Money Heist (2017) s05e09 Episode Script

Pillow Talk

["The Funeral" by Band of Horses playing]
[siren wailing]
I'm comin' up only to hold you under ♪
[inaudible screaming]
[Tokyo] The silver lining
in really fucked-up situations
is that they can only happen once.
- You only get killed once.
- [Victoria wailing]
[Tokyo] You only lose
the love of your life once.
You're only robbed of the greatest
treasure anyone has ever stolen once.
But the fact
that all these things only happen once
doesn't make them less painful.
To know you all wrong, we won ♪
Ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
Really too late to call ♪
So we wait for ♪
Morning to wake you, is all we got ♪
- Grab a weapon!
- [Tokyo] You feel devastated.
You see the disappointed faces
of the people you've failed.
It's as if a javelin
was hurled through your chest.
And at that point, when you can
barely breathe from all the anxiety,
you have two options,
accept defeat
or fight.
The Professor chose to fight.
Even though he knew
that everything was lost,
and that in all probability,
he was only prolonging his suffering,
he still chose to fight.
Marseille, turn on the GPS.
Find the signal for the trucks.
They don't know they're geolocated.
Palermo, Lisbon, private line.
They're four kilometers from here.
Looks like they've stopped.
Darko, at the next crossroads,
everyone go west.
Copy, Professor.
[tires screeching]
Weapons ready,
they're four kilometers away.
- [guns cocking]
- Lisbon, do you copy me?
Come on, Lisbon, answer.
This is Lisbon.
I'm with Palermo. Talk to me.
Someone stole the gold.
What did you say?
They came in dressed as police officers
while all the gold was in the trucks.
They tied us up and took everything.
- How many were there?
- Ten.
Wait a minute, Sergio.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
They went in just after
you got all the gold in the trucks,
right before leaving?
- That's when they went in?
- Yes.
You know why that's significant?
We have a mole.
It's an abandoned quarry.
They're still stopped.
They're probably unloading the gold.
Darko, they're in the old quarry
in Santa Bárbara.
[screaming] No! No!
- Fuck!
- [Lisbon] Palermo.
You know this bank better than anyone.
Tell me there's another way to get out.
Without the gold, we're finished, Lisbon.
Then I guess we're finished.
There they are.
Take it slow.
- [metallic creaking]
- [wind whistling]
[flies buzzing]
Darko, we're getting out.
Cover the sides.
- Marseille, let's check the trucks.
- [Marseille grunts]
Everyone else, cover us.
They could be anywhere.
Let's go.
[tense music playing]
[whispering] Psst. Cover them.
You guys, right here. Eyes on the car.
Fucking hell!
[footsteps trudge away]
[man] No!
The trucks are empty.
They unloaded 90 tons of gold
in half an hour.
It's not improvised. They knew the plan.
In that case, there's only one person.
And you know
perfectly well who it was.
No, no, no, no. She knew the objective,
but she didn't know
how we were getting the gold out
or or any details about the plan.
You put everything away
in the safe every night.
Sergio, your brother was in love.
Do you really think that a piece of paper
with our strategy on it
was more important than love for him?
Well, yes. All our lives depended on it,
so of course I do!
People talk in bed, Sergio.
Including you.
You told me about Plan Paris while in bed,
because you knew no one could hear us.
You knew you were putting
everyone's lives in danger to save me.
We both knew
they would come in after that.
And now Tokyo is dead.
That's what people do. They open up in bed
and reveal secrets
that put other people's lives in danger.
Your brother did that,
you did it,
and so did I.
[Alicia] Hey! Psst!
Quick question for you.
Who the fuck are you talking about?
About my brother's ex-wife.
Mm. Awesome. And what does she do?
She's a pianist.
[screaming] And she's a thief!
[Professor] Ah!
[muttering] She knew everything.
She knew everything.
She knew everything!
All this time, they've been sleeping here
down there while they watched us.
They saw everything.
All they had to do was time us.
They knew that once the trucks got in,
we'd take around eight to ten hours
to get them ready to leave again, and
That's why they got there just in time.
[trucks beeping]
Come on, come on, come on, guys!
We don't have all day!
Let's go! Let's go!
[crew member] All right,
that's good. That's good.
