Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

This is a bus ticket.
I bought it for you.
There are still ways to prove that you're innocent.
I'll help you.
I'm not chasing after Johan to clear my name.
Thank you, Rudy.
Tenma, you aren't going to Oh, that's right.
I never looked down on you.
You looked like an interesting fellow, but I never had a chance to meet you.
But now we're finally friends, aren't we? You saw me cheat that time, though.
I was cheating, too.
Tenma Did you see that sign just now? No, sorry.
I was dealing with this map.
Is it this way? Or maybe? Which way do you hold it? Where did you get that map? Don't be like that.
I got it when we got the rental car.
That's what I thought.
It must have been when I was in the men's room.
It's no use.
I can't read the fine print on this map at my age.
You'll have to deal with it since you forgot your reading glasses at the airport.
Wippenhausen, Ampertshausen, Gartelshausen.
What's with those names? It sounds like you're chewing on your tongue when you say them.
How interesting! I wonder if German people think the same thing when they hear English.
Anyway, what's the next intersection? Look, there are some people.
Let's ask for directions.
No, let's just keep on going.
But they're hitch-hikers.
Why don't we give them a ride? What are we going to do if we get into some kind of trouble because of that? But look He's got that child with him, though.
I feel sorry for them.
Why don't we give them a ride? That's great, isn't it, Tenma? They stopped for us.
Journey to Freiham Guten tag.
Bitte We don't speak German.
Do you speak English? Oh, you're English.
We want to go to Freiham.
Could you give us a ride? Give them the map.
Where is it? Where's the place you want to go? Um, well We're about here, so you'd have to go south for a while.
That's the same direction we're going in.
Well, get in.
Bayern State (Germany) How do you know each other? You're definitely not father and son.
You're Asian, and he's German.
Y-Yes He's the child of a good friend.
Just from looking at you, I can tell that your some kind of specialist.
I can tell by your speech and demeanor.
Honey, please stop.
You're being rude.
Forgive him.
He has some weird habits.
He used to be a policeman.
What did they say? It seems he used to be with the police.
Let's get off, Tenma.
So your husband must be retired and enjoying some travel with his wife, right? Yes, he's always been a slave to his work.
When he was working, we couldn't even think of doing something like this.
I'm sorry for bothering you when you're finally alone with your wife.
If we're in the way, we can leave.
Ever since we got the rental car from the airport, we haven't been able to figure out the map.
We haven't been able to order food very well, either.
I'd be much more confident if we had an interpreter with us.
What should we do, Honey? You can't do anything about that.
We have to go to the next gas station.
There's a car.
Hey, stop! Stop! What's wrong? We're out of gas.
In a place like this? I don't think I can help you.
I can only let two of you on.
Don't worry.
Just get on and get out of here.
But There's no reason for you to stick around here with us.
When I get to the next gas station, I'll tell them what happened.
We'd be grateful if you did that.
That was pretty lucky.
We found another ride so quickly.
Take us to the next gas station, please.
There aren't any around here.
It's getting late.
If he told them, the people at the gas station would come for us, wouldn't they? That man He might have just left us.
Honey No, he didn't.
I thought he was a nice man.
I'm not so sure.
The sky is so beautiful.
If you're talking about the sunset, I've already heard it many times.
I've already seen it many times.
It's not the sun setting.
The sun's already gone down.
Look! Look at the color of the sky after the sun has set.
I wonder if Robert is also watching it.
Watching this sky Huh? That's Honey, take a look.
Someone's coming.
See? I told you.
I knew he'd come! A nearby farmer gave us some gasoline and a lamp.
See, Honey? It's delicious.
Don't you think so, Honey? Huh? Yeah.
Thanks to your translating the menu, we've had such a wonderful meal.
Right? Especially that wine.
Forster Ungeheuer.
It's wine from the Pfalz area.
What's that "Leber" dish? Leberknà del.
That's it.
It was really good! If you weren't with us, we'd have probably passed by the good German restaurants without noticing.
No, thank you for treating us to a meal.
Dieter, how would you like another ice cream? No.
He's had enough.
I think he's a criminal.
I'm talking about the man I just read about that killed his wife.
What do you think.
? I wouldn't know.
When I was a police officer, I had my fair share of accomplishments.
Stop it already.
Don't tell your old stories here.
When I looked at someone, I could always figure out if he was a criminal and whether or not he was a bad person.
I-I see.
Stop it.
Did you drink too much wine? Yet the longer I did it, the worse I became at it.
Good people and bad people, the guilty and the innocent I don't have a sense for any of it anymore.
I wasn't that great a police officer.
I might have had too much wine.
What did you call this wine? Ungeheuer.
It was good.
How cute.
Wouldn't it be nice if Dieter made a lot of friends in a new place like this? Yeah.
Everyone is happy during their childhood.
It makes me nostalgic.
Oh, my.
This should be the place.
What is it? Here you go, Honey.
Sorry, but we'll have to ask you to take a detour.
This is the place.
The police? We'll be back soon.
Please wait in the car for us.
Wh-What are we going to do, Tenma? Tenma, let's run.
It looks like there's a car in the patrol car's parking space again.
It looks like a foreigner.
It can't be helped What should we do? Um, this seems to be the opposite direction from Freiham, the place we want to go.
I know.
Sorry, this won't take much time.
I made some plans at Steinbach Castle.
Honey Steinbach Castle? There's something I want to see there.
Are you all right? Yes.
Thank you.
Our son wrote to us about this place.
He said that the view from this castle was wonderful.
He mentioned wanting to show it to us.
Your son lives here? We're on our way to see him, but we keep on making stops.
He was admiring this scenery.
Our son Our son killed someone.
We came here to see him, face to face.
We'll be leaving now.
Thank you very much.
No, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Thank you.
Take care.
He was such a nice man.
He's currently being pursued as a murder suspect.
That can't be.
He No, it's true.
I saw his wanted picture.
But The truth is that when I said "hello" to the officer who arrested Robert today, his picture was at the station.
I can't believe it.
Such a nice person? Before I saw his picture, I doubted him, and when I met him, I confirmed it.
He's innocent.
He cannot be a bad person.
Our son, Robert, killed someone.
I was so ashamed that I couldn't even face my friends and family.
When I thought that, I quit the force.
I want to confirm one last thing with my own eyes, though.
Robert had committed a crime, but he's not a bad person.
Come Let's go see Robert.
Happy Holidays