Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e41 Episode Script

Episode 41

Petrov? No, maybe I should call you Mr.
Reinhart Hermann? There was a special orphanage in East Berlin.
It was an experimentation ground for brainwashing young boys and changing their personalities.
It was called 511 Kinderheim.
You were the director there.
You should know everything.
What were you trying to do back there in East Berlin at 511 Kinderheim? The Ghost of 511 Wait! Wait a sec, Mr.
I've heard that you were a psychologist and a psychiatrist.
But in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, your speciality was scientific personality management.
Or in other words, brainwashing.
That's not right.
Why would they have an expert in brainwashing as the director of an orphanage? If you were just raising the children, there must have been someone more qualified than you.
Right? Go home.
You don't know anything.
Get out of here.
Where is it hidden? The records of the experiments at 511 Kinderheim.
There are a lot of rumors.
Rumors about the whereabouts of many secret government documents from East Germany after the wall fell.
One set of documents was shipped through Romania to Russia, but a revolution broke out there and Ceausescu's state was destroyed.
The whereabouts of the documents were lost there.
But I don't think the documents about 511 were destroyed.
Why do you think so? Because you're a scholar.
To a scholar, his data and thesis are more important than his life.
He can't give up on something that precious so easily.
I'd like you to show me those documents.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What were you trying to do at 511 Kinderheim? Was your experiment a success? Is it fun using people like marionettes? Was the experiment a failure then? In 1985, 511 Kinderheim was destroyed in a fire.
According to the rumors, the children there massacred each other.
At that time, I wasn't the director.
It has nothing to do with me.
Yeah, you barely escaped.
Five of the directors were the first to be killed in the revolt.
If I was there, that would not have happened.
The experiment was a success.
Oh, is that what you meant? When you were in charge, everything went well.
That means all the materials on 511 Kinderhiem were burned then.
So only the data from when you were in charge is still around.
You're stepping on dangerous ground.
I'm not responsible for whatever happens to you.
Now you're threatening me? I'm not scared at all.
Get out of my sight.
No, I'm going to hang around until I get the truth from you.
Get lost! Don't show yourself in front of me ever again.
Get outta my sight! Grandpa! You were late coming home, so we came to get you.
Who's this person? No one.
Let's go home.
Keep your nose out of this.
So he spends the rest of his life surrounded by his grandchildren and enjoys an easygoing lifestyle.
Even though he did such awful things to children in the past.
Who is it? A package from Mr.
Wait a second.
Corner rooms have such a bad view, but they're pretty convenient in situations like this.
I was in quite a dangerous situation this morning.
Some strange men came to my hotel room.
Are those your grandchildren? They look so nice.
You have a life free from worldly cares.
Back when I was a newspaperman in East Germany, I could never have imagined it, a life like this.
I'm a freelance journalist now.
I couldn't even imagine what it was like under socialism.
Freedom is so nice.
I could just follow you forever.
I followed you from where you left this morning.
What a nice house.
The rooms look so spacious.
The rent must be high.
You spend your time at the cafe without a care in the world, and go on walks with your grandsons.
Even though you're not working, you enjoy such a nice lifestyle.
Where are you getting money from? What do you sell? Did you get a good price for the data on the failed experiments? It was a success? Leave me alone.
Then you sold it for even more.
Leave me alone.
Just leave me alone.
He took his grandkids to see a movie and had chocolate parfait at the cafe.
Different kids again One, two three, four five, six.
Don't tell me Hey there.
This is Mr.
Petrov's house, isn't it? Can I come in? Hey there.
Oh, my God.
He's doing the same thing the same experiment over again.
What is this? What is this? That man is trying to do the experiment over again.
At the German border, there's a place with many prostitutes.
These boys were born there.
After the wall fell, many children were abandoned in the midst of all the poverty.
So you gathered those children here to continue the experiment from 511 Kinderheim.
Oh, Mr.
Do you have a guest? Don't mind him.
He'll be leaving soon.
How would you like knedliky for supper tonight? Your knedliky is everyone's favorite.
Continue the experiment at 511 Kinderheim? I've been telling you, the experiment there was a success.
There's no need to do it again.
A success? The education program that I applied was an incredible success at molding personalities.
Education? Where was the education in that? That was human experimentation! Think! What is education? Isn't creating people that society demands called education? When you look at education, you look at whether it creates the people who are demanded.
Education is an experiment! There was an active education system at 511 Kinderheim.
How can you say it so nonchalantly after doing such horrible things.
Horrible things? Think about what you did to the children! Don't talk to me like you know, when you've only scratched the surface.
What's with that look? That experiment where children killed each other, is that what the results of your experiment were? I told you.
That happened after I was no longer the director there.
The program was taken over by an outside element.
An outside element? Darkness.
Hatred, nihilism, destructive urges.
Humans are easily controlled by those things.
They were possessed by those things back then at 511 Kinderheim After the arrival of a certain boy, that is.
So that wasn't your fault either? Like I told you, the experiment was a success.
The people who graduated from 511 Kinderheim were all trained to have one missing part.
They cannot love others.
That's an interesting point.
That's the end of our conversation.
Don't mind me anymore.
No, Czechoslovakia is a democratic nation.
I'll report you to the police.
You don't have the right to run an orphanage in this country.
You don't have approval here.
If I tell them, you'll be arrested.
You want a deal? You want me to give you the experiment data, so that you won't report me.
Is that the deal you want? Let's go everyone.
What are you trying to do? Let's play soccer! Soccer? Let's play! All right, let's go.
Let's go! What are you thinking? Just like you heard, we're going to go play soccer.
Hey, everyone.
Petrov wants to make a deal with me.
But for your sake, I don't really care about the deal.
When I tell the police, you'll be free.
Don't you all want to leave that house? You have more freedom outside.
Hey, listen.
Hey, wait up! Wait up! Look out, Mister! The ball! He's so bad! They're laughing.
they seem happy from the bottom of their hearts? Don't tell me Wait up, Mister! Such a pretty lady.
Petrov, are the children? Huh? What? Miss Anna! Miss Anna! Mr.
Petrov! Grandpa? Grandpa! A woman.
Grandpa! What's wrong, Grandpa? You're bleeding, Grandpa! Mr.
Petrov, are you the children's? Key.
A key and a card number code The back of my third drawer.
The experiment data and a tape are in a safe deposit box.
A tape? A tape of an interview with that certain young boy.
It's him, while under the influence of drugs, talking about the past trials he himself endured.
The monster who lead 511 Kinderheim to destruction.
Grandpa! Don't die! Grandpa! How about it? Are these children missing anything? Mr.
Petrov, are you really using the education from 511 Kinderheim on these children? Hatred, nihilism, destructive urges.
I wanted to make people who would not be taken by the darkness.
Do you know how to do that? It really is a new discovery.
That's just a natural thing to have between children and their parents.
It's an experiment.
Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa! Yes Gazing at what is known now in this world Yes Your eyes believe in kindness Make it home to your land of harmony Make it home to your land of purity The Adventures of the Magnificent