- Eight minutes. That's all we have.
- Come on. Go, go, go!
- Let's go! Over there.
- All right!
- Let's go!
- Come on!
[Professor] This is a message
for the whole gang.
The gold's been stolen.
They came into the stormwater tank
pretending to be police officers.
We're going after them.
We're currently looking
for several dump trucks.
They loaded them with the gold bars
and then covered everything with dirt.
They're driving with the cargo uncovered
to avoid suspicion.
It's crucial no one finds out
the gold was stolen.
Not the hostages, not the police, no one.
In case of a setback,
that would be the end of us.
- Is that clear?
- It's clear.
Copy that.
- Helsinki?
- I understand.
- [Lisbon] Manila?
- Copy that.
Denver? Stockholm?
Denver, Stockholm, do you copy me?
Rio, listen to me.
I need you to hack into
all the traffic cameras
near the Santa Bárbara quarry, you got it?
Marseille, go to the stormwater tank.
Take two miners,
the Captain, and those trucks.
When you get there, get rid of
the police vans and launch Plan Tom Thumb.
Copy that. Captain, Polish guy,
and you, let's go. Get in the trucks.
And everyone else,
before a crisis occurs
and everyone starts wondering
what degree they wanna earn
inside a maximum-security prison.
I give you my word.
[gun cocks]
We're going to recover the gold,
and we're gonna get you out of there.
[Tokyo] That was the first time
the Professor said something
and nobody believed him.
["My Life Is Going On"
by Cecilia Krull playing]
If I stay with you
If I'm choosing wrong ♪
I don't care at all ♪
If I'm losing now
But I'm winning late ♪
That's all I want ♪
I don't care at all ♪
I am lost ♪
I don't care at all ♪
Lost my time ♪
My life is going on ♪
[indistinct clamoring]
- Just fucking go for it. Just go for it.
- [laughing]
That's how it's done.
[Professor] Who was it?
Who was the funny guy, or funny girl,
who put this fish inside my bed?
- [stifling laughter]
- [snorting]
Very well, very well. Very well.
You know what?
- [all exclaim]
- [Denver] Holy shit!
I resign as the brains behind the gang.
I'd much rather be partying.
Give me the patxarán.
Uh, it's more amaretto than patxarán
Just give it to me, shut up, who cares!
- [inaudible]
- [Bogotá clears throat]
[Bogotá] Ah, there you go.
There you go, there you go.
- Okay, now I'm gonna smoke a cigarette.
- Sure, why not?
Do you know why you're here?
You're here because you need
to turn a valve, let off steam.
You're concentrating all day.
Concentrating all day
is really tough, right?
It's exhausting, isn't it?
[slams table]
You understand this little party
you've organized is a symptom,
a symptom of weakness?
It shows you don't have what it takes
to be focused all day like me.
The only responsible one is Nairobi.
You have to be on guard all day.
The whole day on guard.
You have to be on guard all day,
clenching your fists,
squeezing your fists, Bogotá.
Tokyo, Helsinki, you have to keep
your your butt as tight as a drum.
That's what you have to do.
Understand, Denver?
Keep your eyes open, like an owl.
Stiff, vigilant, because they'll get you.
As soon as you lower your guard a little.
Any son of a bitch, any bastard out there
who's actually spending
their entire day being alert,
they will get you.
- Relax
- [Professor shouting] No!
You need an escape valve? Okay.
Then here it is.
Let's all relax.
Let's all just relax. Okay.
["Get Up (I Feel Like Being A)
Sex Machine" by James Brown playing]
One, two, three, four! ♪
- Get up ♪
- Get on up ♪
- Get up ♪
- [Denver] What the fuck?
- Stay on the scene ♪
- Get on up ♪
- Like a sex machine ♪
- Get on up ♪
- Get up ♪
- Get on up ♪
Tomorrow there's no class.
- Get on up ♪
- Stay on the scene ♪
- Get on up ♪
- Like a sex machine ♪
Get on up ♪
- Get up ♪
- Get on up ♪
- Stay on the scene ♪
- You can get the notes from me later.
- [laughing]
- Get on up ♪
Shake your arm ♪
And use your form ♪
[man] All right!
