Moon Knight (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


Do you know Ammit? Egyptian deity, right? World's first bogeyman.
The justice of Ammit surveys the whole of our lives.
That's why we have to resurrect her.
And she'll light the path to heal the world.
You brought this upon yourself, Khonshu.
Now, he's tethered to this place.
It's gotta be one of the big'uns.
We won.
- You know Steven? - Of course I know Steven.
If we can't calmly - Marc? Marc! - Steven! We gotta get out of here.
Help! This is all your fault! Calm down.
Marc? Marc.
I didn't shoot you.
Your mind is violently vacillating between sense and nonsense.
Picture this, all right? Your brain is a pendulum, swinging between a very difficult reality, that you are my patient here at Putnam Medical Facility in Chicago, Illinois, and a reassuring fantasy that you've created on your own.
That you're some kind of, I don't know, superhero.
All right? You are doing everything and everything possible not to look within.
You're not really a doctor.
Is that why you keep starting imaginary fights in our hospital? No, you're not a doctor.
I feel real.
I feel like a real doctor.
You're not a doctor.
Well, all right.
I'm not a real doctor.
Okay, well, all right, all right.
It's not about me, okay? Let's start with you.
Let's try it your way.
Retrace your steps.
Tell me.
Tell me.
How did you come to be here today? How did you get here? I took the bus, like I always do.
You wanna know what you told me, how you got here? You told me that you were in a place that was oddly reminiscent of this office, except that it was in Egypt, right? And that you were with a rhinoceros - and - Hippopotamus.
You're right, I'm You're right, it was a hippopotamus, but it talked.
Now, what do you think? Do you think that is sense or nonsense? Nonsense? I find this really encouraging.
Honestly, I do.
The struggling mind will often build places to seek shelter for different aspects of the self from our most traumatic memories.
It's called just an organizing principle, okay? Some people, they see a castle, right? Somebody else will see a maze, or a library.
Or a psych ward? Yeah.
Or it could be.
Could be a psych ward.
What I find extremely interesting is this new The new animal character.
Um - Hippopotamus? - I find that really interesting.
This hippo could break down the walls between you and Steven, and we might finally understand.
Understand what? Well, before you got upset, you were talking to me about a boy.
- Do you remember that boy? - Mmm-hmm.
You think you could tell me about that little boy? Hey, thank you.
I feel really great.
I mean, they must pay you a lot of money in this place.
- You know what? - You're really good.
I tell you what, I feel like a million dollars, never felt so good.
I'm gonna see myself out.
Thank you.
Doctor! No, you're not You're gonna release that monster He's gonna destroy everything! - He's gonna destroy everything! - Be gentle with him! Listen, I am not your enemy! No! No! Hippo! Hippo! Oh, man! Wow, these meds are really amazing.
Is he always so intense? Who, him? Yeah, pretty much.
So, are you two, like, twins? - No.
- Well, yes, sort of.
Okay, great.
That's really cleared this whole situation up for me.
That makes two of us.
Just a second ago, I thought I'd been shot to death.
Oh, gosh! This will really bake your noodle, but I think you were just taking a little time-out.
I'm afraid you're actually quite dead.
I'm sorry, what? But I'm dead? We're dead? Yes.
Yes, Marc.
I think she's right.
I think we died.
I actually I have Hold on a sec.
It's been a minute since we've had a soul pass through here.
Bit distracted Excuse me.
A-ha! Okay, here we go.
Welcome, gentle traveler Travelers, to the realm of the Duat.
Duat? The Egyptian underworld.
This is Taweret, - goddess of women and children - Uh-huh.
and she's guiding us through our journey to the afterlife.
- Wow.
- Okay.
So, this is the afterlife? - The afterlife? - An afterlife.
Not the afterlife.
You'd be surprised how many intersectional planes - of untethered consciousness exist.
- Yeah.
Like the Ancestral Plane.
Oh! Just gorgeous.
I do actually have cards for all this if you just wait, and I'm sorry.
