Monsterland (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Palacios, Texas

MAN [whispers]
Five, six, seven, eight!
trumpet blaring upbeat jazz tune ♪
tune crescendos ♪
[crowd clapping, cheering]
jazz band playing lively tune ♪
[fireworks pop]
lively music continues ♪
‐ Hey, Joe, I wanna walk.
‐ All right.
‐ George!
‐ What?
‐ Stay with us, please.
Stay with us, please.
Come on.
[fireworks pop]
GEORGE: You said I could have dessert.
I don't wanna go home!
‐ You had ice cream before, remember?
GEORGE: You said I could
have dessert after.
‐ All that sugar will make you sick.
‐ I am not sick.
‐ List‐‐
‐ Hey, look at me. Hey. Okay.
Look me in the eyes.
Is that true?
‐ That's true. That's not a lie.
‐ No fever? No aches?
‐ No pains?
‐ No.
‐ Stick your tongue out.
‐ Aah.
‐ Yeah, you say "aah"
Yeah, that checks out.
That's a healthy kid. I'm sorry.
‐ It'll take an hour
to get across the park.
‐ Will it take an hour
to get across the park?
‐ No.
‐ No.
That's a fast kid. That's a tiger.
Aren't you a tiger? What do tigers say?
‐ [roars]
‐ Whoa!
‐ [Annie and Joe laughing]
‐ That's what a tiger says.
Okay, fine.
‐ [glass breaking]
‐ [people chattering]
‐ Annie? Hi!
‐ Hi. Oh, hey.
‐ It's Nancy.
‐ Hey. Hi.
‐ How ya doing?
How's the move?
‐ Uh, yeah, it's fine.
NANCY: I'm here with Stewy.
You met him at your wedding.
‐ Joe! I'm sorry.
JOE: Yeah, yeah.
‐ Meet me out front, all right?
Twenty minutes.
‐ Joe. Wait!
They are so cute. [laughs]
Let me see your ring.
‐ Dead.
‐ Yeah, I guess.
‐ When Joe came back from New Haven
with a fiancée,
and a kid, it was like, "What?"
We didn't even know
he was seeing anybody.
‐ Yeah, I guess it happened fast.
‐ And you're so different.
‐ What?
[child shrieks]

[shouting, indistinct chatter]
[grunts] Sorry.
[child screaming]
George! George!
George! Hey.
[George pants]
What's the matter?
Hey, you okay?
Look at me.
Come here.
It's all right.
Okay, okay, okay.
‐ Oh, thank God.
What happened? Where'd you go?
I've been so‐‐
running all over the place.
Did he tell you what happened?
‐ No.
NURSE: Are you the dad?
‐ Yes.
‐ He's the stepdad.
‐ He just said he needed
to go to the bathroom‐‐
ANNIE: And then what?
‐ Nothing. I‐‐ Just ran off again.
You really scared me, bud.
He didn't say what happened?
‐ He hasn't said a word.
Hey. Baby. Go on.
You're not in any trouble.
Baby, go on.
‐ Someone was chasing me.
Who? Who was chasing you?
‐ A monster.
‐ Oh. Wh‐‐ Wh‐‐
What did the monster look like?
‐ Black eyes.
He tried to eat me.
‐ That is scary, kid.
‐ Are you sure
‐ Yes.
‐ that's what happened?
It wasn't a person who was chasing you?
JOE: [whispers] Here, here.
Let me do that for you. Thank you.
‐ No, I'm sure.
Hey. Can you do this with your wrist?
Like that. Does that hurt?
‐ Kinda.
JOE: Okay. I'm just gonna
wrap this up for you.
All right?
You're a brave little tiger, aren't you?
[engine starts]
Just a minute.
‐ Oh. Hey.
‐ Car's waiting.
‐ Hey.
He has a sprained wrist, Joe.
‐ I know, I know. It's a story.
‐ What happened to him?
I have never seen him so shook.
‐ Hey. I'll talk to him.
First, let's get him fixed up.
'Kay? [sniffles]
Come on.
ANNIE: Hey, baby.
JOE: We're going to 2nd and Presbyterian.
Children's Hospital.
