Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

The Monsters Inside Me

I do things and I don't remember them.
Because I'm asleep.
And people tell me I do things
bad things.
What kind of things
do they tell you that you do?
Criminal stuff.
Somebody trying to talk to me.
What are they trying to say?
I can't really understand them.
I can't hear them now.
Well, I can hear and know they're there.
Is that the people
that lady told me was inside of me?
What are they doing in there?
It still bugs me when they call me Billy,
but I don't say much.
I don't say anything really.
But I'm not Billy.
Sometimes it gets frustrating
because they gotta
call your name two or three times
and you're not paying any attention
to what they're saying,
and then it's, "Oh, yeah, I'm Billy."
How are you feeling?
I feel nervous.
I presume
that he was under the assumption
he was coming to see a physician,
not a psychiatrist.
She never liked
it before, why should she want it now?
I just feel so damn guilty.
Oh, probably.
I mean, it was probably
like a couple of seconds of stuff
but then all of a sudden
maybe he'd sit differently
or talk with a British accent.
Who am I talking to?
- Danny.
- Oh.
How old are you?
- Fourteen.
- Mm-hmm.
Who is around most of the time?
Allen and Tommy.
How old is Allen?
- Eighteen.
- Mm-hmm.
- And how old is Tommy?
- Sixteen
You hearing them now?
I can't hear them now.
Well, I can hear and know they're there.
Is that is that the people that
that lady told me was inside me?
It could be.
What are they doing in there?
Nobody said why these people are here.
When I arrived,
there was quite a bit of confusion.
I control the spot completely.
I say who is on and who is off.
I know how to pay for a crime.
I've been in prison before.
You are the Houdini, aren't you?
You're the one that got
out of the straitjacket, aren't you?
Billy's asleep.
What was it that made him go to sleep?
We put him to sleep
during a suicide attempt
at the age of 16.
Now, what about the suicidal business?
Has he been
So, he's not suicidal now.
No. Um
I'd like to see what does he feel like.
Are you scared? What's wrong?
You remember me?
You remember me? No need to be scared.
It's perfectly safe.
When did everybody start
knowing about everybody else?
When you came around.
How did I get here in this hospital?
Mrs. Turner, Dr. Wilbur felt
that perhaps if you came to the hospital
that you would be able
to learn how to deal with problems,
and deal with frightening experiences
and that you wouldn't go to sleep
and then when you wake up
find something had happened
that got you into trouble.
And you guys can do that?
We certainly would
like to try to help you do that.
Would you like us to try
to help you do that?
You mean you'll get
these people out of me?
What are the things
that are hardest for you to deal with?
If somebody gonna hurt me.
That makes me go to sleep.
That would make you go to sleep?
In order to escape from that person?
If I go to sleep, I don't get hurt.
Why am I that way?
There must have been things
that frightened you terribly
when you were very small.
Does he know I'm here?
Does he know you're here?
You're talking about?
I'm not supposed to tell things.
If I did something wrong,
he's going to kill me
and bury me in the barn.
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