Wait Bye.
Okay, so Because the Duat's true nature is impossible for the human mind - to comprehend - Right.
you may perceive this realm as something more easily recognizable to you.
- Uh-huh.
- A psych ward's a first for me, but, hey, we can roll with it, right? Why would we imagine this realm to be a psychiatric hospital? Because we're insane.
We're insane.
This talking hippo, talking dead bird, you're outside of my body now.
And now the afterlife, right? - That's the reality and this - But Marc, Marc.
The hospital.
That's the imagination.
- Sorry, he's - Oh, man.
Harrow's right.
Harrow? This is an organizing principle.
- Is he a doctor now? - I'll prove it you.
So, like, right through these doors, for example, we go through here, there's gonna be patients, and there's Crawley probably about to yell bingo! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What is this? This is the underworld.
I'm not crazy.
I'm dead.
- Where did you say we're going? - We're sailing to A'aru.
To the Field of Reeds, right, Taweret? Ah, so he's the smart one, hey? Well, if your heart's balanced in life, then you will spend eternity in paradise.
The Field of Reeds.
But before we get there, I've just got to do a quick little Whoa! Easy! Easy, easy, easy there! Oh, goody! It worked! Look at that! Here was little old me worrying I'd blow your chests wide open.
Sorry, what? Wait, what's she doing? She's weighing our heart on the Scales of Justice and the Feather of Truth.
You see, the ancient Egyptians believed that the heart was the sign of who you really were in life.
If the Scales balance by the time you end the journey, then a soul is permitted to pass into the Field of Reeds.
- What if they don't balance? - You get thrown overboard.
Whoo! The dead will drag you down into the Duat, where you will remain forever, frozen in sand.
No unbalanced souls on my boat.
Them's the rules.
Fingers crossed for you guys, hey? I don't care what this hippo says.
There's no way we're ending up down there.
And we're not going to the Field of Reeds, either.
- All right.
What are you proposing? - If it comes to it, kill the hippo, steal the boat.
Kill? Um, fellas? What? Why is it doing that? Why is it moving like that? I don't know.
I do not have a card for this.
It's the hearts.
They aren't full.
And trust me, I'm a goblet half-full kind of gal, but It's like they each feel incomplete.
What does that mean? Without balanced Scales, the Duat will eventually claim your soul.
Do you have any other suggestions? This boat contains all of a life's memories.
Now I don't know what you two guys have been hiding, but my advice, get in there and show each other the truth.
Balance your Scales before we arrive at the Field of Reeds, or your souls will be destroyed.
- Yeah, all right.
- So how are we supposed to do this? Not sure.
You think Layla's all right? Yeah, for now.
And knowing her, she'll go on a suicide mission to stop Harrow herself.
That means we better hurry, doesn't it? Know what Layla would be all right with? - Don't.
Just don't say it.
- I'm just saying there is one hippo and two of us, and this ship can't be that hard to steer.
So - And we don't have to actually - Have to what? Kill the Goddess Taweret? No, just, you know, find me a rope and Yeah.
Or we can do what she says, and help each other uncover whatever it is that we're hiding, apparently.
Steven, I don't know about you, but my memories are a fricking mess.
Yeah, mine, too.
That's wild.
What's this? Steven, what are we gonna do here? We're gonna revisit every single memory I've ever had? Do you Do you remember this? Yeah.
I don't know, it's just a street, you know.
How many streets have you walked down your whole life? Help! Did you hear that? Hey.
Just a creepy caff filled with dead bodies.
That's all it is.
No prizes guessing whose room this is.
- Yours.
- Funny.
New York.
No way.
Oh, man.
What, do you know these people? No.
Oh, no.
Surely not all of them? You killed all of them? They were criminals.
The worst of the worst.
Khonshu wanted them punished.
It's what he meant by protecting the travelers of the night.
And you remember each person? You try taking a life.
See how quickly you forget.
Kept wishing I'd fail and one of them would kill me instead.
- The healing ended up being a curse.
