excuse me, have you got a minute? No.
Cooking in a Chinese ship only has one advantage, you don't have to do the washing-up.
"For a moment I thought about the Chinese and that I hate people who spit.
" -Who are you, a policeman? -Wait, wait.
You're going to the slaughterhouse, there's a squad waiting for you and they have a car since six days ago Why would I believe you? "And that's how I met the Professor, pointing a gun to his balls.
" May I? "The good thing about relationships is that you finally forget how they started.
" May I? They're already in your mother’s house.
That's why I came to help you.
I want to propose you some business, a robbery, a robbery that's singular.
I'm looking for people who Well, people who don't have much to lose.
What do you think about 2,400 million euros? "Nobody had done a job like that, neither in New York, nor in London, nor in Monte Carlo.
So if my picture was again in the papers, at least it'd be due to the biggest robbery ever.
" WELCOME I welcome you and I thank you for having accepted this this job offer.
We'll live here, far from the worldly noise.
Five months, the five months we'll spend studying -how to do the job.
-What do you mean, five months? Are we crazy? Look, people spend years studying to earn a salary, a salary which, in the best of cases, is just a salary, a shitty salary.
What are five months? I've been thinking about this for much longer.
Not to have to work ever again.
Neither you nor your children.
You don't know each other yet and I want it go on like that.
I don't want any names, or personal questions, or, of course, personal relationships.
I want each of you to choose a name, something simple.
It can be numbers, planets, cities -Like "Mister 17, miss 23.
" -That's a wrong start.
I can’t -remember my telephone number.
-That's why I said that.
-And planets? -I can be Mars, and he Uranus.
I won't be Uranus, so forget it.
-What's the matter with Uranus? -I don't like the rhyme.
-It'll be cities.
-So cities it is.
"That's why I ended up being Tokyo.
The one looking at my arse is Mr Berlin.
Under arrest warrant.
27 robberies.
Jewelleries, auction houses and security vans.
His biggest job, the Champs Elysees, in Paris.
434 diamonds.
He's like a shark in a swimming pool.
You can swim with him, but you're never calm.
And he was the boss in charge of the assault.
" "The one who coughs is Mr Moscow.
The first thing he dug was a mine, in Asturias.
MOSCOW Then he understood that digging upwards he'd go further.
Six fur shops, three clock shops and the Caja Rural in Avilأ©s.
He uses the thermal lance and any industrial equipment.
The one sitting behind Moscow is Denver, his son.
Drugs, teeth, broken ribs.
He's the king of fights in discos.
Pure hot blood.
In a perfect plan, a time bomb.
He's my weakness.
He's like Mozart, but with computers.
He programmes since he was six and knows everything about alarms and electronics.
For the rest of things in life it's as if he had been born yesterday.
And those are the Siamese twins, Helsinki and Oslo.
Even the most sophisticated plan needs soldiers and who better than two Serbs.
Maybe they think, but, frankly, we'll never know.
Nairobi, a hardened optimist.
She has forged banknotes since she was 13.
And now she's our quality manager.
She might be crazy, but she's really funny.
" Think that every day they'll talk about us in the news, every family in the country will be wondering what we're doing.
And you know what they'll think? They'll think: "Bastards! I wish I had come up with that idea.
" "The Professor, no criminal record, no register.
The last time he renewed his ID he was 19.
To all intents, a ghost, but a very smart ghost.
" We're not stealing anybody’s money, because they'll even think we’re nice.
And that is vital.
It's vital we have the public opinion on our side.
We're going to be the fucking heroes of all those people.
But very careful, because the moment there is a single drop of blood, this is very important, if there's a single victim, we'll stop being Robin Hoods and we'll simply become sons of a bitch.
Miss Tokyo.
What are we robbing? The Fأ،brica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.
Who chose the mask? -What's up with the mask? -It's not scary.
In bank robbery films the masks are scary.
They're zombies, skeletons, the death, I don't know, you feel With a gun in your hand I assure you a madman is scarier than a skeleton.
-Stop it.
-Who was this guy with the moustache? Dalأ­, son, a Spanish painter.
He was very good.
-A painter.
-A painter of paintings.
Do you know what's fucking scary? Dolls for children.
They're really scary.
What dolls? Goofy, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, all those.
A mouse with ears is scarier, that's what you’re saying? Yes, arsehole.
