Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e48 Episode Script

Episode 48

What's wrong, Nina? As if being dragged down these stairs he was taken away My big brother Yes He was known as the "Man of the Red Rose Mansion.
" What was his name?! Franz Bonaparta.
Franz Bonaparta However, I don't know if that was his real name or not since he also had a pen name.
A pen name? He was also the author of a picture book.
I I was reading a picture book in here, and Someone opened this door and came home A picture book? Yes.
It was a very peculiar picture book.
The title was "The Monster Without A Name," or something like that.
There's nothing here Nina.
What is this memory? I should have been reading a picture book in here, but the one who opened the door and came in was me.
I'm welcoming myself back home? Welcome back.
Jan Suk's mother? Oh, Mrs.
Suk is in room 409.
Unfortunately, her memory seems to come and go.
I wonder how she's doing today? Jan? Is that you, Jan? No.
My, what a pretty girl you are.
Are you a friend of Jan's? Yes.
Such pretty flowers.
I'll arrange them over here.
I'll have to make sure Aunt Olga doesn't take them away.
Aunt Olga always takes my things for herself.
Like yesterday, she took away my doll.
She's such a mean person.
But she passed away over ten years ago, didn't she? Oh, that's right.
You know a lot, don't you? I've heard a lot from Jan.
I see.
Is Jan still at school? No.
Oh, that's right.
He already graduated and became a detective.
Don't worry.
Jan is fine.
You have nothing to worry about.
You have very gentle eyes.
Please talk about anything you want.
Like different stories you remember.
Let me see katherina from next door is very stylish.
And then Oh, this is fun.
It's been a long time since I've had this much fun.
I'm glad.
I'll have to thank you somehow.
There's no need to thank me.
I just wanted to see the thing Jan left in your care.
The thing he left with me? A cassette tape.
Oh, that's right here.
The Scariest Thing Who would've thought you'd leave it with Suk's mother I'll wait here while you go get the cassette tape and the documents.
However, you're going to forget about your business deal.
That was our agreement.
Let's go, Dr.
I'm sorry I said this had nothing to do with you.
The story you told about what happened to you in the last ten years However, if that cassette tape is the key to revealing the big picture your innocence may be proven.
The same goes for you as well, Mr.
It's true that I've been investigating what 511 kinderheim was.
But you know even if everything is revealed my life won't change at all.
You guys would like to visit Mr.
Suk's mother? She seems to be doing very well today.
Thank you.
I guess the conversation she had with her previous visitor did her a lot of good.
A visitor? Who was it? A beautiful woman with long, blond hair The tape! So, you guys actually came.
I was told you were coming soon.
Where is the tape? The tape? It's right here.
How is Jan doing? Right now, he's Please take me to the hospital he's in.
Jan's in trouble, isn't he? Right now my head feels very clear.
The person who was just here woke me up.
But it might only be for today.
Please let me see Jan.
I will take you to him.
To the hospital where Jan Suk is.
Grimmer We've struck a deal with the secret police.
Mom Why didn't you call me, Jan? It's nothing serious Mom You tried to keep me from worrying again, didn't you? It's the same as that time.
That time? You fell from a tree when you were nine, remember? Even though I was worried you said nothing was wrong and that you were fine, and kept walking.
Even though your ankle was badly sprained Oh, God Please don't let me forget this child Jan is my child.
Even if I forget many other things please, God please, just don't let me forget about Jan.
Then, let's go back to the other question.
What is it that you're most afraid of? The monster inside of me is getting bigger Chomp chomp.
Munch munch.
Crunch crunch.
Chomp chomp.
Munch munch.
Crunch crunch.
That's enough.
I don't want to hear any more.
No, you should listen.
The nephew you sent to 511 kinderheim is the same as this drugged boy being interrogated! You should know what they did to your nephew! We must listen to what comes after this.
What lies be beyond this What I am most afraid of is that I'll forget Anna.
Because of all these strange experiments done on me every day.
my memories are disappearing.
Please don't let me forget Anna.
In this whole world there's only Anna and me.
Please, just this one memory.
Please That's as far as I'll let you listen.
What is this? It's the voice of a young man.
Could it be that he deleted the old recording, and I finally understand now.
he recorded over it? I finally understand after listening to this tape.
The person who came to visit Suk's mother recorded this? Dr.
Tenma? This is what Johan's voice sounds like now I finally understand where I need to go.
He took time off? You mean the inspector? I can't believe that someone as devoted to work as he would do that! I heard it's his first long vacation since he came to this station! Well, he didn't seem all that busy lately anyway.
He was considered to be an elite detective of the BKA.
He probably worked too hard.
Well, he doesn't know when to stop.
I heard his wife and daughter left him because of that.
So, where did the inspector say he's going to spend his vacation? He said Prague, in the Czech Republic, but I wonder if he even knows how to take a break.
Prague (Czech Republic) Have you decided? Coffee.
Yes, sir.
No, wait, I'm on vacation.
A beer.
What brand is this beer? It's the local Prazdroj.
