Monk s06e15 Episode Script

Mr. Monk is on the Run (1)

It's a good show, Mr.
Very old-fashioned.
No sex or anything.
- I.
I think you'd like it.
- No, thank you.
- Why, because it's on channel 11? - That's right.
But you'd watch it if was on channel 10.
That's right.
Okay, well, let's just say that you're flipping through the channels, and you see a show that you really like, and it just happens to be on channel 23.
Why would I be flipping channels? If it's a good show, it's on channel 10.
Well, yeah, I mean Okay okay.
Yeah, here they come.
Yeah, i'll let you know.
Thank you, Doctor.
- Who was that? - Nobody.
You just said, "thank you, Doctor.
" - No, I didn't.
- It was Dr.
The crime scene boys found something inside that might upset you.
That's why we called.
We figured you might want to talk to him, so he said he'd stay up and wait for you.
Did somebody die? - Somebody we know? - It's not homicide.
Nobody was hurt.
It's a straight-up Burglary.
Monk, it's pretty intense.
If you don't think you can handle it, maybe you should just go home.
I understand.
Wait, wait, wait.
Come on.
No, come on, come on, come on.
We have to see.
We found this by the front door.
It was, folded up.
The guy who broke in must have dropped it.
"To force heaven, mars shall have a new angel.
" Some kind of code.
Is that it? That's just an appetizer.
Apparently this guy had a grocery list.
He took a couple of cell phones, a flashlight bulb, some waterproof sealant, and some braided copper wire.
Okay he's making a bomb, - remote control.
- I'm not done.
He also took ten 20-volt magnesium batteries.
one other bomb like that.
Trudy? He used this to pry open the door.
It's just a crowbar.
Look at the fingerprints.
Thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, Pinky.
Six fingers? Saeson 6 - Episode 15 Mr.
Monk Is On The Run.
(partie 1) No! Wai, wait! No, trudy.
Trudy No, wait! Wait! Trudy! No! No! No! "To force heaven, mars shall have a new angel.
" Okay.
Let's just review what we know.
So the page was torn out of some kind of appointment book.
It's march 14th, which is today.
something is going to happen tonight at 11 p.
Now let's review what we don't know.
Everything else! What's going to happen? Where is it happening? Who is involved? I've been working on that.
I bought a book last night on code breaking.
You bought a book?! Case solved.
It's called, the simple substitution code.
"A" equals one.
"B" equals two.
When you add them all up, you get 358.
Which doesn't help us at all.
Thank you.
Okay now let's just think.
Let's just think.
The planet? No, the god of war.
Maybe it's part of a poem.
You know? Like a really dreadful poem.
Were you drinking from this? No.
It's lighter than it was yesterday.
About four ounces.
Monk you okay? You still thinking about that dream? To see her It must have been awful.
Then I wake up And she's gone again.
After all these years To be so close.
Natalie, I can feel it.
I can just feel it.
It's right in front of me! "To force heaven, mars shall have a new angel.
To force heaven, mars shall have a new angel.
" Why can't I see it? Why can't Wha What? "To force heaven.
" You did it, didn't you? Oh, my god, you figured it out! I gotta call the captain.
Everybody's gonna wanna help.
No, no! No.
False alarm.
No, I thought I had Something, but it's just a false alarm.
You'll get it.
You always do.
But, Mr.
Monk, it's almost 10:30.
I have to go meet Julie.
She has that dance recital.
You sure you don't wanna go? Okay, well, i'm gonna bring my phone.
So call me if you need anything.
"24 "Mars-Hall Avenue.
" Right on time.
Did you bring it? The money.
Do you got it or not? Don't screw with me, man.
I held up my end.
I just got back from Riverton.
It's all set up.
We're good to go.
Jesus, stay right there.
Who the hell are you? You dropped this.
At the store.
What the hell are you talkin' about? I said stay back! I mean it! Wait a minute.
I know you.
You're the cop with the.
With the what? The wife.
You gonna kill me? Like this? Like a dog? Why? Why? - Why? - Why?! I don't know why.
I never know why.
It was just a job.
I didn't even know the lady.
Who Who hired you? I tell you that, i'm a dead man.
You can't do it, can you? Yeah, it's not in you.
I can tell.
Sheriff's department! Drop that weapon.
I'm not askin' twice! That's a good boy.
Now, with your foot, slide the gun away, nice and easy.
You're doin' good.
Kiss the floor.
See That's something, if you knew me, kissing the floor.
