Monsters at Work (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Field of Screams

- Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
- Oh.
(CHUCKLES) Work buds forever.
Work buds forever.
Heyo, who ordered all these donuts?
- Hi, hon.
Look, we're super poor.
You shoulda taken that FearCo job.
We had to sell the store.
We live in this bed now.
- GRANDMA TUSKMON: Now, we've lost everything.
ALL: Bye, Tylor.
Mom, Dad, Grandma, wait! (GASPS)
JOHNNY: You could be one
of the greats. A legend.
Hey, Tylor, come here, will ya?
I wanna offer you a job.
Hey, hey, J-Johnny, wait up, wait up.
JOHNNY: You can't escape
who you are, so just embrace it.
TYLOR: All I wanted to do was scare.
Look, Tylor, I'm an adult now.
Time to go to work like a big boy
where I have spreadsheets
funnier than you.
- Uh, oh.
- BEN: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Oh! Whoa!
SULLEY: We can't stop
going through doors
just because one doesn't work out.
JOHNNY: You can't escape who you are.
Wait, Johnny. Johnny, Johnny, wait.
- JOHNNY: So just embrace it.
- Uh, my family needs
- You pinky promised.
TYLOR: Johnny, Johnny.
Sorry, kid. You made your choice.
No. No, no, no, no, no.
Johnny, Johnny, wait, wait, no.
You pinky promised.
- You pinky promised!
- No. No, no, no, no, no, wait!
- Where is my lucky mitt?
- SULLEY: Huh?
First the sugar packets
and now this? Where is it?
- Your what?
- M M My lucky mitt.
- Mike.
- For the softball game against FearCo today
which you literally just told me about.
- Hey, watch it, Mike.
Now, the mitt can't be that lucky
if Monsters, Inc., has
never beaten FearCo.
Well, we're gonna beat 'em this time.
And just crush Johnny
- psychologically.
Now, Mike, Mike, this
is a friendly game.
We're only restarting
- the old softball tradition
because of the growing goodwill
between our two companies.
Friendly goodwill.
I know, Sulley. That's why
I said "psychologically".
Oh, Val. Great, thanks for coming by.
I've been meaning to
I am so sorry about the other morning.
I shouldn't have gone
into that laugh simulator,
- I know that.
- Val,
what you did was incredible.
You're a natural.
You went beyond just telling jokes,
and you connected on a personal level.
Yeah, you really hit
on somethin' there, Val.
So what do you say?
Would you like to work as a Jokester?
Oh, my gosh. Wow, I just
I don't know what to say.
SULLEY: Congrats, Val.
Yeah, we'll just get Tylor
a new laugh assistant
- Oh, uh
- And shuffle the deck.
Mmm. Tylor, right.
Uh, do you mind if I talk with him
before actually taking the job?
We promised to stay work buds forever.
Of course, communication
with a partner is key.
Like, for example,
wouldn't you like to know
if your partner set up a softball game
- against your arch-nemesis?
- Huh?
You'd like to know, right?
All right. Tylor's gonna
be thrilled for you.
Oh, totally, totally,
totally, totally, totally.
We, uh, should get to the game.
The one I didn't know about.
VAL: Totally. Totally. Totally.
ROGER: The wheels on the bus go ♪
Spinny spin spin ♪
Roundy round round ♪
Spunny spin spun ♪
The wheels on the bus go ♪
Spunny spin spun ♪
Roundy round round ♪
So, I have some news to share.
Sorry, I (YAWNS)
I didn't sleep great.
- I had the weirdest dream ever.
- Oh.
I briefly dabbled in dream
interpretation. What was it?
- Well, I was in, like, a room.
- Room.
And there were like doors
- Doors. Hmm.
- and I was chasing
- Somebody.
- Hmm.
You were chasing Johnny.
I wha What? How did you know that?
I dabble.
That dream really messed with my head.
Well, it makes sense because
he offered you a huge salary
that could help solve
your family's money issues.
But I mean, you already
said no to Johnny,
- so
- Exactly, I already said no, like I promised.
We're gonna stay work buds forever.
- We, we pinky promised.
- We pinky promised, exactly.
- We pinky promised.
- Yes, totally. Yeah, no, totally.
- Oh, totally, totally.
- Totally, exactly, totally.
- Totally.
All right, listen up.
We're gonna destroy FearCo.
Make them cry and drink their tears
and the tears of their children.
"Why, Daddy? Why are
they drinking my tears?
- Please, Daddy."
This is the first time
I'm getting off a bus
to play softball.
What a milestone.
And Fritz, it's gonna be
your first win too What?
Take it down a notch, Mike.
FearCo's not here yet.
Heh! Clearly those cowards
are too scared to face us.
Hey, hey. What a day for softball, huh?