[crowd chattering]
[fireworks popping]
trumpet playing jazz tune ♪
soft choral music playing ♪
[insects chittering]
[car door closes]
[slow footsteps, stairs creaking]
[slow footsteps continue]
[door squeaks open]
‐ I'm so sorry.
The 10 was a nightmare.
‐ [keys jingle]
‐ Shh.
‐ What's going on?
‐ [whispers] There's someone here.
‐ What do you mean there's someone here?
‐ [whispers] I don't know.
I heard noises out back.
[whispers] Someone is out there.
‐ [whispers] All right. Get my phone.
[door opens]
[yells] Who's there?
[lights click on]
ALL: Surprise!
‐ [laughing]
‐ [crowd clapping]
That was a good one.
‐ Look at you.
ANNIE: You're late.
I've been standing by the window
for a damn half hour.
PARTY GOER: Who's there?
[all laughing]
‐ You shut up!
upbeat jazz music playing ♪
[indistinct chatter]
‐ Can you spin it?
There we go. Fruit in the front.
Stewy tells me that you
have a new project.
‐ Oh, don't you start, too.
I like helping people.
‐ You're a tourist.
You holiday in the wreckage
of other people's lives.
‐ And encourage them to grow.
‐ Mm.
‐ Like saplings.
‐ Mm‐hmm.
Which one is she?
‐ Over there by the drinks.
She was waiting tables
at this fish place that Stewy likes
that I think is gross,
but I let him drag me.
But there's a story there,
because her name tag says Jennifer,
but I overheard the restaurant manager
call her Toni.
Hi. Hi.
‐ Hi. Jennifer, right?
‐ [Annie chuckles]
‐ Uh, Jennifer moved to
New Orleans to go to school.
‐ Yeah. I want to be a gentle hy‐dentist.
I mean, a dental hy‐denish.
A dental hygienist.
[laughs softly]
This is Annie's house, you know.
JENNIFER: Oh, wow. It's really nice.
‐ Thank you, thank you.
‐ Now, when I met Annie,
she didn't know her ass from Hermes,
and look at her now.
You got the house and the cars
and the husband
That's all.
‐ Mm, okay.
‐ Oh, stop. I'm just saying,
you've come a long way.
That's all. You're an inspiration.
Tell her.
Tell her.
‐ Okay.
Um, I left home when I was 15.
My father was a drunk
who put my mother through
a sliding glass door.
So, that's pretty much the story.
Y'all have to excuse me.
I gotta go check on Marta.
Make sure she's not drowning
in hors d'ouevres. Enjoy.
‐ Come here.
[distant chattering]
[dishes clattering]
‐ Georgie.
‐ My Lord, your mama said
you were stuck at school.
‐ Got time off for good behavior.
‐ Aw.
Go get Joe. Tell him Georgie's home.
‐ Oh, I'll find him.
Still haven't burned
the place down.
‐ Aw, we miss you.
Why you got to go
all the way to California?
You got a girlfriend yet?
‐ Yeah. Yeah, five or six.
‐ Five or six? [laughs]
‐ [glass clinking]
diagnosed with Eisenmenger syndrome.
My parents took me to
the Ochsner Center,
where we met Dr. Keller
and his incredible team.
I was able to receive a new heart,
and a new lease on life.
Now, I'm a normal high schooler,
and I even play varsity basketball.
Thank you for all that you do
for children like me.
And congratulations on receiving
the Kayhart Award for medical research.
I can't think of anyone more deserving.
[crowd clapping, chattering]
You saved my life.
That's embarrassing.
‐ Thank you so much.
Thank you, sweetheart.
[crowd clapping]
That was terrific.
That was so sweet
[microphone squeals]
‐ Um
I My name's Frank White.
Piss, or get off the pot!
‐ Oh, shoo. [laughs]
[crowd laughing]
I'm sor‐‐
I'm sorry, do I know you, Frank?
I, I, I can't seem to remember
where we met.
‐ We, we've never met before.
But my sister told me
about the award you won.
I, uh, didn't know there'd be a party.
JOE: [chuckles]
I didn't know there'd be a party.
‐ Do you remember my sister?
Julie White?
She remembers you.
‐ Um, I'm sorry. I, I can't place her.
‐ Excuse me. Um, this is a private event
to celebrate my husband.