You know, I'd really love to chat ith you, pal.
I would.
Right now, I need you face down on the floor.
This is rollins, 247 marshall.
Get everybody down here.
I need crime scene unit and a meat wagon.
Suspect is in custody.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to an attorney.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Turn to your right.
Victim, Frank Nunn.
Frank? Nunn.
We found his passport.
Been in Brazil for the last eight years.
Just got back a week ago.
Yeah, look, I didn't do it.
- I, I didn't shoot him.
- You didn't shoot him? Buddy, I was there, remember? I was looking for the guy who hired him.
He was the only lead I had.
I'd have to be crazy.
Yeah, well, if "i' have to be crazy" was a viable defense, we could rent our jails out for birthday parties.
Step over here and let's get you fingerprinted.
Index finger.
Wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
Relax, Adrian, it's not gonna hurt.
It's just a little ink.
Waityeah, okay, wait.
Wait, wait I, I'll do it.
Let me do it.
Let me do it.
- I don't have time for this.
- I can do it, just.
Little help.
- Okay, buddy, let's go.
- Justyeah - All right, here we go.
- All together.
Ready? I got it.
I got it.
Little more.
It's happening.
It's all a matter of Yep, - Almost there.
- Almost there.
Here we go.
I got it.
We got it, we got it.
Got it.
- Just take a couple of these.
- Not guilty, your Honor.
The state moves for the prisoner to be remanded until trial without bail.
Your Honor, my client is not a flight risk.
He's a former Police Officer.
He served the city of San Francisco honorably for 14 years.
He still has friends in the department, some of whom are here today.
I should also point out that, even if he wanted to flee, my client doesn't drive.
He also has an obsessive fear of airplanes And boats.
And trucks.
And trains.
He's not going anywhere.
Your honor, on tuesday night, mr.
Monk somehow overcame his fears to board a bus and travel 95 miles to angel county.
His record of service is impressive.
But even more impressive is the mountain of evidence against him.
Monk's motive is clear.
He was obsessed with the victim Frank Nunn.
- That's not good.
- Furthermore, mr.
Monk has admitted under oath that he owned the gun.
That he took the gun from his house.
That he carried it to the crime scene.
- And that it never left his possession.
- That's not good.
And we will introduce ballistic evidence which will prove that Mr.
Monk's gun.
The gun that came from this house, the gun that never left his hand.
Is the same weapon that fired the fatal bullet.
It's all circumstantial.
The bullet definitely came from his gun.
It's been tested by two different laboratories.
Bail is set at $900,000.
With the court's permission, could you make it an even million? Oh, my god.
What do you think? - What do you think? - What do you think? Right now, i'm afraid to think.
He can't go to prison.
He can barely survive out here.
Okay, there's gonna be a trial.
I mean, if he gets a good lawyer, right? But all the evidence.
You heard the Judge.
The bullet came from his gun.
Monk said he didn't do it.
That's funny.
This is the kind of case Monk always solves.
You know, not funny, "ha ha" funny.
You know, more like Not funny at all funny.
Monk It wasn't me.
Cap, it wasn't me.
Sheriff, excuse us.
Thank you.
I thought about it.
I almost did it.
But I didn't pull the trigger.
You believe me, right? We'll worry about that later.
Right now, we gotta get you out of here.
Now, your bail's been set at a million, even.
We need 10% of that.
Now, I can mortgage my town house.
I could sell my car.
I'm leasing, so - Let's go.
Van's downstairs.
- One second.
Can I say good-bye? Don't Don't worry about me.
Okay? I mean I'll be okay.
All right.
Let's not get all conjugal here.
We got a long ride ahead of us.
Well, I guess we better go too.
Where is my pass? Watch your head.
Cold like that, you should have stayed home.
Can't, I used up all my sick days.
You know how many sick days I've used last ten years? Zero.
Well, - You're superman.
I just take care of myself is all.
Don't smoke, on the treadmill every morning.
Drink a quart of juice every day.
, apple, pomegranate.
I plan to live forever.
It'll just seem like forever.
What the That's this? All units, we are on foot in pursuit.
Mile marker 42, heading west.
I need a detailed map of the area.
Make sure it's up to date.
Satellite photos if you got 'em.
All right, listen up, 'cause I'm not repeating myself.
Adrian Monk is a homicide suspect with a history of mental illness.
He's 5'10" tall.
When last seen, he was handcuffed and on foot.
I want roadblocks at I-17 and Chester avenue.
I want you to stop everything.
