Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e46 Episode Script

Episode 46

Deutsche Zukunft Newspaper Publishing Company - Czech Branch This case is becoming complicated! So, anything new? The police say they'll hold a press conference at 3.
I'm heading to the Prague police station right now.
What a case! I've never had such a case before.
Have you been looking for something in here all night? Well yes.
Thanks to you, I found the article I was looking for.
Ok, that's good.
Umm please wait a minute! I'm kind of busy right now.
About the Mr.
X in this article Mr.
X? This article from three years ago was trying to expose the truth behind the former Czechoslovakian secret police.
Oh, yeah After the Wall came down the German right wing's influence suddenly increased, and the former Czechoslovakian secret police established a crime syndicate.
I wrote that article.
Really? Would it be possible to meet this member of the former secret police Mr.
X, who was interviewed in this article? You said you're a special correspondent from Japan? What are you trying to learn by meeting Mr.
X? Umm well I was thinking of investigating the circumstances surrounding the abductions and confinements that happened in this country during the Cold War.
They're scary people, you know? Back then, I risked my life to interview them.
Even now, they're still scary.
Because of that, it created quite an uproar.
Don't you know about Detective Suk's case? Some reporter you are! You said you can't speak Czech but if you're investigating the remnants of the secret police you should have already heard the news! Here.
We published it in our paper.
You can read German, right? Suk, a young detective from the Prague police shot and killed two detectives of a special investigative team dispatched from police headquarters and is on the run.
The murder of Inspector Zeman turned out to be the clue needed to prove the dark connection between the former secret police and the current Czech police.
Moreover, Suk was the one who revealed the relationship between the former secret police and the Prague police chief and the other two policemen.
The three of them were conveniently poisoned, and Suk distinguished himself in the matter.
However, the special investigative team was marking Suk.
Detective Suk killed the two policemen who were marking him.
The promising elite detective Once he distinguished himself What are you muttering about? He killed three of his superiors with poison.
Whiskey bonbons A muscle relaxant Johan! Contact Excuse me Is Jan Suk's mother here? Are you with the police? No.
She's in room 409.
Thank you.
Umm I think you're wasting your time.
You're Jan Suk's mother, aren't you Jan? Jan, you came.
No I'm Thank you for coming, Jan.
Come closer and let me see your face, Jan.
You shouldn't get up.
Jan Did your son call or write you? Listen.
My neighbor, katherina, hasn't given me back my stuffed animal.
Maria gave me that precious stuffed animal.
Your son Your son is innocent.
Well, I'll be leaving now.
You Jan.
Were you playing there again? You always play detective there, right? Where would that be? You may think it's your secret place, but I know.
The deserted building on Brno Street.
So you knew.
Yes, I knew.
See you.
Be careful.
Be back in time for dinner, okay? Once upon a time there was a monster without a name.
The monster wanted a name so badly that he couldn't stand it.
Once upon a time, there was a monster without a name.
I brought you some food and a newspaper.
You became a star overnight.
Do you think anybody noticed that I sent my mom the tape and the research data from the safety deposit box? No idea.
It should be safer with her than with us.
But the events of your case are very similar to the other case The other case? Ten years ago, in Düsseldorf, Germany a hospital's director and two other doctors all died from poisoned candy.
The suspect was a promising young surgeon.
What happened to that guy? He's still on the run, trying to prove his innocence.
You're better off than that guy.
At least you have me for a witness.
On the stairs up to my flat, you saw Yeah A beautiful blond girl.
If that girl's the real murderer, we have to find her! Suk Otherwise, I'll be running for the rest of my life! Why did this have to happen to me?! What have I done?! Calm down! Am I supposed to disappear like this? Calm down! Get a grip on yourself.
Didn't I tell you to have faith in yourself? In the end, you're the only one you can trust.
All right, that's good.
Okay, let's eat.
In this room when I was little I used to pretend that I was a cop.
That's the inspector's desk.
I'm surprised it's still here.
I'd sit here and give orders just like on the TV drama I watched.
Gentlemen it's going to be a tough case this time.
I want everyone to give it everything they've got.
We must not let evil prevail.
In the name of justice.
That sure takes me back Suk! Suk! Suk! We're surrounded! Hang in there, Suk! It's dangerous by the window, so let's get you behind the desk.
