Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

Help me! If you don't hurry, my boy will die! I overheard what they were saying.
Tomorrow, they'll start a fire.
They'll burn down the Turkish quarter.
Help me! If you don't hurry, my town my boy they'll all be burned! Wolf's Confession Hey, where are you going, brat? There's no point in having an antique rug like that unless you know its value.
Don't glare at me like that.
I'm an adult.
Do what you want.
See if I feed you when I get rich! Don't you dare tell anyone about this! I'll never be friends with a thief.
Never! I'm so hungry Be a good boy and don't cry.
Mama is going to be home soon.
Doesn't that baby have a mama? Yeah.
You shouldn't be walking around here alone, either.
Go home to your own mama.
Don't tell me you don't have a mama I'm so sorry I've said something horrible.
Don't worry about it.
Tenma takes care of me.
Tenma? Don't hold back.
Eat as much as you'd like.
It's not the best food, but please eat.
So you were waiting for Tenma to come home Just like that kid Where did his mama go? She was caught by some bad guys.
Bad guys? She's in real trouble.
She and the Asian guy who tried to help her were separated right before my eyes.
An Asian? You said that Tenma was Japanese, didn't you? But it couldn't be him.
I'm going to see for myself.
Where is this place? My customer was one of the extremists.
After the job was done, I left the room, but I forgot my scarf, so I went back for it.
That man was talking on the phone.
I ran away to let the people in the town know about the plan, but I was captured, and I ended up here.
My boy is still small.
If there were a fire, he wouldn't be able to escape! Who is it? Professor Geidlitz wanted me to send you some fruit.
Thank you.
I also have a message from the professor.
General Wolf will be here soon.
The man who was in the photo with my brother Yes.
He is the person who knows Johan the best.
The professor told me that he knows more about him than even you do.
You can't die yet.
His Excellency Wolf still has to see you.
I have to show him how skillfully I captured you.
Wolf? Call him "His Excellency!" Look for General Wolf.
He was the first to spot Johan's talents.
It'll be a dream to receive compliments from His Excellency! Excuse me.
The group for tomorrow night's arson of the Turkish quarter has arrived.
Do you wish to change any plans? Everything will go as planned.
Tomorrow night, I will dine under a crimson sky.
If the timing is off a little, my wonderful dinner will go to waste.
Tell them they'll be punished if it doesn't go as planned.
Yes, sir.
Johan will not sit above you.
You couldn't make him lead you.
He won't buy into your ideas of racial superiority.
Johan sneers at all of humanity.
Silence! We don't see much of your type in here.
Give this guy my usual.
You got it.
That's pretty impressive.
He's going to turn out to be a bad one.
That tasted so bad! Do they drink that all the time? Tenma's jacket? Where are you? Tenma? Either way, calm down.
I want to help you, but I'm not in a situation where I can do anything.
When I escape, though, I'll tell everyone in the town.
Really? What is the name of the street you live on? Calvin Street.
Calvin Street, right? What's your name? Ayse.
Ayse, don't worry.
I'll save your boy! I'll help you out of here, too.
So just hang on until then.
Okay? Thank you.
What is your name? Nina.
Let's meet when I come to get you out of here.
Nina Only bad things have happened to me since I've come to Germany.
I've finally met a nice person.
We're friends, aren't we? Tell me, what's your boy's name? Ayse Ayse Ayse! Ayse! Ayse Is that man Tenma? Yes.
I caught him.
Umm, where's His Excellency Wolf? He's waiting in a different location.
We're going to take him with us.
This is my accomplishment.
I was going to kill him after I showed him to His Excellency.
What should we do with the kid? Huh? He said he was looking for Tenma.
Oh, do you know him? N-No, I don't.
I've never met him before.
Let him go.
You can't take such a dirty little kid to His Excellency.
Get rid of him.
Don't! He's really getting on my nerves.
Kill him now so that he shuts up.
Don't! H-He was my henchman.
Doctor Tenma, please forgive the mistreatment.
You are General Wolf's special guest.
If you don't hurry, my town my boy they'll all be burned! We're friends, aren't we? That's right, Ayse.