Ready for this, Sulley?
Hey, Weirdzowski.
(CHUCKLES) Hey there. Hello. (CHUCKLES)
Look at 'em wave. Waving like jerks do.
Friendly. Friendly.
Hey, Johnny. Good to
see ya. Great day, huh?
Yessir, buddy.
CUTTER: We need the bats, Chief.
I gotta warm up the
team. Have a great game.
Oh, yeah. Good luck today, Wazowski.
Gorgeous day.
Gorgeous day for you
to lose and cry about it
and me going, "Mmm, (CLICKS TONGUE)
I love these yummy Johnny tears."
Love your intensity, Mike.
Never change.
Listen you, FearCo may be
39-0 against Monsters, Inc,
but this time we have me as a manager.
I read the entire book by Creepees coach
and Hall of Famer Stubby Lizzardo.
Well, our coach read that book, too.
In fact, he wrote it.
Johnny on first base,
and we'll be batting second.
Ah. Wow.
Stubby Lizzardo. The Big Stub.
What a mustache.
I was there the night you
had three cardiac events
and you still went four
for five with a home run.
Would you mind signing this?
Hey there, little slugger.
There you go. (CHUCKLES)
Stay in school, listen
to your mom and dad.
(COUGHS) Okay, bye, bye. (SNORTS)
Are you kidding me?
I'll never wash my face again.
ROZ: Wazowski!
Oh, great.
Where's your paperwork?
I don't owe you paperwork anymore, Roz.
Your line-up card.
(SCREAMS) Thank you, Cameron.
And remember, nobody eats
second base this time, eh?
Oh. JOHNNY: All right, let's go team.
- Yay! Let's go, FearCo.
Yeah! Bring on the bloodbath.
- I like baths.
TYLOR: Hey, where's Johnny?
I just wanted to, you know,
like, check in with him.
Yeah, I haven't seen
him. So, uh, listen
Tylor, you're gonna be at shortstop.
Now, you played in high school.
You're good, right?
It's been a while, but, uh, I'm not bad.
Plus, I got my trusty bat right here,
Dr. Theresa Swingwell.
What's she a doctor of?
So you're really, really good
and you won't let me down.
Val, are you good?
You're in the outfield.
Play ball!
- JOHNNY: Strike him out, pitcher, strike him out.
- HAZEL: Let's go, Joy!
Cutter, the only thing you're
gonna hit hard is middle age.
At least I don't pee when I sneeze.
Huh. Respect.
You're toast.
- JOHNNY: Come on, buddy, swing and a-miss.
(CHEERING) Nice! Come on!
JOHNNY: All right. Here we go, FearCo.
(SIGHS) Okay, Dr. Swingwell,
we just need to hit a single
so that I can chat with Johnny.
(CLEARS THROAT) You know, it's so weird
because I also had a weird dream
I was gonna mention, in which I
was a Jokester. How weird is that?
- ROZ: You're out.
Ah, son of a blowtorch.
Ah, nice catch.
Anyway, isn't that
weird? Me, as a Jokester?
MIKE: Hey, Tuskmon, you're up.
Yeah. Uh, I I I have to
Sorry, Val.
Okay. Good luck, Tylor.
Oh, and you too, Dr.
Theresa Swingwell. Whoo-hoo!
are top heavy, aren't you?
Yeah, it's my, my giant horns.
Which actually make my hands look
smaller than they actually are.
Easy out. Walk it in.
- HAZEL: Pitch it in there, Joy!
I'm gonna out-coach the
legend with his own book.
SULLEY: Whoo! Let's go, Tuskmon.
Tuskmon. Hey, Tuskmon, hey.
Come on, we can't
lose 40 years straight.
Put it right past him. Put it right
past him. Swing, batter, swing.
Here comes the heat. (GRUNTS)
- ROZ: Safe.
- Whoo!
Yes! This is good for
us. Way to go, way to go.
Wait a second. Maybe that's
what he wants us to think.
ROZ: Strike one.
- Nice hit.
Oh, Johnny. Hey, I, uh (CHUCKLES)
I didn't even know you were here.
- So, uh, how are ya?
- ROZ: Strike two.
- Good.
- Uh, good. Good, good, good.
Good, good. Super good.
- Strike three.
- Huh?
ROZ: You're out.
- So, uh, listen
- Come on, Joy!
JOHNNY: Strike Big Blue out. (SCOFFS)
- JOY: You got it, boss.
Thanks again for the
The tour, by the way.
I I I hope things
aren't awkward between us?
Good. Super good.
(SNORTS AND SPITS) Fire in the hole.
- Strike.
- Huh?
What? (GROANS)
I'm I'm actually rethinking
some of my options, you know?
Like, I I didn't
realize how much I might
actually want the job, you know?
