Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

I found out later
that the Professor
was actually a real professor
until a few years ago.
His main topic of research was
the economic impacts of reunification.
Tell me, why are we living
in a divided country?
What has kept us separate
for more than 70 years?
It's complicated involving
political, cultural, and economic factors.
To find answers,
we originally developed a spiral model.
However, it clearly has its limitations.
Let me share my theory.
Reunification is bound
to transpire immediately
as long as both countries
can share the same dream.
So what should that dream be?
A peace on the Peninsula?
A cultural consensus?
It has to be desire.
A desire to make
both South Korea and North Korea
That was a very impressive lecture.
Where are we going?
Where are you taking me?
I'd like to introduce you to someone
who can turn your ideas into reality.
Thank you for coming all the way out here.
I'm Oh Jaeyun.
Of course, sir.
I'm well aware of who you are.
Well then, I suppose
I'll leave you two alone to talk.
Have you been here before?
Uh, no. First time.
What do you think?
Don't you think this place
is more inefficient rather than tragic?
Sir, can I ask why you wanted to see me?
Well, it's still highly classified,
but North Korea is planning to implement
a full open-door policy.
But for economic development,
two things are required.
Capital and a plan.
Our group will provide capital
and you, Professor,
will develop an economic cooperation plan.
Your work will be key
for the reunification of the Peninsula.
What do you say?
Will you join us, Professor?
The moment he shook his hand
the Professor realized he was choosing
to become Oppenheimer.
You may be asking yourself,
"Who is Oppenheimer?"
He's the scientist
who developed the first atomic bomb.
A white Korando runaway vehicle,
fleeing toward the Paju intersection.
Requesting backup right now.
In pursuit of a white SUV
heading toward the intersection ahead.
Driving ahead now
to block his escape!
Move! Move!
Hold on tight!
- Denver!
- We have an intruder!
We have to let the Professor know
right now!
Move! Out of the way!
The Professor is not inside the Mint.
Park Chulwoo, do you copy?
Park Chulwoo!
Do you copy?
Park Chulwoo!
Confirming I got eyes
on one male driver.
You're surrounded!
Do not resist. Get out of the car!
Comply with our orders!
Or else we're going to shoot!
I repeat! You're surrounded!
Do not resist and get out of the car!
You're surrounded! Surrender now!
Stop it!
What in the
You still think
that you don't need me? Huh?
We need to know the truth.
What is happening?
He's not here!
- What do we do?
- He can't have gotten far.
- Search the area and call in for backup.
- Yes.
Call from headquarters.
There's definitely someone on the outside.
He set the car on fire
and he was able to escape.
He must be one of the members
of the Professor's gang, or
I think
that he is the Professor.
Just now, there were gunshots heard
coming from inside the Mint.
The fate of the hostages
remain unknown.
The police have repeatedly stated
that they're trying to assess
what occurred inside the Mint earlier.
Meanwhile, the families of the hostages
have gathered in droves near the Mint,
desperately waiting for updates
about their loved ones.
I want to know
if my child is dead or alive?
That's all I'm asking for.
A petition on the Blue House's website
has gathered more than 200,000 signatures
in favor of the immediate use of force
to infiltrate.
The public's criticism
regarding the lukewarm response
about the Task Force and the police
as a whole is growing stronger.
They are not just thieves anymore.
They're a real threat
to the peace of the Korean Peninsula.
They are terrorists!
It's meaningless
to continue talks with them.
Now is the time to take bold action,
with absolutely no tolerance for violence!
Did you interview the family members
of the students inside the Mint?
How could you do this
without even telling me?
Your misjudgment and lack of foresight
killed one of our agents!
I have nothing to say.
Oh really? So you don't have anything
to say to Agent Park's family either?
Why did you do this?
I thought we were a team.
You think they targeted me?
So then,
do you still suspect me?
If you were really a spy,
you wouldn't have such fury in your eyes
as you tried to chase him down.
Captain, I understand the situation
left you with no other choice.
But from now on,
the two of us have to trust each other.
I understand.
I hoped to spend
my last days at work at ease
Oh, you're back.
- I was briefly on the overall updates.
- Uh, let me
First, let's solve
the matters at hand. Okay?