So, if you aren't on the guest list
Think it might be time for him to leave.
‐ Oh. Sorry. Oh.
‐ That is why you do not do drugs.
PROFESSOR: Hey, is, uh, this thing on?
Uh, Joe, you are good guy,
but you better stay
the hell away from my sister.
[crowd laughing]
Nah, I'm kidding. I'm just kidding.
[glasses rattling]
Uh, congratulations on the award‐‐
‐ Wait, hey, hey‐‐
JOE: Hey there. Okay.
[glass shattering]
ANNIE: Get out!
FRANK: Let me go!
Let me go!
ANNIE: You okay?
JOE: Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
ANNIE: Everything's okay.
[nervous laughter]
JOE: Wow.
Well, now
Now it's a party!
[crowd laughing]
Can we start the music, please?
‐ Thank you, Marta.
You should see the other guy.
I'm fine.
‐ We have guests who need to
see that for themselves.
[footsteps departing]
‐ Thanks for a great evening.
Thank you.
‐ Get this one home.
‐ Thank you. Congratulations.
‐ Yeah.
‐ You, too. You drive safe, okay?
‐ Eh. Where are you off to?
‐ I'm gonna go to Tracey's bar.
Meet Kelly.
‐ Are you staying at her place tonight?
‐ Uh
‐ Pop quiz. What part of
the limbic system houses memory?
‐ Uh, hypothalamus? [chuckles]
‐ What kind of‐‐ How much are we paying
for that hippie school?
You can still transfer.
I'm already a vegan.
[Annie laughs]
Old man.
‐ Oh. Okay, you come by
for breakfast, okay?
We'll get a run in before the flight.
‐ Yeah, will do. Bye.
‐ Mm. Bye‐bye.
ANNIE: I've steeled myself,
so you don't need to talk around it.
So, Julie White.
‐ Um, she was a resident.
‐ At Ochsner?
‐ Yeah. So, 13, uh, 14 years ago, um
[Annie groans]
‐ I always thought that
we had a partnership.
Different than other marriages.
Maybe it was too unspoken‐‐
‐ We did. We, we do.
She thought we were in love.
And, uh, I
don't know what I thought.
‐ You thought something.
‐ Yes. Uh
But by the time I had self‐corrected,
the board got wind, and everyone
just wanted a clean break.
Me and her.
‐ They fired her.
‐ It was a strategic restructuring.
I'm not proud.
‐ No. Why should you be?
You know, men everywhere,
good men, not all of them, but some,
are going down for less than this.
And I could have shielded the blow.
‐ Oh. What?
I thought you'd be‐‐
You aren't upset?
‐ Yeah, of course I'm a bit shocked‐‐
‐ You do understand,
it was, I mean, it was an affair‐‐
‐ You don't have to say the word.
You should have told me at the time.
Not a decade late.
After everything that I've invested‐‐
‐ Well, it's easy to say‐‐
‐ Are you gonna fight me, Joe?
‐ No. But we were still
in the making.
And on top of all the stuff with George,
that would have wrecked us.
‐ What stuff with George?
‐ Uh, his nightmares.
And not sleeping.
Crying about monsters
that go bump in the night.
He didn't sleep for months.
He thought the whole place was haunted.
You, you were next to losing your mind.
‐ Right.
I'm gonna be dead for the flight.
‐ Hmm?
‐ Have you packed?
‐ Uh, no. Not yet.
‐ Well, you'd better get to it.
Gotta look sharp when
they hand you that award.
‐ That's it?
‐ I don't know. Is it?
‐ For me, yes.
‐ Yeah. You did the best
that you could at the time.
Just leave it.
It was a good party.
‐ [chuckles]
‐ Good night.
‐ Yeah. Good night.
[soft rustling]
trumpet softly playing
mournful jazz tune ♪
soft jazz tune continues ♪
jazz tune continues ♪
[moans softly]
‐ [indistinct chatter]
‐ [phone ringing]
[birds chirping]
[phone continues ringing]
Hello? [continues indistinctly]
trumpet softly playing jazz tune ♪
GEORGE [on voicemail]:
Hey, it's George. Leave a message,
and I'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
‐ Hey, it's Mom.
I'm packing for New York.