- Marc! Do you see this? Look.
The Scales are slowing down.
It's working.
Okay, all right.
So then, now what? What do we do? Do you go next? Um Who's that? Marc, why is there a child in a room filled with people that you've killed? - Steven, look, don't go near him.
- Hey, little man.
What's your name, there? Oh, hold on there.
- Wait a moment.
- Steven.
Wait! Wait! Come on! No, wait! Steven! Steven! Open the door! Open the door! - Open the door! - Mom? Food's ready.
Who's hungry? RoRo? Mom, come check out my drawing.
He drew the fish with only one fin.
Marc, be nice to your little brother.
I had a brother? I'm not hungry.
Want to go to the cave? We'll eat later.
Boys? Don't be gone too long.
Hey, hey, hey, Marc.
What do you do? Keep an eye on your brother.
Okay? Laters, gators.
In a while, crocodile.
Where'd they go? Let's do it.
Let's go.
Okay, okay, fine, but I'll be Rosser, though.
Can you hear that, Dr.
Grant? I sure do, Rosser.
Sounds to me like danger.
Grant? Mom said not to when it's raining.
It'll be fine.
Don't be a baby.
That was awesome.
Oh, God.
Oh, no.
Lads? You have to get out of here! Boys? Don't go any further! The water's rising way too fast! You got to get out of here.
Boys? Where are they? Steven? Come back here! Boys? Come on, lads.
We have to leave now! Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Where are you? Marc! Marc! - Help us, please! Help us.
- Marc! Oh, God.
- RoRo! - Follow my voice! - Boys! - Mommy! - Mommy! I want my mommy! - No.
No, no, no.
I hear you! - Mommy! - I hear you, Marc! RoRo! - It's just a memory.
It is just a memory.
- Help! - Mommy! - Damn it, Steven.
Hey, Steven.
I want my RoRo back.
I want him back.
What are you doing here? Hmm? Come on, buddy.
You were supposed to keep him safe! Steven, let's go.
You let him drown.
This is all your fault! This is all your fault! Hey, Steven.
Come here.
Come here! Stop, stop! Don't go up there! Stop! Wendy? Wendy, come on, please.
Wendy, please.
We're just about to blow out the candles now.
She's not coming.
Your mother's not feeling well, Marc.
We'll do it just you and I this year.
Okay? Steven! Steven! You can't have a birthday without your favorite cake! Get started on these, okay, son? You were always jealous of him.
Ever since he was born.
I I should've known you would do something like this.
Mum, what are you doing? Steven! What happened in that room, Marc? - That's it, Steven.
That's it.
- All right! All right.
Why are you remembering her like that? That's not what she was like.
Let me go.
Let me back in there.
What are you hiding? What are you hiding? Marc, son.
Please come inside.
She will get help.
- We will fix this.
- You're supposed to fix this.
I mean Why haven't you? I cannot lose another son.
Please That's enough, Steven.
Get off me! Where the hell are we now? Oh, God.
Harrow said you were a mercenary.
That you killed hostages.
- And you believe that? - Yeah.
Wouldn't put it past you.
Turns out going AWOL in a fugue state gets you discharged from the military.
Didn't have a ton of options after that, so I went work-for-hire for my old CO Bushman.
The job was to raid an Egyptian tomb.
But Bushman changed the plan, called for no witnesses, and I couldn't live with that.
Is that Doctor El Faouly? Layla's dad? I tried to get them all away.
But we didn't make it.
What happened to you? What a waste.
Huh? I feel the pain inside of you.
What the hell are you? I am the god Khonshu, in search of a warrior.
A warrior.
Well, good luck with that.
To be my hands, my eyes, my vengeance.
To be my final word against the evildoers.
To bind your very being to me and eradicate only the worst, those who deserve it.
Do you want death or do you want life? I don't know.
Your mind, I feel it.
Most fascinating.
You are a worthy candidate to serve me during this time.