We're friends.
What's going on here? Professor Geidlitz.
They're all dead.
Soon we'll be arriving at the mansion where General Wolf is waiting for us.
Is Nina there too? Yes, she is.
Don't worry.
She's a special guest, just like you.
What about a Turkish lady? We aren't told anything more than what we need to know.
We have to get to the town or Calvin Street will burn to the ground.
If we don't let the people there know, the lady who gave me a meal and the baby will die! I'm sorry, but we have orders to take you with us.
Stop the car! Tenma! Can you make it to the Turkish quarter by yourself? I'll join up with you later, but I have to go with these men.
But Get a grip! You're a boy, aren't you? If you go, you can save the people of Calvin Street.
Hurry up and go! Okay.
If you hitch a ride, you can make it in thirty minutes.
I'm sorry for having acted so violently.
Please continue.
I'd betrayed the trust you showed me when you let me keep my gun, but you wouldn't have stopped unless I did something like that.
Not at all General Wolf will be pleased that you know that guns aren't just mere accessories.
Please, this way.
Nina's in this mansion, isn't she? Let me see her.
First, we'll take you to see General Wolf and Professor Geidlitz.
I'd like to see that she's safe, first.
Geidlitz is dead.
Not just Geidlitz, though.
All his men were killed, too.
We've disposed of the bodies.
Where's Nina? When we arrived with General Wolf, she wasn't here.
You're Doctor Tenma, aren't you? W-Who are you? You probably wouldn't recognize me even if you saw my face.
Thank you for coming.
I am Wolf.
But you look completely different from the person in the photo from ten years ago.
It was fear.
Can't you go any faster? What are you talking about? We're going 200 kph! We won't make it in time! A person's name is a mysterious thing.
People who know me know that I am Wolf, but as for the people who don't know me, I have to tell them that I am Wolf.
But where's the proof that I am Wolf? You were the first one to find Johan, right? Yes, it was twelve years ago.
You sent him to 511 Kinderheim in Berlin to make him into an East German soldier.
No, it was done to raise him as a leader.
Yes, to make him into a man of talent who could support a collapsing country.
Now you're trying to make him into the next Hitler, to unite the extremists.
I'm only using them because it's convenient.
The other members of the group are trying to make him into a new Hitler, but I think that's a stupid idea.
Even Hitler only went so far, but Johan would That's right I gave him the name "Johan.
" We found them walking near the Czech border and took them in.
They had evaded the strict security at that border.
Due to malnutrition and cold, they were on the verge of death.
They lost consciousness just after we found them.
If we hadn't discovered them, they probably would have died The same way you saved his life.
When he came to his senses, I asked him, "How are you feeling?" This is how he answered me: "You will soon know how I feel.
" There's no proof that I am Wolf.
All the people I've known have disappeared from this world, one after another.
My wife and children, my siblings and relatives, my henchmen and friends they've all died.
They were all killed by Johan.
The only way I can prove that I'm Wolf is through the great sum of money I kept when I escaped from East Germany.
People believe that I am Wolf, but no one really knows me.
You understand now.
This is the meaning behind that word "Solitude.
" Take a look at this.
"I'll be waiting at the ruins of the Hilden & Engels warehouse in Romberg.
" Johan was here this morning.
He killed Geidlitz and his men.
Yet another person who knew me is dead.
Nina must have seen this message and gone there.
I want you to kill him.
What? Is that true? It is! We have to go tell everyone at Calvin Street.
Amazing! I'm finally blessed by Lady Luck.
I'll use the fire to steal the rug! You fire-cloaked thief! Idiot.
Don't say it so loud.
We'll be in for it if anyone hears that.
Let go of me! Not just the people of the town Let go If the extremists hear that, we'll be dead! Let go! Especially those skinheads with swastika tattoos I told you to let go! So there wasn't a Turkish woman here? She was dead on the third floor.
Johan did not kill her.
It was done by one of Professor Geidlitz's men.
Do you think he'll be able to kill Johan? I don't know, but it might not be too late for him.
What is this? Reunion