The suspects are trying to conceal
Agent Park's death.
Why would they do that?
Isn't that obvious?
If his death is confirmed,
they would be admitting they're murderers.
They could've revealed
he's a police officer.
But hours have passed,
and there's no reaction.
That's why this is so strange.
In a standard armed robbery case,
there are almost always bound to be
a few deaths in a hostage situation.
And they had all the more reason to not
hesitate since he was an undercover agent.
And it would show they're willing
to go all the way if the plan goes awry.
Yes, but it's not just any bank.
They've taken over the Mint.
A major national facility.
And what's happened?
Multiple days have passed
without any casualties.
And how did they respond
when the Director got shot?
They let a medical team come in
to save him.
Are they trying to act like
some kind of Robin Hoods or something?
Well, maybe.
We know one thing for sure.
It's that they really care a lot
about public opinion.
We have two cards hidden up our sleeve.
One is to stir up public opinion.
What's the other one?
We now know that.
The Professor isn't in the Mint
so we need to use both cards to reclaim
the upper hand in our negotiations.
Okay, but how?
I need to go into the Mint myself.
What should we do
about the press out there?
They're holding their ground.
Tell them we'll have
a briefing in two hours.
And from now on,
let's have three briefings a day,
all of them on a schedule.
That seems
a little excessive though.
If we stick to the basics
and give them the information as needed,
the public is gonna finally realize
that they shouldn't
target their anger at us
but at the Mint.
- Ah shit. Ow!
- Ahh! Toughen up, crybaby.
That's enough. Come on, stop!
Aren't you supposed to be
an expert at fighting?
Hey, that attack was out of nowhere.
This wouldn't have happened if you had
really been monitoring, you lil' shit.
Yeah. My bad.
You're all set now.
Forget it.
What's this on your forehead?
Is it cracked or something?
- Right here.
- Hmm?
That hurts! Stop it!
Now I'm the one
who got attacked out of the blue.
Well, it wasn't me.
Ah shit.
- Huh?
- Huh?
Hey, boss. What's up?
What are you doing up here?
Why do you look so bummed out?
This is not your fault.
It was that asshole cop
who put the hostages in danger.
You think so?
I'm not sure.
Come on, I'm trying to cheer you up.
You can at least pretend
to play along. Hmm?
Oh, here you are.
The Professor called.
The car. Did he take care of it?
Mm-hmm. Turns out Tokyo was right.
Oh good.
Lucky you knew
those car dealers were shady as fuck.
We would've all been totally fucked
if it weren't for you.
Am I right?
And the way you handled the situation
with Misun.
There's a reason the Professor trusts you.
Now, come on.
Stand tall.
If I hadn't stepped up,
Tokyo would be dead and
the violence wouldn't have ended there.
You're right.
I was thinking about it
I think that Berlin
should be in charge again.
What? But what if
something bad happens again
All this happened under my watch
and I know it's my fault.
Maybe Berlin was right.
Instilling fear in the hostages
might be the best way
to keep them under control.
Berlin, what do you think?
I don't really know if I agree.
There's that old saying,
"Don't change horses midstream."
And if she gets the ax
for a mistake like this,
I probably should've gotten
chopped up long ago.
Are you sure?
Professor, I only want one thing.
For our plan to succeed,
whether it's through superficial peace
or blood-curdling fear,
I don't really care how it gets done.
We walk out from the Mint alive
with a handsome load of cash in our hands.
That's all thatI want.
- Professor?
- Put me through, for now.
What was all that gunfire?
It was just shooting practice.
Why is he hiding it?
It was all in self-defense.
Please don't tell me
you've killed anyone?
I told you before.
We do not intend to hurt the hostages.
But I'm guessing
that didn't go as planned?
It's chaos outside the Mint right now,
from the hostages' families
pleading for us to check if they're alive
to the public demanding
that we take forceful action.
Have you seen the news?
We practiced shooting
because we got bored.
It's suffocating in here, you know?
Is that so? You really didn't kill anyone?
Why? You want me to put every hostage
on the line to check in?
Or maybe just a video message?
I'll just go in myself.
That way, I can be sure.
I'm sure you know
that I just can't allow that.
You can't calm the public outrage.
It's already reaching its breaking point.
