Monster (Anime Series) (2004) s01e69 Episode Script

Episode 69

This jam is really good.
Thank you.
It's homemade lingonberry jam.
Homemade I was told to show this to any guest who likes it.
This is the maker of the jam.
Who is he? His name is Conrad.
There's an area just south of here where a lot of lingonberries grow.
At some point, that area became his.
He makes such a fantastic jam that I don't see how anyone could complain.
He really is a pleasant man and he's one of my few friends.
Showing people this picture was his idea.
He thinks that having people see the real jam maker, Conrad, will make people want to buy his jam in the future.
So we'll have to come back here for some jam sometime.
That's right.
He'll be thrilled to hear that.
Are they really going to invade this peaceful town? The Peaceful House Invade? There are other means to their end.
There are cases where a single gun has destroyed towns.
Zweifelstadt in 1958.
They all thought that their neighbor was the killer.
The residents were all on edge just going through their normal daily activities.
They were all in a group hysteria.
One of them, a man called Volg Rogner, shot his neighbor with a gun he bought for self-protection.
After that, no one could stop it.
Fire raged through the town, and everything at hand was used as a weapon.
All the residents participated in the massacre.
There wasn't a single survivor.
Is that going to happen in this town? We have to stop it, before it starts.
It might have already started.
Hey, pay up! You have it! Now give it up! No! That money's mine! It's going to pay for your drunk dad's booze anyway.
It's not good for your health to drink so much.
This is an intervention.
You want to go get some grub.
Yeah! Boy.
You hate them, don't you? You hate them enough to kill them, don't you? Where are you going? I'm going to go talk to Conrad.
Talk about what? Didn't you notice Ralph and the customers grinning at us at his cafe? That's because it's rare to see us together as a couple.
Who knows what they'll do if they find out we won 20 million marks in the lotto.
D-Don't I have to talk to him rather than continue living in paranoia.
We don't even know if he knows that I won.
Then what are you going to do? I'll pay him off.
That way he'll keep his mouth shut.
What if Conrad gets greedy and keeps asking us for more money? Th-Then I'll Then you will what? I-I don't know.
Isn't it around here? The place where he picks lingonberries.
Conrad's a pretty good person.
He's not the kind who'd try to cash in on our good fortune.
Isn't that right, honey? What's wrong? You didn't! It wasn't me! I can't believe you've done something you can never take back! I told you it wasn't me! Then who did it?! How should I know? I haven't even shot my gun since I bought it.
What an annoying dog.
It's pissing me off.
I'm so irritated.
You seem to be in good spirits today.
Did anything good happen? He finally appeared.
Who appeared? A wonderful man who will take me away from here.
I'm the laughing stock of this whole town.
This isn't cool at all Alcohol.
Isn't this what you really want? Your son already took one.
A gunshot.
The dog isn't barking anymore.
That was great.
You're Franz Bonaparta's son, aren't you? Tell me where to find your father.
It's a race against time.
If I don't hurry, something horrible is going to happen.
You know, don't you Mr.
Lipsky, where you father is.
That doll is based on Nina, isn't it? Nina told me you were here.
Nina The curtain Could you open it for me? Yeah.
How long have I been like this? You need to rest.
Thank you.
I know that you've been watching out for me.
Don't worry about me.
I'm okay.
I'm not trying to kill myself.
Reichwine and Dieter will be here soon.
What about you? I have to go.
Where? I don't know.
You were looking at a lot of materials over there, weren't you? Did you figure anything out? I'm okay, so talk to me.
I got some information from people affiliated with the former Czechoslovakian secret police in Prague and from a subordinate of General Wolf.
About Franz Bonaparta? Yeah.
He's a very mysterious man, but I think I was able to put together a profile on him.
He's a German-Czechoslovakian.
It seems that Franz Bonaparta is an alias as well.
After WWII, many German-Czeckoslovakians were chased out of their Bohemian homeland, but his family remained.
It's unclear what role he played in the communist Czechoslovakian government.
I know that he married a Czech woman and had a child.
I know the child is one of the students who participated in his first reading seminars in the '60s.
"Bonaparta has a son in Prague.
" I think that Peter Capek's last words were about that son.
This is a copy of an old photo, but I have a photograph of the boys who participated in the reading seminars in the '60s.
The kid on the left is "The unexceptional child.
" He was an unexceptional child, so he couldn't participate in the reading seminars anymore.
You know him? Bonaparta had no use for him.
It's probably a man I know in Prague.
Does he know where his father where Bonaparta is? I don't know.
But he is your best lead.
If you don't hurry, something horrible is going to happen.
Something horrible? I know what Johan is trying to do.
The perfect suicide.
True solitude.
A true expression of love.
If you don't hurry, many innocent people will die.
Your bookshelf.