[Bogotá cackling]
Like a sex machine ♪
[Denver] Oh, oh. Here I go, here I go.
All right! Get on up!
- Woo!
- There you go.
- Get up ♪
- Get on up ♪
- Get up ♪
- Get on up ♪
[Tokyo] The day the gang fell,
we all thought about
the night of the fish.
But this time, we didn't lower our guard
to let off steam.
It was out of despair
from having lost the gold,
and along with the gold,
we lost something worse,
confidence in our leader.
So it was hard to stay alert
and realize that the real danger
was inside with us
from the very moment
we thought we had subdued Sagasta.
[Sagasta] We came in here
to complete a mission,
put an end to this heist,
and that's what we're gonna do.
There's two of you including the psycho.
Right now, this isn't even a possibility.
You're mistaken,
because this time
they won't see it coming.
All we need
is one person to end all of this.
Listen to me.
I want you to go through
the ventilation ducts,
but you're not gonna act.
Even if you see three of them
sound asleep right in front of you
and have a good chance to kill them,
use restraint.
[Arteche] I'm at the main entrance.
- Situation?
- There's four charges.
[Sagasta] You have to move like a ghost.
We'll buy you time.
And I'll negotiate with them
so we can get surgeons to come in
and operate on Ramiro.
You'll communicate
with the command post by radio.
And the doctors they send in
should be soldiers
so they can take part
in the undercover operation.
[Arteche] What's the mission?
To open this fucking building.
They feel powerful locked up in here.
But there's less than ten of them
and the whole army's out there.
You're gonna open three fronts.
The loading docks,
the large windows on the first floor,
and, most importantly, the main entrance.
Once you've done that,
we will have won this war.
In less than ten minutes,
they'll take control of the bank.
And what about you?
You, me, and Ramiro,
as well as the surgeons,
we'll be the Trojan horse.
[mechanical chirping]
The main entrance is clear.
Good job, Arteche.
We'll wait for your signal.
With all that confusion
you were feeling, um
about your past, you,
Manila, I don't know.
You seemed pretty involved.
What do you mean "involved"?
Um, like very eager, very passionate
It was too much, right?
I overdid it. I I knew should've been
more delicate, but with the
with the striptease and all, well,
you didn't make it easy, right?
- [scoffs]
- Did you like it? Was it good?
[both chuckling]
Fuck yeah.
Well, tell me.
How are you feeling?
Well, things are clearer now.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
because before having an orgasm, you
Well, there's a lot of noise in your head.
But once you ejaculate,
only one of two things can happen,
either you want to get
the hell out of there, or
or you wanna be with that person
for the rest of your life.
And? What do you want to do?
I want to stay here,
with you,
holding you for the rest of my life.
If you want to, of course.
But under one condition.
The next time you feel like going out,
don't lie to me.
You'll take me with you
to party until the sun rises.
- Or until it sets again.
- Sure.
Fuck, can't you knock?
What the hell's wrong with you?
Someone stole the gold.
Absolutely not a word about this.
If anyone finds out,
it's over, we're dead.
Son of a bitch.
Come on, let's go! Quick!
[tense action music playing]
Let's go.
[Rio] Shakir,
I just got access to the server.
I'm in, Professor.
We have the traffic cameras.
All right, check the ones on the M60.
They must have taken
the exit at kilometer 26.
Here it is. Exit 26, Madrid-Barcelona.
We're looking for three dump trucks,
maybe four, between 10:55 and 11:10.
[Rio] I don't see
any dump trucks taking that exit.
[Professor] Look for
any heavy goods vehicle.
Nothing, Professor.
There's nothing here,
not in those 15 minutes, or the next 15.
They took a local road.
There's no cameras on those.
Any idiot knows that.
- Then there's no way we can find them.
- No, we still have time.
All we can do
is take care of the people outside.
Cincinnati, my daughter, and my mom.
I won't give up now.
I won't throw in the towel.
You already did.
When you put your hands down.
You had weapons, men,
a strong position, and you surrendered.
It was a lost battle.
They came in with patrol cars,
special operation vans.
It looked like an advanced party.
Killing 20 police officers
wouldn't have saved us.
They weren't police officers!
It was a fucking illusionist's act,
and you fell for it.
You fell for the same tricks,
the same illusions that you use!