In exchange for your life, do you swear to protect the travelers of the night and bring my vengeance to those who would do them harm? That sneaky old vulture.
He was manipulating you from the start.
Yeah, well, he kept us alive.
Marc, he was taking advantage of you.
Or it was just a way for me to keep being what I've always been.
A killer.
Do you swear to protect the travelers of the night and bring my vengeance to those who would do them harm? Yes.
The Scales.
Have we done it? Have we balanced them? Then rise.
Rise and live again.
As my fist of vengeance.
As my Moon Knight.
Are those Come on, Marc.
Let's go! Taweret, what's going on? Fear is spreading in the upper world.
Unbalanced souls are being judged or condemned to the sands before their time.
Oh, this is bad.
This is evil.
- Harrow.
- You see why we have to go back? Even if I could send you back up there, you'd just be returning to a body with a bullet in it.
You wouldn't be able to heal.
Can you send word to Layla? Please.
Help us free Khonshu.
Are you sure you want to be with Khonshu again? Seems like you really want to get away from him.
I did, but this is our only shot.
It's the way it's gotta be.
Please, Taweret, you have to help us.
What the heck? Osiris is not going to like this, but his gate is the only path back.
Get back inside! You don't have long.
Get those Scales balanced.
There was that bedroom that you didn't want me to go into.
- That's it.
That's where we'll go.
- Just a second.
Just wait a second.
Just give me a second here.
Okay? Um, look, we don't have to go back through it all again.
We can just talk.
Let's just talk.
Right here, right now.
I'll tell you I'll tell you everything.
Okay? I'm just begging you, don't make us go there again.
It's not worth it.
Not worth it? Not worth it? Marc, you're about to lose everything.
Do you understand? If we don't get back, and Harrow succeeds, and all those people die If Layla dies, that's on your head.
It'll be all your fault.
No, no, no! You can't! I won't do it! I won't do it! You can't make me! You can't make me! Marc.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Did you inject me with something? You watch too many movies, all right? We can't involuntarily sedate patients.
Not these days, huh? I mean, not unless absolutely necessary.
Oh, Marc, what you've been doing is so difficult.
I'm so proud of you.
Reliving these kind of traumatic memories can be so painful.
They look and feel so real, and you have been at it for hours.
Great work.
It's really You've been peering inward, looking deeply into all of the moments that make you, you.
Come on.
Take it.
I'm so proud of you, Marc.
Now just stay with me for one second, okay? I want you to consider this.
Do you think you created Steven to hide from all of the awful things you feel you've done in your life, or do you think Steven created Marc to punish the world for what your mother did to you? Do you know? Can you remember? There's only one way to know.
You're gonna have to open up to Steven.
There can be no progress without understanding.
Can you do that? Can you open up to Steven? I don't This is my room.
I remember some things, but I don't remember this.
It's not Mom.
It's not my mom.
It's not my mom.
It's not my mom.
Marc, open this door.
Open this door right now.
It's not my mom.
- Open this door.
- It's not my mom.
It's not my mom.
Bloody hell.
Look at the state of this place.
Better sort it out before Mum sees it.
Marc, open this door right now! "When danger is near, Steven Grant has no fear.
" You made me up.
Open this door right now! You're gonna learn to listen.
Why do you have to make me do this? I wanna see what she did.
You disgusting human.
You do not need to see that.
That's the whole point of you.
The point of me? The point of me? What? To be your stress ball? All this time I thought I was the original, but I'm just something that you made up.
You've got to live a happy, simple, normal life.
You understand? But it was all a lie, wasn't it? So what? What does it matter? What? You wanna remember the truth? That you had a mother that beats you? That hated you? That made your life a living hell? You're lying.
You're just trying to upset me.
But you've gotten to live thinking that she loved you.
That she was kind.
That she's still alive! What? What are you talking about? She's alive.
I speak to her every day.
What are you talking about? Dad called me after all these years, about her shiva, and I couldn't do it.
No, this is all wrong.
This is No, this is all wrong.
- Steven, I'm sorry.