You think the public will be satisfied with a report like this? We don't even know the whereabouts of Detective Suk yet! On top of that, do you know what would happen if we announced these half-assed results about the former Czechoslovakian secret police connection.
We'll be sitting ducks for the media! B-But now that all the people who were involved are dead The current situation of the Czech police and the Prague station can't be resolved by simply using the dead as scapegoats! Y-Yes, sir.
If you understand, then hurry up and continue the investigation! And track down Suk too! On the double! Yes, sir! Excuse me.
Umm, there is someone who would like to see you.
I won't see anyone who doesn't have an appointment.
Besides, I don't have time for that right now.
But, umm Y-You're! Well, you surprised me, Inspector Runge.
We haven't seen each other since last year's Interpol conference.
The lecture you gave at the subcommittee seminar was very interesting.
I'm sorry to have interrupted you at a busy time.
No, I had no idea you were over here on vacation.
I'm really envious.
Under the circumstances, I can't even get a decent break It seems you have your hands full, Commissioner Nepela.
I'm at the point where I'd like to ask you for some advice, if you don't mind.
After all, the case is in absolute chaos right now.
The connection between the Prague police department and the former Czechoslovakian secret police It all began when an inspector named Zeman was found dead among members of the former secret police.
At the time, Inspector Zeman was conducting an investigation into the murder of the director of an unauthorized orphanage.
We found out later, but both Zeman and the murdered orphanage director had ties to the secret police.
Who is the suspect? A man named Grimmer, who first discovered the bodies, has surfaced as a suspect, but the children at the orphanage said they witnessed another person leaving the scene of the crime.
Another person? A blond beauty.
However, the case didn't end there.
It got even bigger.
The previous commissioner and two veteran detectives were all killed with poisoned candy.
They were also affiliated with the former Czechoslovakian secret police.
Who is the suspect for the poisonings? A young detective named Suk who worked directly under Inspector Zeman.
Any proof? We don't have any proof.
But the two detectives with the special investigative task force who were watching Suk were found shot to death in Suk's room! I see.
So, where is this Detective Suk now? He is currently missing.
All the circumstantial evidence points to Suk.
Y-Yes? He doesn't smell like a man who'd commit such a crime.
O-Okay Umm, how do you know? I know of a very similar case.
Impressive! Even though you're on vacation, that hand of yours is still working.
The objective collecting of data, wasn't it? And you also said something else at the lecture.
By using that data you can conduct the investigation from a completely subjective perspective.
In other words, by becoming the killer himself, right? So, what do you say? If you were Suk what would you be thinking? Where would you be now? I'm terribly sorry.
But unfortunately, I'm on vacation.
Oh, no, I should be the one apologizing.
How do you like the city of Prague? For the most part, I've been visiting secondhand bookstores.
Secondhand bookstores? Are you looking for something? I went to thirteen stores already.
I finally found a copy.
The truth is, the reason I came here today was to see if you could translate this Czech text into German when you have some free time.
Oh, a picture book? I'm surprised.
I didn't know you had such hobbies.
If you don't mind leaving this with me, I'll have one of my men translate it by tomorrow.
Is it for your child no, grandchild? Yes, well you could say that.
Suk is definitely innocent! As his friend I firmly believe without a doubt that he is innocent! The police asked me tons of questions, but there's nothing shady about him! If you're with the police, then please help him! We'll cooperate in any way possible to help him! Unfortunately, I'm on vacation right now.
I can't be of much help.
Was there anyone else he opened up to? He was close to getting a girlfriend.
He'd only gotten as far as getting her name, though What was her name? Anna Oh, that's right! Anna Liebert! She had blond hair and was extremely pretty.
He was really happy because he thought everything was going well.
Anna Liebert One of the twins who survived the homicide involving a high official who fled East Germany due to exile ten years ago.
Moravia Publishing Company I don't think we have any left.
Emil Scherbe's "The Monster Without A Name" was indeed one of our publications, but if it was published during the old regime that would've still been during the previous company president's time.
Is Emil Scherbe a pen name? Yes, it probably was.
There were several other pen names as well Something Bonaparta Also, Jakov Vyrobek.
klaus Poppe and such klaus Poppe's box is here, actually.
What? I'm surprised you found it! May I open it? Sure, go ahead.
It's probably just some old rough sketches anyway.
A pregnant woman And then children were born.
A girl.
Twins I see.
You were able to translate it? I appreciate this, Commissioner Nepela.
Oh, I'd like to ask something, since it's been bothering me.
But could you please read the last page to me? Let me see.
"Even though he now had a name" "there was no one left to call him by his name.
" "Johan.
" "It is a wonderful name.
" What a curious picture book Johan.
Inspector Runge, how about having dinner with me sometime? How long is your vacation going to be? You.
I'd like coffee instead of beer.
I think it'll be a long vacation.
Yes Gazing at what is known now in this world Yes Your eyes believe in kindness Make it home to your land of harmony Make it home to your land of purity The Cruelest Thing