Soon we'll both be in a tight spot.
And I can't guarantee the food deliveries
as a promise anymore.
I guess there's no choice. But
no playing games like last time. Okay?
Of course. I'll go in by myself.
But let me bring
a camera inside to broadcast live.
Because if you're the type
to keep your word,
then the public should know that too.
If you refuse, we have no choice
but to do a press release
for the reporters waiting outside.
We'll tell them you refused
to confirm who's alive in there.
And at noon, when the supplies come,
I'll let you enter the Mint.
Inspector Seon Woojin
fully grasped our situation
And that the reason
that we were so adamant
about the safety of the hostages
was how the public would view us.
And once we were completely cornered,
she decided that it was time to stab us
with the knife of public opinion.
Guys, come on, it's simple.
We just line all of them up in a row,
let her see them,
and then send her right back outside.
No, we should let her check
the hostages one by one.
We need to be prepared
for anything unexpected.
At least time is already
on our side anyway.
Why didn't you just ignore her request?
I didn't want anyone to die
because of how we'll look to the public.
Having them on our side
is the important last piece of the puzzle.
And if the public starts to believe
that we're homicidal maniacs
or even reactionaries
They'll storm in armed.
There's nothing to be scared about.
All the hostages are safe and alive.
Yeah, but what if they find out that we've
been printing money during the check?
We need to make sure no one talks.
About what we're doing in the Mint,
or what happened to Park Chulwoo.
We can't risk a leak
of any information whatsoever.
So be well-prepared for the hostage check.
Hello. Welcome, everyone.
The Task Force decided
to hold this press briefing
to calm the worries of the families
of the hostages and the general public.
First of all, regarding the gunfire
that was heard this afternoon,
the suspects confirmed and reiterated
that they are committed
to their initial stance
on keeping all of the hostages
that are inside the Mint safe.
You're saying there aren't any casualties?
How can we really trust them?
In response, the Task force
insisted that we need to confirm
the safety of the hostages in person.
They accepted our terms.
And as a result of this negotiation,
Task Force leader Seon Woojin,
will personally go inside the Mint
with a camera
and will be capturing a live broadcast
you can view.
That will be all.
Did you stay up all night?
You know what? Don't worry.
If anything happens,
I'll take care of it. Okay?
That's hard to believe, right?
So do your best.
Because I believe in you.
I couldn't just feel miserable
and hopeless forever.
- Helsinki, Oslo.
- Hmm?
Get the hostages to the lobby.
Come on. Get up right now!
Ah shit. Just fuck off!
They want everyone. Get up now.
What? Do they want to gather all
the traitors for some kangaroo court, huh?
I'm not going!
No, it didn't seem like that.
- But suit yourself.
- Hey.
If you hadn't set out to evacuate
the hostages at that exact moment,
we would probably be home
in our beds by now.
I'm regretting it too.
If I had stopped him myself,
that police officer would still be alive.
I bet she's thinking the same thing.
Let me go.
Why? So you can go meet him?
If by chance you make it out of here,
I'll make sure
everyone knows you're a traitor
who sided with a criminals
over the hostages.
Nothing happened
back there in the storage room.
Am I right, asshole?
Yes, yes, yes.
So why don't you stop bothering her
over nothing?
Yes, yes.
At noon today, a police officer
is going to enter the Mint
to check if all the hostages are safe.
Your families are very worried
after hearing the gunshot.
So we've made an exception.
I'm asking you all for your cooperation.
And what happens to the dead policeman?
Shouldn't you at least
give them his dead body?
What dead body?
Did something happen?
All we did was have
a little shooting practice.
- My director friend.
- Yeah.
Do you know anything?
Uh, not really.
That's right.
Can I say a few words to all of you?
It may be a little late,
but let me introduce myself.
My real name is Song Jungho.
I'm 41 years old.
Born in Taechon, Pyongan-do.
I got caught escaping North Korea
when I was nine,
and spent 25 years in a prison camp.
I won't go into details
about how I got out of there.
But now that everyone in this Mint
knows my real identity,
there's a much higher chance
I'll get caught
even if I manage to get out of this place.
This is not just a punishment for myself
for threatening you this whole time.
It's a warning.