I'm a goner Just hang in there! Who fired that shot? The Czechoslovakian secret police?! Where are they shooting from? You're going to be fine, Suk.
They didn't hit anything vital.
I'm going to borrow your gun.
Tape! Suk Hang on, I'm coming! They're missing his vital organs on purpose.
Tape! The tape isn't here! They can see us?! Mr.
Grimmer! I'm here! I'm right here, Suk! I'm coming to help you now.
It hurts! It really hurts! It's okay I'm done for Be quiet! Mr.
Grimmer Don't talk! Y-You should You should save yourself Don't be stupid! From upstairs? it's about time we finish them off.
No, let's wait a little longer.
Czech What are they saying? Circle around to the right! We need another guy over here! Tape! It hurts! Let's just bust in now! I'm getting hungry.
I haven't eaten lunch yet.
Me neither! Let's just break through the floor.
I don't wanna die Let's see, what should we eat? Hey, pass me the tools.
I found a good Italian restaurant.
Anyone got a smoke?! I'm not in the mood for Italian.
Hey, this drill's not working! This cigarette sucks I can't smoke this! What, Chinese food again?! Get me a bigger tool, something like that! It's not Chinese, it's Vietnamese! "Who are you!?" Can you speak German? Only a little What are you doing here? W-Who are you? Answer the question! What are you doing here? I-It's already over.
Everyone's already entered the building to kill that young cop and the skinny guy.
Am I too late?! It's too quiet "Monster" It's you The Magnificent Steiner Mr.
Grimmer The Magnificent Steiner has done it again.
Grimmer! Hey, Doctor, you finally made it.
Please save him.
He's a good boy.
I beg of you, please save him.
There are a lot of other patients, too.
What on earth is this?! It's probably me.
The other me living inside me.
I came from 511 kinderheim.
The Magnificent Steiner! Hey kids, are you sitting in front of the TV?! I wonder what adventure awaits us today? When you're in trouble, just call my name! No matter when or where, I'll be there to save you! I'm the Invincible Steiner! I won't forgive the evildoers, for my name is The Magnificent Steiner? I was always glued to the TV whenever "The Magnificent Steiner" came on.
The main character was a cowardly young man.
He was always cornered by bad guys at crucial moments but when he woke up, the bad guys had already been beaten by the Magnificent Steiner.
Without realizing it, he had become the Magnificent Steiner Whenever he was in trouble, Steiner would appear and beat up all the bad guys.
The only thing I remember from my childhood is that cartoon on TV, "The Magnificent Steiner.
" All my other memories were completely erased by 511 kinderheim.
You probably couldn't care less, since it doesn't concern you at all.
All right, I've given him all the emergency care I can.
What about Suk? Will he survive? All the bullets passed through his body but the arteries from under his armpit to his upper arm are critically wounded.
Anyway, I've stopped the bleeding for now.
This is all I can do.
Get him to a hospital quickly so he can be treated.
Grimmer you said that this doesn't concern me.
But it does.
Now, let's call an ambulance! There are three over here.
We need another gurney over here! Quickly! What's the status of the wounded? They need to be looked at soon, but But what?! They've all been given emergency care.
And it was very precisely done.
Precise emergency care? It's on the news.
What are they saying? It's all in Czech.
I only understood which hospital they took the patients to.
Jakub Zima Memorial Hospital.
I think the cops will probably arrest Suk But he's He's innocent, right? Yeah.
If I go and testify Dr.
Tenma, why did you More importantly, about what you said earlier Would you mind telling me about 511 kinderheim? The truth is, I don't really remember anything.
I just can't remember except for little fragments here and there.
The dark hallway The cracks in the ceiling The sound of a door creaking A musty bed My memories only became clear some time after I had left the place.
Someone said it was when I was fourteen Now that I think back on it, I was put in a weird school where they gave me another name.
Wolfgang Grimmer.
My house was in an artificial neighborhood.
We were not allowed to leave the area.
Someone pretended to be my father Someone pretended to be my mother I was made to study many different languages Russian, English, Spanish, French Spy training? Of all the things I was made to learn what do you think was the toughest? How to smile.
All right, we need to get to Suk's hospital.
Grimmer, I saw it on the news You're wanted as a prime suspect.
I'm the only one who can prove Suk's innocence.
Yes Gazing at what is known now in this world Yes Your eyes believe in kindness Make it home to your land of harmony Make it home to your land of purity The Door to Nightmares