Do you want me to wallop you? -Hey! -I'm right.
Listen to me.
If a guy at gunpoint and wearing a Mickey Mouse mask gets in a place, the people will think he's nuts, there's going to be a massacre.
Do you know why? Because guns and children are two things you never put together, daddy.
-Am I right or not? -That way it'd be more dangerous, more twisted.
So a Jesus Christ mask would frighten more, he's more innocent.
They say "It doesn't suit you, it's like Christ with two guns.
" -"Like a saint with two guns.
" -It doesn't matter.
"It was obvious there was a lack of women in the gang.
" "A woman can spend two days choosing shoes for a wedding, but she'd never use a single minute to choose masks for a robbery.
Everything we had planned was starting now and during those fractions of a second I thought about all the innocent people whose lives we would stop in their tracks.
" E-80 LOCAL ROAD "The Professor knew there was just one way to come in the Fأ،brica de Moneda y Timbre with three tonnes of explosive devices.
It had to be done in the lorry that entered the building every week with the new paper money rolls ready to be printed.
And that was what we were going to do, getting to the very core, escorted by the National Police.
In Spain, anything guarded by two police cars is something heavily protected.
" "But if you inhibit any possibility for their communication through the radio or telephone and if you point two 26-year-old kids with five assault rifles at their heads, it doesn't matter if they have guns, and they feel just like it'd happen to any of us.
" I said get out of the fucking car! -"They're scared shitless.
" -You'll do as I say! "Courage and heroism have a price, and it's greater than the 1,600 euros a month -a kid with a uniform gets" -Open the lorry, do you hear me? "or a lorry driver.
" Come on, damn it, open! "If those men had had their daughter on the back of the lorry, they'd never have opened it, but who cares about some paper money rolls with a watermark?" Hurry up, hurry up! Jeez, man! Come on! Come on, come on! Sit down.
Now calm down, the three of you, otherwise, a blow with the rifle.
You'll drive with a gun in your kidneys.
When you get the radio call to know if everything's all right, you'll answer coolly, as if everything ran smoothly.
Am I clear? "And in the middle of that chaos with guns I remembered the night before I had been asked for my hand in marriage and that I'd have preferred other plans.
But if you think about it, you never find a good day for a robbery.
" Now you know what you have to do.
Don't take your eyes off the girl.
There can't be any mistakes, all right? She's 17.
I think I can handle her.
Can I sit by your side? Sure.
Do you want to go out with me? Okay.
I'm leaving.
No, no.
I don't have to think about it.
I mean, yes.
"Okay, children, we've arrived.
Let's go straight to the museum's hall, where Pedro, please, don't behave like in class.
Let's go out in an orderly way, using both doors" And this is the faأ§ade of the Fأ،brica de Moneda y Timbre.
The little lamb is coming in.
Berlin, your turn.
And now, be careful what you do.
How are you, Javi? Where's Rafita? Shift change.
Very well.
Keep calm.
Okay, children, get in.
This is important.
As soon as we get the accreditations Keep you accreditations hanging from your neck.
They must be visible during the whole visit, okay? Don't turn around.
When you're next to me, I can't even breathe.
Well, breathe, because in nine months you will really be out of breath.
Go ahead.
Well visible during the whole visit, children.
The accreditation in your neck.
Lower your voice.
Berlin, the first camera, on your left.
Aren't you going to say anything? I tell you I'm pregnant, and you just keep calm? What shall I do, call my wife, tell her to pick up the children and we all go to celebrate? For God's sake! Go on, go on.
Come on.
Be alert, Tokyo.
ACCESS TO ALARM SYSTEM Great! -"Alarms disengaged.
" -Now.
Go ahead, come on.
It was you who said yesterday you're in a bad situation, -you can't stand her, you have problems.
-Problems just like any couple, Mأ³nica, like any other married couple with three children, not that I want to get divorced.
Mأ³nica, I've had three children, all of them with in vitro fertilisation.
I've been having sterile intercourses with my wife for over 20 years and now you tell me this.
You must be Shiva, the goddess of fertility.
What are you insinuating? I didn't come here looking for a pension, you know? Or for a divorce, and much less for a paternity test.
I thought you loved me.
And And I think it's a nice idea.
Hard to make it fit in our lives, but but a wonderful idea.