My colleagues are gonna continue
in their efforts to try
and treat you all humanely.
But for me, I've got nothing to lose now.
So I expect you all to be
on your best behavior.
There will be a camera in here.
Your families haven't seen you
in a while, so everyone better go wash up.
Move. Come on.
Uh, the line for the men's room
isn't this long,
so those of you in the back,
come this way.
I need to talk to you. Come with me.
- What do we do?
- What do you mean?
They said the police are coming in.
We've gotta do something.
We can't just stay silent
when a person died. They need to know!
They warned us about this.
If we do anything to irritate them,
things will only get worse.
I mean
It's okay
if we don't get caught.
What do you mean?
We can secretly pass them a note.
Tell them about the dead cop, the number
of bank robbers, what they look like
and that they're in here printing
brand-new money.
And if we get caught? You think they're
gonna tolerate another stunt like this?
Don't you think
it'll be different?
Depending on who will get caught?
You're not implying
Look, even if we get caught,
they can't do anything to you
because you're the daughter
of the US ambassador.
How could you ask a child to do that?
I'll do it. Since I was part of the reason
the policeman died.
How about instead of using paper, we write
everything on a newly printed note?
It can't be me. I'm on their blacklist.
There's no doubt about that.
So what you need to do is
go and ask the printing team
to sneak out a bill for us to use.
Yeah, let's do that. If we get caught,
it's safer for me to take the fall.
But if it all gets to be too much
at any point, just give up, okay?
We will enter, but please understand
that for security reasons
we'll only bring one camera operator
and no reporters inside the Mint.
However, the recordings taken
from the scene
will be shared
with every outlet that is interested.
As we think
of our family members
held as captive hostages nearby,
I've invited all of you here to discuss
how we can best demand their safety
and enact prompt solutions.
And here with us today
we have the family members
of the Mint employees
and the parents of the students.
we are joined by the parents
of Ms. Anne Kim,
Mr. Marshall Kim, the US ambassador
to Korea, and his wife, Mrs. Kim.
Are we ready?
- Have you checked the transmission?
- Yes, we're all set.
Let's go.
It's time to go now.
We'll be fine, right?
I have faith.
We're moving forward.
Nice to meet you.
Oh look.
Look, they're finally playing it.
Who is that?
Hello there. Thank you for joining us.
Where are they?
Follow me.
Set up the camera behind me here.
And now we can start proving to you
that the hostages are alive and well.
First up is Director of the Mint,
Cho Youngmin.
- Are you going to show them one by one?
- Yes, just to maintain order.
One by one,
once you've been checked,
go to the exhibition hall
on the other side and get some rest.
Hey, you.
Don't do anything stupid.
First off, I want to apologize
for our friendly fire.
How's your wound healing?
It's all right.
I'm Cho Youngmin, Director of the Mint.
Honey, are our kids,
Huichan and Huiju, doing okay?
I'm fine.
Wait for me, okay?
We're okay. The robbers are nice to us.
What happened when we heard the gunshot?
Um, I'm not sure
You don't know
if anyone was shot yesterday?
Sir, we found his identity.
That's why he looked familiar.
Hey, Anne.
It's your turn.
Nice to meet you. Are you doing okay?
If you have anything you'd like
to say to your family, please go ahead.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It looks like
she's getting too emotional.
We should let her get some rest.
Good idea. Come on.
Oh no.
That was quite a performance in there.
Give it to me. What is it?
Ha, what a clever little move you made.
Whose idea was this?
I planned it myself.
You can all go fuck yourselves!
Who ordered this?
That was a nice try, but this ends here.
Helsinki, take her.
What's Inspector Seon's plan in there?
- If it continues on like this
- Remove the camera.
Now it's really starting.
What are you doing?
Your way is going to take forever.
Please gather all the hostages
and bring them in here.
That's not going to happen.
Why? This will save time.
Wouldn't that be better?
You told us that the hostages are safe,
didn't you?
You also promised proof of life.
We'll leave after I've had a chance to
check them all. Is that a problem for you?
Make sure the camera's ready.
I have a list here. I'll compare
and confirm the hostages, one by one.
I've already met Director Cho Youngmin.
See, everyone is alive.
Now then, let me walk you out.