[shouting] Shut up!
[Victoria wailing]
Wait a minute.
It's like Palermo said.
This is the son of Berlin.
They're playing the same cards we are.
Lisbon was right.
Of course it's an act of illusionism.
It was the case when they stole our gold.
And that's still the case right now.
They knew we would check
the security cameras.
It was the only thing we could do.
And that we would believe what we saw.
But maybe what we're seeing isn't real.
Rio, check those videos again.
Look for something, a loop,
whatever, for any signs that those videos
may have been tampered with.
The asphalt. It's wet.
It didn't rain today, that's yesterday.
They altered the video even though
they could've went on a local road
that doesn't have any cameras.
Why would they go through
all that trouble?
Because they need to.
They're going somewhere
they can only get to on this road.
The M60 is a ring road.
They'd never use it to get out of Madrid.
Because they're not running away.
That means they're hiding.
No one's gonna leave the country
with 90 tons of gold.
What do you do when you have
so much money and so much gold
that you can't take it with you?
- What did Pablo Escobar do?
- [laughing]
- What did pirates do?
- They bury it!
That's why they're using dump trucks.
- That's right.
- The gold is underground.
- Correct!
- Where do you bury that kind of treasure?
Wherever it is, they're burying it.
The hole you need to make
to bury 90 tons of gold
requires you to move around
so much earth and so much machinery
that we might still have
a chance of finding it.
- [beeping]
- Okay, higher.
Higher, higher.
[classical music playing]
[both laughing]
I want everyone dressed
as anything but a soldier.
A doctor, a civil safety officer,
ambulance driver, whatever.
We're going in when they least expect it.
We'll approach the bank under camouflage,
we'll gather troops in the blind spots,
and then we'll wait
for a signal from Sergeant Arteche.
- Is that clear?
- [troops] Sí, señor!
Go get 'em!
[Suárez] Let's go, let's go!
I'm almost at the library.
I'm about to establish contact
with Major Sagasta.
Copy that, Sergeant.
[Tamayo] All units get in position.
[Tamayo] Suárez,
keep your men in the blind spots.
Copy that, Colonel.
[devices chirping]
[Tamayo] Cañizo, wait for my order.
[Arteche] I've made
visual contact with Sagasta.
Mendizábal, status?
- We're now in position, Colonel.
- [Tamayo] Copy that.
We're moving!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Suárez, get ready.
Standing by at the blind spot.
- Cañizo?
- Colonel, our unit is set.
Sergeant, all units are ready
and awaiting your signal.
[health monitor beeping]
Keep your eyes on the ground!
There's nothing to see here.
[Tamayo] Arteche.
Arteche, what's going on?
- [Arteche] Another robber just came in.
- [Palermo] Put your heads down.
[Arteche] Stand by.
How's that leg feeling?
Good. I still don't feel anything.
The hostages giving you trouble?
They've been quiet.
I came to tell you something.
This kind of sounds like a goodbye.
The Professor lost the gold,
and I really doubt we'll get out of here.
Palermo, you'll get me out of here.
You promised.
And you'll do it.
Maybe you doubt it,
but I don't.
[Palermo] Wow.
I wish I had your confidence.
[health monitor beeping rapidly]
[shuddered groaning]
What's going on?
[Arteche] Initiating phase two.
You gotta untie us.
He needs medical attention.
- Please, please!
- All right, everyone stay there.
Hostages, get down! Hostages, down!
Get down or I'll shoot you!
Okay, let's see.
Stick your tongue out!
- [Arteche] I'm in.
- Units on alert.
Sergeant Arteche is going in.
Listen to me. It's not epilepsy, okay?
It might be brain damage.
Possibly a subdural hematoma.
We need to help him,
and we need to do it now.
- You gotta untie us.
- Untie the doctors, dammit!
- He's dying, for God's sake!
- Shut up, Major!
[health monitor beeping faster]
Come over here very slowly.
[Ramiro gurgling]
[Palermo] You too.
One wrong move
and I'll blow your fucking head off!
[hostages clamoring]
[Palermo] Helsinki, shoot them!
If you shoot,
I'll blow your boyfriend's head off.
- You have a fucking machine gun! Shoot!
- Drop the weapon.