I wonder where you are.
I got you a last‐minute coach seat,
and we are leaving sooner than soon.
So, time to hustle. [sniffles]
[line clicks off]
[phone rings]
Um‐hmm. That was fast.
‐ [woman chatters indistinctly]
‐ Hi‐‐ Nance.
NANCY [on phone]:
Ha‐‐ Have you turned on your TV today?
‐ No, I'm, uh
NANCY: I think you should‐‐
‐ Uh, I, I, I can't understand you.
Annie, I think you should see the news‐‐
‐ I did not turn on the news today. No.
NANCY: Stewy said don't call her,
but I wanted it to come from me‐‐
‐ Stewy said what?
[doorbell rings]
I'm sorry, Annie.
JOE: What the hell is going on?
I've been fielding calls
from all over fucking New Orleans.
[indistinct chatter continues]
Jesus, what is this all about?
Come on. I think we should get Annie.
[heels clicking on floor]
[door closes]
Last night, a woman named Julie White
uploaded a video onto her Twitter account.
‐ Okay.
‐ The contents of the video
were sensitive in nature.
‐ Oh, it's okay.
Uh, we spoke about this last night.
‐ Yes. Joe had a time
with another doctor.
She made a video?
‐ Julie White is 19.
She's studying drama at NYU.
‐ Um, I think I'm a little confused.
‐ Since the video went live last night,
several other women have come forward.
And I've been told
even more are in the wind.
‐ So, I'm lost.
There are two Julie Whites?
KATE: In the world, possibly.
This one was Joe's patient.
‐ Hmm.
KATE: I pulled the chart at
the hospital this morning.
Most of the other accusations
are outside the statute of limitations.
Except one.
She's eleven.
‐ Eleven what?
‐ Years.
Well, that's because of the award.
KATE: Yes. Unfortunately,
the Kayhart Foundation
called this morning.
The award's been revoked.
‐ Without proof?
‐ Annie, please.
‐ No, I'm sorry.
Kate, I, I‐‐
KATE: It's a lot. It's okay, it's a lot.
‐ [huffs]
You'll have to forgive me,
but I am a wife and mother of a son.
Why are they doing this? Money?
‐ They may seek restitution. Yes.
‐ Will he lose his license?
He's saved lives.
And I know that
this is not popular to say,
but how is a man
supposed to move through life
with accusations at the drop of a hat?
‐ The problem is
the accusations are usually spot‐on.
‐ [scoffs]
‐ Except here, of course.
And we can fight it.
‐ Joe?
‐ When you said to me last night
that we were partners,
did you mean that?
‐ Yes. Of course.
‐ [sobs] Oh.
‐ Oh, baby, come here.
I know it's not true. I believe you.
It's okay. We're gonna fight this.
‐ [Joe sniffles]
‐ Oh
JOE: Annie
I need help.
You what?
They're children, Joe.
I'm sick.
I am a bad man.
Pediatric surgeon
and LSU med school
professor Joe Keller
has been accused of sexually assaulting
his former child patient, Julie White.
[phone ringing]
Since the release Miss White's video
on social media,
more than 40 other female patients
have come forward,
making this one of the biggest cases
of sexual abuse
in medical history.
[reporters clamoring]
JULIE WHITE: I was eight years old
when Dr. Keller sexually assaulted me.
[phone ringing]
He was a trusted doctor
who saved my life,
only to destroy it again.
He took advantage of my trust.
He manipulated me and my loved ones.
[phone continues ringing]
Everything‐‐ my relationship
with my parents,
my friends,
has been affected by this event.
It has destroyed my family
NEWSCASTER: Neither Dr. Keller
nor his personal attorney
have responded for comment.
Oh, thank God. Nancy.
I'm losing my mind.
NANCY [on phone]: Are you okay?
ANNIE: Did you have any sense
that something like this was going on?
NANCY: Uh, no‐‐
ANNIE: Because when we met him,
Joe was so good to us.
He really pulled us out
of a bad situation,
you know, money‐wise,
and I just keep thinking,
do you remember the festival
in the French Quarter
just right after we got married?
Do you remember what you said to me?
ANNIE: You said that I was different.