There's a person missing.
The contract security guard,
Park Chulwoo. A 33-year-old male.
The day of the heist was his first day.
- We have nobody matching that description.
- No. He's clearly on our list.
Has anyone seen him?
So you're saying she put
Agent Park's name on the hostage list?
The identities of SOU agents
are classified. No one will find out.
Why are you only telling me this now?
We had to create an unexpected situation
that the Professor can't respond to
on the outside.
If any information had leaked from here,
the suspects would've refused
to let us in from the very beginning.
All eyes are on the Mint right now,
and Inspector Seon can use a sway
of the public's perception
to rescue all of the hostages.
Something did happen yesterday
when we heard the gunshots, right?
I'm telling you nothing happened.
My director friend, do you know anything?
Uh Um
It was a shooting practice.
If you think you can get away with this
by shutting them up. You're mistaken.
- This man. Where is he?
- How in the world would I know that?
When I've never seen that face
anywhere inside the Mint.
Come on, has anyone
seen him before? No one?
You really haven't seen him?
I saw that man yesterday!
I saw him too!
Where is he?
Tell me!
Did you kill this man?
If you didn't kill him,
then bring him out.
Did you think this kinda bullshit
would actually work?
That son of a bitch on your list
was a fucking cop and you
So that means you're admitting
that you killed him? Do I have that right?
You're the ones who
broke your promise and sent in an agent.
- We were defending ourselves.
- Yeah, maybe that's what you think!
But what really matters is that you broke
your promise of not hurting anyone
and you killed someone.
Even now, the majority
of the public thinks
that we should use force to stop you.
We're trying our best to negotiate
for the sake of the hostages' safety.
But with the way
things have escalated now,
I don't think we can solve this
with conversation alone.
So if you want to avoid
the worst-case scenario,
you need to set the students free
right now.
Give me a justification
to continue negotiating.
Justification? Let's be honest.
You're trying to free
the daughter of the US ambassador,
so that you can bulldoze this place?
I see us storming in by force
does scare you.
I can just stay in here!
Did you hear that?
Then what do you think about maybe,
aside from Anne,
us sending the other students home?
- What's up?
- Someone dropped this off.
I guess we have no choice.
Looks like we just have to see
for ourselves to find out who is right.
What? They didn't kill him?
The thing we were hiding
so thoroughly
wasn't Park Chulwoo's death,
but the fact that he was alive.
If we stick to the basics
and give them the information as needed,
the public is gonna finally realize
that they shouldn't
target their anger at us
but at the Mint.
So what happened, Professor?
Were you able to take care of the car?
Yes, I did. What happened at the Mint?
A rat crawled out and we caught it.
So did you kill him?
Of course, Berlin's bullet
was aimed straight at the cop's heart.
He desperately wanted to blow
the man's head off right then and there,
but he settled for letting
his anger out on him instead.
He was still alive.
Berlin had followed the rule the Professor
emphasized over and over again.
Because Berlin stuck
to our principles,
we now have an opportunity
to turn public opinion back to our side.
The police are all certain
that Park Chulwoo is dead.
We'll use that to our advantage.
Breaking news
from the standoff at the Mint.
An anonymous tip was
just delivered to our production truck,
which contained a drive with a video file.
Surprisingly, the video
contained footage of what happened
inside the Mint
at the time of the gunfire yesterday.
Agent Park Chulwoo
infiltrated the Mint
dressed in the same outfit as the hostages
and caused a major disturbance
in an attempt to kill our leader.
Sure, let's say that's all okay.
After all, he's a cop.
But what about afterwards?
Agent Park Chulwoo!
What was the next part of your plan?
Should I say it for you?
While we were panicking
over losing our leader,
they were planning
to storm in here with guns.
The hostages
didn't know anything about this.
What do you think would've happened
to the hostages
if I hadn't caught Park Chulwoo,
and if they had stormed in here for real?
Do you think anyone is going to believe
a word of what you say?
The word of cops who only pretended
to care the safety of the hostages
while planning to use them
as human shields,
all the while shamelessly lying about it!
You all know that we are criminals,
and that we came here to steal money.
But we know better than anyone else
that human lives matter.
At least, better than the police here.