I mean every truck, every car, every tricycle that tries to get through.
Understand? Don't say anything, just nod.
I need a helicopter.
- Ten minutes.
- Make it five.
- Where are my dogs? - Dogs are on their way.
Don't need red.
Orange, where's orange? Orange.
Hey! What are you doin'? Here you go, boy.
Right here.
Come on.
Come on, take a good sniff.
- Come on, that's right.
- What's the problem? He's not getting a scent.
I can't figure it.
These his? That's a first.
A human being with no smell at all? Maybe he boiled his clothes in case he had to hoof it.
Yeah, he's got it now.
Every tree? Yes, sir, it's as if he stopped and touched every single tree.
- We lost him.
- All right, he may be hurt.
Fax an I.
To every local hospital.
Jackson, call the Marshall's office.
I want checkpoints here, here, and here.
Lieutenant, nice of you to join us.
- What the hell happened? - Monk jimmied the lock on the van.
When we slowed for a yellow, he jumped out.
He jumped out? - Don't believe it.
- Well, either that or aliens came down and beamed your boy up.
You don't need all these guns.
He's not gonna hurt anybody.
Teeger, your boss is a murder suspect.
Right now, he's acting like a very guilty murder suspect.
You know him.
You work with him.
Where would he go? It's not a difficult question.
Are you cops or not? Sheriff, he's been spotted.
About three miles west.
Scared a couple campers.
He was going through their campsite.
Good work.
You get a clean shot, bring him down.
Hey! What are you doing? Hey! What are you do? Well a No! Stop! What are you doing? Hey! So he drove around in a circle? I keep the steering wheel locked.
It's called the club.
So he drove around in a circle, got out, ran away.
Well, more of an oval, really.
Like a Like an elliptical.
Circle's fine.
- Just say circle.
- Which way did he go? South.
He's heading home.
Monk? Mr.
Monk, I know you're here! Natalie Mr.
Monk, thank god.
I've been so worried.
Me too.
I've been rather worried as well.
Here, go sit on the couch.
I'll get you some water.
Where did you get that coat? From a hobo.
- I traded him.
- For what? I can't tell you.
Don't make me tell you.
I need to get these off.
What? - Maybe I should call the captain.
- You can't.
You can't call the captain.
- He'd have to bring me in.
- No, not necessarily.
Nat, it's his job, Natalie.
Look, I didn't shoot that man.
- Somebody set me up.
- But the bullet, It came from your gun.
I don't know how they did it or who's behind it.
But I think that note, that coded message, was left for me.
It was bait.
They knew I'd decipher it.
They staged the electronics store break-in to lure me to angel.
If I can get back there, look around that sculpture garden, maybe I can figure it out.
Please Natalie I'm sorry.
Of course I believe you.
Of course I believe you.
What can I do to help? I need a file.
A file.
A bigger file! Bigger file.
I have some tools upstairs.
And some non-hobo clothes.
Right, I will get that.
You just stay put.
Stay right there.
Hello? Hello? Natalie? It's Randy.
You know, your front door was open.
Do you wanna take a bath? Bath? No, thanks.
You greet all your guests that way? I'm surprised you're not a lot more popular.
No so guests this, Rollins figures Monk is heading back here.
He thinks he's gonna try and get in contact with you.
So, I'm supposed to be staking out the place.
You haven't heard from him, have you? No.
Yeah, I didn't think so.
You know, I tried to tell Rollins Monk is too smart to come back here.
But nobody listens to me.
Hey, what's this? Mitch's old uniform.
I was giving it to the salvation army.
I figure it's time to move on.
Well, good for you.
I've been saying that for three years, but What's with the drill? My blender broke, and I was going to make a smoothie.
With a power drill? Yeah.
Well, don't let me stop you.
You want one? No, I actually had a protein shake at home depot on my way over.
Hey, would you hand me a glass out of that cupboard? Yeah.
Really good.
Really good.
I'm kind of an expert at this.
Could you hand me some of those nuts right there in the orange Orange little thing right there.
Here, just dump it right in there.
Nuts, protein.
A little juice.
Will you give me that honey, please? Can you.
- There you go.
- Awesome.
Yeah, that's just what I needed.
Is that oil? That is oil.
It's, it's from the ground, so it's organic.
And it just Lubricates your organs.
So it's, it's good.
I just.
Just need to wash up.
I'll be right back.
You can have it.
- There.
- Quiet.
He's still in the kitchen.
- Mitch's uniform.