- Oh, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, thank you.
- No.
Let me out, let me out! - Calm down.
It's all right.
It's okay.
Let me out, let me out! God.
I'm so sorry.
Sorry God.
I'm so sorry.
Sorry You gave me a real start there.
Gave you a bit of a wash, didn't I? Steven? Hold on a minute.
What's this It's good to see you again.
What is this? Is this some kind of test? I recognize this place.
What's this? - Steven, I'm your doctor.
Remember? - You're my doctor? - I'm here to help you.
- Dr.
Harrow, yeah, is it? - That's right.
- Oh, yeah, look at that.
Well You've really gone up in the world, haven't you? I was beginning to worry we might never speak again.
It's so strange.
The little haircut.
Little silly 'tache there.
It's very Ned Flanders.
- Steven.
- What's Taweret up to now? It's my fault.
I asked Marc to open up to you.
Did he get a chance to speak with you? Yeah, well, he He lied to me.
That's what he did.
And what do you feel that he lied to you about? Oh.
No, it's just Steven, when you first came in here, I was worried you were never gonna be able to acknowledge Marc.
What do you mean we're not I brought us here? After your mother passed.
Don't say that.
That's not true.
That's not true.
Oh, I'm so I must You having a laugh as well? I don't wanna hear it.
- Steven, I must be mistaken.
- My mother is alive.
You say that again, I will freak out! I promise.
I must be mistaken.
Okay? Would you like to speak with her? Why don't we call her? You don't have her number.
Yeah, we have it on file.
- Hold on, let me just get Dylan.
- No, don't do that.
It'll take two seconds.
Don't bother her.
Hey, Dylan.
Could you call Mrs.
Grant, please? She screens her calls.
She won't answer.
- She's afraid of tele salespeople.
- She'll wanna talk to you.
I'm sure of it.
She's getting the number.
Don't do that.
Okay, okay.
Thank you.
- Please don't do that.
- It's ringing.
Don't bother her, please.
Uh, hello, Mrs.
Yes, this is Dr.
Steven's here.
He'd like to speak with you.
Steven, would you like to speak to your mum? My mum My mum is dead.
My mum is dead.
No, no.
Not gonna do it.
I'm not giving you that satisfaction.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What Where am I? Bloody hell, what Oh, bollocks.
Not again.
Heya, Mum.
Hey, you all right? Yeah, um Would you believe it? I am totally lost again.
I don't know where I am.
What an absolute muppet! No, I know I did it again, but I don't know.
I'm looking down a street Kinda looks a bit like Mayfair.
I think Oh, they're driving on the wrong side.
This is it.
Mom's death and shiva two months ago.
This was the moment our lives started bleeding into each other.
Milwaukee Milwaukee Avenue? Does that sound familiar? I couldn't I just couldn't I couldn't face that again.
All the things I'd done Marc, all those horrible things that she said to you, she was wrong.
It wasn't your fault.
I shouldn't have brought him in the cave.
You were just a child.
It wasn't your fault.
Hey, do you feel that? I think we just stopped.
The Gates.
The Gates of Osiris.
Come on.
Taweret, what's happening? I've never seen the gates to the world above so close.
How do we open them? I'm so sorry.
Your Scales never balanced.
Our journey's come to an end.
I cannot stop the inevitable.
I was really rooting for you guys, but the unbalanced souls of the Duat now must claim yours.
Marc, they don't look very friendly.
New York, Dubai.
Watch out! Oh, no! Taweret! No! Oh, God.
Marc, you've got this.
But if I'm you It means I've got this, too.
Six! I prefer cricket.
Ow! No! No! Marc! Marc, no! Steven! Steven! Steven! Steven! No, wait.
Wait! - Wait! - Steven! Run! - Wait! - Wait, he's coming! Keep Stop the boat.
Stop the boat! Wait! Wait! Oh, God.
- Steven! - Wait No, no, no! Steven! Stop the boat! Stop the boat! Your Scales are balanced.

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