Listen! What? Do you want to know what I'm going to do with your child? -That's what you want, right? -Listen to me, don't rush.
Don't move! Freeze.
Don't move! Don’t move or I’ll kill you! -What's the matter? Do something! -Stand up! Stand up! Get out! "Come on, come on!" Hurry up! Don't move! Come on, come on! Come on! Yes, yes! Fuck! Come on, come on.
This way.
Come on.
And this wonderful staircase, made of marble and granite Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Come on! Get back! -Please, don't! -Professor, we have a problem.
I can't see the little lamb.
I can't fucking see her! Miss Parker, where have you gone? Wait.
-Please! -Let's go! That way! Stop.
Okay, okay.
I'm going too fast.
I know.
Let's immortalize this, right? Let's take a picture with your phone.
Wait Jesus Here? It's a bit seedy, right? It's our first day.
You look so pretty.
I can't find the girl.
I can't fucking see her.
Open here.
Open and look a bit sexy.
It's your phone.
If you want, you can erase it.
This is for both of us, for you and me.
Come on, come on.
With this photo you'll be all the rage on the Internet.
Give me my phone! I said give it to me! Give me my phone! Give it to me! Give me the fucking phone! Give me the phone! Give me the phone! Give me the phone! First of all Good morning.
I'm the person who’s in charge.
And, first of all, I want to offer my apologies.
Truly, this is not the way to end the week.
But you're here as hostages.
If you obey, I guarantee you'll be left alive.
-Alison Parker.
Calm down, calm down.
Calm down.
Why do you need the PIN? Either you tell me the fucking PIN or I'll blow you with my rifle butt.
How long are you pregnant for? Eight months.
Eight months.
You look so smart, but you've got that shitty PIN.
What an arsehole.
Your name.
-Arturo what? -Arturo Romأ،n.
-Arturo Romأ،n, very well.
You're our safe-conduct here, so I'm going to protect you.
Hey Give me your hands.
Let go.
Let go.
Let go.
What's your name? Ariadna.
Come with me.
Calm down.
Feel my hands.
-Are they the hands of a monster? -No, no.
Because I'm not a monster.
I know perfectly how you feel.
The dry mouth, the shortness of breath.
You have to try to calm down.
Breathe in.
Breathe in.
Breathe in.
That's it.
Please, breathe with me, all of you.
Breathe in.
Easy, easy.
Make yourself responsible for your breathing.
Breathe out.
Very well.
Very well.
Miss Mأ³nica Gaztambide, please? Don't move.
Please, don’t move.
-Be quiet.
-I said don't move.
Be quiet.
Miss Mأ³nica Gaztambide, would you be so kind as to step forward? It's me.
You're a star, dad! You're the best! You can sleep very well here, dad.
You can sleep grandly here.
Oh! Dad, dad! Fucking.
Here, boom! Boom, boom Come on, stop fooling around and let's get to work.
Come on, jeez.
This smells fucking great.
It smells better than roast lamb, dad, that roast lamb.
-Lay down here, jeez.
-Come on, Jesus! When have you had such a bed? You didn't have it in jail.
Have you seen where we are, dad? We're the best.
-We're the best.
-Boy, don't get this wrong.
We're very small.
Can you do anything? Have you ever had a job? Have you ever left you CV anywhere? Ah.
Come on, jeez.
My CV.
My CV, what for? To take you out of Alcalأ،-Meco? Do you think I feel proud of that? 12 years of my life coming in and out of prison.
And you know why? Why? Because I'm not very smart, son.
And neither are you.
But the brains of this job is another person.
And if we're lucky and you don't act like an arsehole, you'll leave this place with your life settled.
-I'm not acting like an arsehole.
-Come on, jeez! Fill them.
I want you to answer the phone and convince whoever it is that we are closed -due to a technical problem.
Understood? -Yes.
I have no choice but to point at you with a gun.
-Can you feel it? -Yes.
Fأ،brica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, tell me.
No, I'm sorry, I can’t put you through Arturo right now.
The system is down.
No, I can't bring him up here.
No, he can't come here to pick up the phone.
No, it can't be.
No, because Just because, I don't know where he is right now, I don't know if he’s in the factory, in the museum, in the canteen or wherever he is! And besides, that's not my job, miss! That was a performance worthy of an Oscar, miss Gaztambide.