[Arteche] I'd love to kill him.
So just give me an excuse.
Come on. Five
- Four, three, two
- Shoot them, dammit! Shoot them!
- [speaking Serbian]
- [doctor] Drop the fucking weapon.
Sergeant, do you copy?
[Arteche] Library cleared.
Major Sagasta is operational
and in charge of Trojan horse.
You have the green light
for your intervention.
Attention all units. We're going in now!
["Way To Fall" by Starsailor playing]
Son ♪
You've got a way to fall ♪
- [soldier] Hey! On the ground!
- [soldiers shouting indistinctly]
They'll tell you where to go ♪
But they won't ♪
Know ♪
Son ♪
[Suárez] Charge!
You'd better take it all ♪
They'll tell you what they know ♪
[loud bang]
But they won't show ♪
- [soldier] Don't move!
- Oh ♪
- I've got something in my throat ♪
- [soldier 1] On the ground!
- On the ground now!
- [soldier 2] Stop! Don't move!
I need to be alone ♪
- [soldier 2] Stay down!
- Drop the weapon.
- While I suffer ♪
- [soldier 2] Stay down!
Son ♪
- You've got a way to kill ♪
- Charge!
They're picking on you still ♪
But they don't ♪
Know ♪
Son ♪
Let's go! Come on!
- You'd better wait to shine ♪
- Got you, fucker.
[soldier] Come on! Forward!
- They'll tell you what is yours ♪
- [soldier 1] Get down!
- [soldier 2] Get down!
- But they'll take mine ♪
Oh ♪
I've got something in my throat ♪
I need to be alone ♪
While I suffer ♪
Oh ♪
[soldier 1] Hands on your head!
There's a hole inside my boat ♪
I need to stay afloat ♪
For the summer ♪
[soldier 2] Hands on your head!
Long ♪
This is Major Sagasta.
All members of the gang captured.
There were no casualties to report
on either side.
The hostages are safe.
Over and out.
[all cheering and applauding]
- Oh ♪
- Left my sweet soul ♪
- I've got something in my throat ♪
- Beneath the bedclothes ♪
- I need to be alone ♪
- I'm not ♪
- Coming down ♪
- While I suffer ♪
- Oh ♪
- Walls have ears ♪
- But no one hears ♪
- There's a hole inside my boat ♪
- I need to stay afloat ♪
- When nobody's around ♪
For the summer ♪
[music fades out]
[sinister music playing]
[radio chirps]
[over radio] Afternoon, Professor.
This is Colonel Tamayo.
You're probably surprised that
I'm talking to you from your gang's radio,
but I regret to inform you this is not
like one of your little tricks.
If you want confirmation, just listen.
Sergio, don't worry.
We're all alive, but on our knees.
[tires screech]
[Lisbon] They deactivated the charges
and snuck in through the back.
And if you need visual confirmation,
just turn on the TV,
because they're gonna start coming out.
One by one, the whole band.
Like the Rolling Stones. [laughing]
So I recommend you start looking for
the deepest, darkest hole
you can use to hide
because we're coming for ya.
There's no need, Tamayo.
I'm turning myself in.
I don't think it's 100% clear
why I'm outside the bank.
Not even to everyone in the gang.
Some people think
it's because I'm a coward.
Because if something went wrong,
I'd be safe, not them.
But I promised myself
that if the gang went down
I'd go down too.
You've already won this game, Tamayo.
So it makes no sense
for us to keep dragging this out
with another chase
risking injury to more people.
I'm asking you
between gentlemen,
to accept my surrender and
[Professor] And allow me to go to the bank
so I can go out in handcuffs
with my partners.
I'll be there in 20 minutes, that way
you'll have everyone in the photos.
Okay, make that 15 minutes instead of 20.
What do you mean you'll surrender?
This is Colonel Tamayo.
We're keeping the hostages in the library.
Don't let them get out of there.
Nobody gets out! Understood?
What are you trying to do?
Be a hero? Or be a martyr?
Listen to me.
If the gang leaves the bank, it's over.
Everything would be lost.
There'd be no turning back. But right now
Right now, we still have a chance.
One in a million,
but we might still have it.
A chance to do what? A chance to do what?
I need you to find the gold.
- What?