Well, I had to move on.
Sorry, kid. I hired someone else.
Oh, you You already
hired someone else?
His name is Skyler.
He's an impressive guy.
Well, I would love to meet him.
HAZEL: Whoo! (GRUNTS) Run, Tylor!
- And you will if you run to second.
- Huh? Oh.
Run. Run!
SKYLER: Throw it to Skyler. (GRUNTS)
(PANTING) So, you're,
uh, the new Scarer, huh?
Hey, I'm Skyler.
I like scaring kids, you know?
Uh-huh, yeah, I know, I know.
I I I don't recognize you.
Did you go to school for it or
- For softball?
- No.
- No. Ah.
- Okay.
CUTTER: What do you
say, Monsters? Let's go.
Uh, you might wanna scooch over.
First time?
Oh, yes. I wanna take in this moment.
- Strike one.
- Huh?
Hold it, everybody.
That was my first strike.
(CHUCKLING) Yeah! For posterity.
Fritz, Fritz. You gotta
swing. You gotta swing.
Oh, like this?
- CUTTER: Yeah! My boy!
- Nice one! Whoo!
- CUTTER: Yeah, kill this one!
Fritz, run! Run all the way home.
Home? Why?
Did I leave the iron on? Oh, no!
Look at that. We're up
3-0. Who needs a lucky mitt?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I guess not.
You were right. This is friendly.
(GULPS) Or is it? Hmm.
Here comes the ol' tentacle curve!
I got it. (GRUNTS)
- ROZ: You're out.
Hey, great catch, Donut Head.
Can you believe Johnny
hired that guy instead of me?
- JOY: Come on now, Skyler, you got it.
Uh, but Johnny can't hire
you for a job you turned down.
That'd be weird.
- It's driving me crazy. (GRUNTS)
- HAZEL: Let's go, let's go.
JOHNNY: Go, FearCo.
Speaking of jobs,
I'm actually thinking about
trying to become a Jokester
- and
- What? We're work buds.
We can't we can't break that up.
I mean, speaking from experience,
becoming a Jokester isn't something
you just think about, you know?
It's hard work, comedy
classes, auditions,
(CHUCKLES) lots of auditions.
I mean, you know it
It'd be a long shot.
"Long shot"? Why?
- Let's go!
Crush him!
I mean, really squish that guy.
Oh, it's doopsie doodle time. (GRUNTS)
Got you now. (GRUNTS)
- (GRUNTS) Whoa!
- JOHNNY: I can't believe it. You're the best.
Whoa! (LAUGHS)
- (GASPS) No!
- CHET: Yeah, do it.
(PANTING) JOY: All right now.
Come on, hurry up, Sulley. (GRUNTS)
- CHET: You got it, you got it.
- Skyler scores.
ROZ: Safe.
(CHUCKLING) Hey, hey.
Hey, hey. Great work, kid.
Oh, hey, I'm Skyler.
Kid? He's not "kid". I'm kid.
Okay, okay, they
scored. And I'll allow it
because they have the genius
Stubby Lizzardo over there,
and he's my hero. Look
at him. Nothing fazes him.
Is he okay, actually?
Now, listen, we've made some errors
with potentially huge consequences.
But we can still win this.
Now let's step on their throats.
But in a friendly way.
Oh. That looked like it smarted.
- Good eye.
Everyone back up. Back it
up. Huge hitter coming in.
- Out.
- Huh?
And you thought the
cone was embarrassing.
ROGER: Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Whoopsie-doodle. (GRUNTS)
Oh. Ah. Aw, I'm out. Am I?
(GRUNTS) Strike.
(GRUNTS) You're out.
ROZ: Out! Whoa.
- ROZ: Out.
Batter can't hit. Strike her out.
But that's Mommy.
Oh, I know.
Got it, got it. Ha!
You're out.
- I'm Skyler.
- FEARCO TEAM MEMBERS: Yeah! Yay! Do it!
CHET: Yeah!
(GRUNTS) Come on! Hmm.
This base is dirty.
You know, just because I'm not playing
doesn't mean I'm not needed.
My mom told me that.
ROZ: Out.
- JOY: You got it, boss.
- Out.
- (GRUNTS) Oh!
- Out.
- You're out, again.
It's all part of his plan.
We're doomed. We're doomed.
Your stoic silence
reminds me of my father.
Let me guess, you're not
mad, you're just disappointed.
Smooch ball. (GRUNTS)
You and this fire are out.
Uh, okay we have a
second. Look, I really need
to talk to you about
this Jokester thing.
HAZEL: Yeah!
it, I got it. (GRUNTS)
I got it. (GRUNTS)
JOY: Whoo-hoo!
- HAZEL: Let's go, FearCo.