"20 minutes after coming in, we started to wire the analogue communication system to talk to the Professor.
Without phones or radio frequency, with nobody being able to hear us.
We had sealed the doors and the alarms hadn't set off.
We were like in a time limbo, with nobody knowing we had taken over the Fأ،brica de Moneda y Timbre.
And in that sweet peace, before the storm, it just seemed an ordinary day.
" You look handsome, right? Who is it? It's me, let me in.
Rio, man.
If the Professor sees us, he'll kill us, don’t you know? I know, I know.
I have to talk to you.
Sit down.
-What's up? -Sit down, jeez.
What's up? Tomorrow's the robbery.
And we have no fucking idea what is going to happen.
That's why I want you to know I'm serious with you and I understand perfectly that, well, that you're not a child any more and and you may be looking for a more serious commitment.
That's why I want to give you something.
I didn't buy you a ring because we're locked up here, but as soon as I go out I'll buy you such a big gem you'll need to carry your hand in a fucking wheelbarrow.
What's this? An engagement badge? Now at least you'll know my real name.
Right, but we're not allowed to know each other's names.
Well, don't look at it.
But it's yours.
How should I tell you this? Our affair has been very well, okay? Great.
We have slept together some evenings What do you mean, some? Jeez, all of them.
But four or five Sincerely, I don't think we're the perfect couple.
-Don't we fuck well? -Yes, we do fuck well, wonderfully.
That's a start, right? But you need something more than fucking well to be a couple, right? Are you saying that because I'm 12 years younger than you? I'm going to have 300 million euros, right? I'm not a child, my life is settled.
-Really, Rio, I wish we had -What do you mean with "had"? There was love.
There was, I was there.
There's another man, right? Not anymore.
Look, Rio, when all this is over, maybe you and I will go to Tahiti and see if this works, but tomorrow I only want to think about one thing: not to get killed.
Rio, don't.
No, no.
You left a phone on.
Well, turn it off.
The vault is open.
Put on your vests and get ready to go out.
As soon as you're ready, we'll activate the alarm.
Berlin, ready to open the doors.
Hostages, for your security, all of you three steps back! A little more over here.
Very well.
Everything's going to be all right.
A little closer.
Calm down.
Calm down.
I can see the bags.
They're full of money.
Now they'll leave and it’ll be all right.
"There's a 10-33 at the Fأ،brica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.
Z24 on our way.
We'll get there in two minutes.
" Two minutes.
Two minutes.
-Why did the alarm go off? -I don't know.
They're just standing there, I don't understand.
-Why don't they take the money and leave? -I don't know! One minute, 40 seconds.
One minute What's your name? Arturo.
-Arturo, right? -Yes.
No, I haven't seen anything! I haven't seen anything, I swear, I haven't seen anything! -Look at me.
-I haven't seen anything.
Come on, Arturo, look at me.
Look at me, look at me.
Hey, hey, come on.
Do you like cinema? Do you like it? I'm I’m a big fan.
Have you realised in horror films there's always someone at the beginning, like this, a nice guy like you, and you think: "That guy's going to die", -and then it happens? -No He always dies.
Arturo, believe me, you're that guy.
"Z24 to headquarters, we'll be there in 30 seconds.
" 30 seconds.
30 seconds.
"It's vital that the police" don't have the faintest idea about what we're doing.
We'll make them believe we came in for a robbery, they caught us by surprise leaving with the money and everything was fucked up, we took out the guns, shot point-blank and we had no choice but to go back.
"And then, not having hurt" anybody, we get inside.
"Let them think we're trapped like rats.
Let them think we're improvising.
" Now! Tokyo! Tokyo, wait, it's too soon! Tokyo! "Go out, throw the money, shot at the ground and go back.
I'd heard that more than 30 times.
But what the Professor didn't tell us is that they would also shoot point-blank.
" Rio, Rio! Holy shit, man! Holy shit! This couldn't have started fucking worse, man! Fuck! "Urgent support.
We need urgent support.
In the Fأ،brica de Moneda y Timbre.
We've got hostile gunfire.
Officer down.
I repeat, officer down.
" "An M16 bullet is fired at 3,510 kph.
It flies faster than the speed of sound.
So if you're shot in the heart, you won't even hear the bullet that has killed you.
That's how I knew I had fucked it all up, in a millisecond and the same way as usual.
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