NANCY: Annie, I‐‐
‐ What, because I was shy,
or because I‐‐
I grew up poor
NANCY: Annie
Or because I was too naive
to see what was really going on with him?
I mean, how did I miss this?
GEORGE [on voicemail]:
Hey, it's George. Leave a message,
and I'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
‐ Hey, honey.
It's me again.
Uh, I haven't heard from you.
Uh, are you still at Kelly's?
Call me back.
trumpet softly playing
mournful jazz tune ♪
jazz tune continues ♪
trumpet playing solemn jazz tune ♪
[distant door closes]
[distant dog barking]
trumpet continues playing ♪
[door clatters]
‐ [trumpet stops]
‐ [door shuts, lock clicks]
‐ [glass shattering]
‐ [Annie exclaims]
trumpet playing solemn jazz tune ♪
solemn jazz tune continues ♪
[gate squeaks]
trumpet continues playing ♪
Did you throw this?
It's a residential area.
I could turn you in for the disturbance.
[Annie screams]
‐ [punches]
‐ [grunts]
[panicked groans]
[Annie exhales]
[lock clattering]
[Annie whimpers]
[door thuds shut]
JULIE WHITE: I was eight years old
when Dr. Keller sexually assaulted me.
sexually assaulted me.
[echoing] I was eight years old
when Dr. Keller sexually assaulted me.
‐ [clinking]
‐ [echoing] saved my life, only to
I was eight years old
when Dr. Keller sexually assaulted me.
trusted doctor
Took advantage of my trust
He manipulated me, and my loved ones
Everything‐‐ my relationship
with my parents, my friends‐‐
It's me again.
I just I haven't heard from you,
and I'm
I wanna make sure that everything
is okay at Kelly's.
I've done something terrible.
‐ [fireworks pop]
‐ [sudden distant yell]
[panicked breathing]
[distant door slams, clattering]
[creaking, squeaking]
[creaking, footsteps]
[shaky breathing]
[sudden loud growl]
‐ [Annie screaming]
‐ [growling]
‐ [grunts]
‐ [ice pick clinks]
[panicked gasps]
‐ [door shuts]
‐ [whimpering]
‐ [glass shattering]
‐ trumpet blares shrill note ♪
‐ [Annie screams]
‐ trumpet trills ♪
trilling echoes ♪
[Annie panting]
trumpet trills loudly ♪
[panicked panting]
trumpet blares ♪
[glass shatters]
discordant trumpet trilling ♪
discordant trumpet blaring ♪
‐ [door slams]
‐ [footsteps thudding]
[panting softly]
[footsteps approaching]
[knob clicks, door creaks open]
[footsteps approaching]
[footsteps continue]
[relieved laughter]
[Annie sobbing]
I got your messages.
I'm sorry it took me a minute
to get over here.
‐ [exhales] Do you remember
when you were a child?
[object clinking on floor]
‐ Mom?
‐ Um, someone was here last night.
‐ Who was?
‐ Broke the window.
‐ Yeah, well
Joe made the Catholic Diocese
look like holy fathers of the year.
People are pissed.
‐ No, it wasn't people.
It wasn't a person.
It, um
You remember the monster?
When you were a kid,
you couldn't sleep.
You, you had nightmares.
Always scared of the monster.
‐ Yeah. Yes.
‐ I took you to that woman‐‐
‐ You mean the shrink?
Yeah, I remember.
‐ And?
‐ And
Kid stuff.
‐ No. We
We block things out
as we get older, because it's easier.
And the facts
Maybe you forgot what was real.
‐ Are you
Are you asking if
I didn't forget anything.
Your message said that
you'd done something terrible.
‐ My head is all turned around.
I just
I am very sorry, George.
You cannot know how very‐‐ v‐‐
‐ Sorry for what?
‐ [Annie sniffles]
You were a child,
and I did not believe you.
I could not, um
when you told me because, the, the
The truth
was too big.
The weight of it.
You understand?
It is real.
‐ It?
‐ The monster.
‐ Are you ?
Have you taken something?
‐ What?
‐ Drugs, or, or, or did you drink?
‐ No. No! You, you know‐‐
‐ Because I know all of this is hard.
‐ I would never‐‐
‐ You're not making any sense.
‐ My head is a little turned around,
but you listen to me, okay?