You have a lot of books written by Bonaparta under his many pen names.
I've read many of them.
The more I read, the more I notice something.
I wondered why they all have German names.
Klaus Poppe's "The God of Peace.
" It's that way in this book, too.
The problem is with this pen name, Klaus Poppe.
Franz Bonaparta and all the other pen names are all Czech.
This is the only pen name that's German.
Could it be that Klaus Poppe is your German-Czechoslovakian father's real name? There was a detective who figured out my father's real name using the same line of reasoning.
A detective? Inspector Lunge from the BKA.
Lunge! He was here? He left weeks ago.
He left? He also figured it out.
No, it's more like he became the person, rather than figured it out.
"I am Klaus Poppe.
I have no place to go home to.
" "In order to take back the tranquility in my heart, I have to return to my heart's homeland.
" German-Czechoslovakians lost their homeland after Germany lost the war.
Where in Germany are his ancestors from? I don't know that many details.
When I was little, my father said this: "Our home is a town surrounded by mountains in South Germany.
" I had no use for it, so I gave it to Inspector Lunge.
A postcard I received about 3 or 4 years ago.
It had no return address.
There was a hand-drawn sketch of a town from a mountain-top view.
Signed KP.
Klaus Poppe.
That's all I know.
South Germany.
A city surrounded by mountains.
Is my Is my father going to be killed? But it won't end there.
Nina Is she safe? I want to give this doll's drama a happy ending.
Please protect her.
What's going to happen? He is Johan's trying to recreate it.
The tragedy at the Red Rose Mansion.
The massacre at 511 Kinderheim.
no matter what happens, please come back alive, Tenma.
You saved me, so you, too, should to rain.
Alcohol! Get me alcohol! Dammit.
What happened? Have the police found Conrad's body? No, they still consider him missing and they're looking for him.
I knew we shouldn't have hidden the body in the woods.
We should have gone straight to the police when we found him.
What are you saying? Even you thought I shot him! We're in this situation because you had to play the lotto! You're the one who bought the guns! It's not going to come, no matter how long you wait.
The bridge has been flooded because of this heavy rain.
Even traffic has been stopped by the flood.
So this is a solitary island.
Klaus Poppe? Do you know of him? Jakub Farobek Emil Scherbe I think they are all the same person.
But you notice these things when you've seen as many as I have.
I have no idea why he uses so many pen names though.
The pictures are nice, but I don't like his books very much.
There are many picture books with dark topics.
But, this man's books are different.
How are they different? There's a lot of malice.
One more thing.
Helmuth Voss's picture book.
It was released in '89.
There weren't many printed, so it was very hard for me to obtain.
This is the same person as Klaus Poppe.
How do you know? You just notice these things.
People's style shows up no matter how hard they try to make the art look different.
The content is completely different from the other books he has written.
A thief sneaks into a mountain town.
He plans to steal the money from the people there, but as he lives with the people there, he forgets how to steal.
He then lives a quiet life working for the people of the town.
The title is "A Restful Home.
" The disturbing feeling you get after reading his books is completely gone.
Too bad his art isn't very good.
Isn't it strange? When his stories get good, his art gets bad.
It seems like he lost sight of his goal.
"A Restful Home.
" A town in the mountains.
Our home is a town surrounded by mountains in South Germany.
Get me a map.
Do you have a map of South Germany? What are you looking for? A town in the mountains of South Germany.
Here it is! Ruhenheim.
Ruhenheim (A restful home) It sure is pouring out! How is it? Have you found Conrad yet? I have no idea where he is.
My partners are still looking for him but not in this rain.
The rails and the roads are all flooded by the river.
You must be worried about your friend.
What's going on here? This town is normally so peaceful.
First, Conrad goes missing.
Then Mrs.
Hillman's dog is shot.
Hillman is so upset that she can't even get out of bed.
Last night, Mr.
Kemner was attacked after he left the pub.
I heard he was in critical condition.
We don't know who did it.
If Mr.
Kemner dies, it will be the first murder in this town.
Because of this rain, we can't get any help.
What am I supposed to do when I don't have enough men? It has to be outsiders.
There's never even been a crime in this town before.
It has to be the work of outsiders.
We're outsiders.
I didn't mean you.
It sure is pouring out.
I can't go outside at all in my wheel chair.
I'll go find my partners and make another round.
Be careful! Your husband's shoes are pretty dirty.
It's as if he was walking in the rain.
I'm going to borrow the phone.
That alcoholic.
He's not the kind who'd try anything funny.
What's wrong? Are you out of gas? I could call a repairman Another gunshot I couldn't get through.
We cant stop it Yes Gazing at what is known now in this world Yes Your eyes believe in kindness Make it home to your land of harmony Make it home to your land of purity The Town Massacre