- Val! I could have gotten that.
- Tylor! I said I got it.
Oh, great. Now we're losing.
Not if you don't look at the score.
Come on, team. We're gettin'
our butts whipped out there.
This is why we need my lucky mitt.
We just need to communicate.
Friendly, huh?
All right, we already have two outs.
Tylor, you're up. Please don't get out.
No witty observations for me?
(CHUCKLING) I can tell
you're already in your head.
ROZ: Strike.
- HAZEL: Hey, batter, batter.
- HAZEL: Swing.
Strike two.
SULLEY: Yeah, whoo-hoo, great hit.
No, stay at first. Stay at first.
Hey, hey, throw it to Skyler's mitt.
Slide, slide, slide!
- Whoa, ho, ho, ho. Yeah!
- Yes!
Oh. Oh, whoa, oh, I'm so sorry.
- Uh, are you okay, Skyler?
- I'm okay Skyler. (GROANS)
- Okay, good, good.
Yeah, he's good, he's fine.
He's out.
Whoa, whoa! Hey, come on.
I thought this was a friendly game.
FearCo needs a sub.
Okay, okay.
Johnny, in the spirit
of a friendly game,
you can pick any of our
players to jump onto your team
Unless someone wants me to play.
(CHUCKLES) Anyone?
"I want Chet to play."
Did you hear that?
- I think that's a great idea,
- somebody else.
Okay, I keep bringing this
up, but I have to come clean.
I didn't dream about being a Jokester.
I didn't think about being a Jokester.
I actually have a job
offer to be a Jokester.
Huh? Wait, so, wow. So ho-ho-hold
on. So you auditioned to
Well, it wasn't an official audition,
it was, like, an accident,
well, I mean, I was there,
if that makes sense, and they saw me.
And you're just telling
me about this now?
I've been trying to tell you all day.
- I
- Hey, Tylor.
What do you say? You
wanna play for FearCo?
Oh. Uh, yeah, I'd love to.
Uh, Tylor, we're still
talking. Ugh. (GROANS)
So you want me at third, right?
Oh, no, no, no.
I've got something much better.
I want you to pitch for
us. Joy, would you mind?
No, all yours. Break a horn. (CHUCKLES)
- Uh
- And look who's up to bat.
- JOHNNY: She can't hit.
- You got this?
CLAIRE: Come on, tiny
hands. Throw some strikes.
HAZEL: All right, guys. Whoo!
What? Come on, Val, hit the ball!
Come on, we can't
lose 40 years straight.
Hit the ball. Hit the ball, come on.
Uh-huh. (GROANS)
Wow, best friends
facing off for the game.
So much pressure.
Oh, it's making my voice crack.
- Can you hear that?
- Huh?
Come on, Val. Choke up on the bat.
- Make him choke.
- Uh.
Sorry, Tylor.
- Strike one.
- Ugh.
How did Stubby know he could pitch?
- I hit it.
- Foul. Strike two.
JOY: Yeah!
- Oh, I can't watch this. It hurts the heart.
- Eh.
Come on, let's wrap it up.
- Whoa!
Skyler's startin' to
feel bett (GROANS)
We got a full count.
Let her rip, kid.
You pinky promised!
You're out.
- FRITZ: Oh.
Yeah. FearCo for the
win. Way to go, guys.
Tylor! Tylor! Tylor! Tylor!
CLAIRE: Yeah! Tiny
hands with the big win.
ALL: Tylor! Tylor! Tylor!
(CRIES) We're 0-40. 0-40!
Good game, Coach.
- Hmm? Whoa.
Oh, no. Not again, Chet.
(CHUCKLES) Great game, kid.
Yeah. Yeah. Hey, do
you Do you think, um,
because I'm, I'm, I'm
kinda part of the, the team
that, that maybe we
could chat about the,
you know, the The job that you
Sorry, kid. You made your choice.
Hey, Mrs. Worthington. Great game.
Kids, did you see your Mom out there?
My first loss. (INHALES SHARPLY) Sigh.
My condolences.
(SIGHS) Sorry I got
a little competitive.
Hey, listen, there's always next year.
Until then, at least I got the
autograph of a Hall of Famer.
It looks great, buddy.
Also, uh, here,
I got you a new lucky mitt.
I asked Stubby if I could have it.
And he didn't say no.
MIKE: Thank you, Sulley.
It's clammy!
Just like I always imagined.
You know, I sorta had
trouble figuring out
which team you were really
playing for. (SCREAMS) Oh.
Thought you were gonna
Thought you were gonna
take my head off back there.
That just, uh, just
got Got intense, right?
You, uh, played well out there, partner.
Mmm-hmm. Thanks.
(GASPS) Play ball!
(COUGHS) Hey, who took my mitt?
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