It's all that I had.
- No.
I can't wear that.
- He'd want you to.
- No, I mean it's all dusty.
You were wearing a hobo's trench coat.
Here money.
- Is this all you have? - It's a week's paycheck.
I was supposed to get a 5% bump last january.
Okay, okay.
We'll talk about that later.
Take these.
Kleenex? They're antiviral.
It's a sick world out there.
Natalie Thank you.
Know how you can thank me? Figure out what happened.
Come home.
If he made it across the river, he could be here.
What is this? That's a dairy farm.
I don't think so.
Where are you, buddy? Captain, call the phone company.
We're gonna need a wiretap.
On who? Dr.
Charles Kroger, downtown.
Monk's shrink.
Yeah, I know.
He sees him four times a week.
If you believe that.
Guy's a one-man psych ward.
You got a problem? Well, tapping his shrink's phone.
You're never gonna get a Judge to this, Already done.
- "Office of the Lieutenant Governor.
" - Yeah, he's an old friend.
We used to sneak cigarettes behind the high school together.
Excuse me.
Can I help you? Captain Teeger.
Yeah, I'm.
I'm just looking.
Storeroom's around back.
This is just the warehouse.
My boy's a Navy pilot too.
Good, good.
Really? He's down in Charleston with the 725th tactical missile squad.
Good for him.
That, that's a good choice.
It really wasn't his choice.
What unit you with? All of 'em.
They move me around a lot.
'cause, I'm a hero.
All the kids, the recruits, they wanna meet me, photo op Normally, we don't let people poke around back here.
Especially now we had a break-in last week.
- Really? - A guy got shot.
- No kidding.
- Right over there.
It was like the o.
Why don't you look around.
You see anything you like, talk to me.
I'll take care of you.
Aim high, fly high.
Am I right? Ab, absolutely.
Aiming and flying.
That's what we do.
Maybe, maybe I will just take a look around then.
Okay You be him.
And You be me.
- Anything on those credit cards? - No, sir.
Make sure the hotel rooms are covered.
Double-team the bus stations and the airport.
But he's not going to the airport.
Monk's afraid to fly.
Well, maybe he figures we assume he won't fly, so he heads to the airport.
Yeah, or maybe he knows we assume that he thinks he.
He thinks he knows what, he's.
He knows that we're.
No, wait I'll write it down.
Natalie Teeger.
- We're intercepting her mail.
- On whose authority? Stottlemeyer.
Leland, it's me.
- Monk, thank god.
Are you okay? - Leland, I know who set me up.
- It was that Sheriff.
- Rollins? Why? I don't know why.
I can't figure that out.
But I know how.
Okay, okay, how? How is good.
Let's start with how.
Okay i had some orange juice in my refrigerator.
Somebody drank from it.
I thought it was Natalie.
Monk, we haven't got a lot of time here.
I'm talking about Rollins.
It was him.
He's always drinking juice.
I heard him talking about it.
Leland Here's what happened.
He broke into my house the day before the shooting.
And raided your refrigerator? That's right.
Then he drank some orange juice.
About four ounces.
Then he found my handgun.
He switched guns? Not the whole gun, just the barrel.
My gun's a lane & westing.
The barrels are interchangeable.
Right, he used the six-fingered man's prints and the note to lure me to the sculpture garden.
He was hiding there, about 50 feet behind me.
He waited for me to pull my gun, and then he took the shot.
I need you face down on that floor.
He told me to lie on the ground face down.
That's probably when he did it.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to an attorney.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
He switched them back.
So when the lab said the bullet came from your gun They were right.
It was my gun.
Ateast part of it.
Okay, can you prove it? Do you have anything else? Okay.
Leland, are you sitting down? I have a plastic tab from a juice container.
D- do you have any fingerprints? Fingerprints? No.
- That's not enough, is it? - No, it's not enough! You okay? Who was that? That was Adrian Monk.
You're kidding.
I'm gonna meet him tonight.
I just set it up.
He wants me to bring him some food.
Good work, Captain.
Call the Tac Squad.
He said I should come alone.
Yeah, I'm sure he did.
Can I come? Yeah, sure.
Leland? Hey, buddy! I brought you some chicken pot pies.
Did you hear that? Relax, we're okay.
I told you to come alone.
Are you setting me up, Leland? Monk, I swear.
I told you, I can't go to prison.
I, I can't go! You know I wouldn't survive it.
Just put the gun away.
Monk! Monk! Monk! Monk, please drop the gun!