- With Benjamín.
- [Alicia] What?
- I need you to find the gold.
Now. Right now.
- I need you to find the gold.
- [laughing]
Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ.
- Alicia, listen
- Did you hear that, Logroño?
Now it turns out that you and I,
a new mother and an ex-convict,
are in charge of delivering
the final blow, the checkmate,
the master move.
Are you fucking high?
If there's anyone who can do it, it's you.
I am a woman who just had a baby girl
and I'm breastfeeding.
I'm absolutely exhausted.
I'm tired, very tired.
And I don't know I don't know
if I can deal with a war
between organized crime families.
- I don't know.
- All you have to do is find some robbers.
That's what you've been doing
your whole life. You're the best.
- Stop buttering me up, Sergio.
- You found me.
And I'm the most wanted man
in all of Spain.
Alicia, Interpol was
looking for me for months.
They looked all over the planet.
They didn't find me. You did.
In hours.
You snuck out
of a press conference full of journalists.
You ran away from Tamayo,
from the entire police force,
while you were nine months pregnant
and you found me!
Of course you're going to find that gold!
So take those cars and this gang
and go find the biggest loot in history.
Alicia. Come.
[Alicia sniffles]
Consider yourself lucky, Professor.
That's the first time
I've given someone a real hug
since Germán died. [sniffles]
But more importantly,
it's the first time something
made me smile. Really smile.
May I ask you what did it?
Maybe because you're
leaving me with Columbo
and Starsky and Hutch and their friends.
They're the best.
And I need you to do me one last favor.
[tears page off]
[whispers inaudibly]
I can't take any of our cars,
they're connected and geolocalized,
but that one
You better go.
[mouthing inaudibly]
Gentlemen, let's go.
Professor, when you see
my daughter, tell her
that I love her very much.
- Good afternoon, sir.
- Aren't you the Professor?
That's right.
You have a beautiful car.
[tense music playing]
[scanner beeps]
[gears clicking]
Come on, push this open.
[tense music builds and then fades out]
Jesus Christ.
They've cleaned it all out, Colonel.
They took the entire national reserve.
Do you understand what that means?
It's a country's credit backbone.
Its solvency! Its collateral!
- Don't you understand?
- I understand, Mr. Mario. I understand.
- Cañizo.
- Colonel.
I want your men to fire intermittent
bursts at the ground every two minutes,
as if the robbers were still trying
to hold on to the bank.
Of course, sir.
Until we figure out what the fuck to say,
this operation continues.
[electronic music playing]
[bell tolling]
Son of a bitch, Cincinnati.
I have to go get him.
- All right, um don't leave, okay?
- Okay.
- All right, I'ma go.
- Okay.
Just wanna talk to you ♪
Let me talk to you ♪
[Professor] In the end,
there's no one left
but the professionals of nightlife.
- You and me.
- [giggling]
[both laughing]
Now this is the resistance.
- [Professor] Exact Exactly.
- Mm? Not Not
- That?
- Exactly.
No, this.
I love you a lot, Tokyo.
A lot.
I love you too.
A lot.
You know why?
Because of my style and the way I dance?
[Professor] Hm?
[Tokyo tsks]
Because you always make it to the end.
[Professor scoffs]
That's why you're here
with me at eight in the morning.
[both laughing]
Am I wrong? Am I?
No, it's true. It's true.
I realized that you're a hero.
The rest of us can mess around
and get wasted
because you're on the other side,
holding the rope.
[Tokyo] Yeah.
[Tokyo] We know
nothing can go wrong when you're here.
You'll pull an ace from your sleeve.
[protesters clamoring]
You're the master of illusion.
That's why we go back into the lion's den.
Even if they point a thousand guns at us.
Because we all believe in you.
Like a mantra.
[crowd chanting] Professor! Professor!
You're our faith.
[crowd cheering]
[Tokyo] The faith that, if all else fails,
we still have you.
No matter how bad things get
even if they have us on our knees,
even if it looks like there's no hope,
like we're almost dead
we keep on believing.
[crowd cheering]
Because we know
we'll always have the Professor.
[crowd chanting] Professor! Professor!
[Tokyo chuckles]
[epic music playing]
[music building]
[music fades out]
[electronic music playing]
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