Or Look, I'll show you.
‐ Mom, please. Stop avoiding.
‐ See?
Proof. Proof.
‐ Just sit, so we can‐‐
‐ It was here.
It broke this one and the one upstairs.
‐ Sit down, so we can‐‐
‐ And the shed, and the lock.
And, uh, the teeth. It was like‐‐
‐ S‐‐ Sit down!
Just give me a minute.
‐ What are you‐‐
‐ Just‐‐
I want to talk about what happened.
At the parade.
In the French Quarter.
Right after we, we had‐‐
just moved in with Joe.
‐ Okay. [inhales]
‐ Did you want to say something?
‐ I don't know what to say.
It was such a long time ago.
‐ Jesus.
Mom, are you gonna make me do it?
You're the parent, you know.
‐ Do what?
‐ At the parade.
‐ [Annie scoffs]
‐ Those girls. The ones that Joe
That's me, too.
Do you understand me?
Joe hurt me.
At the parade, and I‐‐
I think we need to talk about it.
‐ You hurt your wrist?
‐ Yes. That was part of the,
uh, getting away.
‐ [inhales, exhales sharply]
What about the monster?
‐ What?
‐ At the parade. You said
that it was chasing you.
It had black eyes. It wanted to eat you‐‐
‐ No, Mom, I need you to stop avoiding‐‐
It was a lie.
‐ You were pale.
In shock‐‐
‐ You wouldn't believe the truth.
The monster wasn't real.
The monster was Joe.
Do you want me to walk you through it?
We went to the parade‐‐
‐ [screams] No!
‐ Mom.
‐ Enough!
‐ [glass breaks]
[running footsteps approaching]
We need to talk.
‐ Stop. Please wait.
I can't. I can't.
‐ No. No more waiting. It's now.
We went to the parade,
and I, I wanted dessert. Ice cream,
or I don't remember what. But we left.
Me and Joe.
And, and we stopped at the bathroom,
and then he took me into a stall.
‐ Honey
‐ And that's when‐‐ No, listen to me!
‐ That never happened!
‐ I found you in the crowd,
and I told you.
[fireworks pop]
How can you act like
that didn't happen?
I spent so long trying,
trying to understand why.
‐ I love you.
‐ Trying, trying to make sense
‐ I love you, but we had nothing.
I was minimum wage,
flipping couch cushions,
searching for change.
And now there is nothing that you need
that you don't have.
Money, and, and, and UCLA.
‐ I'm failing.
I'm flunking every class.
Academic probation.
That's what I'm telling you.
This hurdle I can't get over.
I need you to say that you knew.
‐ But I didn't.
I don't remember.
‐ Aren't, aren't you ashamed,
or guilty, or ?
I mean, all those girls.
That's why, that's why he married you,
you know.
A low‐class hotel maid
he met on a work trip?
A desperate single mom
looking for a handout,
and he knew you would
keep your mouth shut.
He paid you off, with this big house,
and clothes, and, "Keep quiet, George."
‐ [laughs]
‐ "We don't mention this
to anyone, George."
‐ I don't remember!
‐ You do, because I am still him.
Scared, and huddled in the basement,
just hiding, and, and, and praying
his stepdad doesn't show up
in the middle of the night.
I mean, can't you see, Mom?
I'm drowning.
‐ [fireworks whistling]
‐ [George panting]
‐ [water running]
‐ [sniffles]
‐ One last shot.
‐ For what?
George? George!
trumpet blaring ♪
[Annie screams]
shrill trumpet note blares ♪
trumpet blaring ♪
shrill trumpet note blares ♪
trumpet plays tune ♪
trumpet music intensifies ♪
[screaming continues]
[ringing in ears]
[muffled sounds of crowd chattering]
‐ [muffled]
[muffled cry]
trumpet plays mournful tune ♪
mournful tune continues ♪
mournful tune continues ♪
soft, slow choir music playing ♪
trumpet tune continues ♪
soft choir music continues ♪
trumpet overlaps with choral music ♪

choir crescendos ♪
[slow, steady breathing]
[Annie gasps]
[crowd chattering]
muffled upbeat jazz music playing ♪

muffled upbeat jazz continues ♪
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