If someone has to lose a life
inside the Mint, take it from me,
I will be the first to do so.
Until then,
I will not let anyone else die.
As the presumed leader
of the group of suspects said,
so far, there haven't been any casualties
that have occured in the hostage situation
taking place at the Mint
- What are you doing?
- I feel betrayed.
The Professor said not to watch the TV.
Agh! Don't bring up the Professor so soon.
Hey, we're enjoying the moment a bit.
Don't be so uptight.
Right? We totally got the police.
We destroyed them in there.
See? It's insane right now!
Especially Berlin at the end!
You totally killed it, man!
If the leader says turn it off,
we turn it off.
Come on, man.
You were having fun watching it too, huh?
So, I guess with all this,
it's safe to say that the precious public
opinion is gonna be on our side now.
You did a great job, Berlin.
What's wrong, Dad?
Did something happen, huh?
I've got I've
got soil.
Let's get out, guys.
You're done
with the digging, huh?
We're almost done printing money too.
In three days, we can finally get out
of this fucking Mint!
Finally, we can see the end.
We'll get out of here!
We were truly
full of hope for a moment,
but not all of us were.
You're here just to change the bandage?
Yeah, of course.
This late?
Once you get out, I hope you can forget
about everything that happened here.
How could I even do that?
You're right.
You don't go through this every day.
I'm sorry.
No, no, that's not what I
You know, just keep working
like nothing ever happened.
And I hope you can date
a decent guy this time, huh?
I'm going to
quit the Mint.
Oh shit. Is it the Director?
That son of a bitch, I'll make sure
that asshole doesn't say a word
I'm sorry.
I can't accept this. I'm the one
who should take responsibility.
What can we do?
Public opinion's against us.
It's not like I have any say in this.
The higher-ups have taken a lot into
consideration to end things like this.
No, it's because if you fire me
you can't find a replacement.
Please tell those people at the top
that if they replace Captain Cha,
I'll quit too.
You don't have to do this.
I agreed with their call.
We both know that I'm the one responsible,
so it's only right for you to stay,
rather than me.
Are you just going to give up?
Who said anything about giving up?
Listen, I'm planning to track him down.
Is there a way to find him?
This may not be
the best time to bring this up,
but when did you first seeing
that man Park Sunho?
He barged into the
Task Force tent that one time, didn't he?
Captain Cha, please!
He, uh
It's true that I haven't known him long,
but he's not the type to hurt anyone.
And more than all of that,
he's someone that I trust and love.
But still, I
Just go get some sleep.
I'll see you tomorrow morning.
Well, they can't fire both of us,
so they'll probably just call it off.
How much is this?
Do you know how much this is?
How much is it for one of these?
Over here!
Over here!
Wow, looks so good.
- You had some drinks.
- Mmm.
Just a few.
Are you okay? Drinking like that?
I've got to shake it off
before I head back to fighting.
You told me I can rely on you, right?
You just wait.
I might get real, real drunk
and cry my eyes out.
I don't know.
Maybe I should get drunk first.
That won't be easy though.
Woojin was able
to forget about reality
for a little while when she was with him.
It was the same for him too.
He could forget about being the Professor
and just be an ordinary café owner.
And in that moment,
sitting across from her,
he didn't feel any confusion or guilt.
Walking together like this,
doesn't it feel like we're a real couple?
I must be really drunk.
I can hear music coming from somewhere.
About the situation at the Mint
Maybe you should
just forget about this case.
What do you mean by that?
It's just that
you seem tired.
The Professor
was completely shocked
when he heard those words
slip out of his mouth.
because if Inspector Seon
really did quit the case,
it would derail our entire plan.
Maybe I really should?
I know this sounds strange,
but I've had a few tough days
and I was kinda hoping
that they'd just fire me.
Why do I feel cheered up?
Oh.It's my mom. One second.
Yes, Mom.
Ah, I think I might be coming home
a little late tonight.
It's, uh
In that moment,
the Professor couldn't smile back,
as he started to realize
that he was completely in love with her.
And the Inspector was about to find
something very important.
Something that would change everything
for both of them.
Oh. I, uh
I have to go right now.
I'm sorry. We can talk later, okay?
I'm so sorry.
Hello there, sir.
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